Austin Wilson Sticks With Syracuse, First Huge Save for ’13 Recruiting Class

A conversation with Tim Lester changed everything for the quarterback recruit.

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With two weeks until National Signing Day, Syracuse has received a huge boost with the renewed commitment of quarterback Austin Wilson. When Doug Marrone and Nate Hackett left for Buffalo the East Pennsboro (PA) signal caller was thrown for a loop. He called the situation “stressful” and a “shock to the system,” and Wilson needed to hear reassurance from the new assistants that SU was still the right move.

He got that from a conversation with new quarterbacks coach Tim Lester, and tweeted, Feel a lot better now that I finally got to talk with my new QB coach! We’re gonna do big things #believeit.” While Wilson wasn’t placed on the same pedestal as Zach Allen, who turned to TCU, he’s still an important piece of the Orange puzzle. The quarterback situation is unsettled, with plenty of opportunity over the next two years to compete for the starter’s slot. If Ashton Broyld is not a future signal caller (and to this point it seems the staff is uncomfortable with him running the offense), there needs to be a youngster to be groomed to take the reigns.

After Allen’s switch the Orange coaches reached out to John O’Korn, but he’s been a Houston commit for months. Wilson represents a crucial commitment. After talking with Lester, Wilson tweeted “very true! Feel the same way” in response to a fan who said he felt far better about SU football than a week ago. He also tweeted, “I’m excited to be (at SU) and compete” and “the new coaches are awesome.” His Twitter profile background is of the Carrier Dome.

Things didn’t look so rosy when Marrone took the Bills job. Wilson told

“I was shocked. I felt I never could have gone wrong with my decision. I was told in May they weren’t going anywhere. Coach Marrone told me he wanted to raise his family in Syracuse and was going to stay. Then I get a voicemail from coach telling me he’s leaving.”

Few of us begrudge Marrone for his decision, but that’s not the best look for Doug. This summer Marrone told kids he was an SU lifer. Eight months later he bolted to Buffalo and took half the staff. Guess it’s just business in modern college football.

Wilson could end up being a feel good story for Orange Nation. In June he told The Fizz he embraced the quarterback competition with Allen, and was excited to come in and work. While Zach received all types of attention for his Elite 11 status and climbing stock, Wilson quietly and humbly waited his turn. Now A-Dub will come onto campus and have a great shot at being a long-term starter. His attitude has been tremendous from the beginning, and it looks like other players are gravitating toward him. SU commit Isaiah Johnson tweeted he was going to “talk to my future quarterback tomorrow.” It all adds up to some much needed good news for SU.

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  1. MARRONE is a lifer…yeah right…

    Good to see Coach Mc Donald hired and we should not skip a beat… GO SU!!!!!!!!

  2. it appears to me that Austin is a kid who isn’t afraid of competition. He told us al in the summer and fall that he was looking forwards to competing against Zach Allen for the starting quarterback.
    It looks like we have an individual who has morals and integrity. I’m sure, with the proper training,Austin will be as good or better that Ryan Nassib before he’s finished at Syracuse. I’m glad that he decided to stay loyal to the program,Austin took a big step(today)in the right direction that is going to make the path to the NFL a little easier.

    Thank you Austin and welcome to the Orangenation.

  3. Very disappointed with Marrone lying to this young man telling him he was “a lifer” at the CUSE and then leaving him high and dry as the coach moved to the NFL. Then, raiding (gutting) the coaching staff by taking 7 assistants showed he either (1) did not know anyone else in football to fill these coaching rolls or (2) purposely took SU assistant coaches as a vindictive move. Maybe both?

  4. What else you got? Recruiting news a little light these days. It seems the new staff is making offers in an attempt to get others schools recruits to flip to SU. Would love an update on where things are.

  5. @WSaltine – I truely believe that it is more a case of your point (1) than point (2). His alma mater paid him to do a job for five years then let him leave for what he perceived to be a better job after four. What does he have to be vindictive about? It is possible he was frustrated, but vindictive seems heavy handed. I also would doubt that Marrone was lieing when he told Wilson or anyof the recruits whatever he told them. He was working with the information he had at hand. Maybe he should not have thrown around terms like “lifer” but I have heard that he is planning to stay in the Syracuse area, even as he works in Buffalo. I guess that makes him a lifer. If he is sucha “me first” guy, what would he possibly have to gain from telling these recruits lies? I think we will see him again in some form invold with the program, but not for a long while.

