Ferocious Final Four: Here’s The Last Wave of Recruits Who Visited Syracuse

Chicago LB Reggie Spearman could be another Midwest commit via Shafer’s connections.

It’s crunch time for Syracuse, and the final weekend before National Signing Day has already paid handsomely. SU had a handful of recruits take their official visits to the Hill, and even received a commitment from speedy Florida DB/WR Brisly Estime.

There are now 19 commits in the Class of 2013, and a source close to the situation tells The Fizz there may only be room for 2-3 more recruits. Here’s the Final Four: the last wave of recruits who visited SU.

WR/DB Brisly Estime

3-star              5’9”, 185 lbs              Atlantic HS (Delray Beach, Fl)

Watch his highlights here. Fellow Floridian and good friend Malik Brown single-handedly pitched Estime’s (pronounced “Es-TEAM”) game to the SU coaches within the last couple weeks. He’s a bit undersized at just 5’9”, but his coach at Atlantic HS, Chris Bean, loves his explosive quickness.

“He’s an underrated kid nationally. I always compare him to Devin Hester, with his ability to break a game open with his returns. He’s thrilled by coming to Syracuse.”

Estime won his league’s defensive player of the year honor, and had straight up ridiculous stats as a DB, WR and returner. He piled up four interceptions, over 300 receiving yards and four TD’s through the air. He took back an amazing FIVE kick and punt returns for TDs. Syracuse finally has found its return specialist in 2013.

His story is unique, though. According to Jeff Greer of the Palm Beach Post, The Brizz committed and decommitted to Purdue in June, and the same happened in December with Iowa State. The Cyclones pulled his scholarship once he visited Western Michigan in January. According to Estime’s Twitter, George McDonald and the Orange coaches want him to play the slot. It’s a unique get for Syracuse who could use the speed on special teams. Oh, and by the way, you have to love his HS jerseys from this past year.

OLB Reggie Spearman

3-star              6’3”, 225 lbs              Simeon Vocational HS (Chicago, Il)

The big LB has been all over the recruiting radar since committing to Illinois in August. Even after he pledged to the Illini, Spearman was always open to looking at other schools and taking visits. Although he is still committed to Illinois, Iowa is very high on his list. Syracuse offered Spearman just two weeks ago and it says something that the Orange convinced the pass rusher to visit just days before NSD. The new coaching staff has the Midwestern connection with Coach Scott Shafer, Chuck Bullough and Tim Lester’s Western Michigan tie-ins. He is the 15th best pass rusher in the state of Illinois. The Chicago native’s motor never stops, and has quick first step. Spearman could join Marqez Hodge, Josh Kirkland, and Luke Arciniega as the fourth LB commit in the 2013 class.

OT Kendall Moore

3-star              6’5”, 265 lbs              Simeon Vocational HS (Chicago, Il) 

Spearman didn’t come alone to SU. He brought his teammate Moore from Simeon. Moore committed to Western Michigan a couple of weeks ago, but is still taking visits. He and Spearman might become a package deal if both of their visits went well. Moore is ranked a top 20 prospect in the state of Illinois, and already has great size. Two-star commit Jonathan Burton and JuCo John Miller are the only other offensive line commits for SU.

DB Simeon Thomas

3-star              6’4”, 190 lbs              Miami Carol City HS (Miami, Fl)

And last but not least is Thomas. It might only be a matter of time before the Miami native pledges to SU. He has had a great relationship with McDonald since he was a freshman in high school, and has been recruited by him for the last three years. Thomas told The Fizz how much he looks forward to the possibility of playing for McDonald, and an Orange squad that could storm the ACC as an underdog. He is a versatile player and can play corner as well as safety.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. These are 3 star players. Brisly is 5’9″. Devin Hester is 5’11”. Come on DA.. Give me a break! Other three have good size. Stealing players from Western Michigan certainly makes you wonder. The Miami kid can play but he is way down on the local lists of talent. He”s a good 3 star. South Fl talent is a tough yard stick. He’s nothing spectacular.
    In the end, with Cuse’s lack of commitment to FB….2 star coaching staff and antiquated facilities….what do we expect?
    When Nancy, the current sports administration and Shafer are gone we can start again.
    Wait till you see how badly this class ranks nationally!

  2. Windy City OL player would be a nice get. Never have enough OL players.

  3. Cuse17 – Please go back to posting your rhetoric on syracuse.com. Yawn.

  4. Cuse17 you have to look at the offers that this guys got and the reason the class will rank so low is b/c of all the Juco Marrone got that are all 2 stars. Now go look at the guys the new staff has brought in. Depending on what recruiting Site you use Most of those guys got 3* by one site or another and could possible land 2 more hs 3 stars and a Juco Transfer that was a 4 star out of H.S. Which means that they would’ve land 8 3 star recruits and 4 2 stars in a month that says a lot about how good this guys good by with a full season to recruit.

