Kline’s Line: Meet the Super 6 Recruits Visiting Tonight’s Orange Madness

Syracuse kicks off its basketball season tonight, and here are the recruits that will be in attendance.


Update: Tyler Lydon and Noah Vonleh are no longer attending Orange Madness tonight, The Fizz has learned. Syracuse is still recruiting the two players. Goodluck Okonoboh, 2014 6’9″ PF from Wilbraham & Monson (MA), will be at the Carrier Dome, however. Complete recap of the Dome festivities coming tomorrow morning on Fizz Radio at 9a.

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‘Twas the night of Orange Madness and all through Syracuse, basketball fans were awaiting the first practice with dreams of Final Fours dancing in their heads.

SU’s annual Midnight Madness at the Carrier Dome has turned into a raging success, attracting some of the best talent in the country. Which recruits will be in attendance to watch Michael Carter-Williams throw alley-hoops to Rakeem Christmas, and Wale perform in front of thousands of Orange supporters?

Rysheed Jordan, Noah Vonleh, Isaiah Briscoe, Tyler Lydon, B.J. Johnson, Chinonso Obokoh and Syracuse commit Tyler Ennis are the expected guests.

2014 prospects Chris McCullough and Isaiah Whitehead will not be able to attend after originally planning to take in Orange Madness.

You’ve read about Ennis before. Here’s a breakdown of the other Super 6 prospects and the latest on their recruitment.

Rysheed Jordan – The 2013 6’4″ combo guard from Vaux (PA) is taking an official visit through Sunday with his AAU coach Kamal Yard. Earlier in the week, Jordan cut his college list down to Xavier, Syracuse, Alabama, Rutgers, St. John’s, UCLA and Temple. The Philadelphia native spent his first official visit on St. John’s. Jordan’s recruitment appears to change everyday with new favorites emerging. Temple has the inside track due to an Under Armour connection, as well as location, but the explosive talent could wind up in a number of different scenarios.

Noah Vonleh – The recently de-classified (2014 to 2013) Vonleh was unsure whether he would be able to make it to Syracuse. On Thursday, he found a ride and confirmed that he would be in Central New York tonight. With no set college list, the main contenders are North Carolina, UConn, Indiana, Ohio State and Syracuse. The 6’7″ combo forward from New Hampton (NH) is making this trip an unofficial visit with the intent of coming back to Syracuse with his mother in a few weeks to use one of his official visits.

Isaiah Briscoe – The 2015 6’3″ point guard from St. Benedict’s (NJ) is back for his second year of Midnight Madness at Syracuse. With an extensive list of offers from Arizona, UConn, Villanova, Cincinnati, DePaul, Baylor and more, Briscoe will take in Orange Madness with his high school teammate Tyler Ennis again.

Tyler Lydon – A mid-major talent at the moment, the 2014 6’8″ power forward from Pine Plains (NY) is being endorsed by Albany City Rocks president Jim Hart as a perennial high-major. Syracuse is listening, too, having watched him numerous times this fall. Fairfield, UAB, Boston, James Madison and Siena have offered the central New York recruit.

B.J. Johnson – The 2013 6’7″ small forward from Lower Merion (PA) continues to inch closer and closer to an offer from Syracuse – something he greatly desires. Johnson will use his first official visit on Syracuse, with other visits lined up to Temple and Rutgers. Villanova is no longer in the mix for Johnson after landing a commitment on Wednesday. What happens after this weekend’s official visit for the Philly native?

Chinonso Obokoh – Outside of BeeJay Anya, the Bishop Kearney (NY) prospect is the only true big man Syracuse is making a run at for the class of 2013. Obokoh is down to five schools in James Madison, Temple, Villanova, Texas and the Orange. He has taken official visits to every school except Texas and Syracuse. He could end up at any of the five schools presenting him with a scholarship.

Extra Fizz – Syracuse second-year assistant coach Gerry McNamara made a trip to Texas on Thursday in order to check out 2015 Rockwall (TX) duo Elijah Thomas and Austin Grandstaff workout. Thomas is one of the top sophomores in the nation.

Posted: Alex Kline

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  1. I thought Thomas Bryant from rochester, ny was attending midnight madness. any insight why he’s not attending??

  2. OrangeCrush27

    Was hoping to see Anya on the list of prospects attending the Madness. Is he taking an official to the hill?

    Also disappointed to see Young pick Kentucky. Hopefully Ennis can recruit Wiggins here

  3. @Steve – Bryant is rumored to be coming, but also rumored to be not. At this moment, it’s safe to say that this is 50/50 and really a “gametime” decision.

  4. Its too bad that Chris McCullough & Isaiah Whitehead can’t come… I’ve heard that they could be a package deal along with Jermaine Lawrence… we are pretty far behind many other schools as far as commits go (outside of Tyler Ennis) but it seems like we are in pretty decent shape in the running for lots of elite prospects… just gotta land those commits! I wonder why guys like Tyler Roberson & BeeJay Anya aren’t coming. Too bad we won’t have a guy like Julius Randle in the house. Too bad about Kentucky A.K.A. “Cheating Central” getting James Young yesterday… I saw ‘Cuse was one of his finalists. I don’t really care whether we get Chinoso Obokoh or not… he really is one of those typical Boeheim “projects”… he’s like a Baye Keita except a little better offensively. Well, here’s to a great night of Midnight Madness and hope all the recruits have a great time too! LETS GO ORANGE!!!

  5. Russell MacEachern

    Coaches show on TWer right now!!

  6. Russell MacEachern

    OrangeLush,still waiting?

  7. I heard Anya couldn’t get a ride but is visiting later. Heard Roberson is visiting later as well on official. Just heard that.