    In the interest of moving forward, glad to have Coach Hard Nose and glad to have Austin Wilson back on board, even though he never really got off. Maybe some of the others will start chiming in with their own affirmations.

  6. Austin will play no small role in Syracuse as its quarterbackGiven the opportunity his pocket presence and ability will make us happy he decided to become a member pf the Orange

  7. Still amazes me the dougie love from the above mentioned dougieites!! Even his recruited kids are disappointed at his actions yet the dougie loves stay with him??

    DA- Please keep the SUFB info coming!! Even after the signing day. SUBB info was always there even started before SUFB season. We need the info since Time Warner shut off the Axeman show!! Thanks!!

  8. @ Terry- If you are referring to me, I am not a DM appologist. I am also a somewhat rational person. I don’t think DM lied, as much as he said what he and we wanted to hear until something better happened along. He is gone now and I don’t think he took any resentment with him, exept whatever might have been generated by us fans. I don’t think his contacts came through for him, but I think he’d have taken Hackett no matter what. Up tempo offense is probably what got him hired.

    I am just happy that Austin Wilson is coming and hope the rest follow his lead. This could be his first and most important step to becoming the leader and taking over where ZA left us.

  9. lets not forget ryan nassib was a 2 star ok. if the oline does well we should be able to score the points.i’ve seen the film on this kid and feel he has some real potential to be great here.

  10. @DA – I keep hearing bits and pieces of news about SU offering new recruits and visits to campus. What have you guys heard? Are you looking into it? It’d be cool to have a breakdown of recently offered recruits and likelihood that they’ll commit.

  11. Cuse Don't Luse

    @Derek where do u get this kind of information from?

  12. @Derek -I’ve been hearing some noise too. I have no facts, just rumor, but I heard a DB from Rush Henrietta was offered, two WR’s that are fast and small, (under 6′ and 4.5-4.4 speed) and a QB that gave a verbal to NIU.

  13. Cuse Don't Luse

    im liking all of this i feel left out though where is all this coming from

  14. CDL – The recruiting sites are reporting this info on Rivals, Scout. Also lots of chatter on twitter where there are plenty of SU fans, if you know who to follow. No flips or new commits yet but it really sounds like they are coming.

  15. Thanks guys. We are definitely looking at all the new SU potential offers, interest before NSD. We’ll be doing all to wall SUFB recruiting over the next two weeks. Should be a lot of fun to watch how it unfolds. Should have something on the newest offers this week. I really like Austin’s attitude.

  16. DA what the story on Gator-Aid NYS player of the year Rouse?? Gee just the sound of that would get some interest. OH-yeah the famous EO or Smith from NYC didn’t get that award. Or maybe NYC is not in NYS!! I just don’t get it!!

  17. Smitty Section 129

    QB from Pennsylvania vs QB from Texas playing at SU. I’ll take Wilson, thick skin and ready to roll on the hill. GO SU

  18. Terry, are you Rouse? You really have a thing for this kid. I can only assume his size scared DM away. DM seemed to be looking for large and bruising or small and lightning fast. I am not sure this guy fits neatly into either of these categories. (5′-8″ and 200 lbs.) Seems to me Syracuse isn’t the only team that appears to be passing on him. That said, it doesn’t mean that Coach Hard Nose and the new staff aren’t looking for exactly that and he is on their radar.

  19. Scout has him at 185 lbs and no 40 times. Maybe he’s smaller and slower than we think. Like I said, nobody seems to be onto him, hard to say why. Scout doesn’t even have himinthe top 50 in the state. (EO is #2, Officer #3, Gus Edwards #4, and Laray Smith #5)Scissum is #7 on that list. I think he was a soft verbal to ODU, and they are trying to get him to flip. I think if they pushhard on Malique Belfort, they will have a much better shot at his teammate Gus. He seems smallish for a WR at 175, but at 6’3″ I am sure he can pack some on (10-15?) in a program. He claims he is “so NEW YORK” on his twitter.

