Morris Tells Fizz He’s a Homerun Threat, Wants to Be Next Great SU Back

Commit George Morris: “I expect myself to be one of the best tailbacks to come out of Syracuse.”

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Syracuse’s newest football commit, George Morris, has been the talk of Orange Nation this week. The 3-star Georgia product is an essential recruit for SU, filling the need at running back with Antwon Bailey graduating. It helps Morris is also a well-rounded impact back from an extremely talent rich area.

The Fizz spoke with Morris after his decision, who said the main reason for choosing Syracuse was the coaching staff.

“How it came about was the relationship and bond between me, Coach Wheatley and Coach Adkins over time when they first came and saw me in the spring. Just building that bond and trust and how they kept on checking up on me with my schooling. Syracuse has a lot to offer and they showed a lot of interest visiting me.”

A common theme recruits and coaches have told The Fizz is that when a school shows a player unique attention and interest, the player usually reciprocates. That’s the case with Morris. Once again, Tyrone Wheatley is the epicenter of building strong relationships with recruits. He’s been the lynchpin for all of SU’s big targets, has quickly become the best recruiter on staff, and landed both Sugar Bear Thompson and Morris. He also was the main factor in Boom Perkins originally putting SU atop his list.

While the rapport with coaches was a major factor, SU’s impending move to the ACC also proved again to be gold in the recruiting arena.

“It made it more attractive because you’re playing better competition and my family is able to come see me a lot compared to if I was in the Big East.”

Being a member of the ACC is already paying dividends, and is a huge advantage as SU extends and strengthens its recruiting pipeline down south.

George said he’s excited to play in the Dome and the staff has told him he could contribute right away. The main reason is he can do everything out of the backfield.

“I think I am an every down back, an all-purpose back. You can line me up out wide, motion me out, do read zone, option, sweep tosses and I am a homerun threat. I think my greatest strength is pounding it in, keep moving my legs and not stopping. I feel like I am a great asset either catching or just running.”

GM certainly is talented, but still has room to grow. This was only his second season playing running back at Central Gwinnett after being a nose guard his for two years, meaning his potential is sky high. He’s a dual threat option both on the ground and out of the backfield. Program insiders have compared him to Bailey, but bigger.

Morris has high expectations and sees himself being a player every Syracuse fan will remember when he’s done on the Hill.

“I expect myself to be one of the best tailbacks to come out of Syracuse.”

Even if he falls short of that, the commitment of Morris has already made a major impact for the Orange.

Posted: Dave Van Moffaert

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  1. I really like the moxy this kid has. He’s gonna come in and push all the others to step it up big time and that never hurts.

    Now if we can get Wayne Morgan out of Brooklyn, Christmas will be the most wonderful recruiting time of the year…

  2. Cuse44Tons

    Sounds like the leader the cuse was missing this year.

  3. What? Only his 2nd year? If he’s this good now, imagine what a couple of years of good college coaching will do for him?

  4. Good coaching “WHERE”!!!!! From HCDM??? Tryrone maybe.

  5. now that we’ve hopefully locked up the statuses of both ron thompson and george morris what’s is left recruiting wise besides wayne morgan? can you guys publish another list with probability of comitting, also what happend to the florida pipeline that was becoming so evident, and with lynch,morris,parris, and possibly manley/scelfo is GA our new pipeline in the south? Another huge question, a few months ago deaysean rippy seemed to be misty about college when florida pulled a move similar to us and dominic twitty… is there news on a favorite for rippy. I heard that darius parson had to leave/uncommitt for academics, will a spot be re-opened for a tyrone neal or will it be used to fill to void left by dorian graham, great work D.A. please make a new post answering these questions soon and GO SYRACUSE!

  6. good pick up yet i still think we need that one big recruit to sum up the class hopefully that will be wayne morgan

  7. also with morgan’s stock dropping, thompson’s star rating being borderline, and morris for now a clear 3-star, when will doug marrone land that prized player thats in the espn 150 or going to an all american game, when will the ishaq williams, chad kelly’s, david perkins, and jarron jones’ of the recruiting world pick the ‘cuse?

  8. @Derek- Yea I agree that Morris can be a stud with more years of just playing the position. Also, with Wheatley as a coach, that will help him mature as a runner

    @Terry- See above, Tyrone is going to be coaching him. I think he has done a fine job with the backs so far at SU. He is excited to work with Morris and is real high on him

    @connor- The Fizz is getting the best info we can on these recruits. Whenever we get info we publish it. Rippey is prob. a long shot and Twitty was never offered by SU. I know he decommitted from Minnesota, do not where he stands now. We will check up on that.

    As always thanks for reading


  9. @dvm i was no doubting u were publishing the best info and I wasn’t saying we were getting twitty I was comparing the situation in which he tried to commit to Syracuse but didn’t have an offer to how that happend to deaysean rippy at Florida

  10. Terry,with the MEGA negative attitude that you show in your post,I was wondering,how in hell do you get out of bed in the morning?

    I’m sure that if Morris is successful at Syracuse over the next 4 years that he will be playing at the next level on Sunday’s.

    Do us all a favor and make your New Years resolution to stay off of this web site now.

    I hope Santa brings you a bag of coal for Christmas.

    GO CUSE.

  11. If we want espn 150 type players we need to be a winning program…consistently.

  12. @Connor- Thanks for clearing that up about Rippey. Makes sense now. And we hope to publish a new probability of recruits soon!

    Merry Christmas All


  13. brooklynite1

    This is for Terry. I can understand the extreme negativity to a point. You want the orange to attract big names and win ball games. But at the same time you need to ground yourself in the reality that recruiting is an inexact science especially for a program like Cuse football. I think you’re negativity stems from not being real with yourself. They can’t just walk into the homes of young athletes and instantly make them want to commit. No offense to CNY, but in comparison to some of the other popular destinations for top level recruits, Syracuse will not be as appealing.

    A good chunk of 5 star and 4 star guys are coming from areas so far away from CNY and are basically in the backyards of many many super powers. I’m a cuse football fan and if I were 17 and 18 years old with amazing gifts and one eye on getting to the NFL(like most of these guys), I’d probably choose a program with high visibilty, a bigger named head coach and a recent track record of success. Throw in other factors like climate and quality of campus life and you can see why Cuse just isn’t able to run the table in football recruiting.

    You cannot expect a program like the Cuse to haul in certain guys at this point in time.Hell, Boise St. with their recent success and visibility probably doesn’t attract nothing but 5 star recruits. And they don’t even need to though. Thats why the coaches have to become strong evaluaters of under the radar talent with good physical tools and intelligence. They have to coach up that talent to where they can win more games consistently. With wins come added exposure. And with exposure, the chance for higher profile recruits.

    Until then, Coach Marrone or any other coach at the helm will have to play with the cards they are dealt. I like the strategy of trying to find the best guys in NYC and the Northeast region. Its a basic recruiting strategy. Try to own your backyard. NYC is NOT florida, california, texas, Pa, NJ or any hot bed for football. It never will be because bball is our thing. However, you can definitely find and/or develop good division 1 caliber talent in the big apple(plus Long Island). The only way a school like the Orange will lure in a big time prized class is by possibly breaking bank for a big time coaching name with recruiting cache.You know good and well that ain’t gonna happen, but, I think thats the only thing that will supercede all the other factors working against them. Until then, this constant crying about not getting enough top level talent is nonsense. Recruit as best as you can but you have to develop the guys that you have.Help turn that raw 2 and 3 star guy into a legit NFL prospect.

  14. brooklynite1

    your instead of you’re. I just caught my error.

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