Crazy Thought: Could Senior Night Be Syracuse’s Last Win of the Season?

It’s not inconceivable considering how the rest of the schedule will matchup in March.

Could tonight’s game against DePaul be Syracuse’s final win of the season? It’s scary to think that way, but judging by the recent swoon, not impossible.

The Orange has lost three straight and dipped down to No. 17 in the AP Top 25. It has been a tough stretch of play, but SU hasn’t helped matters with lethargic effort and ugly offense. After Senior Night against the Demons, Syracuse finishes at #5 Georgetown. The Hoyas are 15-1 at home, and are on a red-hot 11-game winning streak.

A split over the next two would put SU at 11-7 in the league, good for likely the 6-seed at MSG next week. That would give the Orange a bye on Tuesday, and on to play the winner of the 11/14 Wednesday afternoon. While taking on Seton Hall, Rutgers or South Florida would seem to be a win on paper, one has to wonder where SU’s confidence is right now. Combine that with a final shot by opponent to take out the Orange as it leaves the conference, and every game will make fans sweat next week.

Right now most project SU as a 4-seed. But a loss to the Hoyas and an early exit from the B.E.T would likely put the Orange as a 5 or even 6 seed. Who would feel comfortable in the NCAA 5/12 or 6/11 matchup?

The losses against Georgetown and Louisville hammered home how tough it will be to win the Big East Tournament. The Orange looked dominant earlier this season, but at this moment there are conference foes who happen to be better. After the loss on Saturday, Jim Boeheim made puzzling statements.

Boeheim is a Hall of Fame coach. He knows exactly what he is saying and doing. He said he likes this team. Right now it has to be hard to like this team. Syracuse is lacking a talented and reliable big man to grab rebounds. Rakeem Christmas, Baye Keita and DaJuan Coleman have contributed to a soft team in the front court that lacks toughness to battle for rebounds.

All three need to find a way to be tougher and more aggressive down low both on offense and defense, so opponents can’t take advantage so easily.  Boeheim also addressed his concerns with Brandon Triche. The senior needs a big game tonight as much as anyone. If Triche can put up big numbers against DePaul, it might be a big enough confidence boost for him to pick up and lead this team for the rest of the way. Shooting 2-for-11 and turning the ball over seven times is a matter of both not being effective and hurting his team.

The key to a turnaround is fixing this array of missed shots. It’s leading to rebounds the big men aren’t grabbing, meaning the opponents have taken it up court quickly, and scoring.

To the Syracuse men’s basketball team: it’s March. Time is ticking. Senior Night should be special for Triche and James Southerland. There will be plenty of fireworks against a DePaul team that’s last in the league with just two conference wins. Let’s just hope tonight isn’t the last smiles we see for the season.

Posted: Austin Pollack

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  1. The team really lacks motivation to play hard for 40 minutes. When they get after it, they look really good. Otherwise, they look like they’re just waiting to lose. MCW doesn’t care if he wins or loses; he just wants to try and throw a pass and get an assist – anything to raise his stats. Coach is too passive – wait in the zone versus going out and attacking like he did years ago. If they win tonight, that’s if, this probably will be the last win of the year. Too bad.

  2. Who says their going to win the game? The game is not a given for Syracuse. Expect DePaul to come in and play Syracuse tough. Syracuse shouldn’t be over confident in tonight’s game. This could be the upset of the year.

  3. The upset of the year was Penn. St. Over Michigan

  4. Hey OrangeFizz, what the HELL is going on? News broke on the radio at noon about 2 football players arraigned in city court today and didn’t give no details. Your a little slow reporting on this story. Who are they and what did they do?

    With the basketball team in a funk and now this news about the football team,are we entering a black hole with Syracuse Athletics? What the hell is going on man?

  5. Dr. Bill

    This team is playing bad right now…and looks bad….no post play and no scoring…..The NCAA Tournament…..we will be dancing…..but hard to imagine us getting past the first two rounds……

  6. orangeinva

    Last win of the season???


    Cuse wins tonight AND at G’town.
    Then they win their first two at the Gaaahden. Who is the unbeatable 1 seed this year in the NCAA? Exactly! IF this team could regain the form of early January, we could reach the Final 4.

    I know you think I’m nuts but the potential is there. If Triche heats up and Christmas awakens, we are as good as anyone and capable of beating anyone.

  7. Andrew

    I like Orangeinva’s story, but I believe the article..

  8. Carlton

    They could go to the final 4. No1 is head an shoulders above another team. KU lost 3 straight and it wasn’t even against great teams. ‘Cuse lost 3 games in a row vs ranked teams and was in everyone of those games. Think we finish with back to back wins an make the finals of the BE tourney. Still don’t think this team gets by the sweet 16 but the possabilty is there.

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