Wayne Morgan Tells Fizz He’s Comfortable at SU, Wants to Play with Reddish

Sounds like the Brooklyn Bullet is still leaning SU before his official to UConn next week.


Brooklyn native and 3-star recruit Wayne Morgan has been a busy man lately. Last week the Erasmus Hall product took a trip to Arizona for the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl and played with some of the nation’s best talent. Next week the DB will be heading to visit Coach P for his official at UConn.

It’s a hectic final stretch for the heralded NYC prospect who told The Fizz this week he will indeed wait until National Signing Day on February 1st to make his decision between Syracuse and Connecticut. After a fantastic visit to the Hill last month, he reassured us SU has the advantage right now.

“I already feel comfortable when I’m there. I didn’t really have to get to know anybody, because I already knew the people there. So I really felt comfortable when I was on campus.”

You can thank Brandon Reddish for that. The last time The Fizz spoke with Morgan, the safety gushed about the possibility playing with his good friend and fellow Brooklyn native. Now, after visiting campus, it seems like Morgan cannot wait to put on the Orange for next season.

“We’ve been wanting to play together since high school because we went to different schools. So we just want to go to the same school. We played Pop Warner together, and it’ll be great to play with him in college again. Brandon is one of the main reasons [I’m looking forward to coming to Syracuse].”

Morgan admitted he doesn’t have any type of close friendships with players at UConn. Orange Nation can only hope that Reddish does a little more recruiting over the next few weeks. SU has to like its chances of landing the talented Morgan.

Landing the Erasmus Hall product is vital in establishing that strong foothold in New York City. Morgan’s lockdown coverage was on display last week at Chase Field in Phoenix. Wayne was all over the field at the All-American Bowl, playing the safety, corner, and nickel back positions. Wayne told The Fizz he had a blast, especially with his friend and, fellow Syracuse target, Anthony Standifer.

“I had the time of my life. I met a lot of people and some good players. It was a great experience being there, playing with those guys from around the country and getting to know them.”   

Bringing in the combination of Morgan and Standifer (who has offers from Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Michigan among others) is a long shot, but either one would be important for a ravaged SU defense. One thing is for sure, Doug Marrone is very close in landing the “Brooklyn Bullet.” A few more calls from Reddish and SU could be all set.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. marc smith

    Please Morgan come to SU and you and Reddish will solidfy the defensive backfield. Your a New Yorker and UCONN is not New York.

  2. marrone is quietly building a dynasty

    Washington, Davis, Owens, Whitehurst (, and maybe Glanton) at Lb

    Ford, Mcfarlane, Whigham, (and maybe morgan and standifer) in the secondary

    Parris, Thompson, and Cornelius for the receiving core.

    The only players I think are unimpressive are Ben Lewis, who is smaller and slower than i want out of a wr and ben barrett just because we have so many linemen in front of him. This is quietly a great recruiting class, try telling me morris, whigham, and thompson won’t excite. #Let marrone stay till his first recruiting class become seniors

  3. Jesse H.


    I am a big proponent of Marrone and his efforts, but building a dynasty, really? As much as I like the guys we’ve signed thus far, the class has been ranked last or second to last by every recruiting “expert”. If we are able to sign Morgan, Standifer and a couple of the large juco kids then I would say we are making some significant strides. I also think after Ben Lewis red-shirts he will be a linebacker and a good one before it is all said done. The key element to this team going forward is who becomes the true leaders, especially on defense. Let’s also pray that Marrone picks up a quality assistant or two in order to help develop so many raw athletes.

  4. Jesse H.

    …Also I wanted to know why Morgan’s stock has fallen since he was once considered a 4 star Top 150 talent.

  5. Connor:
    You’ll have to add big DT Josh Manley to that list. It’s a class that we all should be excited for. Much more potential than in previous years. And still a handful of great talent (like Morgan/Glanton) that could very well be on their way to the Cuse.

    I wouldn’t say Morgan has fallen off the radar. ESPN still ranks him as a 4-star prospect, and as the 10th best safety in class of 2012. 3rd in NY as well. Wayne just wanted to stay in the northeast, despite offers from Michigan, Bama, etc. SU, Conn, and Rut were his final three, places where he will get significant playing time fast, and places where he can become a leader like you talked about. I’ve talked with Morgan numerous times, and he has a leader’s mentality. Not arrogant, but very confident, and it would be no surprise to me if he comes to Cuse, and becomes the vocal Defensive leader out on the football field in a year or two. Just has a great football personality. Very intelligent.

  6. This team was better then Rutgers and UCONN last year. If Morgan signs this class will be strong and lets hope Sales gets back in school and Lemons is healthy. I love our LB’s and interior lines and if Nassib makes progress then the Big East is ours next year.

  7. OrangeCrush22

    I dont understand why he just doesnt commit?? He is pretty much stating that ‘Cuse has everything that he wants opposed to UCONN. Not to mention would you rather play ACC/BE football within the upcoming years?

  8. TheFenceRoundNJ

    SU was better than Rutgers but lost in the DOME. He won’t commit because he still thinks RU will take him because they lost Elijah Shumate. So u might not get him after all lol

  9. アバクロンビー&フィッチ

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