The Sunday Fizzcast: Orange Recruiting, From the Gridiron to the Court

How long will it take for SU football to become national contenders? And will the NBA draft affect hoops recruiting in the future?

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Seth Goldberg takes you through the week in Syracuse sports. He is joined by Fizz writer Connor Morrissette to talk football recruiting. Connor and Seth look at some of the big points of this year’s recruiting class, including the argument of quality vs. quantity. Next Seth is joined by our Damon Amendolara. Seth and DA talk about Syracuse on the national scale, including how long it might be before DA is talking Syracuse football on CBS Sports Radio. Then, Seth talks about how SU fared in the NBA Draft—including how Jerami Grant and Tyler Ennis’s drafts could help Orange recruiting.

As always, we end the show with some Fizz Feedback and react to some of your comments on our site.

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Posted by: Seth Goldberg

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  1. Russell MacEachern

    Just heard the news…finally Terry you cant complain here…Jersey’s back in play Daiquan Kelly according to twitter chose us!! 6’3″ 203 lb SS/ Im feeling MUCH BETTER about the local talent we’ll be starting to stockpile Ron,Malone and Terry…btw on the negative saw rumors we can expect MSU to try to land him late!?! Acosta gotta babysit this one. Maybe Malone know the poopscoop here?

  2. BigDip MacEachern

    Russ, if he visits them, I see a problem, if not he loves what he found. He committed after 7-7 drills @RU.. His home school? I love the committment, this is a monster haul of a class!!!!

    ** BTW – Big News: KJ Williams didn’t qualify, that blows!!

    There is no need to justify the talent influx, it is what it is. And KJ may join this class later…. awesome class!


    BBall talk: Congrats to ENNIS, Grant, & CJ. Grant may have gone 2nd round, but the chance to turn into a rebounder/finisher and stay around, may be Philly. Noel,Embiid, & Grant are pretty bouncy athletes, but Grant can shoot and handle, its a missing dimension..

    Shouts to @TylerLydon for balling out at the World Championships. At one point shooting 50%+ on 3pt shots. SU will be fully loaded in 2015. Watch out for the current rankings and updates, as guys like Lydon are moving toward top50 status, and Diagne, and Richardson top25.

    * Will 2015 be the best combined recruiting classes for SU, ever?

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