The Fizz Five: Top Reasons for Football Recruits to Wear Syracuse Orange

The Fizz Five examines the top reasons for a recruit to play for the Orange.

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With National Signing Day inching closer and closer, a select group of talented football players will soon make their way to Syracuse to continue to help the program build.

Syracuse is no national powerhouse. It doesn’t go undefeated. It has strong talent at some positions, and is weaker at others. There is always room for improvement and when it narrows down to recruiting, it could just be the next big name to hit the gridiron in the Dome.

Since the Doug Marrone era, the program has continued to grow. Marrone led the team to two bowl games during his four-year tenure, and coached some big names such as Ryan Nassib, Justin Pugh, Shamarko Thomas, Alec Lemon, and Arthur and Chandler Jones, all who have made it in the NFL.

Then Scott Shafer took over and had a big job. He was a first-year head coach in a new conference with a new quarterback. After 12 games, he had succeeded and took his team to its third bowl game in four years—also its third bowl win in four years.

The program is growing, and here are five things that make Syracuse a favorable destination for some of the nation’s top high school football players.

The ACC. For a talented player who wants to be the face of a program and do big things to be more attractive for the future, the ACC is the conference to be in. It may not have the same mystique as the SEC, but there is good competition in the ACC. That means more of a likelihood for national television spotlight. Spotlight = national attention.

The recent success. Syracuse has won three bowl games in the last four years. It seems wherever Syracuse plays, there is some sort of a fan base. This is eye-catching to players because they know the program is legitimate and has a history of recent success. For a player who wants to join a program with a history of growth, success, and recent winning, Syracuse is the place for him.

Scott Shafer. He’s not your typical college football coach. He has his focus on playing football to win and be successful, but he has the “hard-nosed” attitude. He builds the program on family and working together as one team to be successful. He doesn’t like one star player, like Jameis Winston for Florida State. He is big on numerous no-name players making big impacts. Remember the guy who made a catch with six seconds left in the BC game to send Syracuse to a bowl game? His name is Josh Parris.

Carrier Dome. That is, if Syracuse will still be playing in the Carrier Dome five or six years from now. With more success, that means more people will fill the Dome on Saturday afternoons to watch the Orange. Right now, it can get loud. Those are the diehard fans. People get excited to watch a solid college football game and when it’s indoors, it can get louder than it would outside. Although it is no Michigan Stadium, it’s the loud house of the ACC. This is an atmosphere that many high school football players should want to be around on Saturdays in the fall. 

The opportunity for national spotlight. When better players come in, more people are interested. When two high-talented teams play, more people are interested. That means a national audience is more invested and it leads to playing games on national television. With Syracuse’s recent success in bowl games and even during the regular season, this should make high school players more excited to play in a different environment.

Syracuse is guaranteed to have a good, competitive season in the ACC, but it also has tentative games scheduled against Maryland at the Dome and Notre Dame at MetLife. The new season begins in August, but next year’s players have five solid reasons to choose Orange today.

Posted by: Austin Pollack  

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  1. Your telling me that HCSS would turn down a Winston like talent!! Well then his coaching technique is not of major college type!! A good coach should be able to turn that player into a team player. No problem!!! If not how in the hell can he turn a NR/2 star player into a above average player. GEZZZZZZZZZ!!! No wonder SU is always fighting to climb up the charts!! TALENT wins today. Average talent gets you maybe year after year .500 or worse seasons!! Foolish thinking on his part if TRUE( I can’t believe that)!! Jeepers creepers!!

    Please do not forget the kids of PSABUSEDU!!! The NCAA did!!

  2. I don’t think using Jamis Winston as an example was a good idea. If it wasn’t for the rest of the team playing as a unit Jamis wouldn’t have had the season that he did to win the Heisman.

    He’s good and I’m sure that if Scott Shafer had a chance to land him at Syracuse he would welcome Jamis with open arms to Syracuse. Let’s be real here ok.

    The name I would have used here over Jamis Winston should have been Ashton Broyld. I believe that Ashton came to Syracues as the NYS Player Of The Year and expected to be treated as royalty. I think that’s why we haven’t seen him perform at his highest level yet.

    Just my opinion here folks,just my opinion.

  3. Hamerlik

    Ron, much more reasoned explanation or argument than Terry’s. Kudos to you sir!

  4. I tend to agree with you Ron, but Broyld is exactly the type of player Fizz is suggesting Shafer doesn’t want, and yet we have him…

    As to Winston Terry, do you still want him if he is NR? or if he is a 2-3 star? There is no way Shafer turns his back on talent, but I think the key to the whole idea is that he is looking for talent that is team oriented, or good citizens. Talent that doesn’t come with baggage if he can avoid it. Winston had some baggage and I think that is the real point here.

