Dynamic Duo: Ogundeko Tells Fizz He’s a Package with Edwards, SU Offers Both

The two New York City stars want to play together in college & SU is one of 7 schools to offer both.


Locking down the Big Apple has been a priority of Doug Marrone, and because of it Syracuse may land a dynamic 1-2 punch. Highly sought-after DE Ebenezer Ogundeko from New York City confirms to The Fizz he and fellow Brooklyn-ite Augustus Edwards want to play together in college. “That’s definitely the plan,” admitted the huge 6’4″, 265 lb. edge rusher. Edwards is a running back from Tottenville HS, and he has played against Ogundeko his whole life. Ebo and AE are two of top prospects in the state, and whoever lands the duo is getting a huge impact pair. Ogundeko says the plan is already in the works.

“Me and him, our personalities are the same and we are pretty cool people. We look forward to seeing each other, and doing damage on the field for the next four or five years.”

Ebo piled up 11 sacks and 79 tackles last season and has over 20 scholarship offers from schools like Alabama, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. But the fly in the ointment is that none of those schools have offered the 6’2” Edwards. It seems crazy for Ebenezer to pass up offers to the nation’s most dominant BCS schools just to play with his boy, but the Orange is doing its part.

Syracuse, UConn, Pitt, Rutgers, Temple, Purdue and Vanderbilt are the only schools that have offered both players. Bama has shown Edwards some interest but has not yet offered. It might seem like a no-brainer for the Tide, Irish and Buckeyes to throw a bone to Edwards just to land Ebo. But those schools will have far better RB prospects to pick from, and there are hard scholarship limits in college football. Is Ebo worth the package deal for national champion contenders?

Edwards did rush for over 1,500 yards last season, and possesses some great quickness in the open field despite his tall and lanky frame. Edwards and Ogundeko visited the Hill, a week before the Spring Game to hang with fellow New Yorker Wayne Morgan. Morgan said the three had a blast, and Ebo echoed the same sentiment to The Fizz.

“We had a great time, it was a great experience. I got to experience the studentand student athlete life. I got to meet some of the players, and I had a great connection with the coaches. It was fun.”

While it’s unlikely SU could ever beat Alabama or Ohio State to a player, the Orange stacks up well against the short list of schools that have offered both Brooklyn boys. The duo  is close with Wayne and Brandon Reddish, who have both have to put on their recruiting hats.

The last few weeks for Ogundeko have been chaotic as the offers keep piling up, and coaches’ visits roll in. Ever since Ebo’s de-commit from UConn in February, the madness has ensued. Ebenezer did meet and talk with the Syracuse staff on multiple occasions  recently. He chatted with Doug Marrone when he visited campus, and when the staff traveled to NYC for an in-home. In true Dougie fashion, HCDM left an impression of responsibility.

“The coaches are great. I like their personalities. They are the type of people that will take care of you.”

Coach John Anselmo has been hot on the Ogundeko recruiting trail, which will certainly heat up over the summer. One thing Ebo did truly enjoy was the Dome, maybe more than your average recruit. He admitted playing in there means a lot to him.

“Of course. [Playing in the Carrier Dome] is motivational. Playing there makes you go harder each play. You want to leave there with a win every time.”

Will Ebenezer disregard top offers from premier programs just to play with Augustus? And will one of those elite schools offer a package deal? Those answers will take some time, but in the meantime it’s good to know Morgan will be discussing those plans all summer with his Brooklyn bros.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. Ya have to send in Freeney, Little or Mc Nabb to get these guys. Ishaq Williams had a visit from the ND coach at 3am in the morning. Be creative, and agressive and smart and we will get these guys.

  2. Bo Dacious

    Your comment that it’s unlikely Syracuse could EVER beat alabama or ohio st to a player is flat-out wrong. Go Cuse!!!

  3. i sure hope we can get these 2 players, because there both a position of need for the cuse and feel both could come and have a good career here at syracuse.

  4. come on in and play ball at syracuse, you both would do very well here..

  5. Bo – Hey man, I’m as big an SU fan as anyone, but let me know the last time SU beat OSU or Bama to a kid. Has it happened in the last 10 years?

  6. Norma Stitz

    Sam Rogers, current SU long snapper, was offered a preferred walk on spot at OSU and decided to take the scholly SU offered instead. Does that count? Or at least that is the story I heard.

  7. Guys,
    Yes, it is unlikely that SU can trump the other big dogs from the BCS conferences like ND or Mich or Bama, but certainly can’t count the Orange out. The biggest factor in landing Ebo is if in 8 months or so, he and Edwards are still on the same page. I know the two want to play at the same college, but one would think it’s difficult to imagine he’d throw away over half his offers. I believe the two stick together, which obviously helps SU. Just less schools to compete with.

  8. chris

    One of the things to consider is that the offers from the big schools don’t stay on the table til signing day. As their class fills out, they wont have the spots to give out. consider wayne morgan, he was offered by bama but that spot was already filled by the time morgan was set to decide. Ogundeko says hes deciding in jan, and alot of those big schools wont be available. Every year theres a few kids committ to these schools and come signing day, there isn’t a spot and their offered a greyshirt.

  9. Both boys could have their family and friends see almost every game. probably not going to happen if they select Alabama or ND


    There are ‘Cuse fans All Over NYC, SU a fun place to go to school and is one of the best places to get an Education in Div-I and up in the Dome your playing For NY every day.

    If Other guys see you committing early to the ‘Cuse it would help bring in hard hitting teammates from all over the country to play along side you too. Then you can enjoy your senior year and know you are coming in with a great class.

    Good luck with your choice the Brooklyn Oranges are behind ya.

  11. Russell MacEachern

    My thought’s….RU or the “Cuse” with Schiano gone we have as good a chance as anyone….what worry’s me about EO is he visited the “Cuse” before UConn and commited to them before visiting RU and decommiting from…shame so many of these “character” guys are so fickle!!

  12. Russell MacEachern

    come on Kev…what do ya think a kid is gonna say?…the Dome is a dump?let’s face it…it’s not the asset it was in the 80s and 90s..when im talking to some of the kids today they politely evade there true opinions on the “Dome”!!but even worse maybe we should blindfold them when they get near Onandaga county lets face it…its not Xanadu…thats why its so important the coach be a salesman…something Marrone will never be!sorry but lets be real.

  13. cusenyc

    Listening on the stream today. Syracuse sports Radio was lit up with your name today E.O. congrats on all the offers hope you pick the cuse. The whole state is olhoping you will. Cant wait to see you make a sack for the orange and the whole dome scream SCROOOOOGE! takin back that yardage. Youtube the Scooop call at bball games.

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