Syracuse “Romeing” Tampa: Why Jerome Smith Should Punish USF Tonight

The key to an Orange victory against the Bulls lies with their powerful back.

Star Tribune

Syracuse RB Jerome Smith defines “Romeing” differently than most of us. He’s not drifting aimlessly on the football field, as in “roaming.” Nope, Jerome aka ‘Rome, describes it to The Fizz as straight up bowling over defenders on that Carrier Dome turf.

“It’s an angry game, you got to be mad to play this game. My goal right now is to make people pay. If you’re going to stop me from getting touchdowns, I’m going to make you pay.”

There is not a single player on the SU roster right now running harder than him. It’s not even close. The junior carried the ball 19 times for a career-high 133 yards on Friday against UConn. He ran possessed. Forget “Ahmad-ing.” If he continues to punish DB’s the rest of the season, get ready for a new hash tag, #OrangeNation.

“We might have to call it ‘Romeing,’ I like it. But, I just want to make people pay. As you heard I’m last on the team in touchdowns. It’s tough out there. Every yard is tough to get, those touchdowns are hard to come by.”

He has yet to score (four of his teammates have a rushing TD), but is tops in total rushing yards. Smith has piled up 488 yards and is averaging five yards per carry. It’s a testament to his field vision and sheer will considering he’s barely getting 14 carries a game. He has earned tough yardage, run through arm tackles, and not shied away from contact.

Smith has been running the last few weeks with total disregard for who’s in his path. You don’t usually see a tailback slamming his fist on the turf repeatedly in frustration after ripping off a 20-yard gain. But that’s been Jerome in a nutshell, waiting to break a big touchdown run all season.

His intensity is infectious. He’s shown a much quicker first step at the line of scrimmage, and is finding the holes. Smith has also been getting some great blocking up front and benefitting from the return of Justin Pugh. He is playing like the most determined and motivated back on the roster. Get him more carries.

Doug Marrone likes to split touches equally between Smith and Prince Tyson-Gulley. But you have to go with what’s working right now. Smith should get at least 20-25 rushes today against USF. South Florida is 70th in the country against the run, giving up nearly 170 yards per game on the ground. You beat the Bulls by wearing down that defense, and slowing the game. Make turnover prone BJ Daniels play catch up and allow him to make mistakes.

Earlier in September, I felt PTG was the best runner on this team. But there’s just something about Smith’s game right now that he’s taking to the next level. It’s that extra adrenaline factor. The physicality of his game is second to none. And he looks as motivated as ever heading into this Saturday.

So put down your cell phone and quite roaming. Because you’ll see plenty of Romeing this weekend down in Tampa.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. Russell MacEachern

    I hope tonight they run to set up the pass instead of the usual!I think between “Bruiser” Smith and “Flash”PTG with a little Ashton Broyld will soften the USF pass rush then Nassib can go over the top for killer strikes and our stout “D’ can finish them off!!”Go Cuse”

  2. Smith has grown on me…..4+ ypc for both guys, shows good production. Did any @FizzFam guys catch the #5 ranking for Nassib on McShay’s big board? Wowzers……

  3. #5 Qb….

  4. Russell MacEachern

    @Dipper,I did’nt need any expert to tell me that but we got some yo-yo’s on this board that blame Nassib for all our problems!!I’ve always said if not for Nassib this yr we might not have won a game!!”Cuse17″ is the worse crybaby!!He only shows on the board to gripe when were down…who needs fans like that??Ot O don’t tell me were losing 13-3?I just noticed on the crawl,I could’nt find our tv station?Where ya been kid?

  5. Russell MacEachern

    Are ya watching ND/Okie?

  6. Russell MacEachern

    I found us on TWer1 and unadvertised?We just blew a FG from extra pt range!?!When will HCDM take off that silly visor I ain’t seen anything so ugly since Leavitt!!

  7. Russell MacEachern

    U gotta be kidding me,…we can’t steal one from USF??They can’t beat any BE teams!!

  8. Russell MacEachern

    C’mon fellas ,execute!!!Fight back!!

  9. Russell MacEachern

    Its about time!!6pts STs style!!

  10. Russell MacEachern

    Where are all the kooks that wanted to bench Nassib tonight?nitwits…he’s a top 5 qb who will be drafted by 3rd rd!!

  11. Russell MacEachern

    @Carlton,Irish are looking good tonight!!

