Tyler Ennis Left Off McDonald’s & Drops 53, Boeheim Issues Him a Challenge

Rarely does The Per’fesser put these types of expectations on a freshman, but he has a talent coming in.

Syracuse knocked off Seton Hall Saturday night 76-65, in a game that wasn’t quite a blowout but also was never out of SU’s control. The #6 Orange was fueled by a record crowd at the Prudential Center (over 13,000), and an embarrassing loss to UConn a game earlier. The Pirates are dreadful (13-13, 2-11) so it wasn’t any great effort that SU had to put forward to win. But Brandon Triche stepped up with a big time performance (29 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assist) on a night where both MCW (3-10, 14 points) and James Southerland (4-12, 11 points) shot poorly.

That Syracuse beat a bad Hall team is not all that noteworthy. What is, however, is Jim Boeheim’s comments about Tyler Ennis. Zag’s Blog penned a piece on Michael Carter-Williams’ eminent departure for the NBA (most projections still have him as a top 10 pick). Who steps into the vacated point guard slot? You’d hope it was Ennis, who is having a tremendous senior season. But forget Boeheim hoping that Ennis does just that. He’s demanding it.

Can he come in and start next year if Carter-Williams is gone?

“He has to, he has to,” Boeheim said. “He has to.”

There is some speculation that The Per’fesser won’t be around to mesh Ennis into the starting lineup. Would Boeheim retire at the end of this season and walk away in the final year of the Big East?

Possibly. The idea that any of us know what Boeheim’s thinking, even after three decades on the sideline, is naive. Boeheim has always played things close to the vest. He’s a poker player, only calling your bluff when he needs it to win. Otherwise, he’s holding his cards and watching everyone else.

But rarely have we heard JB put those types of expectations on an incoming freshman. In fact, first-year players are often scorned by Boeheim. Both Dion Waiters and Carter-Williams were driven to contemplate transferring because of limited minutes, and incessant pressure to improve by Boeheim.

Instead, JB is imploring that Ennis must step into MCW’s shoes, with the obvious suggestion he can’t just play, he must succeed there as well.

Earlier this week, Ennis was left off the McDonald’s All-American team and responded in impressive fashion. He dropped 53 points for St. Benedict’s in a 116-65 rout of Eastern on Wednesday.

His coach Mark Taylor told SNY.tv:

“We were pissed, our team was pissed. Tyler was upset. Our team said, ‘Listen, Tyler, go off tonight. We are giving you the ball and go show everyone you can do this for everyone tonight. You’re the type of player who is all about the team.’ Our team was all about Tyler tonight.”

Ah, the modern virtues of high school and AAU ball. No matter, Ennis is a spectacular talent. His 53 came on 24 points in the first half and 25 in the third quarter. He made five 3-pointers and went 13-of-16 from the line. He is considered one of the top incoming freshman in the country.

So when Boeheim issues the challenge, it’s noteworthy. MCW has a few more weeks on the Hill left. After that, it’s Tyler’s world.

Posted: D.A.

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  1. I just like the precious facts you provide you with within your reports.I’ll bookmark your website and verify again right here continually.I am particularly sure I’ll gain knowledge of quite a lot of recent stuff appropriate right here! High-quality luck for the following!

  2. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,just checking in….any news on early offers to FB recruits for next year?Can’t wait till spring training!!Guess Ill follow my nose to the kitchen and see where it leads me!!Wheres the bigdipper?I love some of our early offers for next year we’ve already given!!…a few big names!!

  3. I would love to see MCW stay another year. Not only so Ennis isn’t tossed into the proverbial fire (we are also loosing our only other decent ball handler in Triche). MCW will be ‘worked’ by NBA pointgurards. He’ll be relegated to the bench and may take 3-5 years to get any decent playing time, during which he’ll likely end up in the D-league. Sure, he’s a great college level player, but way too shaky for NBA pressure. His turnovers are way too high, shot not great and he need to put on some pounds and muscle to go against the best pointgurds in the world. If he says, as he should – he would get 1 more year of seasoning and would help his game immensely. Go Cuse !

  4. @Russell MacEachern;I just got home Russell and haven’t checked yet on any of the current football recruits. Early signs shows me that this coaching staff isn’t afraid of going into uncharted territories for the recruits for the class of 2014.

