Building a Veteran Defense: JuCo LB Luke Arciniega Commits to Syracuse

The Orange is fortifying its D with JuCo players at all layers.

The Syracuse defense is picking up veteran talent, and the Class of ’13 is starting to take shape 6 weeks before National Signing Day. The Orange grab a verbal commitment from another JuCo player on D, this time 2-star linebacker Luke Arciniega. The 6’4″, 245 lb. ‘backer comes from Sierra Community College in California.

He follows two other defensive JuCo commits for SU. Last week safety Darius Kelly helps out the thinning depth in the secondary. And before that DE Trevon Trejo chose Syracuse over Michigan State. Arciniega can be destructive on the blitz, with speed to get to the pocket and explosion when he hits the ball carrier. He also has good instincts for the football, and solid lateral quickness.

Doug Marrone also added a fourth JuCo player, when offensive lineman John Miller gave his verbal pledge. Arciniega is the 13th member of SU’s ’13 class and the sixth JuCo prospect to choose the Hill. Why is Marrone loading up heavy on these types of players? The guess here is the move to the ACC. 

Starting in September, the Orange will face much more explosive offenses than the Big East. To line up and beat bigger, stronger, faster talents from Florida, Georgia and other southern recruiting beds, Syracuse feels its needs veteran players that are physically more developed than those straight out of high school. SU now adds a player at every layer of the defense in the last two weeks: defensive line, linebacker, defensive back.

The official visits over two weekends in December are also paying huge dividends. SU brought up to campus one of the largest collections of football talent ever assembled over an 8-day period. Arciniega said that visit felt like home and was a huge part of the decision. He also visited Memphis, and had interest from Miami (FL) and BYU.

The face of the Class of ’13 is really starting to take shape for SU.

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  1. OrangeCrush27

    Still a bit upset to hear that Officer committed to Pitt…

  2. I like what we are doing with this recruiting class. We had a good season. Our defense under shaffer will be solid with a few more pieces. Once we actually start playing in the ACC, our recruiting will improve with HS players. We need to find a big time QB. I sure hope one of these incoming Freshman QB’s can play. With Johnne Football winning the Heisman, you can no longer say freshman can’t come in and play……Good Freshman Can! Let’s go Cuse…..keep the momentum builiding!!!!!!!!!

  3. He’s a big dude… can’t wait to see him smack some folks in the ACC.

    Are we targeting any other safeties? …depth in the secondary has me a bit worried.

  4. Welcome Luke;your going to really enjoy your stay here at Syracuse. We got two,Terrie two 6’4″ 245 lb linebackers in this class. Looking pretty good,don’t you think?

    Go Cuse, and keep up the good work coach.

  5. Love these JUCO pick ups…need some guys who are more mature and ready to play out the gate. Marrone knows what he needs now to fit his game plan. This program is getting better day by day. Go SU!

  6. @Dr. bill;

    It’s true that John Manziel will go down in the record books as a freshman winning the Heisman,didn’t he redshirt his freshman year of college? That makes him a true sophomore. That’s how the media spins the truth about everything.

    I’m not trying to take anything away from his amazing feat. Winning the Heisman has got to be one of the greatest achievements in college athletics.

  7. Johnny Football was a red shirt freshman this year and a sophomore academic wise.

  8. Hey HCDM/dougiemyster how come NYS players are flying away from your team. What’s up!! EO and Officer are history!! There is something in the air here!! SU has to recruit JUCO’s that not rebuilding that’s panic. Yes a few JUCO’s are fine. More than that and issues are brewing. Don’t ignore it either. Homie’s!! Right now SU on is rated #86(the JUCO’s show no stars???)that ain’t great people. HCDM has failed after this year of really building a winning tradition at SU!!! WHY?? The homers think his over 4 Million salary is well paid for. REALLY??? Where does it show. Not in recruiting for sure!! It could really embarrass SU in the long run. I truly hope not!!

  9. Terrie,Terrie,Terrie;

    So you think locking the top recruits down within NY is going to change the way you perceive Coach Marrone doing his job? I will give you credit,your message is consistent while trashing coach.

