Missing The Boat? Syracuse Hoops Not Picked High For Next Season by Media

Is the national media ignoring how much talent SU could end up having?

Last week Gary Parrish of CBSSports.com released his “ridiculously” early preseason top 25 for the ’14-’15 hoops season, and while we’re months away from even thinking about Boehiem’s Bunch, it was notable that Syracuse didn’t make the list. Duke, Arizona, Wisconsin, Kansas, Florida, UNC, Kentucky, Wichita State, and Virginia made up his top 10.

Nebraska, SMU and Villanova were in his top 25. The Orange were not. For a team that was 25-0 and been to the Final Four a year ago, to not see SU in the top 25 is a little startling.

Eh, one man’s opinion, right? Kinda. While SU has been placed in most everyone else’s preseason top 25, the Orange is not in anyone’s top 15. Seth Davis of SI.com gave the Orange the most love at #18, writing, “Tyler Ennis’ decision to turn pro was a setback, but Jim Boeheim says incoming freshman forward Chris McCullough is also good enough to be one-and-done.”

ESPN.com put Syracuse at #21: “If Tyler Ennis had returned, coach Jim Boeheim’s team would be in the ACC contention tier with Duke and Virginia. With Ennis committed to the NBA draft, the Orange could struggle. There is obviously still some talent left (Michael Gbinije, Trevor Cooney, Rakeem Christmas) — and that goes double if Jerami Grant, a potential late first-round pick right now, decides to come back — but losing Ennis may mean forcing incoming freshman guard Kaleb Joseph into a starting point role. Wait and see.”

NBC Sports’ College Basketball Talk placed the Orange at #22.

This brings us to Grant. Jon Rothstein at CBSSports.com writes: “The Orange took a hit when point guard Tyler Ennis decided to leave after his freshman season and now coach Jim Boeheim will likely have to lean on a first-year floor general in Kaleb Joseph to run his offense next season. That’s an easier thing to deal with if you have an anchor like Grant to lean on.

Grant, a versatile forward, would be a legitimate ACC Player of the Year candidate if he returned to school for his junior season but he’s a likely top 20 pick if he decides to enter the draft. Without Grant, Syracuse will be talented, but still unproven with wings like Tyler Roberson and B.J. Johnson inheriting Grant’s minutes.”

It doesn’t really matter what the pundits say right now. We’re a week removed from the national championship. We haven’t seen the exhibition season, how guys fit together, or who took their game to the next level over the summer. There’s a million x-factors that will affect where these teams stack up. And for all the hype and talent a team may have, nothing is a guarantee. Kentucky was the preseason #1 and lost 10 games. They were the 8-seed and made it to the title game. Syracuse being #18 or #22 or #2 isn’t that big a deal.

But the loss of Ennis, CJ Fair and potentially Grant is obviously a blow. There’s plenty of incoming talent, and McCullough could end up being another big time one-and-done player. Right now the national hype is subdued on the Orange, but that often is right where Boeheim wants it.

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  1. Dr. bill

    Who really cares at this point?..I mean come on. The season is almost a year away! As we so clearly saw this year, rankings and how you are playing in the beginning of the season is meaningless when it comes to March Madness. How the team plays and is ranked down the home stretch is all that counts!!!!!

  2. Dr. bill is right its a yawner. But wait its written by DA no wonder so it makes sense!! LOL!!


  3. orangeinva

    UCONN is national champs…

    CUSE goes 25-0…

    Who cares if we’re highly thought of now or Feb 1, 2015?

    With parity a plenty, you need 8/9 guys peaking about conference tourney time..not before.

    JB,ya diggin’ this?

  4. I’m expecting a lotos improvement offensively.Roberson hold be far more relaxed and play at a higher level.Cooney might be the same in this issue. Joseph is far better than Ennisin putting the ball through the basket.Its time for Rak to take the big step offensively beyond the dinky hook that was totally inconsistent and even lost a game that was there for him to do anything but take that shot and miss.Grant will probably leave which will hurt more than Ennis.BJ could br the big surprise next season Gbinije will be improved as well.

  5. Who and I really ask WHO cares about the early national ranking’s other than those idiots over at ESPN.

    Let’s go back to 2003,if you all remember Syracuse started the season unranked,made the NCAA tournament and tore through the Big 12 Conference AND DEFEATED THE MIGHTY KANSAS JAYHAWKS ON THEIR WAY TO BECOMING NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. They told us all that we didn’t have a chance against the likes of Oklahoma,Texas and Kansas.

    I guess the pundits were right then too.

  6. Carlton

    Might serve SU to be under the radar. They seem to have better seasons overall when they don’t start out in the top 15 or the top 25.

  7. I really like your bntuots, Claire! I also really like you new look; once my life returns to normal (friends here for 2 1/2 weeks), I really need to fool around with my tired old blog look & come up with something new!!!

  8. 3 words…

    Top five Talent.

    3 more words…

    Top Zone Defense.

    This program will be a title contender & winner throughout the next few decades, despite what the idiots believe…

  9. This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol

  10. That’s really thinking out of the box. Thanks!

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