Fresh Fizz Radio: How Syracuse WR Corps Look Without KJ Williams

We discuss Williams and Treevon Prater, and hear from two of SU’s latest commits.

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A fresh episode of Fizz Radio is here. Seth Goldberg takes you through the week in Syracuse sports. To start, we discuss KJ Williams and Treevon Prater. He looks at how those two players not qualifying academically affects the Orange and how SU should handle it. The Fizz’s Brendan Glasheen also spoke to Daiquan Kelly, one of the newest Syracuse commits. We hear from Andrejas Duerig who spoke to our Connor Morrissette about his commitment to the Orange. Fizz Feedback takes us through some of your comments and concerns from SU news of the last week.

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  1. chris

    Kids like KJWilliams are convinced that books aren’t necessary on their travels to the NFLEven the big leagues don’t want idiots on their teams. One of the factors that determine draft position is in fact their academic history.

  2. Dr. Bill

    I think this is being blown way out of proportion!!! KIds don’t qualify all across the country. This is not the first time this has happened at the Cuse. The fact that he was our highest rated recruit doesn’t change things in my mind. We are still talking about potential here…he may or may not be a productive college player.
    We are not setting any precedent here..of course it is worth recruiting a few kids in this situation. Let’s hope both of these kids go to Prep school and decide to play for the Cuse after a year…

  3. chris

    It will be interesting to see how the other new recruits at WR perform in practice.A few have some impressive numbers coming out of high school. A 6′ 6″ Jamal Custis is a curious example Cooper and Ishmael would be the speed guys Cooper and erv Phillips might compete at the slot Broyld still needs to prove he can catch a ball downfield and get into the end-zone which he did not do at all last year. It would seem that Hunt will have far better receivers to throw to this year including the players returning for the Orange.

  4. thesackster

    i beleive we should be fine at wr. don’t forget about funderburke because i think you will see him alot this year. i personnally feel we’re deep enough at the position. yeah love to have kj and travon but a year of prep or juco is what they have to do. i wish all of our recruits and players wouldn’t have academic problems but it happens all the time. we still have some incoming freshmen that can get the job done and personnally feel we have some diamonds in the rough at wr. syracuse fans really need to stay positive because i see this ship turning the corner and we will again have good quality football in syracuse.

  5. Terry

    Dr. William please!! This non qualify is an serious issue. The majority do qualify no problem. But the FEW who don’t just don’t get it and statements like “being blown way out of proportion” is not helping. All parents and students just wish they had a chance at a full ride free vacation at a top University somewhere!! NO Doubt. When you wax over the unwillingness to improve oneself your doing damage. I do think there is some simple thought to just show up and play DIV 1 football, without hitting the books/laptop!! It just won’t work and it shouldn’t for a $20,000 free ride a year!! These two(I hope that’s all) should play the price of not qualifying and go elsewhere they have done enough damage!! BYE!! Sorry!!

  6. Dr. Bill

    Terry, I once had a guidance counselor in High School tell me that I should not major in Pre- Med because some other student in the class ahead of me flunked out of Pre Med and he was a better student than me. I am glad that I didn’t listen! I believe in giving young people a chance to reach their dreams. Just because you don’t qualify the first time…..doesn’t mean you can’t make it.
    These kids get another shot by going the Prep. School route or JC.
    You are attributing a bunch of negative values to these kids who don’t qualify that may not be true at all. from a football point of view, when we start winning and our program is more in demand, then perhaps we can get more selective.

  7. Malone

    I agree with Dr. Bill here. For the record, I believe we are over $30,000/year now. You can’t compare a athletic scholarship to a football player to a general scholarship. I am not sure if that is what you are doing, but if so it is not a legit comparison. Face facts, the athletic ones are given for on field performance or potential, not academics. That is not meant to say academics don’t matter for the student athlete, but the merit that leads to the scholorship offer is athletic. His four star status as a WR got that scholarship. He didn’t mess that up. Did he also have a responsibility to get qualifying grades or scores to receive that ride? Yes. But don’t assume that because you have not heard about it that all the other guys on the team are Rhodes Scholars and play football for fun. They are also there for the talent they show on the field, and for all you or I know, their test scores are all of two points higher than a KJ or Prater. I am not trying to say that all our athletes barely qualify, I am sure that’s not the case. I am just making a point. I think a lot of what you say above is valid and on point, but I wouldn’t throw them out with no hope to redeem nor would I say these guys have done any damage to anyone yet. They may still show up and play four years at SU.

  8. BK SU FB Fan

    Doc and Malone, preaching to the choir. I am now at a point where I think I’m going to tune out some of the over the top negativity. I think I explained my standpoint in the other KJ post. We need to take a breather here and look at these situations with some logic. If we look at the history of SU football and college sports in general you will see a ton of guys who didn’t qualify out of HS or guys who missed time due to academics. Lets not act like this is some new phenomenon. Let us also understand that students across the board(athletes and other wise) run into academic difficulties. The key is whether or not the kids can do their due diligence and get the academic help they need. Hopefully, there is a structured support system in place to guide them along.

    and lastly, like Malone said, athletes are offered athletic scholarships primarily based on their ability to play their sport(and in term help their future colleges win games and make money for the school). btw, there are bad students in the general student population as well who offer no real tangible benefit to the university outside of their tuition dollars and on campus spending.

    In essence, stop turning young athletes into the pariah. I love the Fizz, but I’ve heard young athletes criticized for everything(from the legit to the asinine) while we lose sight of the fact that these are kids who will make mistakes. And aside from just being outright criminal, they should not be verbally treated like public enemies.

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