    But I want to give you something to think about. Think Texas Longhorns led by Mac Brown. He get’s his pick from the great state of Texas year in and year out. Pick of the litter!! last year(2011/2012) went 5-7 over-all and didn’t go to a bowl game. Oh!wait a minute didn’t Coach Marrone accomplish the very same record?

    In 2012/2013 the Texas Longhorns(8-4)stay at home and play in the Alamo Bowl. With all of that talent how come they aren’t playing for the National Championship?

    If Texas loses their bowl game and Syracuse wins their game,both will end the 2012/2013 season with identical records of 8-5. Don’t you find it amazing while your looking at the comparison of these two programs? I find the only differences between the two are Texas has it’s own TV contract and pays it’s head coach $5.1 million a year and as we all know Syracuse doesn’t do either.

    You keep on blabbering about keeping the best in state talent at home playing for Syracuse. Just because a player has 4/5* after their names doesn’t always make them the best players. Haven’t ever asked yourself the question,where does all of those 4/5* players go after they get done playing at a school like Alabama or Notre Dame? They sure as hell aren’t playing in the NFL on Sundays.

    I believe that Coach Marrone is doing a fine job and I suggest you change your message. It’s old man,really old.

  10. OrangeCrush27

    @Ron- Def agree with your post. well stated.

    My whole thing with coaching is the ability to take any recruit and turn them into a prime-time player (i,e; Collin Klein- 2 star recruit turned Heisman finalist). it’s all about the system and how hard players are willing to work.

    ‘Cuse is slowing coming out of the gutter. Another year or 2 of bowl eligibilty and you’ll start seeing the EO’s, Ishaq’s, Kelly’s, Jones’s, Haye’s…start saying in state.

  11. Terry, I wish you’d at least fact check before you rant (asking wayyy too much, I know). HCDM does not have a $4 million salary:

    He’s one of the lowest paid coaches in college football.

  12. @Derek;

    I’ve tried telling him that before and as usual didn’t listen and or read what was said. But thanks guys for the support. It’s refreshing to know that we have people who(visit this web site)know what’s going on with the program and college football in general.

    Terrie read Derek’s post,lowest paid in the country. THE COUNTRY.

  13. Well, not the lowest paid. One of the lowest paid.

  14. Russell MacEachern

    I hate to miss on AO but we can’t get em all I guess?Ron,negate the ?? from the other thread where I asked about his status I only found out in the 1st comment above!!I was working my way back on the newer threads!

  15. Russell MacEachern

    @CuseOnly,just saw ur response from yesterday about AOfficer,probably the reason he grabbed the Pitt scholly?These kids have to learn Cuse cant wait forever for them to make up their minds!Thanks belatedly C/Only!!

  16. @Russell MacEachern;

    Russell,I think Alex Officer see the writing on the wall and that’s why he committed to Pittsburgh.

    If we get the 6’5″ 345 lb OG Dionte Savage and 6’4″ 300 lb OT Chnogo Kondolo to commit,then we won’t miss Alex Officer at all.

    I wish him well at Pittsburgh.

  17. I for one have no issue with us signing JuCo prospects. All of the other top 25 programs do the same thing. Look at who these fellas had offers from = Oregon, Miami, BYU, Michigan St, Texas A&M, Utah, Arizona, TCU, . . . just to name a few. If you look at the roster of ever one of the top 20 schools, they have at least 5-10 Juco transfers on board. If anything we haven’t had enough recently. If these guys can play and they want to wear Orange – put them on the field !

  18. Russell MacEachern

    @hedgehog,I dont mind some of them but were getting all the leftovers from what Ive seen w/few or no offers just “interest”!!Most SEC schools raid the JUCOs of all the worthwhile ones and this is whats left as much as I hate to tell u guys!!Do just a little research!Ive been so disheartend Ive actually avoided this site since I researched these guys…maybe will get lucky and most will pan out?!?!Ive seen other ACC boards laughing at us saying we’ll take “any warm body” so Im not a happy camper!Our recruiting ratings are dropping like a rock!!Sorry to tell u this…just research!

  19. Russell MacEachern

    I see our ratings are rising a bit again from a low of 86 to around #70 so thats a little better….Id hope we get up around #50 by national signing day!!I think last year we finished at #56/57? “Go Cuse”//

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