Week 7 Fizz Five: Making Sure the UConn Win is Not West Virginia ’11 2.0

Last season a Friday night blowout at home was the beginning of the end for the Orange.

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Paul Pasqualoni hoped UConn could come into the Carrier Dome and steal one on the road against a turnover-prone Syracuse team. Not so fast. The Orange turned in its most complete game of the season and handed UConn a good ol’ fashion ass-whooping. SU dominated in all three phases of the game and managed to commit no turnovers. We’ve known the talent has been there, and finally everything clicked for Doug Marrone and the playbook. Above .500 in the Big East means the Orange is keeping pace for a postseason bid, but did Friday’s beat-down prove Syracuse is legit? Let’s take a look. Here’s this week’s Fizz 5: 

  • Jerome Smith set the tone and emerged as SU’s feature back.

Smith shifted into beast-mode at the Dome, rushing for 133 yards. His 19 carries led all rushers, even though. J-Smith always takes heat for not being a complete-package running back. He showed off what he could really do, as #45 was breaking tackles, getting to the outside, and taking advantage of his size. He carried the rushing attack early on, given Ryan Nassib’s zippo passing yards in the opening quarter. Out of all Syracuse’s running threats, Jerome carries himself the best. He comes weekly with the same poise and trust in the game-plan. Smith says he enjoys sharing the load with other backs, but it’s clear he’s mentally and physically the toughest the guy right now. We need to see more of Smith in the second half of the season.

  • Ryan Nassib was smooth and didn’t have to carry the load.

Finally the quarterback had some of the pressure off of him. The third-year starter didn’t have to throw a single passing yard to help give the Orange the lead. It was a rare game where Nassib’s every move wasn’t nit-picked. He fit seamlessly with the rest of the offensive pieces. Luckily for Nassib, the whole offense played tremendously. Nobody ever questions #12’s football IQ, but his decision-making can make you wonder. He took control of the game and put up a 40-spot without being the centerpiece. Kudos to Ryan.

  • Don’t forget about that defense and special teams.

Syracuse held UConn to negative rushing yards, and less than 300 total yards of offense. The Huskies were just 3 of 13 on third down thanks to consistent pressure. This defense is legit and applying pressure remains a guarantee every game. Careless penalties from the Huskies certainly contributed, but SU forced a fumble and got an interception late from Shamarko Thomas. The real eye-catcher was how efficient the specials teams were. Thank goodness Steve Rene saw limited opportunities. Ross Krautman legged four field goals on four attempts, one for a season long 47 yards. Shockingly, the special teams were flawless. We finally had a night where fans didn’t need to rip into SU’s punt returners for being at the bottom of all college football.

  • Previously Missing Ashton Broyld is Found.

Marrone finally gave Ashton chances, but only once the game was out of reach. And look what it did for ya, Doug. AB had 12 rushes for 50+ yards on the night. Every time he steps on the field, opposing defenses have no idea what to expect. Can someone please tell this to Nate Hacket? Broyld is too much of a talent to be filling the Gatorade cooler. The combination of Broyld, along with Smith, Prince Tyson-Gulley, and the WRs, Syracuse’s offensive talent is deep when AB’s utilized. It’s not an overreaction. It’s the truth.

  • This performance needs to carry over.

Syracuse opened eyes with a dominating win, but how much of this was a bad offensively challenged UConn team playing a terrible game on the road? Good teams show some consistency, and SU has yet to do that. A win at USF Saturday would be enormous, and position Syracuse for a huge showdown at Cincinnati. We know how capable this offense and defense is. They finally just put together a complete game, with all systems clicking. The Orange has to take Friday’s game and make it count by carrying it over. If it fails to do so, then the UConn demolition becomes West Virginia 2.0, another Friday night wonder which was just a blip on the radar.

Posted: Brendan Glasheen

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  1. Great article…love this site, you guys do an awesome job.

    Every game left is winnable. Have to go 3-2 to go to a bowl. With that tough D of ours, and if we can stop the turnovers, here’s how it should play out.

    Sat. Oct. 27 at South Florida (Win)
    Sat. Nov. 3 at Cincinnati TBA (Win – Cincy is overrated – Del st, Fordam, Miami Oh, Toledo (L)…Va Tech and Pitt wins do not look that good now)
    Sat. Nov. 10 vs. 16 Louisville TBA (This is the key game, if SU wins we could look at 7-5, but 6-1 in BE and possible BE title)
    Sat. Nov. 17 at Missouri TBA (Loss – Mizzou down but this is tough task at Mizzou)
    Fri. Nov. 23 at Temple TBA (Win)

    Love what Doug is doing…the program was a mess before he came, it takes years to build back up. He is a Syracuse guy, and no one is more passionate…lets stand behind him! This team plays hard every week and the coaching and performance is getting better. Recruiting is up and the pipeline to the South is just starting. Lets go Cuse!

  2. I agree with Matty and hope the turnovers will continue to be minimal. However, in the UCONN game there were several errors that could have jinxed the game, so steady as she goes, with careful ball handling, good special team play and a hard working, positive attitude.