  20. Im no expert by any means but how do you guys feel about Austin’s arm strength? After watching his tape it seems like he rarely lets it rip and puts it in a tight spot, he is always putting a soft touch to all his passes, I know that is also a good thing but it worries me a little that in his highlight tape that he cant put a little @ss behind the ball

  21. New QB offer: Mitch Kimble

    New WR offer: Corey Winfield

  22. Malone I’m just interested in NYS kids at SU. I’ve said that’s one of the problems with attendance at the dome too-no super NYS kids at SU!! Look, why would a national site give Rouse an award and not any of the mentioned kids above. Tell me that!! Also I saw him brake away easily from teams so enough speed from him is there. Kinda a Joe Morris type!! Small, kinda quick and big enough. Same weight as your boy PTG!! Just wondering why an award winner of national repute gets no recognition at “all”. After all he’s one of ours!! OK!!

  23. Cuse don't luse

    Never no so many variables could be the class room

  24. Russell MacEachern

    @Malone,Belforts problem is grades from what I read on local rivals “UConn” boards!!This kid Rouse has me intrigued as I love 5’8″ 200 LBers at RB if their shifty and instinctive who we should at least offer as a “preferred walk-on”and give a little private tutoring if necessary!!…btw I think u and Carlton are 2 of our most rational posters and where the heck is my “nephew” Bigdipper?I miss his offbeat but unique input!!

  25. Russell MacEachern

    I also have to agree with Terry about more local NY/NJ targets to keep our local fans more involved in making us really the regional team!!Untill we do all the bought and paid for advertising as “NYs team” will ring hollow!!Look at RU and UConn or Temples rosters and they’re loaded with regional kids for the most part and yet were in Cal,Az,Tex,Ga,Mich etc etc helter-skelter??most of the kids are alright but wheres our identity?Also too many JUCOs!!

  26. Russell MacEachern

    I noticed UConns one of Laray Smiths 4 finalists even with their realignment problems!!I found that interesting!ORE,WVU,UCONN and us on Scouts recruiting board!

  27. Saw Laray is visiting UConn Feb 1. I don’t get it either. Maybe there is a conference conversation we don’t know (BIG?). Coach P has always recruited well locally. Apart from all the RB talent he brought us, he also landed Ray Rice. WVU and Oregon scare me. Oregon because of their track prowess, and WVU because they get speed guys and are in a speed conference. I still think we’ve got a fair shot if McDonald (a track guy) and Smith put a little push on.
    As for recruiting NY, NJ… You know where I’m from Russ and you know I think it’s important. It’s the thing that scares me most about Shafers staff.
    On Rouse, I grew up with a friend who was soccer POY in NJ and parade all American. In soccer NJ is like Fla in football. Friend went to UVA and was part of three NC… From the bench

  28. Also, if Pasqualoni doesn’t go bowling this coming season, he’s gone! If losing DMV and staff scared him, but he has a chance to meet the incoming staff, what will it do to him when he’s there a year and the whole staff changes? Don’t be short sighted Laray.

  29. Local talent Chauncey Scissum visited the hill this past weekend. Big corner from upstate. Rated #7 in NY. Decommitted from ODU.
    John O’Korn supposedly decided today if he will visit before signing day. I didn’t see what he said.

  30. Hey guys, sorry I haven’t checked back in. I basically just follow the chatter on Twitter. Ryan Murray and John Garcia are good people to follow. You can follow the recruits as well, but the recruiting bloggers retweet anything worthwhile.

    With Laray Smith, I think if Oregon offered him he would commit to them. They haven’t offered him yet though. I like this running back coach we have coming in. I think once they get a chance to talk to him, Laray and Edwards will stick around, although you never can be too sure with all they have to consider and still just being high school kids.

  31. Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Many thanks, However I am going through issues with your RSS. I don’t understand why I cannot join it. Is there anyone else getting identical RSS problems? Anyone that knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

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