Syracuse’s Dion Waiters Has Classic Reaction to Dumb Reporter Question

If only the Boston media’s college hoops knowledge didn’t stop with filling out brackets.

Classic television moment for Dion Waiters yesterday on NESN. With Syracuse in Boston the local media is discussing college basketball for the first time in years (pretty sure Boston College basketball has been relegated to the MAAC). So the lovely Dana McIntosh (who actually is a very good reporter) was chatting with Dion, and unwittingly stepped into a bear trap.

Reporter: “Who’s your pick for the national title game?”

(priceless stunned quizzical look from Dion)


R: “Versus who?”

“Who ever y’all want it to be.”

R: “And you’re the champ?”

“Yes. Holding the trophy. Going back to the 315, Syracuse.”  

Asking Dion Waiters who is going to play in the National Championship game and not adding “besides you guys” is like asking Jim Boeheim if he’s planning to sprinkle in some zone. You will be greeted with a look of dumbfounded astonishment welcoming you from Planet Buffoon.

We established previously this postseason that Waiters is a misunderstood guy. He’s supremely confident in his abilities, but who wouldn’t be with his talent? There’s a place in life for humility. A basketball court isn’t it. See Jordan, Michael and Bryant, Kobe.

Waiters is just as confident in his teammates, and what they can accomplish. This translates into the “are you eff’ing serious?!” look in the video. I wish I were there to witness it. I really do. There is a 100% chance I would have lost it laughing, and any other member of the Syracuse media who says otherwise is lying.

I asked Waiters Friday afternoon about the question and his reaction. He started laughing hysterically. “What was I supposed to say? How was I supposed to leave us out?” he laughed.

Quite frankly, he said exactly what he was supposed to. Any other answer just wouldn’t have been Dion.

Posted: Craig Hoffman

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  1. Not trying to be a debbie downer here, but honestly after watching Kentucky easily put up 102 points on Indiana last night (and with Anthony Davis really a non-factor in the game), I have no idea how ‘Cuse can beat them. I always have & always will bleed Orange as much as anybody, but I feel like if we meet them in the championship game we will lose. I hope not but that’s just my preliminary prediction right now. Big game vs. OSU tonight… Rakeem & Baye need to step up & hold that Sullinger monster in check. If they do that, I like our chances. Let’s Go Orange!!!

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