  3. DB play has to improve for this team to improve!!! Also OL play!!!

  4. good game by the orange. offense needs to keep up the consistant play and to also play smart football. defense once again looked good to me as well as the special teams. i do like our coaches here at syracuse and feel if the updating on facilities goes through or gets done , the recruiting will come. i also beleive 6 wins is very realistic as long as syracuse can keep it up .

  5. Useful info. Fortunate me I found your site by accident, and I am surprised why this accident didn’t came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

  6. @Matty;good post agree with most of what you said. The only thing that I differ with your on is the Missouri Game,I think we’re going to win that one.


  7. Thanks guys for the read. Matty I have to disagree with two things. I think Cincy is legit, but I certainl give SU a shot to beat Missouri. The bottom line is if everything goes right for Syracuse, they take care of USF and Temple. That leaves AT Cincinnatti, home against Louisville, and the Mizzou game. All Syracuse has to do is win one of those three.

    You guys think they can pull it off?

  8. @Glash;to answer your question ABSOLUTELY!!

    I know that people are going to complain but take a look at the schedule. Syracuse has shot itself in the foot in 3 out of the 4 losses. We’ve only gotten beat once and that was to USC. We should be at 6-1 looking at a possible 9-3 record “OR BETTER” instead of a 3-4 over-all and hoping that we get to 6-6 or possibly a 7-5 record.

    Let’s hope Syracuse get’s to the 7-5 record and goes bowling

    I’ve said it before this team has the horses that have the talent that can get us to the promised land. Let’s all hope that we don’t have a repeat of 2011’s season.

  9. OrangeCrush27

    Yeah big win for ‘Cuse to keep bowl hopes alive….

    I really don’t think USF and Temple as “winnable” games. You don’t know what you will get with USF and Temple is tough.

    DM needed that win for sure…

    let’s hope ‘Cuse can roll up a consecutive win Saturday.

  10. OrangeCrush27

    i meant by winnable being an easy win…my bad. Obviously its a winnable game, just wont be easy…

  11. Russell MacEachern

    @Matty,I can’t believe some of ur picks!!If we can’t beat Mizzou,..yes even on the road Id be shocked!!Why do so many of us fear weak Big12 “ex” teams?Every year we get one in a bowl and their always overrated!!Just causd they moved into the SEC basement don’t make them a power!How many BCS games have they won?Id say Temple is better this year….don’t sleep on them!

  12. Russell MacEachern

    Matty,btw welcome to the site!!

  13. Russell MacEachern

    Yeah Ron,only once cause thankfully RU inside the redzone w/2 minutes left kneeled instead of “beating” us so we could’nt look “beaten”!!But my friend by all means give the overrated USC tons of credit but not give any to our own conference as we all know “were not worthy”!!HaHa….yea Ron don’t believe the facts we are really 9-3…who cares what the world thinks!!Too funny!!Im glad you have the old sense of humor back!!btw Ron don’t forget the stomping we put on Stoney Brook,that should count as 2 wins!!lol..Ron,master of reason!!Sorry Ron u know I could’nt help myself!!Just like I know you can’t help urself either!!We like to say what we think!…Is Superman still a verbal commit?…

  14. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,did u welcome Matty to the R and R show?HaHa. Ha..USF,Mizzou,Temple and Cinncy will be the way to St Petersburg or the Bronx as bowl possibilites!!….Ron,did we only have 5 home games?Isn’t seven the preferred for BCS schools?

  15. Thanks R and R lol. I agree Russell, we could win the Mizzou game, I just think realistically that we will lose 1 maybe 2 more games and this is one of my picks to lose…Mizzou is a tough atmosphere even though they are at the bottom of the SEC. I compare this to the Minnesota game…SU caught Minnesota the wrong week. Minn 3-0, night game, sold out for first time in years…the atmosphere was electric and gave the home team a big advantage. SU is better than Minn but sometimes timing makes it a bad matchup. Same thing with Mizzou…Mizzou will most likely have 5 wins coming into the SU game, they will need that game to go bowling cause their last game is at Texas A&M.

    Glash, disagree with you about Cincy. Not saying it will be easy, but they have not been tested by a D like SU. SU is great against the run and that is Cincy’s game. Toledo’s D is not good and Cincy had trouble moving the ball. Cincy has a back loaded schedule, look for them to fade.

    Ron is right, we should be at least 6-1 or I think 5-2 as I think Minn and USC outplayed us. We totally out gained Rutgers and NW, if we had not been failed by Special Teams and turnovers in those games, we totally would be in a better place.

    I know this comment will get some backlash, but Stony Brook only has one loss and destroyed a D-I Army team. I’m not saying it was a good win, but Stony Brook was no push over.

    One thing is for sure, I love Cuse and will support them through thick and thin. I live in NC and will be looking forward to going to 3+ games a year going forward!!

  16. FizzFam…Temple & Usf, should be wins? But the real challenge is beating Cincy, @mizz, or unbeaten UofL. The season can tilt either way, but the bowl season could come down to a single victory, against quality competition. SU can do this! Uconn & Pitt was a huge measuring stick, we’ve officially left the cellar, now SU has to stay out of it. Strong D & running game may set us free.

