Oh Canada! Toronto Star Point Guard Tyler Ennis Chooses Syracuse

The Class of ’13 and Toronto point guard selects the Orange.

Update: 9:43p. Listen to an exclusive interview with Ennis after his decision, and why he chose to play for the Orange.

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Update 7:15p: It’s official. Tyler Ennis proudly put on a Syracuse Orange t-shirt and announced his verbal commitment to SU. Ennis is an excellent start to Jim Boeheim’s class of 2013. He should provide instant production and leadership from the point guard position, and possibly help bring in future talent as well. Stay tuned for an exclusive Fizz interview with Tyler, coming up later tonight.

It’s amazing how Syracuse fans have become accustomed to huge basketball commitments, but we shouldn’t let that cloud how big a success this is. Ennis is arguably a top 20 player in the Class for ’13, and even though the favorite was always SU, the Orange still had to do the work. 

Powerful programs jumped in the mix, and Adrian Autry and co. never took anything for granted. This helps solidify the guard situation going into next year, and also begins a nice young nucleus of DC 2.0, Jerami Grant, Michael Gbinije, and Ennis in the most recent recruiting classes. It may also bring Isaiah Briscoe into the Orange family as well. Big get for the Orange. The SU recruiting machine keeps on churning. Can’t take that for granted. 

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Tonight superstar Class of ’13 point guard Tyler Ennis will likely make his college decision official, and The Fizz has leaned towards Ennis being Syracuse-bound for a few months. Ennis’s father and CIA Bounce Head Coach Tony McIntyre announced via Twitter that CIA Bounce TV will feature a “major announcement” tonight at 7 pm. You can tune in here.

Rivals has Ennis listed as the 20th overall recruit in his class, while Scout has him ranked as a top 5 point guard.

McIntyre previously told SNY’s Adam Zagoria that his son wanted to commit before he went back to St. Benedict’s Prep for his senior year of high school. Tyler now lists Syracuse, Louisville, UCLA, Memphis, and Illinois as his top five, but all signs point to the Orange being his choice. There has long been a feeling within recruiting circles this was SU’s race to lose, and the Orange has done everything it had to do to keep him locked in.

Ennis’ first college game he ever attended as a kid was at the Carrier Dome, and Syracuse wins the geographical race since it’s closer than all of the other finalists to where he grew up in Toronto, and his family’s current home in Buffalo. Syracuse assistant Adrian Autry was a constant presence at every one of Ennis’ various events last month, including the Nike Global Challenge, Peach Jam, and the Caribana Classic in Toronto.

Though Ennis has never explicitly stated as much, Syracuse has long been considered the front-runner by all credible sources. Syracuse has been courting the point guard from the start. There was an internet report in July that ambiguously forecasted an SU commitment by Ennis.

Bringing in Ennis might also clinch the Syracuse commitment of another highly-rated point guard, Class of ’15 recruit Isaiah Briscoe. Ennis’ St. Benedict’s teammate has already shown major interest in Syracuse, and said in the past that Ennis’s decision could impact his. Even though he’s only entering his sophomore season at St. Benedict’s, there’s a possibility that Briscoe could also commit before summer’s end.

Ennis’ coach Mark Taylor said, Tyler might have the best IQ out of any player I’ve ever coached. And to go beyond that, he might have to most poise and calmness in crazy situations on the court, which makes it impossible for teams to rattle our team. That’s something as a point guard you can’t teach.”

In one night, Syracuse can secure a talented backcourt for several years into the future.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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  1. Cuse Don't Luse


  2. Russell MacEachern

    @CDL,your a big hoops fan too?I prefer WBB for some reason and were getting good!!Maybe its because when u win too much ya expect nothing less and too many 1 or 2 yr and out primadonna’s!

  3. Cuse don't luse

    Syracuse football basketball and lacrosse my other teams are scattered:buffalo bills, Houston texans, Boston redsox, ect. I have lived any many places along with influence from my parents but Russ we have an Olympic coach and top 5 in wins and a great program …how can u like the women’s team better?

  4. CuseJuice

    Ennis is going to be huge for CUSE, good to see him coming on board.. hopefully

  5. AnaheimOrange

    Hopefully, Ennis can bring one more teammate to the Hill in 2014 – fellow Canadian and CIA Bounce teammate Andrew Wiggins. Just entering his junior year in high school, Wiggins is the real deal. Go ‘Cuse!!!

  6. Russell MacEachern

    AS you get older preferences w/sometimes change….its like asking someone who’s a golf fan how that can be!!I was a good “average” player at hoops and still love shooting baskets alone or w/my nephews,but football….I can’t get enough of it…when I was a lad in early 60s baseball was considered the “American #1 sport” till football and tv partnered along with the coming of age of us boomers and started too lap baseball!!F-ball along with the cheerleader’s,bands and the general gladiatorial aspects… tailgating started and it became a whole day affair…Enjoy what u enjoy “Cuse” because Im scared the powers that be are about too try to dilute our great game with rules that will ruin all we love about the greatest game on earth and turn it into “two hand touch”!!!

