Is Syracuse Recruit Ashton Broyld Fighting A Position Change at Milford?

From his latest Facebook post, it sounds like Broyld wants to remain at quarterback.

(Picture: Brighton-Pittsford Post)

Ashton Broyld has made plenty of headlines before even stepping foot on the Syracuse campus, and unfortunately not in a good way. There was the never ending courtroom drama stemming from the ugly incident at his Rochester high school basketball game. Then the news broke he would be academically ineligible for the season and headed off to SU football’s halfway house, Milford Academy.

Now, Broyld posts this to his Facebook page:

“Na I’m not switchin until I feel like I just wanna knock a bitch out, just sayin like ppl coaches in life s— gonna change for everybody in time.”

We can’t be entirely sure what prompted Ashton to write this post, but many believe he was approached about a position change and was less than receptive to the idea. It’s possible the New York State Player of the Year at quarterback has been asked to switch to the defensive side of the ball.

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It’s been often speculated that with an abundance of depth at quarterback for the Orange (although Jonny Miller may have removed himself from that list), a position change may be inevitable for a few of these high school signal-callers. Broyld would be an ideal candidate given his size and athletic ability.

Broyld is listed at 6’5″, 225 and could be in line to shift to linebacker or safety. Ashton wouldn’t be the first quarterback ever to resist a position change, but Orange Nation would certainly like to see more of a team-first attitude or humble approach from him.

The quarterback depth chart is a claustrophobic one after Ryan Nassib graduates. Behind him is Charlie Loeb (Jr.), James Jarrett (Jr.), John Kinder (So.), Jonny Miller (So.), Nick Raven (So.), Terrell Hunt (Fr.) and Broyld to battle for snaps. Miller’s future might be murky for SU, but that still leaves five other QB’s Broyld would be battling next season for a spot on the roster. Once Nassib, Loeb and Jarrett graduate, it’s still a race between Kinder, Miller, Raven, Hunt and Broyld for the starter’s job.

As naturally talented as he is, a successful position change would require a lot of work, and Ashton’s commitment to it is paramount. After the recent public embarrassment of his court trial and then heading to Milford, you would hope Broyld was doing everything the coaching staff needed from him.

Having Hunt in the same class also presents another hurdle for Broyld to have to deal with in the future. One of them would have to redshirt or switch positions, or potentially be relegated to a career backup. If Marrone and co. have decided Broyld is going to be the odd man out, this would give him plenty of time to get acclimated to a new position.

It does seem early to give up on Ashton as a quarterback, and that could be why he’s so against the idea. Although even without throwing a pass, Broyld’s decision-making may have proven that he’s not reliable enough to lead a program. Marrone will take the smart decision over the flashy play (witness Nassib’s lock on the starting job). Broyld’s going to have to convince DM he can be that guy.

Some question whether Broyld will ever even make it to the Hill, much less at quarterback. Unfortunately for him, his reputation is already dinged up. But Broyld’s athletic talent gives him the ability to help the team in plenty of ways. A position change would make a lot sense, whether Ashton is ready to admit it or not.

Posted: Steve Neikam

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  1. Ahh Nassib is only a junior eligibility wise this season you might need a correction on this one.

  2. Thanks for the catch Dan. He’s listed as a senior by SU Athletics and on the official depth chart, but indeed he’s got another year of eligibility. So I tried to clarify in the post. Thanks.

  3. broyld is a lb/de prospect

    the idea he could play safety or corner is hysterical

    also you can’t list walkon in the qb depth chart it screws it up.

  4. shizzah

    Good article, nice to get an update. One comment though…suggesting that Broyld play cornerback? It’s a little scary to think that was written in seriousness.

  5. ottodaorange

    After QB, the natural position for Ashton is TE. It is also a psosition of need after this year since we graduate 3 on the depth chart.

  6. Steve Neikam

    Ashton wouldn’t move to corner. I’d guess linebacker is the most likely scenario. He has both the size and speed to do it if he were willing. Tight end is an interesting proposal with his height and playmaking ability. Either that or a “slash” type receiver/running back/quarterback hybrid would be intriguing options for Ashton. Judging by what he wrote though, mostly the part about “until i feel like I wanna knock a bitch out” makes it sound to me like they’re looking at moving him to defense. He certainly has the talent to be productive at multiple positions, but I’d say if he ends up switching from quarterback, right now linebacker is the most likely option. Although that’s really just based on my own speculation and what I’ve seen from Ashton on the field.

  7. CuseCT1


    I think you’re way off here. The only QB after Nassib I see as having a real shot at being the kind of QB Cuse needs to win a BCS game is Kinder. That’s working with the assumption that Nassib is a QB Cuse can win a BCS game with, which if we were talking about this this past winter, not many people truly believed. So Steve, I believe the antithesis of your argument here is true. Instead of “the quarterback depth chart is a claustrophobic one” as you state in your article, I believe the quarterback depth chart is scary thin. What if Nassib gets injured? Who steps in? The way I understand it, Loeb isn’t a BCS QB so it would be on Kinder based on his future potential. But I don’t believe Kinder is ready to play at the BCS level right now.
    But let’s just say that hypothetically Nassib stays healthy for the rest of his career at SU (a big if). What happens when he graduates? The only legitimate QB that we have is Kinder. My understanding of both Hunt and Broyld is that most schools wanted them at other positions but they came to Cuse because we would give them a shot at QB (although they’re both from NY so I hope they were always leaning SU). Even though it was pretty much – we all know that you won’t be QBs but we’ll give you a look at it in the first week of camp then move you to other positions.
    So I would like the Fizz to look into who will be the QB after Nassib and maybe Kinder. With Kelly not coming here, who are we still looking at? In my research, why haven’t we offered Gunnar Holcombe from University School of Nova Southeastern? Wisconsin, South Florida and Rutgers have. Come to think of it, didn’t we hire the head coach from that school a little while back?
    Who are we looking at in next year’s class? Seriously, if Kinder doesn’t pan out, who does SU have? To me, it doesn’t look like much.

