Lonely Island: It’s a Quiet Life for Charlie Loeb Behind Iron Man Nassib

Nassib has started every game for three years, and never missed a game due to injury.

Syracuse’s backup quarterback is a lonely place on the roster. Ryan Nassib has started every game for three seasons. He’s one of the most durable quarterbacks in school history. He’s never missed a game due to injury. He also has proven to be a leader, exhibiting composure in the clutch and lead the Orange back from a 20-point deficit against South Florida to keep bowl hopes alive.

So that leaves Charlie Loeb without ever much to do (last season he was the holder on kicks). Except for two plays this season. Nassib has had to miss two offensive snaps because of the new college rule this year says that a player whose helmet slips off must leave the field for at least one play. The Fizz caught up with Loeb to see how the backup approaches his job with the new rule in place.

“We were briefed about that helmet rule at the beginning of the year. I knew maybe I would have more of an opportunity to go in for one snap here or one snap there.”

To Charley’s credit, he has avoided disaster thus far. Which is really all anyone can ask. His line: 2 plays, 2 rushes, 10 yards. Although one of the plays happened against Rutgers on a 3rd-and-long and fans were hoping SU would let him fire downfield. So what’s on Loeb’s mind during games, knowing he could be pressed into action at any time?

“I’m pretty ready for it, in all honesty. Chances are his helmet’s gotta come off every once in a while, right?”

You could see it with the gleeful smirk on Loeb’s face. A helmet popping off means he gets some rare action. The backup’s exuberance is evident when he does get the opportunity to see the field.

“I’m always out there before they even call my name. Everybody’s saying, ‘Where’s Charlie, where’s Charlie?’ And I’m already on the field halfway to the huddle, trying to get the call.”

So what’s with the run plays? Loeb is known for his arm more than his legs, and yet he’s kept it himself both times he’s taken a snap this season. Were they designed runs?

“Like a lot of run plays, especially from the shotgun, the quarterback had an option to keep it, depending on certain reads.”

And on his first play of the season, against Rutgers, the down and distance were difficult work with.

“As an offensive coordinator, to put a guy in that’s pretty cold on 3rd and 17 against a defense where they’re dropping eight in coverage, it’s asking a lot (to call a pass).”

It’s the nature of the new rule, the backup could be needed at any time. Beyond his duties as the holder for field goals, Loeb might spend the rest of the year on the sidelines. But there’s also a chance he’ll take a snap in a key situation. If another opportunity arises, the lefty would covet a chance to show off his arm.

“You know me, I’d love to go sling it around, but that’s not my call.”

Loeb should just hope for some more blowouts like the one against UConn so he can finally throw a pass.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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  1. sualltheway

    Word is Charlie Loeb throws the ball underhanded like a softball pitcher in games. Practice he throws it normal, just to keep everyone off balance.

  2. Russell MacEachern

    Boy how the mighty have fallen….anyone see that 6’8″ goose(QB)run like he was in mud and the “U”DBs were so spread out near the sidelines the whole middle of the field was devoid of anything but grass?So thats the great Logan Thomas?VT needs a qb or there going to miss the bowl’s this year and Miami is also a wreck!!Too bad these team’s were’nt on our schedule this year!!These teams are great examples of overrated!!

  3. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,if that QB from Texas pans out I think we’ll do better than fine in the ACC!!

  4. the dipper

    @Cuseallthe…No rumor, C.Loeb beat out some good Qbs, including Barkley, this summer in a skills competition. May not have won the whole comp, but I believe accuracy challenge..1( of maybe 5)! He’s gotta be okay?

    * by the way @russ, Zach Allen injuries his shoulder…good grief, but Wilson has looked good? Lol…the football gods? And SU can play with either..they’re decent at best, but expect upgrades in the future for both programs!!!

  5. the dipper

    Quick Bball update…SU looked good tonight, Pace was overmatched! My eyeball test says:
    1. Southerland’s shot is a weapon, 18 pts..
    2. Who said DC2 won’t play the 4 position…DARN IDIOTS! Su oozes versatility….
    3. MCW is what we thought he was, a problem!
    4. Cj & Triche look every part of leaders
    5. Cooney out! Southerland at SG is different, very thin at guard…don’t know if 2 SFs, a PG, and a center next season, solve those problems????

  6. Russell MacEachern

    Whats up with UMiami’s fans,where are they?Notice how they avoid shots of the stands….I’ll bet theres not 10k fans there!!

  7. Russell MacEachern

    Dip,how bad was Z.Allens injury?Was’nt he coming in January?He must be a good student…is that Wilson kid reporting early?

  8. I agree Russell and I’d bet a plate of hot”BOILED HAM AND CABBAGE WITH A SIDE PORTION OF VINEGAR” that we are better than a 500 club in the ACC.

    This week is going to be critical,we need this win. Won’t be able to watch it though, will be working a concession stand during High School Football Playoffs from 9:00am to 9:00 pm on Saturday in the Dome.

