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Jim Boeheim Talks About Former Syracuse Guard Kadary Richmond

When Syracuse made the Sweet 16 in 2021, a big reason for it besides Buddy Boeheim shooting the lights out was the play of freshman guard Kadary Richmond. Joe Girard III started every game for the Orange, but Richmond’s size, defense, and playmaking were huge reasons why SU made a surprise run to the second weekend. He transferred after the year when Girard, a sophomore, was going to continue as the Orange’s starting point guard despite it being evident that Richmond was a valuable piece worth keeping.

He transferred to Seton Hall, where as a senior this season he’s averaged 16.4 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 4.8 assists plus over 2 steals a contest. He would have been a huge asset for the Orange under Jim Boeheim, especially in the 2021-22 season, the only losing year Boeheim ever had. Judah Mintz’s arrival before the 2022-23 season eased the frustration of SU fans when Richmond was succeeding at Seton Hall in SU’s former conference, the Big East, but now with Boeheim retired and both Syracuse and Seton Hall in similar positions, the legendary Syracuse head coach had some thoughts on the play of his former guard.

“He’s a tremendous college player,” Boeheim said via “I don’t know how many guys in college are better than him. Just a few maybe, if that. What he does, he’s as good as anybody.”

It’s interesting looking back on how Richmond and Syracuse went in separate directions. Richmond transferred to Seton Hall to play for Kevin Willard, who left for Maryland after Kadary’s first season in New Jersey. For Syracuse, they struggled mightily in the season after his departure as previously mentioned and then Boeheim retired 2 years later. Who knows if fortunes would be been different for the Orange if their 6th man in 2021 had stayed, but things have worked out decently for both sides looking to their futures.

“I told Kadary he would have a really good chance to start if he came back,” Boeheim said via “That’s what I told him. Period. I was very high on Kadary, the question was whether he could do the work to be able to play 30 minutes.”

Richmond has averaged 32.6 minutes per game this season, up from 27.6 the year before, and 25.9 the year before that after just 21 per game as a freshman in Central New York. So, that question posed by Boeheim has been answered, but it took some time, and that’s a theme for a number of college players, not everyone is ready right away.

“I think some guys take time, they’re not great players right away,” Boeheim said via “And sometimes it takes two years, sometimes it might take three. This is his fourth year. If he can improve [his shot], he can play in the NBA, I think. He really understands the game and sees the game really well.”

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