Syracuse Falls to NC State: Another Loss for the Orange Zombie Brotherhood

Will the selection committee put the Orange as low as a four-seed after another loss?

(Update: 11:15a. Joe Lunardi still has Syracuse as a 3-seed this morning after the loss. He has the Orange pegged to play North Carolina Central in the first round in Buffalo, placed in the Memphis region. If SU is heading to Western NY despite the terrible last three weeks, Jim Boeheim’s crew should consider itself very fortunate.)

It’s becoming increasingly ridiculous to hear commentators refer to victories over Syracuse as “statement wins.” Who isn’t making statements against the Orange? Stephen F. Austin? Monroeville Vocational?

Another game, another loss. This time in the ACC quarterfinals against NC State. After another horrific shooting night for most of the team, ESPN talking heads suggested the Wolfpack’s victory would send a message to the selection committee. Realistically, the only statement that will be sent to or from said committee will be SU on the 4th seed line. That’s gotta be where the suits place the Orange after a disastrous end to the regular season and a one-and-done trip to Greensboro.

Once upon a time we were talking overall number one seed. Then we shrugged our shoulders and figured as long as they’re in the Buffalo/MSG pod the Orange would be okay. After that we clasped our hands and prayed SU would at the very least be placed in Buffalo for the first two games. Now, everything is a crap shoot.

The problem is not only five losses in its last seven games. It’s not just that the Orange fell to four unranked teams in that span. It’s that the previous close wins will now be seen as flukes, while the close losses the norm. The selection committee will eye Syracuse’s resume and see quality victories. But will also spy the miracle against Pitt, the close shave vs. NC State, the escape of Maryland, and grinding thumper against Miami as evidence Syracuse was never as good as its ranking.

The final possession Friday night will also live forever in Orange infamy. Down three with 20 seconds to go, Syracuse missed a shot off glass, a put back dunk off the carom, then four wildly grotesque three pointers. None of those errant treys were uglier than Trevor Cooney’s shots off the top of the backboard and subsequent airball, which left him 1-6 from the field, all three pointers for the game. Another miserable shooting night for a guy who’s been buried in an avalanche of misses for two months.

It wasn’t just Cooney. CJ Fair was fairly horrible too, shooting a horrendous 3-of-16 for 9 points in the loss. Jim Boeheim never trusted the bench either (which was as predictable as another CNY March snowstorm), with only Baye-Moussa Keita and Mike Gbinije getting burn.

SU played bored, unemotional, lackluster basketball in the first half. During timeouts The Per’fesser was desperately trying to wake them up. But the Orange Zombie Brotherhood  has sleeepwalked through the last month, so this was par for the course. The only surprising element being the complete lack of urgency, electricity or fun in the building. The hometown Wolfpack had a lead on the new highly-ranked carpetbaggers from the north. Yet, it felt like the Maui Invitational. Yawns. Polite clapping. Jeez, this ACC tournament thing is more sterile than a Bojangles bathroom. Please, bring it to the Big Apple ASAP. We’ll show you what a postseason tourney should be.

No matter. The Orange did what the Orange has done for a month. Lose to inferior competition. And that whole Buffalo-NYC-Dallas train? Well, it just got derailed again.

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  1. Dr. bill

    This looks like a one and done team! As bad as Cooney has played, Patterson must really be horrible….because he can’t even get off the bench. We need an offensive playmaker besides Enis and Grant and CJ. We are getting nothing from Cooney right now. Not even great play at the top of the zone. No energy….no energizer bunny that we can bring off the bench….WOW, don’t know what else to say other than ….I can’t put any money on the Cuse winning it all!

  2. Whoever wrote this is ridiculous. “this ACC tournament thing is more sterile than a Bojangles bathroom.” Are you kidding me? Did you not hear the crowd, see the entire 24,500 seat coliseum sold out? If you think it was sterile, we weren’t watching the same game. I was at the NC State/Miami game the night before and some Syracuse fans behind me kept talking about how loud the crowd was and how they dreaded playing NC State the next day. The tournament belongs in NORTH CAROLINA, THE HEART OF THE ACC.

  3. I wrote the piece Austin. And I wasn’t the only one who thought the ACC atmosphere was weak. Syracuse’s Post-Standard described the opposing fans as “a polite crowd” and Brent Axe wrote “Greensboro is no Madison Square Garden.” Not sure where you got the 24,500 number from, but the official box score listed 21,500 as the attendance. Which is 2,000 less than capacity according to Greensboro Coliseum’s official site. And being at the ’13 and ’14 Big East tourneys (as well as a number of others), I can assure you that the last two days in NC have been remarkably sterile compared to what transpired at MSG.


  4. One of the worse collapses in NCAA regular season college basketball. JB must be held accountable for this embassassment nationally. I’m tired of his “ALL TEAMS ARE GOOD” all the time sayings. Well SUBB is terrible now!! NCS is not all that great either or the same for BC too!!

    DA on the your above statement=so what!! Remember the move was for football not your beloved basketball!!

    Some SUFB info huh DA now??????????????

    Do not forget the kids of PSABUSEDU!! The NCAA did!!

  5. thesackster

    regular season was good but were running out of gas in the tournament. i hope they rest up a bit for the ncaa’s.

  6. Terry,
    The ACC is the most storied hoops conf. in the country. The ACC tourney was supposed to be the gold standard once SU, PItt and ND arrived. The energy didn’t live up to the hype.

  7. al hahn

    SU needs deeper and more dedicated bench strength.

  8. Look DA The Big Least wasn’t bad in BB also. But the talk about a conference with a down year your jumping to conclusions here. SU’s move was football based and ANYTHING not to your liking means nothing except getting SUFB program back to where it should be. A winning SUFB program in the ACC will totally out shine any great effort by SUBB in the ACC. Yet you still refuse SUFB info. For the 100th time COLLEGE FOOTBAL IS ONLY BEHIND THE NFL IN FANS favorite sport to WATCH! We see where your favorite spirit is here!! It isn’t SUFB now!!

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