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Classless Crazy Eyes: Schiano Once Again Proves What A Clown He Is

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Greg Schiano calls for his Buccaneers players to dive at the quarterback during a kneel down? Yep, the douche-tastic-ness of Ol’ Crazy Eyes just keeps growing.

He calls timeouts while leading by six touchdowns against 1-AA schools. He acts like he’s doing the Big East a favor by coaching in the conference. He leaves his school abruptly on the eve of National Signing Day leaving his assistants in the dark.

Hey, this is just Greg being Greg. It left the Giants miffed at breaking the code of the NFL, risking injuries for no reason. Good for old school Tom Coughlin for calling him out.

“I don’t think you do that.¬†You don’t do that in this league. Not only that, you jeopardize the offensive line, you jeopardize the quarterback. Thank goodness we didn’t get anybody hurt – that I know of. A couple of linemen were late getting in.”

In classic Schiano fashion, he was defiant. He did nothing wrong, remember? That’s the way his tough-nosed Scarlet Knights always played. To the final whistle – of Bowls and losses to Cincinnati.

‚ÄúI don’t know if that’s not something that’s done in the National Football League. What I do with our football team is that we fight until they tell us game over. And there’s nothing dirty about it, there’s nothing illegal about it. We crowd the ball like a sneak defense and try to knock it loose. There’s nothing‚Ķ if people watched Rutgers, they would know that’s what we do at the end of a game. We’re not going to quit, that’s just the way I coach and teach our players. If some people are upset about it, that’s just the way it goes. I don’t have any hesitation. That’s the way we play. We play clean, hard football until they tell us the game is over.”

Schiano is amazing. He acts as though he’s the second coming of Lombardi. Admittedly, he recruited New Jersey well. He built Rutgers up from a door mat. But he also was renown as being a terrible X’s and O’s coach who always lost games he shouldn’t have. With a glut of Garden State talent he still finished his career 20 games under .500 in the Big East (granted that includes two 0-7’s to begin his tenure there). He finished the season in the top 25 only once. Yet, if you ask him – he’s one of the best minds in football.

The whole mess encouraged potshots from the media targeting Crazy Eyes.

Greg Doyel of tweeted, “Also at Rutgers, Schiano called TO late 2Q against I-AA Norfolk, up 45-0. He wanted more. No class then. None now.”

Alan Hahn, Knicks studio host: “This Greg¬†Schiano¬†situation with that hit on Eli taking a knee is alarming. Schiano’s own players were quick to throw him under the bus.”

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports:¬†“Schiano¬†has to realize this is the NFL. Guys get paid. Why risk injury? Coughlin had a right to be mad.”

Ian O’Connor, ESPN New York: “Coughlin: ‘I don’t think u do that in this league.’ Translation: “Hey¬†Schiano, you’re not playing Norfolk State anymore.”

Steve Politi, Newark Star-Ledger: “Cut¬†Schiano¬†some slack on this one. If anybody has had a chance to study opposing kneel downs over the years, it’s him.”

Stephen A. Smith, ESPN: “Coughlin was doing the Barking.¬†Schiano¬†was just listening, knowing he didn’t have a leg to stand on.”

Yep, it’s a consensus. Schiano is slime.

Posted: D.A.

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