Widely Sought 4-Star Recruit Anthony McKee Lists Syracuse in his Top 10

Despite a list featuring Michigan State and Oklahoma, Syracuse features in the top for McKee.

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Last week, 4-star linebacker from Ohio Anthony McKee tweeted out a list of his top ten choices. Along with Syracuse, McKee listed Michigan State, Oklahoma and Wisconsin as top 10 schools. While those may look like more attractive schools, Syracuse is certainly not at the bottom of McKee’s list:

“They would be in my top 5 right now. If I can get up there soon, maybe they move into my top 3.” 

As for what kind of chance Syracuse has against schools like Michigan State, Oklahoma and Wisconsin who have had a lot of success, McKee says he wants to be able to make an impact right away. Still in a major conference, Syracuse may give McKee a better shot at hitting the field early compared to Oklahoma or Michigan State.

So how did Syracuse end up on the list?

“I added them to my top 10 because to me it was a big offer. It was an unexpected offer. I had been hearing good things about Syracuse.”

McKee seems to be giving Syracuse a legit shot, even though it may look like an underdog on paper against some of his other top 10 schools. McKee said he originally wanted to be able to make a commitment before the end of the summer, but he has been unable to get to every school in his top 10. He added that he likely will not make a decision without visiting all 10 schools.

One last thing that may play to Syracuse’s favor was his response when asked about being from Ohio and maybe wanting to stay closer to home. McKee said he definitely wants to get out of Columbus, evident by his not putting Ohio State in his top 10. He also said he has heard nothing but good things about Syracuse.

McKee would be a big get for the Orange. In a 2015 class that is considered top 30 by Rivals and 247sports, McKee would be a 4-star addition, something the strong SU class does not have. Coming out of Columbus, Ohio, McKee is the 20th-ranked outside linebacker in the country and 12th-best player in the state of Ohio. Also, unlike some other recruits, there is no doubt McKee is a 4-star recruit, given the same grade by both ESPN and 247sports.

Posted by: Seth Goldberg

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  1. @Seth Goldberg;

    We’ve reached the so-called number(25)of recruits allowed to Syracuse this year for 2015.

    I just looked at Syracuse’s roster and they have 37 seniors that will graduate this year.

    What is the maximun number of recruits will the NCAA or ACC allow a team to bring in?

    Is this the last group of players Doug Marrone recruited?

    If Syracuse is allowed to bring in 37 recruits,I feel the sky is the limit for the Cuse for the class of 2015.

    The above article indicates that there are more recruits that are still interested in coming to Syracuse and more and more we’re being told by the recruits that a lot of them are talking more and more about Syracuse Football with the possibility of getting playing time sooner here than anywhere else.

  2. Dr. Bill

    I took a look at the Scout top 20 for recruiting:the top 10 schools have anywhere from 7 to 14 4 star players. Penn State at #4 has 10/17recruits rated as 4 stars…Alabama at #1, has 14 4 star recruits.
    In the ACC, Clemson has 6, Miami has 5 and Florida State has 4…
    The Cuse is a 3 star program right now, in order to move into the top 20, you need at least 3-4 players with 4 stars.

    I know the star system is flawed, but attracting some players that others feel are highly regarded as well as players highly recruited by other big time programs, appears to make a difference in how well your program does. Having said that, a program full of 3 star recruits can be a top 20 program …look at Boise State!!..

    Continue getting 3 stars players from New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, we will be fine!!!…Go Cuse!!!

  3. ricke78

    IF McKee verbals he is certainly talented enough at the HS level to make the jump to compete early at SU. That is 12 months from now and the LB’s we have now that will returning in 2015 will be much better in 12 months. Moskul, Franklin, Bennet and Thomas will all be freshman LB’s and most likey redshirted this year. McKee would add quality depth and more competition at LB. It will all be good for SU’s future

  4. Hey Ron,

    Just looked it up as well, and it looks like the NCAA only allows 25 new scholarship players per year, but the total number for the team cannot go over 85 scholarships. Meaning that between the commitments and possible additions of KJ Williams and Treevon Prater, the Orange will be over that number already. I guess one possible alternative would be trying to convince some to come as walk-ons then give scholarships the next year when they are not at 25. The 37 graduating seniors is likely because of transfers, walk-ons, or kids not qualifying and needing to show up to Syracuse a year or two late. I think since Syracuse has 37 spots opening up, they could hypothetically bring in 37 recruits, however only 25 would be on scholarship. At least that is how I would interpret the rule.
    Something they could do is “grey-shirt” some players, simply meaning that kids would go with the understanding that they would be “walk-ons” for a year before getting a scholarship. Also, in looking things up, if the Orange over-sign and get too many commitments, they can get kids to enroll early and be in school for the spring semester. From what I am reading, this would alleviate some of the scholarship questions.

    I know it is a little old, but this link from bleacher report explains these options pretty well: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/117418-college-football-recruiting-for-beginners-part-iii-oversigning-and-greyshirts

  5. Ron and Seth,

    I heard the limit is 25 per NCAA. But, some players who are coming in early, will be placed against 2014 openings. I believe it was per the radio program on 1260 AM when Mike McAllister (Scout.com) was talking about recruiting.

  6. @Seth;

    Really appreciate it,thanks for returning answers to my questions.

    I still see more recruits wantinto commit to Syracuse and see coach Shafer and crew making some major decisions in the near future.

  7. Its far easier to make a significant impact at Syracuse than a monster program like Ohio State. If Shafer can get him on campus he will likely make a game changing impression foe McKee. I can see the kid committing in that case.Get the kids there for a visit and let them see the place with its expanding facilities in progress and the living quarters and of course the Dome.

  8. SU Loyal

    Come join the up and coming SU Football program. You would look great in an SU uniform!

  9. BK SU FB Fan

    This would be an awesome get and another step in the right direction. I think/hope the SU D will in time become a well regarded unit. Just keep putting these guys in the position to succeed. Now offensively we need to appeal to the occasional 4 star playmaker types. At the very least we know that the staff is out there working hard.

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