    Don’t cast Shafer out over something the Fizz said Terry. I have never heard HCSS say that he doesn’t want a Jameis Winston.

  5. @Hamerlik;

    This is thew way I see things between Ashton and Winston. both players came to their respective schools as 4* athletes. Jamis was redshirted as a freshman and I believe Ashton saw limited playing time as a true freshman.

    Jamis Winston exceeded all expections by leading his team to the national championship. Let’s face facts here he’s damn good and so is the rest of the team. I believe that FSU has 7 or 8 underclassmen turning pro this year. That’s amazing.

    Ashton Broyld hasn’t lived up to what people expected of him and has failed to deliver to the Syracuse Football Team the greatness that is within him. His performance has been to date dismal and asubstandard at best.

    If you watched any of the FSU games Winston was always talking to his team mates getting them fired up on the side lines,where at Ashton storms off the field for not getting enough playing time and doesn’t talk to anyone after he reaches the sideline.

    After comparing the two athletes,I’m sure that Coach Shafer would take a player like Jamis Winston 100% of the time.

    Better take notice of this Alin Edouard that’s coming here,we may have a QB clone of Jamis Winston playing football after his redshirt season here at Syracuse.

    Again folks this is only my opinion.

  6. @Malone;

    Great post and to the point.

  7. Hey guys,

    Let me explain this in a better way. Shafer would probably love to have Jameis. He’s a great player. I think he likes all of his players to be treated the same. I don’t think he would want one to have more popularity over another.

    Hope this helps clarify things. Have a good weekend.


  8. Lets clear up one thing withAshton Broyld . He isn’t what he or anyone thought he would be talent wise. He can’t catch a pass unless he is stationary and then only if its a perfect throw.NYS player of the year was a past honor. He has done nothing to warrant a “royalty” perception from the fan base or media. In basketball we have Dujuan Coleman as the counterpart in this performance level. Coleman is admittedly worse since he was a 5star rated player which to me means a whole lot more than a “player of the year” title 5* is a national rating.

  9. I think that I read this article different than others. I feel that our coach would love to have a player with the talents of a Jamis Winston. What I think what was being said is. I don’t think that our coach would take a kid that thinks that he is above everybody else on the team. I have watched FSU games this past season. I don’t think that of Jamis at all. What I do believe is that if a young man has lots of success. Then I feel that their heads start to swell up and they get full of themselves. Now time will tell if that will happen to this young man.

  10. Why rip on Ashton? As a kid who played only QB in HS he gas been a running back last year and WR this year for the first time he led the team in receptions. He’s fine. He’s developing like. 2 or 3 star WR. He was a 4 star QB recruit. He’s got two seasons left. He will shine.

  11. Look boys my issue was the article and using Winston as an example. If you read my statement I said if “TRUE” which meant probably not turned down. I get and agree with HCSS idea of team, but if you gamble on NR/2 star talent wouldn’t you gamble on a 4/5 star who thinks his excrement doesn’t stink. A good coach would and coach him up or out of the program if he is a prima donna.

    If AUSTIN can write this kind of bland article why not do some investigating on why SU is missing out on its best players(except Ashton) from NYS!!! NYS (except for ASHTON) has its best players in places like ND, PSABUSEDU, Florida and Clemson! Agreed these are winning programs!! Mighty Minnesota got their # 1 state recruit to verbal to them!! Yet 4 out of the last 5 years(dougie years don’t forget)SU has been turned down by these players!! WHY????????????? What’s in the air or water(SU is not in WV after all) that kills any chance of top quality NYS talent coming to SU!! I’ve been complaining about a real story mainly about the NYC/LI/NJ area for a couple of years now. Yes a piece came out a while back with no real meat in it about this issue. So I always wonder that the media(including the Fizz)just doesn’t have the heart or what ever to chase down this issue of SU not even in the running for its OWN top talent state wide!! What is the media for any way?????

  12. jamesvillecuse

    you are guaranteed nothing in life!!!

  13. Maybe Terry is on to something. It could be something fishy going on behind the scene. Cam Newton’s father got paid a 100 grand by Auburn alumni. Oh, but that wasn’t a NCAA violation!

  14. Dr. bill

    I don’t think Cuse. has used Broyld correctly and this has hampered his performance. Put him at one position and leave him there. I for one would love to see hims as a linebacker. On offense, his skill set is not as special as it would be on defense. At his size and speed and athleticism, could he be a linebacker?

  15. My,My how this story took off and changed the subject matter,all I was doing was reacting to this statement by austin Pollack.
    “He doesn’t like one star player, like Jameis Winston for Florida State”. Austin is trying to tell us that Shafer wouldn’t take a player like Jameis Winston. Really,I mean REALLY. I believe Austins’ comments were based on the fact that Jamis had a coed bring a rape charge against him instead of looking hard at his playing ability and leading his team to the national championship.

