SU Target Wayne Morgan Tells The Fizz Doug Marrone is “A Real Coach”

The next big NYC product is fearless and leaning toward the Orange for 2012.

Doug Marrone has made it a priority to keep elite talent inside the state of New York. It hasn’t always worked, as stars like Ishaq Williams, Jarron Jones and Chad Kelly have bolted elsewhere. But his efforts are paying off with Brooklyn standout Wayne Morgan right now. The 5’11” 190 lb safety is the state’s #2 prospect for the class of 2012, and tells The Fizz he loves the ides of playing for The Dougie next fall.

“Coach Marrone is great. He doesn’t beat around the bush. He just tells you straight forward how he thinks and what he thinks I should do. He said he’s not going to tell me Syracuse is the place for me, I got to see it. When he said that, he got my attention. I knew he was a real coach.”

Coach is spreading his Dougie-ness around an area he’s trying to turn into Syracuse’s personal recruiting turf. Morgan is a top notch, versatile safety, who plays QB as well for the Erasmus Hall Dutchmen. The next phase of SU’s influence in New York will be landing the best of its homegrown recruits. TV ratings show that’s still a work in progress: Rutgers’ game on ESPN2 last week actually beat Syracuse’s enormous win over WVU at the same time on ESPN in the Big Apple.

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Luckily, Morgan is not making his college choice based on the Nielson ratings and his coach Danny Landberg tells The Fizz the playmaker is a born warrior.

“He has extreme speed and quickness wrapped up in one package. He’s got no fear. He wants the ball, and he’ll want the ball in crucial times, and that’s the type of player you want on your team because guys like that are winners.”

Winning helps land athletes like Morgan, who understandably considers himself a big time player. The safety says he was “blown away” by the West Virginia upset. Wayne is also excited about possibly playing with Fort Hamilton HS product Brandon Reddish, a close friend from Brooklyn. And SU’s move to the ACC obviously makes the Orange a bit more attractive for Morgan. When asked if that sweetened the pot, Wayne says, “it really did.  They are going to be playing against great schools, with a lot of publicity.” The other top schools on his list? Rutgers and UConn, which have both been recruiting him hard. That realignment move is paying dividends specifically where The Fizz theorized it would two months ago. Meantime, Morgan loves to step up when needed most.

“On the field I am a leader. When my teammates are down, and we’re down, I just bring them back up and keep them focused. I need to make big time plays in big time games.”

Morgan has been recruited by John Anselmo, and will make a visit to Syracuse after his season is finished. Wayne will wait to make his decision until January, but it seems like SU is the favorite at the moment. Another crucial opportunity to gain ground on Morgan will come this Saturday when SU travels to UConn. Landberg believes SU has that x-factor Morgan is looking for, and playing in the Carrier Dome “would be something special.” Grabbing Morgan would help insure the Orange’s attempt at maintaining a foothold in New York State is taking shape.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. Bart Strodemeista III

    “Rutgers’ game on ESPN2 last week actually beat Syracuse’s enormous win over WVU at the same time on ESPN in the Big Apple.” Figuring how those ratings include most of New Jersey, including heavily populated central New Jersey, the scales were tipped in their favor. However, if you were to form a rating based off of the big apple and central New york I guarantee SU’s ratings would have blown RU’s out of the water. The fact we stole so many viewers from their home viewing area is a win for the cuse not a loss, not to mention that our game was a blowout and their game was tight throughout.
    Hey wayne, we all hope you come play for the
    cuse, our secondary is thin and you would get the chance to play early in your career and most likely play along side one of your best friends, not to bad of a deal. Go Wayne, GO CUSE!!!

  2. Dr. Bill

    Is SU back in on LB David Perkins, the de-commit from Notre Dame? We were high on his list before he commited to the Irish, What’s up now

  3. For once I might agree with HCDM on Morgan!!! From what I researched he is falling down in the recruiting sites. Some are not all excited about his performance either. Yeah Yeah I know HCDM does not believe in these recruiting sites. But you know they are very effective in “staring” quality talent. I’m 90% in their corner. But when a kid slips down their list that’s has to be looked at closely. You don’t see that at all in these sites(falling down)that much. One factor is maybe the talent level of Big Apple HS play is not what these sites see as great quality either. But being considered # 2 player in NYS doesn’t do well for our product here at NYS. I also have not heard much of Morgan either through the media either online or in print from NYC. That worries me too!! So this kid fits the HCDM profile no doubt!!!

