Staying Put: Brooklyn DT Wayne Williams Sticks with Syracuse, Is Optimistic

One of the most affable recruits in ’13 wishes the Bills Crew good luck, but is excited about SU.

Three-star DT Wayne Williams knew the loss of John Anselmo would hurt. The Syracuse commit admitted to The Fizz Anselmo had always been a father figure to him. No longer SU’s chief recruiter of the New York City area, Anselmo has now moved on to Doug Marrone’s staff in Buffalo. As much as Williams would like to have Anselmo on the sidelines with him this season, he wishes him the best. And the 6’6” 325 lb pass rusher is looking forward to possibly crossing paths with Anselmo in the future.

“It was real crazy for me. Coach Anselmo is the Godfather of New York. New York Football, not a thing gets by him without him knowing. So the fact that he is now with the Bills, everybody is excited because now we have a pathway to the NFL, and that’s great for New York.”

The ASA Junior College transfer grew up being recruited by Anselmo at Lincoln HS. Even despite spending the last two seasons on the Avengers roster in Brooklyn, Wayne and the “Godfather of New York Football” remained close. Like many other NYC recruits over the years, William built up a strong relationship with Anselmo based on trust.

“Coach Anselmo is different from any other coach I’ve met. He has your future mapped out for you as soon as he says hello to you. He puts a lot of pressure on you, but you feel welcome, you feel at home, and you feel that everything he says he’s going to do for you is going to be the best decision for you.”

Syracuse’s coaching carousel is seemingly slowing down after the mass exodus to Buffalo. But Orange Nation is still wondering who will take Anselmo’s place in recruiting New York City’s top football talent. Reports have surfaced stating Orange WR’s Coach Rob Moore is the next best option. Moore is Long Island native, and Williams agrees he is a perfect fit.

“He’s a great coach. Me and him got along, we hit it off real good during my visit. I’m glad he’s going to be the backup recruiter for the New York area. He’s more down to Earth, a younger coach so he connects with us a little more.”

The hiring of offensive coordinator George McDonald will aid recruiting in general for Syracuse, but Moore seems to be a logical choice to work SU’s home turf. Some major damage control must be done with just over two weeks remaining until National Signing Day. SU already lost out on the city’s top ranked recruit again in Ebenezer Ogundeko, and the RB tandem of Laray Smith and Augustus Edwards (two prospects that seemed like locks for the Orange) are wavering after the recent coaching changes.

The last month has been a real eye-opener for Williams has well. He was shocked over the number of coaches that left for Buffalo with HCDM.

“It’s been scary figuring out who the new coaches will be, what’s going to happen, but it is a business at the end of the day, so I’m sure everything will be in good hands.”

But the changes didn’t deter Williams’ decision to stick with the Orange. He strongly believes staying in state with Syracuse was the best path for him and most of the other top NYC recruits.

“The main thing about our NYC athletes is that we get caught up with the brighter lights that are away from us. The [Syracuse] players that we have now – Wayne Morgan, Brandon Reddish, Davon Walls, Ivan Foy 0 we’re going to go out there and were going to show them why New York players should stay in our own house. So, shout out to Ebo for choosing Clemson, my fellow brother Ishaq Williams for choosing Notre Dame, but we’re going to give NYC and New York State something to talk about.”

Regardless of how the next “Vito Corleone” will be appointed, making sure New York City remains a top priority will still be a vital key for SU’s new coaching staff.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. I think that Mr. Williams sat down and thought out his options and came to the same conclusion that I have. coach Shafer has put together a blue collar coaching staff that will no doubt going to be better than what left for Buffalo. So, Dr. Gross what are you going to do to keep this coaching staff in house? I think that you better do something real fast because I don’t think the fans can survive another upheaval like the one that we just went through.

    Wayne,the decision you made to stay at Syracuse was the correct one. Welcome aboard,and I wish you all the best over the next 2-3 years here at Syracuse. Your dream of playing in the NFL just became a whole lot easier congratulations.

    Go Cuse;

  2. aspen425

    WW obviously is mature enough to know that you pick the school. NYC and NY pride starts and stops with SU. Good luck to what seems like a great young man.

  3. This young man has his act together. If Smith and Edwards go somewhere else then what can we do. George Mc Donald puts the competition to shame..

  4. This player did man-up!! Solid kid!!

  5. I’ve liked this kid’s attitude since we first started hearing about him. Like Shafer keeps saying, you want a kid that wants to play for Syracuse. Wayne’s got this great mix of having a positive attitude while still carrying a chip on his shoulder. I think he’ll rep NY hard and do work for Syracuse.

  6. Smitty Section 129

    We need Williams calling the other recruits not Zach Allen. Williams Section 129 will be cheering for you next year.

  7. this simple if williams stays eligable he will be in the game period. as far as nyc goes it still needs to be top priority and yes i feel rob moore is the right guy to recruit down there. nyc is very important for syracuse football and coaches need to be there talking to thse top football would be nice to get in to nj as well. its a real bummer about the coaches that left for buffalo but i really like the replacements that we now have and feel confident they will get the job done. i’m looking foward to the next football season and going into the acc conference.

  8. In reading about all the offers that went out today, I am even more concerned that this staff will ignore the NYC/NJ/LI area. Moore is not known as the best recruiter, and I fear that them giving him this territory (and it is appropriate given his background) is a sign that they don’t care about the turf that much.

  9. “Just win baby” as an old SU Alum would say. That would make Moore’s job of recruting a hell of alot easier!! Don’t you think!!

  10. Cuse Don't Luse

    winfield commits

  11. Cuse Don't Luse

    5 freshmen saw the field last year 3 were unrated starters the other 2 saw back up minutes something to keep in mind cuse hasn’t needed the glamor recruits but with this staff I feel like we will get them

  12. CuseOnly

    @Malone – Please tell us how you got information that leads you to believe that Moore is not “known” to be a good recruiter ??

    Are you on the coaching staff and hear him being scolded for not doing a good job?

    Did you speak with the recruits that said he was a stiff?

    Please tell….

  13. Kevin Fitzgerald

    It’s really a pride thing with Wayne to take his talents to Syracuse. I respect him and the NYC connection for that. He really is a hard worker and is ready to compete. I’ve been telling you guys for months, this front seven–especially the D-Line is going to be nasty next season.

    Wayne said the D-Line is going to pay harder than Miami U in the 80’s.

    And the Winfield commit is big…SU needed a WR in this class. Show how quickly this new staff has been hustling.

    Watch for some big names to pop up with two weeks left until signing day.

  14. @CuseOnly – I have been reading that there is a lot of unsure feelings about him in NYC newspapers (thePost for one) with quotes from the area high school coaches and players, such as Laray Smith. It said that they are not used to seeing Moore, and have no real relationship with him like they had with the old guard. Also in general, you never heard much about his recruiting gets in the three years he was on the hill. I am not saying he is or more importantly will be bad, just that there is a lot of trepidation from the area about him and Syracuse’s commitment to the area.

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