  7. Russell MacEachern

    @”Cuse” When I was your age I never missed my local hs football or basketball games…I also thought golf was an old man’s game….now I try to get thru the summer too football season by watching McIlroy and Mickelsen lap Wood’s on weekends….go figure?CuseDontLuse,Im glad your a “Cuse” fan,ur dad must be proud…ur a mature lad with an intuitive nature…da DIPPERR..

  8. Carlton

    I doubt we get wiggins. That seems to be 2 team fight bettween uk an fsu. Hes gonna reclass an go 13 anyway. It really wont matter are class could be huge in 14 /w chris mc. An whitehead. Along /w that dude who is in the top 4 who called ‘cuse his dream school. 14 could end up being insane.

  9. Cuse Don't Luse

    yea i agree but i would rather have ennis then wiggins we always get athleticism we need a pg

  10. Norma Stitz

    Agree with CDL need that true PG

  11. Cuse Don't Luse

    Carter-Williams will be thrust into a role I’m not sure he is ready for next year if he is at point wouldn’t mind triche playing the point and carter williams as a lengthy shooting guard but ennis just simplifies situations like this

  12. Carter-Williams is going to be one of the best point guards in the country next year, which is why getting Ennis has been SUs top priority. There’s a chance MCW goes pro after next year, which means they’ll be forced to start a true freshman in 2013-14. Ennis is one of the only point guards capable of leading a national contender as a frosh. This is a huge pickup if we get him.

  13. Cuse Don't Luse

    On a separate note I think switching to a 3-4 in football could be reasonable davis spruill diabate vaughan backups vigil lynch coker washington then a bigger and more explosive d-line with crime in the middle and 2 bigger ends on the outside in goggins and mpb that could really work for us

  14. @bgogo;nice thoughts in the above post,but sadly I have to disagree with some of them. I don’t see Brandon Triche losing the starting spot for the point in his senior year. I see Carter-Williams sharing the point with Triche because,as we all know Triche can be unreliable at times. We will have the best shooting 2 guard in the country in Trevor Cooney. When Trevor needs a break either Triche or Williams will slide to the 2 spot to relieve him.
    I really don’t see Carter-Williams leaving after one year either. Maybe in his junior year but I really don’t think after the 2012/2013 season.

    I haven’t heard,but has Tyler committed yet? If he has,the rich keep on getting richer don’t they?

    Within a couple of years,this is what I see happening with the football program. Top recruits picking Syracuse(year after year) on a regular basis.

    With Boeheim and Hopkins over at the Olympics, the coaching staff pulled out a great catch by getting another top 5 recruit to come to Syracuse. Fine job by all especially Adrian Autry

    GO CUSE;

  15. Tyler committed. It’s huge! Also, Triche will mostly play the 2 spot like he did last year, giving spells to MCW at point. I think we’ll see a rotation with MCW at point, Triche at 2, then Cooney taking the 2 while Triche spells at PG. By the way, I never mind a respectful difference of opinion. Go Cuse!

  16. People are delusional if they think mcw won’t be ready next, ask the coaching staff analyst nba scouts who have seen him practice recently n say he is the real deal. Think sus next two years of recruiting will be awesome but they will really need it because fair carterwilliams Xmas and Coleman are not going to be at su till they graduate. Su are the favorites to land about 8 top 20 guys for 13 n 14 classes and in gbinje and if guys stay one more year back to bak final fours easy. Su is so much better thn ul this year n yet they are a champ fav? People are going to be surprised this year

  17. Russell MacEachern

    @CDL,have u ever played BB?..if u ever played against Sue Wicks ya might have a more enlightened and positive view of WBB,btw coach Quent is starting to get the recruits to bring us on equal talent level w/UCONN and RU in WBB.

  18. Russell MacEachern

    Unfortunately Breanna Stewart local girl could’ve accellerated the process but chose to play for Geno Auriemma at UConn!!

  19. @Cuse don’t luse;the women’s basketball team(over the years) has been mediocre to say the least, but things are looking up for the 2012/2013 season.
    Two of the 5 freshmen coming in this year are MacDonald All Americans. Guard Brittney Sykes made the USA 18U team this year. Due to personal reasons she had to withdraw and went home.
    We have senior leadership at the center position with 6’4″ Kayla Alexander,1st team All Big East and possibly Player Of The Year and Big East All Academic Team.

    The girls are very competitive and will give UCONN a run for their money this year.

    I’ve been to some of their games and I’m telling you their good.

