Fresh Faces: Top 5 New Recruits Syracuse is Tracking Before Signing Day

We calculate the odds of WR Corey Cooper and others committing to Shafer’s staff.

Ten days ago, the future of Syracuse’s 2013 recruiting class looked bleak. Commits began questioning suiting up for the Orange without Doug Marrone, and so many other pieces of the staff that had developed relationships with them. Zach Allen had led the charge in rallying the troops all summer and fall, then flipped to TCU. SU was slow on hiring its new offensive coordinator, and more commits became lukewarm. But now with ten days until National Signing Day, this year’s class has been totally redesigned.

Scott Shafer and his new staff have offered a variety of new players, and even reeled in their first recruit just two days ago. The class is back to 15 commits, and there is still room for a handful more Shafer recruits. The Fizz has put together the list of the Top Five Newest Prospects Syracuse is going after just days before NSD.

  • DB Simeon Thomas

3-star              6’4”, 190 lbs              Miami Carol City HS (Miami, FL)

The Miami product plays like a man amongst boys, and has the grit it takes to succeed in a tough part of South Florida. He dominated the secondary this year as the Chiefs’ top lockdown cover corner. Even at that height he played CB in addition to safety. He’s versatile, has long strides, and will add muscle to become a feared, hard-hitter in college. Syracuse offered Thomas just a couple weeks ago, and he is ecstatic about the idea of playing with George McDonald. He told The Fizz McDonald has been recruiting him since the ninth grade, and the OC kept his promise to recruit all throughout high school. The DB has great trust and respect for the former Miami and Arkansas wide receivers coach. Thomas will take an official to Syracuse just three days before NSD. That’s a good sign. His final three include SU, Hawaii and Clemson.

Odds of Landing: 40%

  • QB Mitch Kimble

2-star              6’3”, 190 lbs              Jersey Community HS (Jerseyville, IL)

Shafer and company have been trying to bring in one more quarterback to the class. Allen bolted for TCU, and then highly touted Florida QB John O’Korn announced he was sticking with Houston. Originally commit to Northern Illinois, Kimble de-committed and now will decide between Syracuse and N.C. State. He visited the Hill last weekend and will be down in Charlotte this weekend. Kimble is a dual threat QB who could replace the void left by Allen. The senior has great vision running the football and his mechanics and release are decent throwing the ball deep. The new staff is making it clear they want speed to work with at the QB and WR positions.

Odds of Landing: 50%

  • WR Corey Cooper

3-star              6’1”, 190 lbs              Millbrook HS (Raleigh, NC)

Speaking of speed, Cooper became the second WR Syracuse offered over the last two weeks. He’s ranked the  25th best receiver in the state of North Carolina, and has great route running ability. Cooper also has a big set of mitts and is terrific at tracking down deep balls. He has nearly 20 offers from big time schools such as N.C. State, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, but the Raleigh native will be taking a visit to CNY this weekend. He originally gave his pledge to Louisville over the summer, but de-committed last month.Reeling in another wideout with Cooper’s talent would be a huge victory for the Orange.

Odds of Landing: 30%

  • ATH/DB Chauncey Scissum

3-star              6’2”, 195 lbs              Rush-Henrietta Senior HS (Rochester, NY)

He played QB and DB this past year in Rochester. Scissum was named first team all-state and was the leader of a Rush-Henrietta team that lost just one game all year. As a quarterback, he’s just too fast for defenders. As a DB, he has a long, rangy reach and stride, which is why Syracuse is calling. The Orange had Scissum on campus for a visit last weekend, which went great. He doesn’t have any other offers to BCS schools, but the last dual-threat prospect to come out of Rush-Henrietta certainly worked out for SU.

Odds of Landing: 60%

  • OG Jaylen Funches

2-star              6’4”, 290 lbs              Benedictine HS (Cleveland, OH)

The Cleveland native would be an important addition to the trenches. SU has just two offensive line commits, and one or two more will help. Funches has offers from Syracuse, Western Michigan, Toledo, Ball State, Ohio and Akron. Syracuse is also high on JuCo OG Jaylen Hunter. Hunter is visiting campus just a few days before National Signing Day.

Odds of Landing: 20%

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. Cuse don't luse

    @ron please re read the comment that was made to prevent terry from calling you ronnette instead of attacking u

  2. @Cuse don’t luse;

    That’s why I asked the question to you. That’s how I took your comment in the first place.

    When asked serious questions about his comments on Syracuse Football or any of the other sports he can’t give a legitimate/honest answer to anyone.

