BKLYN Bounce: Syracuse’s Wayne Williams is Bringing So Much Swag It Hurts

The JuCo transfer is just throwing New York City attitude for days.

Not often do you fall in love with the brashness of a recruit before he even steps foot on campus. Usually you have to keep a weary eye on a JuCo transfer who’s already talking like he runs the joint. But I gotta admit, Wayne Williams is bringing the noise in the best way possible.

In an entertaining interview with Nation of Orange, Williams delivered major style points. Now let’s see if he can back it up. The top 5 quotes from Dub as he signs with the Orange:

1) “The Dome should be packed. If it’s quiet then you’ll be hearing every word I say. So come, witness greatness at its finest. I’m the king of New York and you got me now.”

The king of New York just transfered in from ASA Junior College? I mean, this is so priceless what can you even say? Witness greatness with a first-year DT on a team that lost its final five games. This is going to be great.

2) “I’m not a real crazy person on the red shirt thing. But if I have to just to get my game right, I will red shirt just so my game can be perfect. So I can be an NCAA All-American my first year on the field.”

If Williams is an All-American his first year on the field, I’ll eat my 1987 Sugar Bowl t-shirt. And love every minute of it.

3) “I’m that dude that’s going to be a game changer in the NCAA as soon as I step foot on that field. So the fact that I don’t have over 50 offers right now (at my spring game) is a spit in my face. I’m going to go with the school that’s been with me since day one and I’m going to make them look great.”

This cat is unreal. I hope he keeps this grudge. I hope he plays with this chip. Tennessee and Texas A&M were looking at him, so there’s gotta be something there.

4) “Out of high school my head was so swollen from all the looks I was getting; I could’ve ended up anywhere. Miami and Oregon were my dream schools. I was borderline at Penn State out of high school. I thank God for being the person I am now. He humbled me.”

If this is humble, I’d hate to see the arrogant, brash pre-JuCo Wayne Williams. I like this kid. I really do. You want some attitude, but also a dose of reality. Hopefully, he got that at ASA.

5) “I’m all about swag. I’m a very flashy player. It’s a New York thing, man. Syracuse owns the five boroughs right now. They own the boroughs. They have a nice pipeline with Nasau Community College, and they’re having a nice pipeline with the high schools, and they’re having one with ASA right now. I expect Syracuse to be running New York for a long time.”

This dude is bringing so much Brooklyn swag it’s hurting my eyes. Ultimately, even if Wayne is a bust and doesn’t live up to the crazy expectations he places on himself, if he’s talking truth here than SU is set up well. Doug Marrone has made it his priority to lock down NYC, and he’s started to grab the best in the Big Apple. Brandon Reddish, Wayne Morgan are already signed. The Ebo Package Deal might jump aboard because of the BKLYN kids pull. Now the self-proclaimed King of New York gave his verbal. This could be the start of something big. At the very least his press conferences are going to be really fun.

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  1. It sounds like “Brooklyn” is bragging a little,but at 6’5″ and 355 lbs, who’s to stop him?
    Bring it Mr. Williams,bring it. Man I can’t wait to watch this kid play.


  2. bigdip

    Hey SU fans…..thats Urban Brashness@ its best! How can we be NYs “team” w/ no swagger?
    Young, educated, strong, URBAN SWAG was missing !!!!!
    This is Syracuse…..we’re not a CONSERVATIVE community..the brand has grown w/ this type of athlete: Freeney..Melo..McNabb..Jonny..All were extremely confident!

    * by the way..Nyc kids dont represent all of NY! Marrone has missed great upstate talent last few seasons….non- 5 star kids? Like Akeel Lynch ..Lb Skov (stanford).. afew top10 fullbacks..HCDM isnt seeing the whole state clearly…we still let BC, RUTGIRLS, PSU, steal too many kids

  3. Jimmy

    Bigdip, let Doug do his thing, I’m pretty sure that Western, NY and the Southern Tier are still on Doug’s top priorities list.

    As for the Capital Region, I lived there and outside Dion Lewis a few years back, the Upstate talent come from Central, Southern Tier, and Western, NY now. same with the North Country, they had Brian Leonard and he made Rutgers look good for a second when we were down in the dumps but the Capital Region and the North Country aren’t Western and Central NY!

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