  8. I don’t get all the disappointment over young going to UK. He was clear over the summer he was a UK lean. The only way he wasn’t going to UK is if the twins had said they didn’t wanna play /w him after they committed 1st. Wiggins won’t be coming to SU. It’s a 2 team race between UK and FSU.

    Kevin, I guess I don’t understand what you mean when u say “Too bad we won’t have a guy like Julius Randle in the house.” Only b/c Vonleh is a top 5 guy. I know he’s listed I think at like 7th by espn and rivals but those two publications said they couldn’t justify putting him in the top 5 with out seeing how he stacked up against guys in the ’13 class. If you didn’t know he reclassified to the ’13 class. He was a top 4 guy in the ’14. Chris McCullough and Isaiah Whitehead are part of the 14 class so they couldn’t be a package deal /w Lawrence b/c he’s in the 13 class and more then likely will be a 1 and done and be gone before either one of them step on a campus(hopefully SU’s :P).

    @Jimmy, Don’t know about Anya but Roberson was on the hill last weekend. Kinda disappointed no SU blogs or other media outlets had any type of interview /w him asking about the visit and if he had a time table set yet.

    @Alex Kline, How many people do you see SU taking in the ’13 class? I know I would like to see SU grab Selden,Vonleh and Lawrence. I find it very plausible that SU could loose MCW,Fair and Rak/DC along /w the Sr’s. Last thing do you feel their is a leader for any of the guys i listed in the ’13 class? The only one I feel I have an idea on is Lawrence and that ST.johns is the leader their. Anyways thanx!

  9. @Carlton – 3 to 4 scholarships likely used for 2013.

  10. Jimmy C.

    I saw the fight that broke out at Midnight Madness. Not Good. Shankings at the Dome are not something we need right now. It was bad. Thousands witnessed this too. Damage control big time for SU. This might be the last public midnight madness ever.

  11. @Jimmy C.,I was there two. Did the fight break out in the section where the students normally set? I thought something was up when all of the security people went running to that section.
    I really don’t think thousands of people saw what happened though,and your probably right,that will be the last free Midnight Madness event at the dome ever.

    Leave it to the Obama minions to screw it up for everyone. Local liberals must be really proud of themselves for supporting people like that.

  12. Russell MacEachern

    Lawrence was ae St Johns mm and Roberson was down at RUs!!

  13. Not only fights but someone got stab as well. No1 that had anything to do /w the university was involved. Sad.

  14. Hello!! Its FOOTBALL season!!! Lets see if DA gives us FB info as much as he does BB info in FB season!! Can’t wait!!

  15. Cuse5027

    Not the same crowd you normaly see at the dome for basketbll. I wonder why? Free tickets and some scumbag rap artist who’s lyrics glorify violence are sure to draw a bad element, and it did.
    When the Wale started performing, people that were just hanging out in the concourse started moving to the lower levels and obstructing peoples views. Ushers were trying in vain to tell them to leave the area. After we saw the big fight, near where my wife and I sat, we debated leaving. We decided to stay. Literaly less than a minute later, a girl fell over next to my wife and puked all over my wifes boots. We decided to leave at that point. As I was walking through the concourse to leave, the stabbing occured, and cops shoved me out of the way to get to it.
    I’d like to thank the University for such a well though out evening. It was a blast.

    Start charging $20 for the event, and you’ll see the free loaders go away. I would gladly pay $20 for my safety.

  16. @ron, what does OBAMA have to with the stabbing last night , i can respect your under lining comments of racisim !

  17. Obama Minions are playing on the court which you come to see play basketball at SU, Creeps like you love to hide behind a computer & criticize people of color , if these Minions as you call would not be playing at SU no one would have come to MM. Obama/Bidem 2012 four more years !!!

  18. Guys, let’s chill on the political, racial component here. You guys are an awesome group of SU fans, and this site has become a great place to be part of an Orange family – but you’ll alienate and anger people with that type of conversation. Lets keep it above board and sports-only please. Thanks.

  19. @kurt, typical liberal. Calling somone a raceist who doesn’t care for Obama. Get lost clown.

  20. @Carlton;thanks for the support. Just letting the above idiot/fool know that growing up some of my best friends were black. Growing up in the 50’s Carlton my friends and I didn’t realize that there was a racial divide in the country. when we didn’t have anything to eat at lunch time Mrs. Jennings would give us something to eat to carry us over to the next day. I was a pall bearer at her funeral. I have nothing to hide and he has nothing that he can say to me that will bother me.NOTHING.

    One other point Carlton;I was there on Friday Night and walking in the door you could sense something was different.

    I apologize to all for giving part of my personal history here. BUT KURT DO ME A FAVOR WILL YOU? GO TAKE A LONG WALK OFF OF A SHORT PIER AND DON’T BOTHER COMING BACK.

  21. oh and Kurt,I forgot add(MAKE AMERICA A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE) take some of your idiotic friends with you.

    Thank you.

  22. Back to the subject,

    Lost seldon to KU. Man `Cuse getting its butt kicked for the class of ’13. Need vonleh and Lawrence. Otherwise this is looking like a wash. Not good folks not good at all.

  23. Just saw we signed that 3star from the ROC. So we loose 2 5stars and sign a 3star? WTF!?! Is JB the new DM of recruiting? So does this mean we will only sign 1 outta JL, vonleh and roberson? I dont get the signing. Its a huge waste.

  24. Joshua Kerrigan

    This is a great post, I think you should turn it into a 2 or 3 part series.

  25. I find personally visiting your site more often to the point where my personal visits are almost daily right now!

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