    But,thank you for your support it’s much appreciated. Cuse,if I offended you in any with my answer to him I apologize. It wasn’t my intention to offend a person who makes some great points while making a post.

    Terrie calling me Ronnette doesn’t bother me as much as it does him when I call him TERRIE. Matter of fact,I don’t pay any attention to it at all.

    Again Cuse,please accept my apology,I really didn’t want to offend you,I’m truly sorry.

  3. Gee the terrie name was started by ronette out of the blue. So my so called injustice toward him is in jest only. But at times he does show a lack of knowledge about SUFB program. He’s way to serious!! Enough about babbling about ronette! HCSS has gotten more names into the pool. But every day a new name shows then disappears off the SU radar. These next 10 days will mean alot. A quality QB is a must!! These coaches are totally different than the group before them. Even the talent they go after is different. Gotta like them for that!!

  4. Nice work, D.A.! This is a great summary of who else is out there. I also heard that Stacey Coley might be looking at Cuse because he developed a great relationship with McDonald when he was down at Miami and his recruiting has otherwise been wide open. Any info on him?

  5. @Terry;
    You’ve made some good points and others I disagree with. Wither you agree or not is your problem.

    Your right,I am a serious person. When I say that I’ve met and talked with Doug Marrone and have decided that he was an honorable man you threw it make at me and sad it didn’t matter. I haven’t and won’t belittle the man for improving his life for his family.

    I too didn’t agree with his move to put Greg Paulis as the starting QB over Ryan Nassib. I thought his decision to do that was a joke and a farce that totally backfired.

    Your condemnation of Prince Tyson Gulley put your dislikes for Syracuse over the top for me. Have you ever met him? If not how could you stand in judgement of a person that you’ve never met?

    I only go by what the players that play the game are telling me,and that is Charlie Loeb is actually a lot better that Ryan Nassib. I know that’s hard to believe,but that’s what I’m being told. Charlie is going to be the starting QB in the fall with John Kinder as the back-up.
    The three QB’s that are on the team will get Syracuse through the 2013 compaign.

    Recruiting for 2014 is when we will need to bring in a couple more QB’s. Austin Wilson will be the starter then and Terrell Hunt will be the backup to him.

    I agree with your assessment of the coaching staff. I only hope that Dr. Gross gets on board and supports this staff a hell of a lot more than what he’s done in the past.

    I haven’t heard or read the following,so please let me say it’s only a rumor and I don’t know if it’s true or not.
    Last Saturday night I was told that when Dr. Gross set and interviewed Doug Marrone for the job that he told Gross that if a NFL job came up that he would interview for the job. If that’s true then why and hell did Gross hire him in the first place?
    To me that was putting a band aid on the wound to try to stop the bleeding. I would never have hired knowing that he was really interested in the NFL setting at the table getting ready to take over the Syracuse job. The other thing that bothered me with his hire was the first day here he made this statement”if any of the players cannot play DI football syracuse is not the place to be at”. We lost 23 football players in the following weeks.Hell at one point we couldn’t hold a scrimmage because we didn’t have enough players.
    Now,the only good thing that has come out of his hiring was we got Coach Shafer to come here and is now our head coach. I too wish him well.

    I think the program is going to be a lot stronger in 2013 than what the team showed in the 2012 season.

    Now Terry,you see no name calling here. You used constructive criticism in your post. maybe you ought to use it a little more often. One other point I will never apologize to anyone for my babbling.

  6. Cuse don't luse

    Yea we are good Ron sorry we got off on the wrong foot I too have had great things about loeb interesting to see what McDonald can do with loeb

  7. @Cuse don’t luse;

    I just don’t know the words to tell you Cuse just how sorry I am for unloading on you. It makes me sick knowing that I unloaded on a teenager. I’m very very sorry.

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about Charlie Loeb,if anyone has gone to the spring scrimmage game one would come to the same conclusion.

    I guess we all will have to wait for the start of the 2013 season to see what happenes

  8. Ron that’s the longest babble of all time. But your still wrong about Loeb. He might replace Ryan, but no where near as good as Ryan. I don’t know how you can say that after Loeb only played 7 or 8 plays his whole career!! Next year will tell!!

  9. Well Terry we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we. Your right about the post it was long and I tried answering some of your comments that you’ve made before and leading up to the most current post.

    I can’t remember what game it was,but one of the teams used two quarterbacks for each game. One them was a right handed and the other was a left handed and I came away from watching it thinking that it would be a perfect fit for Syracuse and it would have given Charlie Loeb playing time heading into next season.

    I guess Johnnie Manziel out of Texas AM shouldn’t have won the Heisman either right. I mean he hadn’t played a down of college football until the 2012 season as a red shirt freshman.