    The way I see things is that I believe Austin,being part of the media is part of the problem. Before the start of last season no-one heard of Jamis Winston. As the season started and we see what kind of a player he was,the media build him up and all we heard was Jamis,Jamis,Jamis to the point that they all changed the story line to him winning the Heisman Trophy. I believe the main thrust behind all of the publicity was to over shadow Johnny Manziel because of his off the field antic’s didn’t want him to receive the Heisman Trophy the second time.

    I used Ashton Broyld as a comparison to Jamis Winston both being 4* athletes. I tried to show that one over achieved as a redshirt freshman and one as a sophomore that definately hasn’t lived up to his billing or show his true potential on the field yet,got it YET.

    So the majority of the responses from everyone were about Aston Broyld,far from what Austins post/remark was about.

    Re-read the original post,then read again my response and you’ll find that in no way shape or manner did I ever put Ashton Broyld down. He’s got two more years left at Syracuse,I hope he improves his play and shows us all that he was deserving of the 4* ranking and the NYS Player of the Year award.

    And please,I hope you all realize that if Scott Shafer had a chance to bring a player like Jamis Winston to Syracuse,that all of you would be behind him 100% in achieving that goal.

  16. Few things,

    1. Winston was never charged. That jk of a press conference was to let the public know that they didn’t have evidence to press charges.

    2. Malone what baggage are you referring to? He had nothing negative attached to him coming out of high school. If you know something that I don’t then let us know.

    3. Winston is not me 1st player. Always praises his teammates.

    4. FSU had 11 players drafted last yr…in one draft. Way more then just one player.

    5. Better example maybe would of been Manziel? Just saying.

    6. No name players get u to the pinstripe bowl and Texas(something) bowl. Named players get you to BCS bowls and win you national championship. Who would ‘Cuse nation truly want? Come on now….

  17. Carlton, Your not part of Cuse Nation anyhow. FSU turncoat frontrunner.

  18. Carlton…pardon me but ND in the pinstripe because of their no name players? Im not trying to be funny and you’re right about FSU being a teamful of stars but no reason to knock our pinstripe history? Even last yrs RU had 7 players drafted into the league from the PS bowl and we had 3 nfl players drafted…not exactly no-names!!

  19. JB,Carlton is fine here and very informative so his opinion is just fine here like everyone else who grew up in NY following Cuse! What would you suggest? Banning him? Only hearing what we want to hear? At least Carlton works in sports media at FSU so maybe we can learn something?

  20. Yeah Ron,I’m still with ya but jonzing for more FB talk already.I’m not disappearing anytime soon, ha ha.

  21. Russ D, No , I hate this banning Nazism,he can post his views but really shouldn’t expect reaction to them. What if someone from North Carolina worked at SU , would they go to a tarheel fan site and go on about SU basketball: The Dome , Beohiem ,Tyler Ennis , undefeated etc, I doubt it. Everybody wants the best players on their team , and we are getting them , slower than we would like. I met Jim Brown and Dick MacPherson and many other SU legends . It’s like an insult to them everytime I read about Winston and FSU. Sorry , but that is how I feel. Like they say in Oklahoma: I’m a Sooner born and a Sooner bred and when I die I’ll be Sooner dead.

  22. @JB;

    I join Russell Dangerfield in saying that Carlton will always be welcomed to this site because of the knowledge that he shares with us all.

    “I hate this banning Nazism”,what kind of statement is that? I guess in your world a person born and raised in the upstate region,becoming a Syracuse Orange Fan and moving after graduation to Florida and now working at FSU,CAN’T BE AN ORANGE FAN ANY LONGER,RIGHT? Well just to let you know,I love college football and I truely enjoyed watching Florida State kick Clemsons ass last fall and beating Auburn for the national championship. Last year when I mentioned to Carlton to please pass it along to the team to please keep it under 70 points in the game,you blew a gasket. I was kinda of joking,but I honestly felt FSU could have scored a 100 pts against us if they wanted too. After playing us they played and beat Idaho 80-14. If I was in Carltons shoes and working in the athletic dept,boy I would be bragging daily to everyone who listened that FSU(my team) became the 2013 national champions.

    I’m glad that he’s a member of this websight. Like it or not,his opinion like yours will always be welcomed here.

  23. @Russell Dangerfield;

    Good to see that your up and still kicking ole buddy. It’s been a little down lately especially when your not providing us your opinions on all things that matter.

    Have you heard anything about the recruits that Syracuase is gone after for the 2014 and 2015 classes? I know that they’re after 10-15 recruits from NJ.

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