The Sunday Fizzcast: Recruiting is Gaining Traction

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Seth Goldberg takes you through the week in Syracuse sports. He starts the show talking about some of the big games on the SU football schedule this year and going over some expectations. Next, Seth talks a little football recruiting, including why it is important the Orange were in on Jake Pickard, even though he didn’t commit to SU. After that, Seth is joined by Fizz staffer Brendan Glasheen to talk SU basketball and Jim Boeheim’s comments about the recruiting class of 2015. As always, we end the show with some Fizz Feedback.

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Posted by: Seth Goldberg 

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  1. 3-4 more recruits has been reported multiple times. You have to know that! Ellison is one of them. You have to know that! We are not at 25.

    Pickard is gone. Stop talking about how it was good enough that we were in at the end. SU has a chance with all NJ kids, and that’s gettign stronger every day. We have lost several recruits to Wisconsin in this and the last cycles. We can beat them, especially with east coast kids who don’t want to go out to Wisconsin.

    As for the numbers, we are three down in the 2014 class with KJ Williams, Prater, and Dawson are Jan. enrolees at best. Most don’t think KJ is gonna make it. Ross Krautman is gone. The numbers can be worked out. Sometimes that means players graduate early, or their scholarships are not renewed. Doyle Grimes is trying to make it early. There may be others. There is also an assumption that a few (3-4) may not qualify academically. They are covering their bets. The ’14 class had Prater, KJ, Phillips, and Enoicy and Thomas were all question marks. Do we take the chance of holes in the recruiting class, or having too much talent and having to make some choices about what to do? I would rather control the situation then let others determine your holes and challenges.

  2. This is an interesting subject matter

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