    @R&R…like the new alias fellas! Uncle Russ… we both posted that UofL & USF would give us problems! Weeks later, here we are: Destiny in our own hands…with both teams on the horizon!

    @matty…nice points for a newbie lol! I agree that 5-2 or even 4-3 should be the record, these guys are starting to look like a bowl team. Dont discount Cincy, thats pure ego…or a 3 win high? We really cant discount any opponent, especially teams with more talent.

  17. @Matty;i guess my bigger buddy has given me the evil eye for not welcoming you to the site. So Matty welcome,like I said earlier you made some good points,except for the Missouri game,it’s going to be fun. Your going to find that a lot of the people who post here are pretty knowledgeable of the game. So enjoy.

    @Russell,I’ve lost track on superman as to his decision about Syracuse,however the newest/latest thing that I’ve heard was that the “INCREDIBLE HULK” was still interested in Syracuse and will make his announcement on Friday to the nation and it will be broadcast by all of the major networks and even ESPN. Word is he can handle the defensive line by himself.

    @Terrie;you posted previously that the DB/WR’s were to slow after a catch and could be caught from behind by the defensive player. here your telling us that both the DL & OL needs to improve in order to win out for the rest of the season. Then you post “here’s more babble from Russell and I”. So why don’t you just tell us all what you really think of Syracuse? Your message hasn’t changed at all Terrie not at all. So go to the SEC or Big 10 web sites and start complaining that their teams are slow and stupid and get off of this one.

    @Russell MacEachern;”THE KING OF THE ONE LINERS” it’s nice to know Russell that you still have it. I’m going to be laughing the rest of the day. Matty even addressed us as the R & R show. I’m having a hard time typing this,I’m laughing so hard.

    Matty again it’s nice that you’ve joined us and Russell keep the faith bro,keep the faith.

  18. I know a lot of ppl had a lot of negative things to say about Nassib though I would share a this:

    “4. Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib has garnered lots of attention, and I got my first long look at him against UConn Friday night. Nassib started slow but rounded into form against a Huskies defense with two strong corners. He has a cannon of an arm; the ball explodes out of his hand. Nassib has good size and toughness. Accuracy was hit and miss but got better the more he threw. His 3rd & long conversions on a late 1st half drive when the game was still in questions (the Orange won 40-10) were legit NFL throws under duress. I came away more impressed than I have been with Nassib.”-realgm

    Not as bad as some of you claim he is. Something to think about.

  19. @Russell MacEachern;Ron u know I could’nt help myself!!Just like I know you can’t help urself either!!We like to say what we think.

    Russell we’re both to old to change our ways,your right though,I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind and we shouldn’t apologize to anyone for our thoughts.
    Again friend have a nice day.

  20. Ronette OK now listen. Lemon got caught from behind-easily!! And Smith too! Lemon had a good head of steam and still got caught from behind. When was the last time a SU player broke a huge one!! Houston and Boise State both have a system that uses its speed to score. Look at BS history and recently Houston history. They throw to their WR’s and let them go. At SU if the catch the ball first, then 80% of the time they are caught. There is decent speed on “D”, but limited(maybe PTG=scary tough) on “O”. All I’m trying to say and you old babblers refuse to see is SU has to depend on catches for small gains. Very few big gains. Lemon showed that Friday night. 2013 class so far no blazers at all. One or two wouldn’t hurt. Please!!!

  21. Russell MacEachern

    @Matty,u and bigdipper have a lot in common!I like a man w/opinions! Matty last I checked STs ,D and O are the 3 pts of a football game ergo we LOST the RU game as yards gained aren’t relevant to winning..nice try but RU kept the score down by kneeling away the last 2+ minutes and our last TD “only” just as easily could have went the wrong way”luck”!…And how about our 1 pt destruction of Pitt at home..maybe we should call that by ur reasoning a “loss”?I love SU as much as anyone w/o orange colored glasses!btw its about time someone gave Nassib his due…thanks Carlton,Im tired of everyone blaming him for our losses,w/o him we might not have won ANY games!!Last week the board thought Nassib should be benched(some)[email protected],what a lively board…looks like u found a new fan “Matty”!!He’s reminds me of Dipper!I came home after being out all day and missed the party!!Sorry guys! Matty if you’ve followed the board much u’ll see me and Ron,bigdipper and Carlton are real honest about how we see it but we all love “Cuse”!!

  22. Russell MacEachern

    Guys,its time we gave Terry his credit,..he loves Cuse and call’s it like he see’s it!!Whats so different about him?Im starting to enjoy his unique,but persistant way of getting his point across…no?Everyone that loves the Cuse don’t wear the orange tinted glasses!I said we needed playmakers w/speed and some O-line help and he see’s it too!!He’s right!

  23. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,anyone w/a sense of humor can’t be all bad!!Terry’s becoming hilarious and Im still laughing too!

  24. Russell MacEachern

    @Matty,have u been to Rich Rinaldi’s blog “Carolina Orange”?Hes working hard on it and hes a Cuse” grad give him a look!He’s a nice guy and east coast transplant who missed all stuff Cuse!!

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