    Charlie will be the starter,if he doesn’t produce early in the season,then I see John Kinder and Terrell Hunt getting their chance to replace him under center.

    Again we can speculate on what is going to happen all year long. We’re just going to have to wait for the season to start.

  10. Ummmmmm. NC State isn’t in Charlotte … So why would Kimble be going there? It’s the little things like that which hold your article back a bit.

  11. CuseOnly

    Corey Cooper and Alex Hayes are Orange. Both Committed about an hour ago.

    This coaching staff and GMcD are some bad MoFo’s on the recruiting trail.


  12. * I strategically hit da blog up!

    Terry & Ron….my guess is Loeb gets 1st crack. Rumor truth: 2012 summer while at a passing camp.. Loeb won the ACCURACY contest vs. Matt Barkley & some good QBs! Barkley got all the Heisman hype…so who would remember? …an Orange fanatic like myself of course.

    Jack…good catch, but correcting D.A. is sooooo 2012! He’s a pure mess sometimes….and reports unresponsibly….and wants you not to question his articles…yatta yatta etc.

    Cuse only… Cooper was a longshot, love that he chose orange! Hayes..Og??? Didnt hear much about him… OCMcD is blitzing the trail! This current CS will bring in the big fish we’ve been craving for, for seasons.

    * Ron where the h*ll is my buddy Russ?

  13. Kevin Fitzgerald


    This recruiting class is up to 17 commits after adding Cooper and Hayes. There is only room for 3 maybe 4 more commits from what I hear. Here’s how it might break down.

    -SU will bring in a QB, that’s one of the top priorties. Kimble is high on the radar among a couple other prospects.

    -Simeon Thomas, the 3-star DB from Miami is almost a lock. He’ll be visiting SU next weekend. Great late pickup thanks to the McDonald connection

    -And one or two slots left for perhaps someone like a Corey Scissum or a JUCO, Jaylen Hunter.

    Will be a fun final week and half to see how it plays out.

  14. CuseOnly


    Is that 3 or 4 more spots assuming that we land Gus, Carter and Brown ?

    I am assuming so, if they don’t choose SU then we have 6 or 7 spots open. It doesn’t look like this staff is going to wait around on wafflers if they wait too long.

  15. This staff so far really out produced dougie, if you consider their short time here. Got some interesting talent coming and some talent looking SU’s way too. With dougie that would not have happened. They are not his style. The new OL coach from the article in seems different than the bald bunch!! But we’ll see! Have to get a QB in this year no matter what. Loeb to me is no Nassib or any of the other QB’s in the stable=Nassib. We’ll have to wait until fall for that choice to happen. Spring ball won’t show anything unless this staff is a different breed!!

  16. I don’t think they’ll have a media blackout during Spring ball. Shafer strikes me as the sort of guy that likes to build excitement and get the community fired up.

  17. @bigdip;

    I think the question should be where have you been man?

    I think Russell is having some difficulty,and I’m really not going to bother him. I know that when he’s ready,he’ll let us know. I going to give him his due,he’s earned it. But I will tell you bigdip,I am a little worried.

    Thanks for the tidbit of information on Loeb. The players keep on telling me that he’s the real deal and I have to respect what their saying,after all they spend more time with him than either Terry or I.
    I’m in agreement with you about him starting in 2013. People don’t want to hear it,but I want to see him play. he may not set any records but I think the kid is going to surprise people.

  18. @Kevin Fitzgerald;

    I think both Augustus Edwards and Laray Smith stay with the orange come NSD.

  19. I must be dreaming . When Corey Cooper verbal-ed so did 6’4″ 275 lb Alex Hayes out of Tucker High School located in Georgia.

    Welcome to all the newbie’s to the ORANGENATION.

  20. @Kevin Fitzgerald;

    Kevin,I don’t remember any of the above names being mentioned by anyone on this web page. You gave the Syracuse Staff a 30% chance of landing Corey Cooper and he’s ended up deciding to come here to play. Coach Shafer has turned his staff(McDonald) into a magician that has turned recruiting into an art. It’s unbelievable the recruits that have committed to Syracuse. The class of 2013 could be one of the best ever in the history of the program. Can’t wait for NSD.

    Congratulation Coach Shafer,you have accomplished more in the first 3 weeks than Doug Marrone and staff accomplished in 4 years. Keep up the good work.