  12. @Russell MacEachern;I’ve been busy lately Russell;getting called into work alot lately because people just don’t wabt to work anymore these days.

    Well,Terry what say you? the boys put up 34 points in the 2nd have to win the ball game,go 4-4 and 3-1 in the Big East. P{retty damn impressive if you ask me. Oh and one other thing,IHAVEN’T SEEN PRINCE-TYSON GULLEY funblew the football yet,have you?

    Next two weeks are going to wreck havoc on my nerves if the games are going to be like these.

  13. Russell MacEachern

    Good comeback fellas !!”Go Cuse”..I wish they would win one easy!!

  14. Russell MacEachern

    Yeah Ron,my nerves can’t take these nailbiters like they used too!!

  15. @ Cuse17,So you don’t like the fact that the Orangefizz ask for names for the front seven and the fans have a little fun and put a few suggestions in print for all you idiots to read. My,My,you need to get a life man and I mean soon.

    Why don’t you give Terrie a call or e-mail him for a get together,have a few beers and tell each other just how much you think Syracuse stinks.

    Oh and one other thing Syracuse’s comeback in the second have was one for the record books. I’ve never seen anything like it have you? The team didn’t quit,that was impressive.

    Syracuse is now 4-4 overall and 3-1 in the Big East. I see them right now as a 6-4 team with wins over Missouri and Temple and headed in the right direction for a bowl at the end of the year.

    Now boy’s what do you think of that?

  16. @ Russ ooooooo ND looked pretty fucking good!! Lol I’m drunk forgive the swearing hahaha! Big win! The biggest since I watched ND beat FSU at home /w my grandpa in 93! So pumped!

  17. Hey Russell, I see that you and I are coming under attack again. People like “Terrie” and “Cuse17” must have an awful hard time getting out of bed each morning and fighting like hell to make it through to the end of each and every day.

    Cuse17 & Terrie;this is for you guy’s.

    LET’S GO SYRACUSE ORANGEMEN;good luck next Saturday and hope you beat Cincinnati.

  18. @Russ, anyone that has anything bad to say about nassib is a moron an shouldn’t be allowed to post on this board anymore period! What a come back!! What a weekend. Go ‘Cuse!!!

  19. Uncle Russ…I’m still here! 70% 4-0 td/int ratio, Nassib came up with the game of his life……I have doubted,and challenged HCDM, he’s shown some fire lately, and diserves some credit, great team victory.

    * We are officially batting .500!!!!!!!!!! 4-4 never felt better.

  20. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I was wondering if u missed Cuse17’s idiotic posts!!Talk about childish he makes Terry look like an [email protected],I knew u’d be celebrating tonight and I was happy for ya!!Looks like their headed for NC game in [email protected],Dipper,u can always count on u to come to Cuse victory parties!!I knew u’d be basking with Ron and I…feels good to get above .500 …don’t it!!my 7-5 prediction is looking good!

  21. Russell MacEachern

    @Carlton,I figure this is like an old fashioned ND power getting even better w/BK,…looks like ur visit home for the holidays is gonna be real interesting and cheerful…a magical ride for the Irish!!Nice to hear about watching ND with ur grampa cause mine too was an old bigtime Irish booster!!That was a proud generation of ND fans!!If we can’t have it Im happy to see ND win it all instead of ANY SEC team!Shake down the thunder!!

  22. Russell MacEachern

    I think we beat Temple,Mizzou and probably Cinncy!!7-5 and pinstripe bound!!Hopefully all NY/NJ recruits can come as guests of “Cuse” and watch us win in person!!

  23. CuseOnly

    VERY PROUD of this team, showed a lot of heart in coming back!!!

    As BigDip says…4-4 never felt better.

    Congratulations Cuse!!! Great win, and on the road too!

  24. Russell MacEachern

    I think the Fizz reported we haven’t won back to back BCS games in Marrones tenure!!Another jinx off our backs!!”Go Cuse” nice to be able to watch replays the next day!!

  25. @Russell MacEachern;I missed “Cuse17’s” post that your talking about Russell. My computer is in for repair and I won’t get it back for another 5 days. Where is it?

    What a football game guy’s. WHAT A FOOTBALL GAME. This team has spirit and a lot of grit to it. They believed and didn’t give up. Look at the results. To all of those fans that wanted Skip Holtz here,I just want to say boy I’m glad that we didn’t take him. It kind of looks like our tough nonconference schedule has given this team enough experience and resolve to move forward.