  9. Russell MacEachern

    Hey,sometimes u need to make money when the people are there and I love HS football too!!That HOT Ham and Cabbage sure sounds delicious don’t it Terry?Don’t forget the vinegar Terr or its not the same!!

  10. Russell MacEachern

    Hey Ron,Pass the horseradish please..oooomMMM!!!Red vinegar would be nice for a change!!

  11. Russell the teams playing this weekend are playing for the Section 3 Championships. November 23 & 24 the State Championships will be played in the dome also. From what the local papers are saying this is the year of the Running Back in Section 3. The games should be interesting this year.

  12. @the dipper;Where did you get that information on Zach Allen hurting his shoulder from? Was it a minor/major injury?
    The last I saw on Zach was his ability to throw touchdown passes to his receivers splitting the defenses.

    I hope he’s alright.

  13. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,who are a couple of the upstate NY big name RBs?No wonder with the lack of general media attention NY don’t put out as many recruits as NJ/Pennsy does,…if this continues HS football up here will go the way of the Dinosaur!!Why are all the kids playing the Indian game LaCrosse?And “European football” soccer?Im afraid contact sports are avoided because their families are not letting them play!!

  14. Hey babblers this ain’t the food network here or JB’s BB info either. Keep it SU football. Look Ryan is all we got at QB. Anyone under him is of lower quality. HCDM/dougie blew it here!!! And you all know it. He better not get hurt. Season over. For next year god help us for quality QB play. Loeb will not be the answer either.

  15. I’m glad that we have a person who can look into a crystal ball and tell us exactly what the future is going to bring. No one under Ryan Nassib statement tells me that the one who makes a foolish statement like that either doesn’t know what he/she is talking about and definitely doesn’t know much about football especially Syracuse Football.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again,Carlie Loeb or John Kinder will be the starting quarterback in 2013. One of the new quarterbacks coming(Allen or Wilson)will take the reins in 2014 and have 4 years at that position

    Terrie again you show me just how foolish your statements can be. I was explaining to a friend what we had during our (tailgate party) special night a week ago when we played USF. If boiled ham and cabbage bother’s you Terrie,so be it. If you’ve never tried it,don’t knock the people who love the meal.

    I made a statement to Russell that we both agreed on. Boiled ham and cabbage brought to this country from Ireland was made for Kings. I guess you’ll never ever understand how good a meal it really is.

    GO CUSE;

  16. Russell MacEachern

    Please Ron,your making me hungry again mmmmMM I love it!!!U don’t know what ur missing Terr!!I guess Terry is just a “Domedog” guy at $5 a pop??I’ll stick w/Rons tailgate!!btw Ron did the Swedes and ur new friends like it?Save some for my visit sooner or later!!13th is the day!Add some Turnips as I love them..and Sweet taters…

  17. Russell MacEachern

    I wonder what our Dipper thinks?

  18. Russell MacEachern

    Coaches show coming on guys at 4pm on TWer!!Don’t miss it,Im dying to see if Dougie cracks a smile?8-1 against it!!

  19. Ok Ronnette. We will see next year. If they are that good we would have seen them by now. When Ryan’s gone you trolls will see how valuable he really was!!!

  20. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,Wow,crazy man Terry is starting to sing my song,Ive been saying w/o Nassib we might not have won one game this year and next year we’ll see how good he is when hes in the NFL!!Good luck,”Go Cuse”!!

  21. Russell MacEachern

    We wuz robbed!!Could it be the officials in Ohio are paying us back for last years game with Akron?Or revenge of the BE?or bad karma?TERRIBLE REFFING!!

  22. Russell MacEachern

    @Carlton,bad day in NY but I hope the Irish aren’t sleeping on Pitt?The Panthers like most BE teams can jump up and bite ya if u sleep on them!! I can’t believe they let them hoodlums play under the circumstances?U know the Pitt players Im talking about?All 3 of them!!Any respected institition would make them sit!

  23. Russell MacEachern

    UConns McCombs sat a quarter for less and looked weak “Pasqualooney”!!Caught hell from the UConns own blog board for it!The Boneyard!

  24. Well, the 47th team in the BCS Rankings beat the 60th team in the BCS rankings. The 60th would be Cuse…….and the sloppy poorly coached team looses again….
    And the two morons keep chirping…..
    Any new and brilliant names for our Big East Powerhouse?
    DM has to go.. We need a fresh start in a new conference….
    When does Basketball start???

  25. Russell MacEachern

    How strange,”Cuse” loses and look who can’t wait to gloat….I hope ur happy Cuse17??

  26. Russell MacEachern

    Anyone watching another BE team playing #3 ND at ND?Its a close game in the 4th qtr!!20-18 w/a two pt try coming!!

  27. Russell MacEachern

    I hate to say it but Ive never seen anyone seem to get so much help from above as the Irish!!

  28. Russell MacEachern

    Pitt seetles for a fg its over,…ya watching Carl?

  29. Russell MacEachern

    settles…excuse me..

  30. Rico Dzinski

    The Governor’s Office will have a live feed right here.

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