  4. OrangeCrush22

    Ok i read another article about the stupid “Neilson ratings” for the ‘Cuse/WV vs. RU/L’ville, im going to vomit. Bart couldnt hsve said it any better, so i’m not going to elaborate further.

    Wayne would be a big pick up along with Goins….

    Yeah, i also would like to get the scoop on “Boom.” He is now looking at other schools such as making a visit to LSU (which doesnt sound good for us).

  5. Bart/OrangeCrush:

    I understand where you guys are coming from. The Rutgers/Louisville game doubled the West Virginia blowout in the ratings in NYC. You might not like to hear that, and yes, the ratings would clearly be much higher in the CNY area, but that’s not the point. The fact is AD Gross is trying to brand this team in the NYC region: taking future USC/SU games and ND/SU games to Metlife Stadium in 2012 & 2014; he’s an advocate of bringing a Big East title game for football to NYC/Metlife (if the conference ever gets to that point, which it won’t). That’s what makes this stat so alarming. As of now, Rutgers is still the team of focus in the NYC/tri-state area. Syracuse absolutely has the CNY region, but much to Gross’s chagrin, not NYC yet. So as long as he tries to brand this team there, those ratings are a big deal.

    Dr. Bill:

    Stayed tuned over the next few days. More info on the Boom’s interests heading forward will be up on the Fizz very soon.

  6. Great! I would like to know what Boom’s interests are and if Coach will take a visit to his house. As you may recall from your previous story, if Coach Marrone went to his house prior to committing to ND, Boom would have been an SU commit. Can’t wait to find out whats up!

  7. What nobody tells you about the NYC Metro area ratings is that it includes about 70% of the state of NJ.

    All of North and Central NJ is in the NYC Metro Demographic for TV rating.

    The ratings also equate to about 320K ppl watching the game which is laughable considering that it includeds the entirety of Rutgers home audience.

    I thought after looking over those numbers and researching to find the truth…it was kinda laughable the ratings for Rutgers.

  8. OrangeCrush22

    Yeah Fitz, the Neilson ratings for the NYC metro/tri-state incompasses alot of Northern New Jersey as well. So that rating was def false.

    If your just taking NYC, then i’m sure the ratings are much different.

    Syracuse covers more then just the cny area in the state of New York, as i’m sure you already know.

  9. saltine44

    You guys are missing the point, most of the SU/WVU fans went to the actual game while most Rutgirls fans stay home and watch it on the tube. So much for Nielson Ratings.

    I went to a USF/Rutgirls game in ’09 (actually went to see Erin Andrews) for ESPN thursday night game and less than 35,000 people showed up. At the time USF was ranked high in the polls so you would assume it would be a sellout, not the case.

    SU owns NYC. Go Orange!

  10. The ratings were in error due to an encoding problem. Nationally Cuse game beat the Rutgirls game nearly 3 to 1. NY nums were off too.

  11. This site is so bad.

  12. It can’t be tough to choose between Syracuse and the ACC, or Rutgers and Uconn, in the Big Least. Hello!! This is the recruiting class that makes or breaks of newest coach. If playing in the ACC, at your home state school, with a National Title and insane tradition over those other 2 schools, isn’t enough, then it’s all on Marrone.

    Very enormous class required this year to hold Dougs job down. Come on Doug! Go see this kid.

    And BTW… everytime a NY or NJ player picks a school, all their friends, faliy, ex-teammates, the high school fans, and the entire community, WATCH HIS GAMES ON TV! Knowing Rutgers stole ALL our recruits from NJ and the downstate NY area, it is NOT surprising to see the TV ratings in Rutgers favor.

    Doug needs to steal back NY yes, but New Jersey even more…and watch Rutgers fall off the map forever while our TV ratings skyrocket! No matter how you slice it, RECRUITING truely is everything!

  13. An engrossing speech is designer scuttlebutt. I cogitate that you should pen many on this message, it might not be a prejudice content but generally group are not sufficiency to talk on specified topics. To the succeeding. Cheers like your SU Target Wayne Morgan Tells The Fizz Doug Marrone is “A Real Coach” : Orange Fizz.

  14. Russell MacEachern

    Wow,you guy’s are delusional and OBSESSED with Rutger’s football,I live upstate in the Albany area and no-one’s give’s a hoot for SU football,but anxiously follow RU…win or lose watch recruiting and weep,you guy’s can barely hold off Pasqualooney’s UCONN team for recruit’s let alone most MAC squad’s….anyone sense inferiorority complex?About the ACC anyone notice BC’s fall from grace?

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