    You’ll be able to watch them this year when they make the NCAA tournament. I wish them the best.

    I will stand with Russell in saying that the team has improved and I enjoy watching them play,but sorry Russell their not better then the men.

    GO CUSE;

  20. We’re looking good for basketball all the way to 2020.
    Bringing in Tyler for basketball has implications on the 2015 class!!!!!

    Priceless man just Priceless.

    I used to work sometimes with a gov. auditor out of Texas every time he came north to inspect our parts for nuclear reactors after I had looked them over and certified them.
    We would talk about how many times Syracuse Basketball would be on tv out west.

    Great news isn’t Cuse Don’t Luse? Have you come down out of the clouds yet?

  21. Hey guy’s; when Syracuse 1st announced that they were going into the ACC, you should have read what the people in the south were saying on the ESPN web pages.
    My comment to all of them was, The days of Duke and North Carolina dominating the ACC are over. Please be aware the Kings also known as the Syracuse Orangemen are on their way. The responses were downright brutal.

    I really don’t think Syracuse will lose anything by switching leagues for basketball and I believe that we’re setting ourselves up to be pretty damn good as far as the football team is concerned.

    GO CUSE;

  22. @bgogo; not counting the walk-ons that are on the team,we only have 3 scholarship players at the guard position. All three should get a lot of playing time.

    Should be real interesting. But please people let’s not forget this is THE FOOTBALL SEASON, LET’S GO SYRACUSE!!!!!!

  23. Carlton

    I dont understand a couple things. 1- y do u think bt an mcw arent both gonna start? Thats gonna be the 2 starters at the guard spots. If one gets in foul trouble cooney will be in. Louisville is loaded. They should be #1. The 2games this season vs the ville will be the best cbb games of the reg. season. I do feel we are ranked way 2 low at #10. This is a top 5 team. Rak, mcw an cj will be studs. The word from lbj camp this summer was that cj blew away scouts. DC will proably more then likely struggle early on in the season but by the end of it he will be a double double machine. Ennis was a huge get now we need to lock up lawarnce form nj as well. Hes been compared to KD. 6’10 an can bomb it. Look out!

  24. @Carlton; I believe the starters will be(senior) Brandon Triche at the point and(red shirt freshman) Trevor Cooney at the 2 spot because of his ability to hit the three.

    It’s only speculation on our parts though. None of us really knows what Coach Boeheim is thinking. We’re all going to have to wait and see. No matter how one looks at and wishes what the starting line up should be. One thing is certain,this team is loaded and it’s going to be fun watching them play.

  25. Carlton

    @Ron it is cfb season but its also the early signing period for cbb. I’d like for this site to find a blance bettween the 2 sports. Its always one or the other gettin talked about. One last thing the ‘cuse should think about a yearly tourney in nyc at msg to keep the brand strong in the nyc. So many guys right now in the top20 are lookin at us an they are ethier from nj or nyc. Due away /w thw all these cup cake games we bring in top 20 players now we dont need it.

  26. Ennis will open the floodgates. Expect a jonny-donte-rick type class. Kids gravatate to this type of winner, he was very poised last season when i wathed him…ESPNU(luv it)! Shout out to AC Red Autry for holding down the fort. He worked the summer circuits, and kept the SU name warm. At this rate the SYRACUSE brand is as hot as ever 1 SU 1st Elite11 qb finalist 2 nba & nfl 1st rounders ’12. 3 back to back to back(’13 ?) McDAA (dion didnt make it)….but regardless these are the recruiting GOLDEN YEARS

    my fav time of year is football & bball overlapping, today is a good ORANGE day! Hey great job “keeping the faith” FF…good vibrations, lol

  27. @Russ ….Pops I gotta stop feeding your ego, youve turned into a one-man “SU good karma magnet”! There are SU fans everywhere, the fanaticism is underestimated…keep doin what you do, Uncle Russ! Its totally infectious, you’re a riot! I dig it!

  28. Russell MacEachern

    @DIPPER thanks I really appreciate the compliment coming from my fav nephew,I needed the [email protected],where did I say they “WBB” were better than the men??I said I enjoy watching them!

  29. Russell MacEachern

    G’night Dipp.

  30. Russell MacEachern

    @Carlton,your right,Im a BIG football guy but all SU recruiting is big no matter what the season and the Fizz has given us football guys lotsa love lately.I know ur big on hoops and need love too,the site has been doing a fair job striking a balance.How r things in Tally?

  31. @Russell MacEachern;I apologize,CuseDon’t Luse asked you,how can u like the women’s team better?

    Big misunderstanding on my part.

    I do agree Russ,their fun to watch and their good.


    Huge get with long term implications congrats Tyler welcome to the orange family. I think he will get in the mix for serious play next year from everything ive seen hes a real deal prospect that will gain much from a college level strength conditioning and coaching situation.