  5. Duany Duany

    Looks like Laray Smith is headed to Indiana. I expect McDonald to recruit a big name RB for 2014.

  6. OrangeCrush27

    2-3 schollies left and you got, hunter, moore, spearman, funches, thomas, smith, coley and singleton looking at possibly joining…

  7. Terry……we agree…O line..never enough..6’5″ & 265 out of high school..room for bulk…not optimistic about him coming. Be a good test..if they haven’t ” given away” all their scholarships he and Spearman would make a nice package…If Shafer has any pull it’s in the Midwest… I continue to think he lacks the juice for big time FB. We’ll see???

  8. let Smith gp to a busted program like IU

  9. Dr. Bill

    Can we all agree to stop commenting on cuse17’s posts until he starts making some sense. He is entitled to his opinion and we respect that, but I will choose to read them..and say…next…and move on!

  10. Duany Duany


    We have more than 2-3 scholarships available. We can sign up to 5-6 I believe. We can also revoke scholarships from current players if it was really neccessary, scholarships aren’t guaranteed. You should probably do a little homework before you post next time.

  11. cuse17 have u ever watched coach shafer coach during practice. If u have u would have no question that he will do a good job and i feel they are already improving recruiting over good ole dougy. Wait for a full year and u just might have to keep quiet. Also they sure do seam to coach up alot of two stars to be pretty good players. U do have a right to your opinion even if it sucks. Have a good recruiting day boys, make us proud to be from the cuse.

  12. saltine44

    Estime might just be the next Noel Devine…..guys a little undersized but is a missile in the slot. These types of players can have major impact on the college level and will be fun to watch for the fans. Fill up the carrier dome. Cant wait for football season!

  13. Indiana=Smith!! Some sites have Smith a steal( but don’t mention SU). Can’t understand that at all!! I said this about dougie and caught hell from his homers, but something SMELLS here. INDIANA come on!! Is Smith that pissed off at the dougie dump or is Mr Williams in his ear daily!! I like to know?? Loose Smith to a top 30/40 team I can see, but not the lowly Hoosiers!! That’s a poor state of affairs, isn’t it!! We’ll see Wednesday!!

  14. Will this NSD be a hit or a miss for this staff?I’m going to guess its the former. If we can land some of the above players we will have exceeded all expectations after Marrone took off for greener pastures.

  15. I still don’t get how people can call Doug Marrone a bad recruiter. Given what he had to work with, he did quite well. Signing 4 star athletes three years after Gerg? …well, that’s pretty good.

    Also, no doubt with the help of assistants like Shafer, Adkins and Wheatley, reopened pipelines to FL, and found new pipelines in talent rich states like GA, TX, CA and the midwest.

    I believe this staff is going to take recruiting and this team to new heights as well, but without the foundation established by Marrone, no way we’re in a position to land even more talented recruits or even hire a guy like McDonald. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

  16. Duany Duany

    @ Terry

    Rumor is Smith is more of a track guy then a football player. He may have picked Indiana because they have a top 10 track and field program.

  17. First Time

    Question for any season ticket holders. Does anyone know what a season ticket in sections 130 or 129 would run per seat?

  18. Smitty Section 129

    I’m in section 129 and I think but I’m not sure it was like 170 for a season tix.

  19. Smitty Section 129

    Did Smith really chose Indiana or is that just a rumor

  20. Best thing Marrone did….was bring Shafer to the cuse.

  21. LaRay Smith made his final visit, a trip to IU…lol…HCDM recruits were just plain iffy! Like I said.. Allen, Edwards, Carter decommitting meant nothing! It was an opportunity for better recruits. An opportunity for some good athletes to get a quality education, & play football in perfect conditions( in dome conditions) every Saturday!

    I thought Ishaq, J Jones, EO, Qb Kelly, akeel lynch, OL officer were loses… but rethink your/our recruiting strategy, SU just picked up (5) recruits with 4.4 – 4.5 40 speed, ALL playmakers or ballhawks? All guys that have produced… for every (so called) bigtime athlete HCDM lost: HCSS recruited their clone, THIS CLASS!

    * Ishaq- Trejo…Kelly/Allen- Wilson/kimble…Jarron jones- willams
    * EO-kirkland/brown … akeel lynch- Estime… any wr- Cooper/winfield

    The comparisons line up… @cuse75 did a class by class comparison that was cool on the other thread. No matter wat the ratings say on NSD, SU got better this CLASS!

