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Syracuse Suffers Fitting 85-70 Loss at Boston College

If Syracuse lost at Boston College Wednesday night it was going to hurt regardless. I mean after all the 85-70 defeat basically ended SU’s tournament hopes and season all together. However, this loss hurt even more because it was so unbelievably predictable. It was literally like watching this entire SU basketball season condensed down to one 40 minute game.

Tyus Battle carried the team with an NBA-level 29 point performance, Oshae Brissett racked up another double-double and SU’s offense looked stagnant, lethargic and inferior yet again.

It’s been three on five all season and tonight was no different. In fact, the SU “big 3” literally scored all 37 first-half points and scored 64 of the 70 total points. That’s six freaking points from the other four players. That’s literally the type of stuff that happens on your kids elementary school rec team because half the team has never played basketball before.

As for the defensive side of the ball, it was also more of the same for Syracuse. The Orange couldn’t get out on BC’s three-point shooters, failed to rotate properly and just looked flat out tired in the second half.

The Eagles drilled almost 52% (14-27) of their three-point shots on the night and easily controlled the tempo of the game. Syracuse tried its best to disrupt that tempo with a press in the second half but simply didn’t have the stamina or depth. It was like watching a 2K team with all the players energy level down to 60 try to play defense for a majority of the night.

So what made this game different from every other disappointing Syracuse loss this season?

Well, unlike the Duke game last week where there was a clear talent gap, this one was there for the taking. After all, BC’s offense is extremely similar to SU’s. The Eagles have a clear “Big 3” and frankly a lack of talent outside of that (which only added insult to injury).

Boston College just played like the Syracuse team everyone’s been begging for all season long. Instead of settling for isolation and having its strong backcourt just waste away the shot-clock by passing it back and forth at the top of the arch before settling for lazy jump-shots, BC actually moved the basketball (what a novel idea). They worked it around the perimeter, forced the zone to rotate and found the open man. As a result, the Eagles produced an offense that was actually pretty fun to watch, unlike the Orange.

Who knows what’s next for SU. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Boeheim and company somehow found a way to beat Clemson Saturday to play its way back on the bubble. After all, it just feels like this team’s destiny to be sweating it out on Selection Sunday like it has been the past three years. Regardless if this loss was effectively the end of SU’s season, it really was a fitting way for the 2017-18 Orange to go out.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. alan randall

    March 1, 2018 at 9:57 am

    I’ve been saying this for years. JB only has 1 championship b/c he fails to develop a bench, b/c of trust issues? If Jim hadn’t said it himself, I woun’t have brought it up. If not for Carmelo, Hakim and Gmac, we’d be 0 for. It’s been a glaring weakness over the past few years.

    Either he’s lost his edge is just settling on what he thinks will work. He readily admitted they don’t run any plays, Hey I understand not running plays if your Duke. We have 3 talented kids and 2 guys who start that are works in progress. Having a handful of plays to run would take an enormous amount of pressure off of Howard.

    Coming into this year, knowing what he didn’t have, He should’ve played his 10 best throughout the OOC, taken our lumps and developed at least 2 more role players, basically playing for next year. I’ve watched this team become so tired since the middle of the ACC schedule. Luckily only sustained the injuries we have so far.This has always been the one chink in his armor,is trusting the players he recruited. This year it was more glaring than ever. There has to be a shooter somewhere on his bench who can come in, give relief to a starter and hit at least one or two 3’s in a game. Otherwise, why recruit them?

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