    I think from watching Mcw play last year he has huge potential on offense. I think what his d is also going to be strong. last year he over committed a bit too often but on gut feel ill bet his steals per min played Stat is really good.

    @cdl ive gotten into the 3-4 debate in my mind a few times myself often the 3-4 needs dominant 4-5 star talent at each LB slot to make up for the size disadvantage that you give up against the run not sure we are quite there yet and frankly I’m excited for the DL talent this year. What I would like to see is a little bit more mix of 4-4 against wildcat and run heavy teams (read NW and UConn) on occasion using Davis or shamarko as the 4 th lb for speed rush or disguised spy coverage.

    Of course id also like to see a bit of 4-2-5 basically moving Shamarko to the okie back in our okie package and having two other safeties on the field because he hits so hard and it would give him a safety net (Pun not intended but still there) to do so. Not sure we have sufficient talent at safety to pull this off this year.

    But this is for marrone to know and for us to find out.

  33. Russell MacEachern

    @CDL,RedSox fan?….you have my deepest condolence’s…..lol…NYYs…America’s team!!!

  34. Russell MacEachern

    @Brooklyn,as usual interesting thoughts and observations,I enjoy ur input!!Hope my Fizzfam’s yapping don’t detract from ur enjoyment..lol..

  35. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,was just kidding w/ya Ron!!

  36. @Russell MacEachern;Do you remember the commercial with the phrase used “YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY’S BABY” in it?

    Well Russ, over the last couple of years with Coach Hillsman recruiting McDonald-All-Americans,Syracuse University Women’s Basketball has “COME A LONG WAY’S BABY”.

    Just remember,recruiting 2 McDonald-All-Americans in one class has never been accomplished before. He has to be doing something right,wouldn’t you say?

    GO CUSE;

  37. Su women….we finally have a stud, what Ash should’ve been. Sykes is our Maya Moore, Skylar, angel mccourtry, simply give her the ball and get outta the way. The better women players arent as plentiful, so to land two studs is great for HCH. This type of talent used to land at RU with regularity.

    3/4 defense…hey if our LBs were deeper than the DL (?) i would say go 3/4, and if there was a clear advantage to an extra LB on the field, but I dont see it. I’d rather have 315 lbs of extra girth in the middle…just me? 4/4 can get u burnt with the right personnel on the field. Ex: wildcat qb who can run & throw(tebow), or Mizzou who runs 2TE sets regularly(can r LBs defend their TEs). Hey Bk NW is run heavy outta the spread, they’d kill a 4/4 with the spread. Check what Colter, NW qb, did last season? 4-2-5? Lol….against USC, but now they have Silas Redd?

  38. Blog clog: SU bb…any combination of players will land us a Top10 ’13 recruiting class:
    1 Ennis, Roberson, Lawrence
    2 Ennis, Wainwright, Jefferson
    3 Ennis, Oboknoh, Anya
    4 Ennis, Iverson, Jefferson
    E, Roberson, Anya
    E, Oboknoh, Lawrence

    * FF wat do think? I want a guard, wing & big..i like #s 1 & 4


    @Dip Oh I like a 4-3 base d by far I’m just talking about mixing in a few different looks against teams with tendencies. colter has a good arm but he has a high rush tendency for a Qb that’s a game where I might look to give shamarko the nod at the extra lb spot he can tackle and cover on a couple downs. Davis more likely against uconn for a couple downs when they are trying to run it down our throats like last year.

    Overall though I do not want to switch base defense 4-3 gives us the best advantage balance wise with the talent we have. Only if this DL becomes dominant can we mix in more 4-2 sets nickel okie whatever you want to call it on early downs.

  40. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,its taken a while but I think were “WBB” pulling even w/RU and CVStringer and gonna start threatening [email protected],hate to inform ya but RU LadyKnights had a top 5 class last year with all 5 recruits AAs top 75 nationally CVS wants too add a national Champship to her resume…did ya save me any C’tan Crunch for breakfast?lol…nice to see u were up ahead of me…da DIPPERR…

  41. Russell MacEachern

    @Dipper,don’t forget (as if u would)tomorrow nights Giant/Jet faceoff!!ESPN at 7….keep the popcorn ready and save me a chair!!Today at 3 mid-atlantic little league WS game on at NJ/Tex hook-up…lets show them how we “do it” in the East!!da Dipperr

  42. Russell MacEachern

    on ur poll Dip….I’m going with your selections,but any of 1-4 are good!!

  43. Bk..i feel you. If the DL steps up, that would free up everthing else. We need the Lbs making plays every down, we finally have bigbig boys!

    Russ reports are coming quick: Ennis wants Lawrence & Jefferson. Young man has taste! JDR 2.0 (jonny, donte, rick)

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