Ugh, It’s Rutgers Week: A Brief History & UConn Players Blast the Knights

Time to dust off the encyclopedia and remind everyone why the Knights are so damn annoying.

It’s Rutgers week. Time for a quick history lesson.

No one likes Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights used to be really bad. But it didn’t really make any sense because they had bonkers talent all around them. They were only a hop-skip from Manhattan. Then Crazy Eyes Schiano came along and basically did the bare minimum to make RU good. He kept a few local kids at home. He competed in a watered-down Big East after the ’04 defections. He won a few games, and players who felt like playing for their neighborhood team did. And in his long and storied career at RU, Schiano finished in the top 25 once. Yep, once. And they had like one big game on an ESPN Thursday night when people paid attention, and the Empire State Building was lit red. But suddenly he acted like he invented football, was the second coming of Nick Saban, and the attitude of Rutgers fans grew to be insufferable. Maybe you RU peeps don’t remember, but you sucked royally for like a century and that only ended like ten years ago. And the peak of all that Schiano success was somewhere between a Texas Bowl and a Beef O’ Brady’s one. So, let’s get off the high horse.

That’s Rutgers history.

So now it’s Rutgers week, and RU’s athletic department is trying to get #chopcuse to catch on – which is pretty damn lame. And the Knights have an undefeated team that’s wearing silvery helmets that make them look like Shredder wants to play some Pee Wee football.

Guess what happened when Rutgers started begging to get into the Big 10? Sorry, no vacancy. When the ACC was looking to expand? Yeah – we’ll take Miami, and Virginia Tech and BC – and then Syracuse and Pitt – and yeah, Notre Dame. Hell, the Big 12 took West Virginia. “Sir, Rutgers is on line 4.” “Uh, tell them I’m busy.” Conferences have been staying away from the Knights like they had farmer B.O.

And it’s pretty great that players from around the conference all realize how shady and arrogant RU is. Here’s actual quotes from the UConn Husksies (maybe the only time I’ll ever applaud them) before their game last week.

Dwayne Gratz, corner (Piscataway): “I don’t like Rutgers. I never have. I never will. The funny thing is, Rutgers didn’t offer me until UConn did. I kind of built a little hatred for them.”

Ryan Wirth, defensive tackle (Medford, NJ): “I committed to UConn after prep school. And you know what? Rutgers was in the door the next weekend. Since high school, it’s always been that kind of deal for everybody on my team. I think everybody wants to let them know, ‘I bet you wish you did [chase them hard with an offer].’ But everybody here is happy to be where they are. I know I would never trade it for the world. It’s just letting it be known – you know.”

Nick Williams, senior captain (East Windor, NJ) on RU’s all-black uniforms. “I don’t know how you have a black-out at noon. But, hey, it’s Jersey.”

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  1. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,the main board seems to be on the verge of a meltdown!!I figured we could talk here when we cool down!!I know u must be steamin too?

  2. Russell, After the big disappointment of the 2011 season and what is happening now, I’ve decided that after 20 years as a season ticket hold,I won’t be renewing them next season. I’ve had enough.

    Just letting you know,I really thought Syracuse was going to win that ballgame. The blocked field goal attempt was the turning point in the ballgame for Rutgers. They’re defense looked real good especially #’s 20 & 22.

    You Russell were the only person on this web site that thought Rutgers was going to win. Congratulations. I hope your setting there gloating knowing that your team became bowl eligible with the win. Enjoy the rest of the season.

  3. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,are u kidding me?If thats what u think then I don’t really know you?Gloating..not at Cuses expense!!Are all our fans nuts?I’ll won’t be going anywhere but I thought u were an adult!!At the end of the day its still only a kids game!!But I’ll be sick untill the Uconn game!!When u lose family in a tragedy like me u would know whats important in life!!

  4. Russell MacEachern

    We all warned you the Dougie was’nt right or up to the job …we need a good coach…Ron,some some on the board think u work for HCDM and police the board!!Priceless…now excuse me while I have a feed of beet greens!!Se ya when u come to ur senses!

  5. Russell MacEachern

    Wow,did u notice were at 104 comments!!btw Ron,thanks for telling that clown he has no right to get personal on a sports blog….so much lack of respect by some nowadays!!Temple beat UConn should be an easy win next week!!4 wins will get us to pinstripe bowl!!

  6. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I don’t think u’ll give up your tickets as ur not a quitter and ur sons won’t let ya but the fact is Terry and Carlton are right and Dipper was too before we convinced him to keep the faith…HCDM is a nice guy but over his head and has to go!!Did you see him lose it on the sidelines today?Even he knows its over and SU is in worst shape now than even last yr and recruiting stinks!!I held back for ur sake as long as I could but the sarcasm told me he was even affecting your mental state!!The whole fanbase is bickering and unhappy with the losing!God Bless Carlton,Dipper and Dereks good nature for standing by us this long loyally…they don’t deserve this..kudos to them and Smitty too another loyal fan!!I hope a nights sleep will bring clarity to you!!Too many first yr coaches have bigtime success for that excuse to fly!!”Go Cuse”

  7. @Russell MacEachern;Syracuse went to that hurry-up no huddle offense in the game and moved the ball. I just don’t understand the play calling at all. If they’re going to get rid of anyone it should be Nate Hackett. I didn’t see any blitzing of the quarterback in the game on Saturday,why?
    Maybe Shafer should go to. I’m sure Russell that these players practice hard and when it comes game time it seems to me that what they practice just disappears. How do you or anyone hold Coach Marrone at fault for the melt down? Just saying that he is the head coach he should be held accountable just doesn’t cut it with me.

    This team has talent,LOTS OF TALENT,and I’m a strong believer that if the upper class men have given up then start playing the younger players.

    Russell I thought I could hide the fact that I’m working along side Coach Marrone. He pays me well,I make approximately $350,000 annually. I really enjoy being with the players on a daily basis.

    Now I’m going to be serious here,ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!for anyone to think that I was working for Coach Marrone is downright crazy.

  8. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,thats the Ron I like to see,..u still have that sense of humor!!I was a little worried for a while HaHa..I think we should give Marrone a little more time but someone “Hackett? has to go!Im going to the store..I’ll be back for Jet and Giant game!!Keep the faith “Cuse” D was GREAT yesterday!!

  9. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,Carlton,I was on the RU rivals free board and u ain’t gonna believe this….AE,WW and lb Devin Carter at the game as guests of SU were seen partying in the RU locker room w/the RU team after the game….aren’t they already committed to us?I hope it was message board bs because I don’t like backstabbers!!What would they be in there for while were all depressed?I know RU had 300 future recruits as guests at the game…could they have been RUs guests?Im not gonna post this on the main board cause our fans are depressed enuff!!Im always wary of free message boards cause so much bs goes thru them!!It was under a thread called SU recruits!!

  10. I love how you hid the food colouring under the baikng soda, Cathie! What a fun experiment for little ones. I’m pinning so I remember to try this one here with the hooligans! Thanks for linking up to the outdoor play party this week!

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