    21 points in what seemed like 56 seconds,just amazing. PRICELESS JUST PRICELESS.

  26. Cuse don't luse

    A win is a win glad to get to .500

  27. Well;for those of you that has posted Doug Marrone doesn’t show any emotion on the sidelines. I thought he got into the game and told the referees where to go while displaying a ton of emotion lastnight. Looked good didn’t it?

    I have to ask (OUR-IN-HOUSE RULES CHAIRMAN)a question. Carlton what am I missing here? I thought on a kick off and the ball goes into the end zone and no one touches it the ball stays on the field of play,isn’t it a live ball? Shouldn’t Syracuse have recorded a touchdown on the very first play of the game? The referee called the ball dead as it lay untouched in the end zone after a Syracuse Player had picked it up and gave it to him.

    Did they change this rule too?

  28. Section 129 Smitty

    Great win and great game. Offense looked very good. A win is a win and even better whens it on the road in a conference game. Loved how the kids fought back they should be very proud of themselves, I know I am. This team has finally learned how to win so lets go get Cinn. then knock off Louisville at home in the “Loud House.” Lets Go Orange. Special teams made a play to.

  29. Well be beat the 82 ranked team in the BCS….I bet we could compete in the lingerie league.
    That would give Goofy and Mickey a whole new world of naming conventions.
    Good kids, nice coach…bad football. If you watched ND last night…while I hate them…that was mistake free football! Wish DM was watching……
    Have at it Goofy/Mickey…

  30. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,look……someone sent in the clown’s…”Lose17″ who’s only happy if we lose!!He could’nt help but to darken the party!!Talk about high school girl’s!!Where’s the Nassib benching comments?For Loeb???…read the board!!

  31. Dr. bill

    I would like to open up some dialog on our future QB. As well as Nassib is playing at QB..can’t help but think about next year. Any thoughts out there on the candidates? Broyld….great athlete…..imagine what our offense could look like..if he can actually play the position!!!! And does anyone thing either of the incoming Freshman QB’s..could be good enough to start? I do not hold much hope for any of our existing back ups…
    What do the fizz readers think?

  32. Very good goofy!

  33. Kevin Fitzgerald

    It’s the 3rd time in the last 11 years that SU has won back to back games against BCS teams.

    Dr Bill:
    It’s really Charley Loeb’s job to lose. The incoming frosh Allen/Wilson are prob next in line. They’ll cut Hunt/Kinder in line on the depth chart

  34. Dr. bill

    Can charley Loeb really play? We need a good QB………Open competition ..should produce a player. I am rooting for the in coming kid…Allen….let’s surround him with some playmakers. I like his Texas HS pedigree over a New England Private School player like Loeb. I hope Broyld gets a shot at QB…..If he can throw the ball, we could be looking at another Cam Newton!!!

  35. Russell MacEachern

    Fitz,thanks for the [email protected],I don’t think Broyld is cerebral enough for steady QB play nor do I think he’s steady enough to handle the pigskin reliably that much!….

  36. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,u brought it to the repair shop,how would I know where it is?HaHa…are you borrowing ur sons laptop in the meantime?”How sweet it is”..even if as “Cuse17” says they’re only 82nd ranked!!Would u have preferred we lost?

  37. Hello there babblers and ronette too! PTG will break our hearts you’ll see. The ball is all over when he runs around. But most all he has a big mouth and that carries from game to game. After every run from a 1 or 2 yard gain to a 10 yard gain he gets up and is in the face of an opposing player. WHY?? Well he’s really not proven yet. Smith has that role now for SU. He needs to mature. Dougie ain’t doig it for him “YET”. I just hope that issue is dealt with before he breaks our heart!!

  38. @Terry; this say’s it all about Saturdays game.
    The Orange offense put up a second half for the ages. 6 drives, 5 touchdowns, 34 points. SU had 3 scoring drives of more than 75 yards. Give Nate Hackett (the much maligned) credit. Clearly he saw vulnerabilities at half and made the proper adjustments. Then sliced the Bulls.

    Let’s give D.A. and the Fizz for this comment. Nice job Fizz.

    One other thing Terrie;I would love to BITCH SLAP you just once. Probably would knock some damn sense into you. It appears you don’t have any now and I hope that you have a good day and enjoy the next game.
    Can’t wait until after the game when Syracuse pulls another victory over another Big East team and goes 4-1 in the league, for you to put your stupid remarks here. Show us again just how stupid you really are.


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