  22. 4orty4our

    My worst nightmare is coming true. I see a lot of syracuse.com’ish posts right now. Ughh I thought this site would never get the likes of Cuse17’s….just can’t get away from these clowns.

  23. OrangeCrush27


    Good way of looking at it. Def agree with you there. I like that jarron Jones/Williams comparison. Big fan of him.

    Smith and Edwards i feel will always boggle my mind.

  24. Smith to Indy for track=maybe. But no super $$$$ in track unless your a Olympic talent and Smith isn’t. At least not yet. Gus and him going just plain stinks some way!!! Didn’t SU just have a guy win the NCAA hurdles last year or so.

  25. Russell MacEachern

    Word is Laray Smith has an “aversion to contact” to put it nice!!Stay on the track LS!!

  26. “These are 3 star players. Brisly is 5’9″. Devin Hester is 5’11″. Come on DA.. Give me a break! Other three have good size. Stealing players from Western Michigan certainly makes you wonder. The Miami kid can play but he is way down on the local lists of talent. He”s a good 3 star. South Fl talent is a tough yard stick. He’s nothing spectacular.
    In the end, with Cuse’s lack of commitment to FB….2 star coaching staff and antiquated facilities….what do we expect?
    When Nancy, the current sports administration and Shafer are gone we can start again.
    Wait till you see how badly this class ranks nationally!”

    Damn your dumb, this coaching staff has been recruiting for a few weeks. A lot of these kids are recruited by schools since 9th-10th grade and they are establishing relationships in WAY less time. Considering the situation, I couldn’t be happier with what they brought in. As far as BE being 5’9? Mike Hart 5’9/ Ray Rice 5’8/ Deion Branch 5’9/ Julian Edelman 5’10/ Wes Welker 5’9… His speed is elite and he has great vision on returns. Plus, we want him as slot. I think McDonald knows a thing or two about recognizing talent at the WR position.

  27. “LaRay Smith made his final visit, a trip to IU…lol…HCDM recruits were just plain iffy! Like I said.. Allen, Edwards, Carter decommitting meant nothing! It was an opportunity for better recruits. An opportunity for some good athletes to get a quality education, & play football in perfect conditions( in dome conditions) every Saturday!

    I thought Ishaq, J Jones, EO, Qb Kelly, akeel lynch, OL officer were loses… but rethink your/our recruiting strategy, SU just picked up (5) recruits with 4.4 – 4.5 40 speed, ALL playmakers or ballhawks? All guys that have produced… for every (so called) bigtime athlete HCDM lost: HCSS recruited their clone, THIS CLASS!

    * Ishaq- Trejo…Kelly/Allen- Wilson/kimble…Jarron jones- willams
    * EO-kirkland/brown … akeel lynch- Estime… any wr- Cooper/winfield”

    Okay, while I appreciate your optimism, there are some things you are just flat wrong about. “Marrones recruits were just plain iffy”? Zach Allen would have been GREAT here, even though I do like Wilson and I really like Kimble’s athleticism. Agustus Edwards would have been the best player we brought in. I know kids that played with him, I know kids that know him personally and I’ve watched him play and we are REALLLLY missing out on this one. Kid is a freak, he would of excelled at RB or LB, but I wish him the best. Carter decommiting is huge, he’s a ROC kid who runs like a deer and has great size. He may have been a little raw but nothing a red shirt cant fix, huge loss. With that said, the coaching staff has done a great job getting some kids to fill these holes. Cooper, really excited for. Winfield, little less excited then Cooper, but has great speed and could be a play maker. But I think out of everyone you list, Wayne Williams will be the one who really makes an impact. CAN NOT WAIT FOR WILLIAMS! Our interior is going to be SERIOUS, which will help out our linebackers a lot.

  28. We shall see what finally shakes out of the recruiting basket but Shafer and his staff have done a very good job of holding the line and maybe even adding to it after Marrone left and gutted the program by taking 7 SU assistants with him.

  29. Blindside

    Stars Stars Stars!!!!! way too much emphasis on stars there are thousands of players in South Florida big and small who can beat out a lot of these manufactured kids who are pumped up with the best creatin and kreyaklin on the planet, who have been coached by ex pro athletes and college coaches and have the connections to get stars for the next level but many of them fade away at the next level when now the studs get that same level of nutrition and training. A lot of the player who are great players are the ones every body doubted because they did not pass the eyeball test of size at some point Ray Luis, Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade I like ND but Alabama beat down should have sent a clear message. Stop Playing and Get Some Real Studs not one who poke out the media eye balls and lame coaches because they are super sized, on every legal and illegal enhancement that their young bodies will allow size is good but skill, agility, ability and football IQ is what wins championships do your thing Kid these people are seriously delusional.

  30. Blindside

    And naive!

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