  8. I think that your all missing the point on the above article.
    I met Ashton and had a 10 minute talk with him at the spring football game. I came away from that encounter thinking what a nice young man he was and what a great catch for Syracuse University and Coach Marrone. I didn’t believe any of the articles that were written about him in the papers. When he pled guilty in court to the charges against him,is when I started to change my opinion on him. Mr. Broyld was offered a scholarship to a D1 school for football. Do any of you think that he should have studied harder to qualify academically? Or do any of you think just because he won the 2010 NYS Player of the Year award that he gets in automatically? He has to go a school to get his grades up, what guarantee’s us that he’s going to keep them up once he arrives at Syracuse?
    He’s playing football this year AND IS ARGUING WITH HIS NEW COACH ABOUT A POSITION CHANGE, then makes a entry on facebook that he’s not ready to make a change until he’s ready to knock a bitch out. After reading this article,he’s completey lost all of my support. I believe that Ashton is a troubled young man and needs help. I think Ashton has a DR. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality We definately don’t need any athlete here that will beat on women.
    Syracuse University shouldn’t compromise it’s intrgrity,tradition,and it’s soul to bring a talented player her to play.
    I hope that he get’s things straightened out before he comes to Syracuse,if he doesn’t,then we don’t need him here.

  9. CuseCT1


    You have a point here. But I don’t believe Broyld has crossed the line yet. You are right in the fact that he has to have a short leash here at SU. But judging by what Coach M has done in the past, he won’t take any BS from Broyld.

  10. Steve Neikam

    CuseCT1, I agree that Kinder probably isn’t ready at this point, but let’s remember Nassib has two seasons of eligibility left, and thus SU is two years away from needing to replace him. Kinder (or Hunt, or Ashton for that matter) could very well be ready to take the reigns by then. Between those three you have three young quarterbacks with similar skill sets. The idea would be for one of them to become the starter eventually. You can than keep one as the backup, and whoever is the third would be buried on the depth chart. Given the athleticism of these guys, switching one of their positions makes more sense than allowing one of them to be made essentially useless as a third stringer.

    Ron, I agree with nearly all of your points. Between the basketball game incident, the grades, and now this, I count three strikes. Can’t imagine he gets too many more. And he may not be a bad kid, and you’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but to this point his judgement and decision making have been subpar at best.

    However, I don’t think Ashton was referring to beating women with his “knock a bitch out” comment. To me it sounds more like the “bitch” would be a ball carrier, and he doesn’t want to switch to defense until he gets a feeling that he just wants to start knocking people on their can.

  11. I guess maybe I read way too much in your article yesterday Steve. My wife read your response this morning and kind of agreed with you on the “Knock a bitch out” comment. We both agreed that Ashton used poor judgement in words when making his post. With that said, my support for Ashton has diminished tremendously and hope that he comes to an understanding that he needs to change his attitude and the direction he has chosen.

  12. its simple

    syracuse is no where being a BCS winning caliber team.

    atleast ten years away from that, so that discussion is silly.

    Kinder will never be a starting qb at syracuse and either will broyld.

    Broyld has one thing about him that is consistent.

    on the MTV2 show, he ignored coaches and bragged about good he was depsite being the worst passer in the group. he then has the issue of the basketball game, everyone knew he had grade issues-he chose instead to focus on all star games instead of finals, now a week into prep school he is running his mouth.

    so what is the consistent thing about Broyld….he is an idiot.

    likely will never hear from broyld again he’ll end up at a place like brockport.

  13. Forget about it!! He’s history!!!

  14. I added in the corner possibility, and Steve’s right – that seems highly unlikely at that size. So I’ve deleted that from the post and left in his suggestions – safety or linebacker. Really enjoying the conversation going on here from the Fizz readers on Broyld. It’s a tough position to be in – b/c we all want him to succeed, but man oh man. -DA

  15. Propper

    “Marrone will take the smart decision over the flashy play (witness Nassib’s lock on the starting job).”

    Nice writing but not accurate in regards to Nassib.
    Nassib has a lock on the position because he has the experience and at this time is far better than Kinder or Loeb. Neither are ready to seriously challenge him.

    If Broyld really is uncoachable and incorrigible, the QB depth chart won’t be an issue, he won’t make it past year one at SU if he gets that far.
    Hopefully Milford can put him on the right path.

  16. Syracuse is nowhere near BCS caliber now, but ten years away you say mdb80? That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve read anywhere. all they have to do is win the Big East conference. Uconn did it with an 8-3 record. this isn’t the SEC. you don’t need to win 10 games when you’re in the weakest BCS conference there is.

    Syracuse will likely never be Alabama, but in case you haven’t noticed, they play in the Big East, not the SEC or Big Ten. why don’t you and Cowherd go lobby the NCAA to have the cheat-thleets at USC play the cheat-thleets at Bama every week for 12 weeks strait, with no other NCAA games, because all the other teams don’t measure up in your book. then you’ll truly be in your own little college football utopia. silly is right. think before you post.

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