Experts: Palm Says Syracuse to Final Four, Jalen Rose Predicts Round of 32

The nation’s pundits are split on how much success Syracuse will have in the brackets.


ESPN’s Jalen Rose thinks Syracuse has just one one win in it, and he felt that way even before the run in Manhattan last week. Meantime,’s Jerry Palm sees SU dancing all the way to Atlanta. These are the drastic swings of the pendulum for Orange expectations across the nation.

SU gave its fans hope in New York City, reaching the final against Louisville. Before that SU was spiraling, needing Madison Square Garden to find some of its long lost mojo. But the Orange is a 4-seed in the NCAA brackets based on winning three games in the Big East Tourney, and will face Montana before a potential matchup with the winner of UNLV/Cal.

Just last week, the Orange hopes were as dim as the March sky in Central New York. High above court level at the Verizon Center in the regular season finale sat members of the Syracuse media watching a wretched performance.

Midway through the first half, Rose took a seat in the area and provided some insight to The Fizz on the upcoming NCAA tournament. Topics included Syracuse’s chances and his picks for the teams that will make it to the Final Four. He only provided three teams: Indiana, Duke and Georgetown.

Indiana nabbed a 1-seed, while the Hoyas and Blue Devils are on the 2-line. Rose believes Syracuse win its first game, then lose in the Round of 32. He’s not the only one. While SU’s elevated play in the Big East Tourney helped its seeding, the second half meltdown to Louisville reminded fans how fickle this team can be.

CBS Sports’s Seth Davis actually picked Montana to pull the upset in San Jose on the Selection Show. But not everyone was as down on the Orange. Palm is CBS’s resident number-cruncher and bracketologist. He actually has SU knocking off the top two seeds in the region (Indiana and Miami) en route to Jim Boeheim’s fourth Final Four.

The rest of CBS’ college hoops panel looked at SU this way:

  • Gary Parrish – Round of 32: Syracuse losing to UNLV. 
  • Gregg Doyel – Round of 32: losing to Cal. 
  • Jeff Goodeman – Sweet 16: losing to Indiana
  • Jeff Borzello – Sweet 16: losing to Indiana. 
  • Matt Norlander – Elite 8: beating Indiana, losing to Mami. 
  • Jerry Palm – Final 4: beating Indiana, and Miami. Losing to Kansas. 
  • Dennis Dodd – Round of 64: losing to Montana. 
  • Mateen Cleaves – Sweet 16: losing to Indiana. 
  • Wally Szerbiak – Elite 8: beating NC State, losing to Miami
  • Pete Gillen – Elite 8: beating NC State, losing to Miami

Posted: Austin Pollack

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  1. Dennis Dodd and Seth Davis are idiots

  2. The talking heads have no better clue than anyone else. It is fun to guess and they are paid to be assholes.

    I say they lose to indiana in the sweet 16. Well see!

  3. And we all call these guys the experts that know what the hell is going on.

    They’re guessing just like everyone else in the country that is playing a bracket board this year.

    If these guy’s are so good at predicting the winners,shouldn’t they all be in Las Vegas making millions of dollars on their picks.

    Does anyone out side of CBS know if any of these experts are millionaires or not?

    I only see them as a bunch of idiots and that’s being kind to them.

  4. I’m glad you guys are as much a know how kind of guys too!! Losing to Montana(unless its spelled Vermont) would really question JB’s quality as a coach. Scoring 40/50 a game will get you no where!! My bracket has SU going as far as 32!! I hope I’m wrong,but my money is on this one!! Only fate will change this season from its own ashes!! Good luck Cuse!!

  5. CuseOnly

    My money is on the over. Over or under 14 exclamation points in Terrie’s next post.

  6. Bigeastisclosed

    Jay Williams also has us beating Indiana…

    I think we create a matchup nightmare for Indiana

  7. @Terry;

    So your telling us that you believe that Syracuse is going to beat Montana right and don’t have a chance in the second round against either the 5th or 12th seeded teams. Well just to let you know,if they play ball the way they did against Georgetown in the Big EAST Tourny,then I have them beating Indiana in the “SWEET 16” and moving into the “ROUND OF 8” where they beat Miami and move on to play Kansas in the “FINAL 4”.

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