    Let’s all hope that Coach Shafer and staff are successful and they bring some of those big names already mentioned home here to play.

  5. @D.A.

    If Tyler Ennis is as good as advertized then when he get’s here next year it shouldn’t matter wither MCW is here or not. We need a point guard period. Maybe Boeheim making those statements is helping MCW make his mind up to go pro at the end of the year.

    For me watching the game Saturday night,we saw the true leader of the team step up and take control of the game. Brandon Triche should be touching the ball more than MCW at the point and running the team.

    Just my observation D.A.,but if we kept MCW at the point I feel the rest of the schedule is going to be real tough on Syracuse and could finish the season with at least 8 loses. I see us losing the Big East Tournament and not making the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament. We have to make a mid season adjustment and put Brandon at the point. Let’s hope Coach Boeheim swallows some of his pride and follows through with the change.

    Coach Boeheim isn’t going to retire for another 2 maybe 3 years.

  6. @Russell MacEachern;

    Russ just got done looking at some of the new recruits that Syracuse have offered. All of the following players are NR,but all have a ton of major DI programs already after them.

    6’0” 215 MLB Detric Dukes from Tucker Georgia
    6’1″ 205 lb. RB Dallas Rivers from Stone Mountain Georgia
    6’6″ 320 lb JUCO OT Chad Mavity
    6’0″ 180 lb RB Matt Domer from Chicago IL.

    For all of you that follow the star rating system. All of these players are NR and you should take a look at the DI schools that are after them to play. I hate to say it Russell,but I don’t think Syracuse has a chance of landing any of them. I still think it’s going to be interesting though.

  7. Russ&Ron…Hey guys! These guys did such a good job leading to NSD, I haven’t begun to look past this current class. Like for example: finding highlights of all members of the ’13 class. Im sure we’ll land a eye opening recruit by February 2014!

    Ennis….. 1. 25+24 pts = 49 pts(not adding up to 53 as article suggested) SLOPPY FUZZ…

    2. @Ron…Ennis played on ESPN a month ago! He had good #s(14 & 6 assists?). I also watched a game his junior season. He has IMPROVED, but he’s no MCW! MCW was a 20+ pt scorer at the same level, but w/ huge difference in athleticism, & size.

    3. Devendorf- BE championship as frosh, Jonny Flynn- started as frosh, Donte Greene- (17 & 7) as frosh, CARMELO- ultimate 1 & done freshman! So when u write “expectations & scorning” FRESHMAN, @fizz ur not accurate. HCJB plays his talented, young or old, WHOMEVER will help get a win!

    4. Disgruntled as u describe it, is telling 18 yr olds, “hey you have ta pay ur dues like the upperclassman did!” ENNIS HAS NO COMPETITION TO START AT PG…LITERALLY HE HAS TO START! @fuzz..dumb dumb dumb. If MCW stays, Ennis gets the ball, and MCW moves to SG. Ennis is a traditional PG: IQ, can distribute, knows gameflow, can defend too, unlike MCW who CHUCKS UP GARBAGE shots & passes every other play…

    5. He’s our only option! Ennis, Cooney(lol), freshman SG from Indiana, Michael Gjinbe(?)! For 2nd year in row…SU will only have 3 guards! Doh!

  8. @bigdip;

    Looking at the recruits that Syracuse has offered early,makes a person like me dream about the possibilities of how the future of the football program going to be,with the recruits that their going after.

    I agree with your assessment about the basketball team. If Ennis is that good he will start and a player doesn’t have to be 6’4″ to play the point.

    In the above article D.A. stated that he thought Coach Boeheim might retire at years end. I totally disagree with him making that statement.

  9. Cuse Don't Luse

    @big dip it says 25 first half 24 3rd quarter so then u assume he put up 4 in the 4th before he pulled them … always be hesitant with criticism and cus will have 4 guards but if u have ever watched boeheim coach basketball u know he will slim that down to 3 probably redshirting patterson or benching cooney since he generally tempts u at the start with all the depth then only plays 7

  10. Fred Fep

    Actually 25 in 1st half and 24 in 3rd quarter would add up to 49 in 3 quarters, they won by almost 60, so he scored 4 in 4th qtr.

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