Is Syracuse Freshman Tyler Ennis a One and Done Candidate?

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The college basketball world buzzed as the season started and a star-studded freshman class entered the game. But sometimes lost among Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle, Jabari Parker, Aaron Gordon and others was Syracuse point guard Tyler Ennis, who has quietly raised his game to be among the best point guards in the country.

Although it was a foregone conclusion that Wiggins, Randle and Parker would be one-and-done players and go to the NBA, it wasn’t widely thought that Ennis would be one of those players. However, is it possible that he is playing his way into one-and-done territory?

Ennis has been outstanding for the Orange this year, starting every game and averaging nearly 33 minutes per game in a 15-0 start. While Ennis may not score like Michael Carter-Williams last year, he is more poised and more careful with the ball , as shown by his 4.6 assist-to-turnover ratio, good for second in the nation.

Because he is really a pure point guard, Ennis does not need to score to have an affect on the game, though he has been able to score (think about Maui). Against Eastern Michigan, Ennis didn’t score a single point, but dished out nine assists, pulled in five rebounds and had three steals in the 22-point win.

Ennis has traits that NBA teams drool over, even if the scoring isn’t quite there on a consistent basis.

As for where Ennis stacks up with some of the other freshman, Jeff Goodman of ESPN has Ennis ranked as the third best freshman in the country, behind Parker and Randle.

Better than Aaron Gordon, who is leading the no.1 team in the country, and super-freshman (and former Ennis teammate) Andrew Wiggins.

CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein has tweeted multiple times that although other freshmen may be more talented than Ennis, none are more important to Ennis is to his team. Just last week, Rothstein tweeted Ennis “plays like a RS junior,” or somebody three years older than he is. Ennis’ poise should come as no surprise, as Jim Boeheim raved about the freshman point guard before the season started.

While a big question before the year was how Ennis would adapt to the college game, halfway through his freshman year it looks like Ennis could be playing his way into one-and-done territory.

So what would Ennis leaving mean to the future of the Orange? As far as recruiting, Kaleb Joseph has already verbally committed for next year, but the Orange may need to bring in another point guard to come off the bench. It could also mean more Michael Gbinije and Trevor Cooney running the point next year in the event that Joseph isn’t ready to run the offense 32+ minutes a game the way Ennis has done. If Ennis leaves, it would also mean Ron Patterson needs to step up big and become somebody Boeheim can turn to.

By no means is it a done deal Tyler Ennis leaves. He is simply playing better than expected, as well as any other point guard in the country, and possibly into a situation where he will have a very hard decision to make at the end of the year.

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  1. aspen425 says:

    Ennis is VERY good but as of NOW he definitely would be much better with a second season to work on his game and specifically his shooting. BUT… The NBA usually drafts on talent and not experience SO …. If he’s top ten … GONE!!

  2. Andrew says:

    It’s crazy, but he is that good.

    I think all these guys could stand to stay another year but those dollar signs are looking big for Mr. Ennis.

    I hope he stays, but if he good enough to go, then he should go.

  3. Redheart says:

    This sort of speculation is just grabbing for headlines. Let the man plan his own career.

  4. chris says:

    If and onlyIF the B-ball Orange go all the way in March would it be smart for Tyler to go out after one year. His offense is only beginning to emerge in an outside shot. If he stays and brings the big trophy to Manley and Jimmy will it be prudent to go early.nThere will always be some NBA GM willing to throw $at kids in school which while its a business gamble or not they won’t take the chance that they get beat so they go the Steinbrenner way of overpaying.Stay Tyler and enjoy life before the business traps you.

  5. bkabigting says:

    If the Toronto Raptors lose/trade Kyle Lowry then Ennis will leave. Raptors will not pass up the opportunity to have a hometown kid run point for them so they will guarantee him to be a first round pick. I am both a Raptor and Orange fan and hope he stays two years. But cant blame him if he opted to leave given the money and opportunity to play in front of friends and family.

  6. Carlton says:

    Don’t think he leaves. Draftnet has him in the 20′s for next years draft. Couple down sides for Ennis on the next level are his size and that he isn’t an elite athlete. Do not think he leaves this season but his stock could rise as March rolls around and the big dance starts.

  7. Andrew says:


    It’s not like he will be getting any bigger or much more athletic so why wait? He wins, he’s smart and can shoot pretty well (better than MCW did at SU)

    I think that could be enough for him to decide to leave (though i hope he doesnt)

  8. Ron says:

    You know look at how this subject has grown. The Fizz prints and article that at best is nothing more than speculation on their part,wondering if Ennis is going pro. Then everyone else has to give their opinions as to wheather he’s good enough to go or not. Let the kid enjoy his college experience will you.

    If Syracuse beats UNC on Saturday,I believe they have a legit chance of running the table on the rest of the ACC and go undefeated headed into the ACC

    Now this is something that we as fans should be talking about here. Shame on the FIZZ for putting up a One and Done season for Tyler Ennis. Pure speculation on their part.

  9. Lowvolt110 says:

    Stop talking this crap about one and done. Ennis is smarter than that anyway. Knowing only one percent drafted actually last, I’m sure Ennis is at the Cuse for a couple years anyway.

  10. saltine44 says:

    What if the Orange goes all the way and wins the title…..then we have to be concerned about not only Ennis but also Grant. This means we lose 3 Big Time Ballers. Im sure Jimmy B has a plan!

  11. Hutch says:

    I don’t think it is speculation that every college basketball analyst in the country is raving about Ennis. I believe he will go an I can’t blame him one bit though I love watching him play. Whatever happens, I don’t want to see any more of Gbinije. He is terrible. No wonder Duke let him walk!

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