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Syracuse Basketball Recruiting Final 2019 Rankings

Rankings are now essentially final for the Syracuse basketball 2019 recruiting class. The latest list has the Orange falling from 27 to the 30th best recruiting class in the nation, according to That puts SU sixth among ACC teams. 

This deep class of five players has plenty of unknown about them. The biggest mover in the latest 247sports rankings was the latest addition, center Jesse Edwards, he skyrocketed to the third highest rated player in the class.

Final Player Rankings *247 Sports*

  1. Brycen Goodine SG – #91 Grade: 96.12
  2. Quincy Guerrier SF – #115 Grade: 93.68
  3. Jesse Edwards C – #170 Grade: 90.33
  4. Joe Girard G – #188 Grade: 89.52
  5. John Bol Ajak C – #452 Grade: 85.35

That climb from Edwards is very positive. As of his commitment back in early April, he wasn’t ranked on 247sports (mostly because he just came on the scene late and was unknown). Now that he’s known though, he’s jumped all the way into the 90’s grade wise. Obviously, the Netherlands center is still a bit of a project at this point. Not saying 170 is anything remarkable, but you’d think it would warrant minutes next year and given development (a big if with SU centers of late) potentially some starter minutes as an upperclassmen.

Goodine, SU’s very first commit of this class, remains the only top 100 player on ESPN at #75 in this class and the highest rated player in the 247sports class list. At one point, Guerrier, was higher than Goodine and hovering around the 50’s on 247sports but he has slipped, making him the biggest dropper in this class since signing. Guerrier still has no ranking to his name on ESPN, but remember the Oshae Brissett situation. That likely means nothing considering ESPN just doesn’t track Canadian recruits that often.

It’s an odd class from the sense of deciding who will see time and be the best player. Obviously who will be the best player as a freshman and who will be the best player as a senior are two different questions. Goodine is the highest rated recruit for a reason. According to most, he is the most polished. However, Girard continues to just keep on scoring. The adjustment period will be there sure but it’s just hard to not get excited based on his numbers. Even though he has the most hype to his name, he’s still the fourth highest rated player in this class.

This could be a class we look back on in five years and scratch our heads at some of these ratings. The amount of unknowns associated with it is unusual. For Syracuse, though, that could be a really good thing.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. alan randall

    May 14, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    Sure it’s good to get 5 guys, but it doesn’t look like we had to fight to get any of them. I see 2 who will probably redhirt. Girard making the leap from Class B to the ACC and Div. 1 seems a stretch, listed at 6′ 2″, looks more like 6′, short for the top of the zone as IMO so is Caret. Ajak looks like another project and perhaps Edwards is a possibility. Both big guys need to put wt. on. Will never survive the rough and tumble ACC.
    Guirrier and Goodine will need to learn the Zone and will see some game time. We have to take in to consideration where Bresett lands and I’m hoping for big improvement from Washington, Braswell and Marek. Hopefully Sidibe has been working on footwork, strength and a couple of shots down low. Hughes would be awesome at the 2, Braswell at the 3, Marek 4 and Washington at the 1. Sorry Carey is a combo guard and we have more success with pure point guards and the only guy we have is Washington. Great size for the zone, good distributor, questionable shop and Carey is worse, makes poor decisions…Hopefully Sidibe is more serviceable than Chukwu who I think the program short changed as he never really improved, learned footwork, post moves or got stronger.

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