  21. Good summary of candidates. Problem.. You guys act like there all coming. The odds on each were 60% or less. Not to mention we were looking at 2 and 3 star high school players. The kid from Carol City is not looking at FSU/Miami/UF for a reason. He has some size…little bit slow and needs fundamentals. Long way to go before he is a shut down anything. “odds of landing-40%”. If he gets any offer closer to home he is staying south.
    Our recruiting class will be terrible. If you had a chance to play for a real coaching staff that could coach you a real facility ..with other good players…why would you pick Cuse. Shafer is a joke and we are in for a return to the world of
    Terry.. Your wasting your time with Ron..he’s a windbag and a dope!

  22. I guess Terry isn’t the only one who shows the world about the negatives. I was waiting to see how long it was going to take before some idiot like Cuse17 started with his bullcrap.
    is there a chance that your related in any way to Terry?

    Your wasting your time with Ron..he’s a windbag and a dope! Thank you very much for the description,all I can say to that is at least “the wind coming from this dope is all positive except when I come in contact with assholes like you”. I thought I was really done with the Terry’s of the world.

  23. @Terry

    What do you think about Cuse17’s post? By the looks of things he’s become one of our biggest fans Terry. For once you and I both agree that Coach Shafer is taking the program in the right direction and doing a fantastic job in recruiting and then (out of the blue) we get hit with his asinine stupidity.

  24. Terry
    Told ya.. He’s a windbag!

  25. Kaliforange

    @Cuse17 3 out of 5 committed as of tonight.

  26. @Cuse17;

    60% of those 2/3 star athletes listed above have signed with the orange and when all is said in done maybe we get all 5 of them.

    Don’t you think the new coaching staff is doing a good job? Let me correct myself here by saying a fantastic job.

  27. NO! You said it yourself….2/3 star candidates…good players don’t go to schools with Syracuse facilities, lack of commitment to football and 2/3 star coaching staffs. Shafer was a mistake and this time next year I’ll remind you about”fantastic”

  28. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,Edwards is using us as a back-up or “safety” school…the U is waiting on a 5* decommit to decide if hes coming or not (Collins)…same deal with FSU in a numbers game!!No room?No problem…there’s good Ol SU as his backup..he called RU about there interest but they backed off due to public pressure and offered Carter instead!Truth,I dont want him anymore esp as he called UMiami his “dream school”[email protected],send up the “bat signal” and I’ll be there!!LOL..

  29. @Cuse17;

    I’m just wondering about how many 4/5 star athletes the quarterback for San Francisco playing in the Super Bowl pushed aside to get where he is today Just wondering!!!
    Like I said before the star rating system means nothing. Please remind me next year after Syracuse goes to another bowl game just how bad they’re going to be ok.

  30. @Russell MacEachern;

    I was starting to worry about you old friend. I hope that all is ok,bigdip was asking about you also.

    What are you hearing about Edwards and his baggage? My thoughts are that we really don’t need him here anyways. We have some powerful running backs already in house. I said it last seaqson and I say it again,Georg Morris III is the best running back on the team and should get playing time this year.

  31. Cuse17 and Terry;

    I promise this will be the last post concerning your comments on recruiting on 2/3 star athletes to our program. I’m surprised Cuse17 that you claim to be an Syracuse alumni,and totally shocked that you could set there and put the school down the way that you do. Do you think that Syracuse is the only school that does this?I really don’t know if the star rating system was put into use in 1959 but if it was how many 4/5 star athletes do you think were on that team?How many 4/5 star athletes do you think were on the 1987 team that played in the Sugar bowl and finished 11-0-1 ? I think that I already know the answer to that one. NONE!!!Have you seen that we have two current players playing in this years Super Bowl? What were they when both were recruited,both were 2/3 star athletes.

    Do you or Terry remember any of the following players?Kevin Abrams,Michael Acchione,AA Moore,Antwon Bailey,Chad Battles,Keith Belton,Curtis Brinkley,Jayson Bromley,Delone Carter,Larry Csonka,Cameron Dantley,Dan Conley,Donovan Darius,Donovan McNabb,Chris Gedney,Marvin Harrison,Quadry Ismail,Chandler Jones,Arthur Jones,John Mackey,Joe MorrisArt Monk,Daryl Johnston and David Tryee.

    I really didn’t want to go any futher with the names. All of these players were 2/3 star athletes that has played and is still playing for Syracuse University. Some of have made it to the College and NFL’s Hall of Fame. Some have had outstanding pro careers and some are successful businessmen. BUT MOST OF ALL THEY PLAYED THE GAME WITH HEART AND THE KNOWLEDAGE THAT THEY COULD COMPETE WITH ANYONE.

    So please guys stop you belly aching that this coaching staff are bringing in. They were all 2/3 star athletes,someone had to be doing something right. Wouldn’t you think?

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