Loose Ship: Southerland Pays $70, Kissel Resigns, What’s Going On at SU?

Are these the signs the NCAA is snooping around and finding reasons to punish the program?

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Does Syracuse have to worry about NCAA punishment? According to the Post-Standard the NCAA is investigating the program’s academic records. This prompted James Southerland to be suspended a second time. His initial suspension was because he received improper benefits, allegedly. He made a payment to make it up, “one source thought it to be around $70.”

So last month Syracuse’s director of basketball operations Stan Kissel resigns unexpectedly. Kissel stated that he wanted to spend more time with his family. But the timing of this is bizarre. The guy who has worked within the department for seven years bounces mid-season? And just a week before Southerland gets suspended?

Just look at the last calendar year on the Hill. Fab Melo is suspended for academic reasons. Then he’s ineligible for the tournament (which Boeheim would later say was not academics). Yahoo Sports reports there’s widespread drug failings at SU. The director of baseball ops resigns in the middle of the season. Big time player is suspended for taking $70? And then deemed academically ineligible for a tutor writing part of his term paper?

We’re not even counting the supposed Michael Carter-Williams Carousel Mall theft, because it didn’t involve the NCAA (we think). Are investigators snooping around the Orange? Certainly seems so. Do you have any idea how many basketball players will suit up this weekend who have taken at least $70 in benefits somewhere down the line? The entire country would have at least one starter suspended. And how would anybody know a tutor wrote part of his paper? That’s catching ants with a magnifying glass.

This is not to let Southerland off the hook. After the Fab disaster, Syracuse and all players should be taking everything way more seriously. There should be no sniff of any wrongdoing. Go to every class, take tests by yourself, get your easy C’s, don’t take drugs during the season, don’t steal, and say “please” and “thank you.”

But this seems preposterous. Seventy-freaking-bucks? Kissel resigns quietly? Is the NCAA all up on SU hoops because none of the Bernie Fine stuff stuck? Is Jim Boeheim running a loose program now that he sees the end of the line in his career? Last March I wrote:

“Before we blame the NCAA for snooping, or Bernie for having skeletons, or Fab for not going to class, we have to ask ourselves if SU is responsible for all of the above. Has a powerful cash-infused program turned a blind eye toward multiple potentially damning situations?”

It’s becoming a night terror for SU basketball fans. For every top 5 ranking, big national win, good vibe wafting from a packed Carrier Dome, a potential bogeyman is lurking around the corner. You learn not to get too excited because something will derail it. And while that used to be a freak injury or a missed free throw, unfortunately the trap doors are off the court. Do we now have to start worrying about NCAA suspensions or punishments? You’d hope not. But the signs are starting to get worrying.

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  1. Dr. Bill

    Isn’t there a more news worthy story out there?????/ Come on guys….this is fishing to create news.Even if it is true, wait until something really tangible comes out. Too much stuff happening in football…staff…recruits….old…versus potential new recruiting targets…how about an interview with the NEW OC???.Give us more than this…

  2. Unfortunately this is news, we are in the middle of the bball season and something comes up again.. This is not good for the program. we all know it happens all over the NCAA. I bet if someone checked around the Kentucky program they would find this going on as well. Papers being written by other people, tutors and getting money from whomever.

  3. personalbias

    Really? 70 dollars? Is UK clean? Not by a long shot but digging into 70 bucks situation is wasteful. Tell Mike Waters to go after a real story by following Calapari’s shaft trail and not Podunk stories like this

  4. personalbias

    Meant shady…sorry

  5. Youb don’t “catch ants with a magnifying glass”You fry ants with the glass as any kid would know . Put a glass on the program and a whole lot of people are going to get fried.What a surprise.

  6. This is absolutely news. Southerland is suspended for potentially another academic situation for SU. The 2nd in 2 years – after he was already nailed for improper benefits. Its crazy if you don’t think this is news Dr Bill. Chris, I know you can fry with a magnifying glass as well – but I meant to convey these are very small violations that you’d have to be looking for if you’re the NCAA.

  7. Jim Howard

    It couldn’t take a much scummier reporter to write a story about our Orange than this!!!!! Thanks for the true colors you have shown!!!!

  8. DA I just wish the media would as hard at dougie as your doing now at JB’s program. And you should!!! There’s huge issues there too involving JB’s program!! No where as serious but the public’s interest needs to know about why dougie is dougie!! Just ask HCSS about what dougie ended up doing!!

  9. Terry….there is no juice in attacking Dougie….most people don’t care. He has left us in a mess. I don’t blame him for leaving..I blame him for being dishonest with SU, his players and the fans. Sometimes it isn’t what you do it’s how you do it!
    Attacking Jim and a successful program gets the media scum “at a boys.”.Those that are jealous of Jim and his loyalty to a program and his players would enjoy seeing him fall. Just look at the Bernie fiasco.
    We all saw kids make stupid decissions in our time at Cuse! These players are kids. The examples aren’t felonies, they aren’t life threating, they aren’t the end of the world. Their stupid kid stuff that may or may not have happened. The media scum will beat it to death.

  10. Lol….I went on HIATUS from this site for awhile! DA wants to be SKIP BALLIS (infamous espn whistle blower type). While fans want a stage to discuss SU, D.A. is trying to blow his “Fizz Brand” up? Sux that fans like Russ Ron cuseonly derek drBill chris terry… have invested in a shady brand!!!!! He reports commits & bullsh*t…. better yet he made the phrase ” Teach me how to dougie!” No he infringed on it…. He’ll sell out any SU player for a interview on ESPN….

    * as fans…watch who you support? & how u support..

  11. cookie fonz

    what is thius a 2 man team there were times in allthe games the same 2 took the ball down same 2 took the shots look at the last game you will see what i mean the same 2 lost the game

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