Is SU’s Next Starting QB Drew Allen? The ex-Sooner Could Be in the Mix

A heartbreaking weekend in Atlanta will leave a sour taste in the mouth of Orange Nation who was looking forward to cutting down the nets. The loss means SU now turns its attention to Spring Football, and a hopeful commitment from ex-Oklahoma QB Drew Allen. The former Sooner was frustrated at OU. He was Landry Jones’ back up for most of his career, and now highly touted Blake Bell is on the horizon.

It doesn’t look like Allen has much of a future in Norman, and Joe Schad of ESPN says Allen’s visit to Syracuse last week went well. He graduates in May, and will be eligible this fall. An Oklahoma report says he is leaning towards the Orange because of the offensive system now in place.

Allen is also scheduled to visit N.C. State before he makes a decision on where he will play his final season. There are several reasons why a commitment from Allen would be an important pickup for the upcoming season.

  • Who is the QB?

There is no clear starting QB for the Orange coming into the season. Charley Loeb is most likely to take over, but only because SU really doesn’t have any experience at the position. Terrel Hunt and John Kinder are still huge unknowns, and Ashton Broyld is out all of spring practice. Allen has every opportunity to start for a team who has talent at other positions, especially in the backfield.

  • Boomer Sooner

Although he only had 30 pass attempts in Oklahoma, Allen was around a vast, winning culture that expects nothing but wins. SU is trying to make the move from average program to a great one, and the big time mentality at OU is a great one to have experience in. Bob Stoops has a program that prepares players to take the next step and compete with the best talent in the nation. Hopefully Allen can take some of that knowledge and bring it to an SU program that could use some teaching on and off the field.

  • Greg Paulus 2.0?

This transfer situation is a flashback to Paulus when he transferred to the Orange in 2009. Although he’s not the long term solution,  there is a lasting benefit. With Ryan Nassib gone and commits like Mitch Kimble and Austin Wilson coming in, Allen would be a nice bridge for a team in its first year in the ACC. Allen could step in and show the younger guys how to prepare for a major football conference. SU also has A.J. Long coming in two years, so this could be shaping up as a nice run at the QB position.

Drew Allen doesn’t necessarily have to be the savior of SU football, but he can add a winning piece to a team that is going through a culture change with coaches and players.

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  1. Ron says:

    @Zephan Mayell;

    I hope that we don’t experience another fiasco like we did in 2009 with Greg Paulus.

    If Drew Allen wants to be QB at Syracuse he should have committed to the program 5 years ago. Bringing him in would be a huge slap in the face to the 3 QB’s that we have on the team now.

    He may be a good QB and in the short term help us win this season,but what would be the long term benefits of doing this? Your telling a kid that’s given his all for 5 years,no matter what you’ve done or accomplished,it’s not good enough to be our QB. Long term I think this move hurts the team. I hope he goes somewhere else to play.

  2. AlbanyCuse says:


    I think having him come here helps show that Cuse Football is continuing its trend back to national relevancy.

    If he comes here, all it does is increase the competition at the Quarterback position. As a coach you put the best team you can on the field. Loyalty is a great thing, but in college football winning is a greater thing.

    If he comes and shows the coaching staff that he is able to outperform the other QB candidates, he deserves the starting nod over RGLCL.

  3. Dubs says:

    I think he will be good for the QB competition and give our younger QB’s the extra time to develop. I’m not thrilled about Loeb at all and his only pass in the Pin Stripe Bowl was a lame duck. It wobbled the whole way through. Terrell Hunt is making some noise in spring ball though and that is exciting. I really want a QB that can run, they give opposing defenses headaches.

  4. Terry says:

    DA your back on football thank you!! Really admired HCSS recent presser. Right off the bat he mentioned the SUBB efforts in the Final 4! He congratulated JB and the team. True Class. He seems like a strong alum. I mentioned(in an other site) that I never heard my anti-hero dougie do that(verbally) about something going on about other programs and he is a so called strong alum. I caught all kinds of hell on that one. I think HCSS is really sincere about this program and is not sitting around hoping for a poor Paulus moment to happen again. It looks like HCSS has learned about how to jump start or at least try to jump start a program instead wait and see like the last couple of years. Give them hell HCSS we got your back!! If Allen shows up at SU it wouldn’t hurt. The QB situation here is limited!!

  5. TnT says:

    Paulus played 4 years of college basketball prior to transferring. This isnt even close to being comparable.

  6. Andrew says:

    If he is a better QB than who we have, it would be ridiculous not to take him and start him.

    This is a program and a fanbase that wants to win, I dont care much for the players feelings. Just win.

  7. LouR says:

    I hear he has great speed and comes out of a great system at Okla. If he comes here and make a difference which I believe he can lets hope he makes the move here.

    I was at the scrimmage the other day and Hunt looked the part of a QB. Loeb can’t get out of his way and Kinder is mediocre.

    He was really impressed with the Carrier Dome and the ither facilities at SU. Coach Shaf and mc Donald are going after some good players and Drew would be a great addition at SU

  8. Ron says:

    It looks like I’m in the minority on this one folks. I hope all of you are correct on this one. I will keep quite and say no more.

    GO CUSE;

  9. SaviorAllen says:

    This is nothing like the Paulus situation. Paulus hadn’t played football since high school and he was coming from a bad football school and entering a situation where there was a clear cut starter (Nassib). We have no clear cut starter and Allen is a transfer who’s actually played QB the last 4 years at a good football school. It’s not a slap in the face (I agree the Paulus situation was) because Hunt, Kinder and Loeb have had more then enough time to separate themselves and they haven’t. The Paulus situation didn’t exactly work out poorly for us either. It gave Nassib an extra year to develop and now he’s a potential 1st round pick.

  10. TnT says:

    I hope nassib is a 1st rounder. Anyone think Shamarko gets picked in the 2nd?

  11. Malone says:

    @Ron-Your loyalty to the guys we have is admirable, but if both Allen and Loeb are short term solutions. I think this staff feels the future of the QB position is not enrolled yet. Hunt, if he is capable of beating out a redshirt frosh after three years in the program, gets the nod in 2014. If he can’t do that, then this move is more than justified. Here is what I see; with two 1000 yard rushers and the best O-line we’ve had in a long time, the only guy to see the field during the season other than Nassib, was Broyld, and most of us feel he has the longest shot of all at QB, injuries aside. Loeb threw one pass in the bowl because Nassib’s hat came off (he was popped pretty good). That tells me all I need to know about the rest of the competition already on the roster. Allen can be no worse then that, and he brings a better pedigree with him.

  12. Ron says:


    Everyone’s opinions posted here is why I love being a member of this site. I get a chance to see/read other view points that makes a whole lot of sense and puts a different perspective on things for me. You guy’s are seeing something that I’m not and I appreciate it all.

    My point that I’m trying to make is,over the last 5 years this young man has worked his behind off and his loyalty to the program needs to be rewarded.

    I know that you guy’s make a legitimate argument. Maybe the three QB’s attitudes that we have in camp just haven’t showed the coaches enough to convince them that they’re the one to lead this team in 2013 and beyond.

    No matter what happens,I have faith in Coach Shafer to make the right decision. I mean after all he knows more about what the needs are for this team than I.

  13. orangeinva says:

    So in Aug we will have Kimble, Wilson Loeb Kinder and Hunt… so let’s bring in aLLEN who hasn’t started a game in 4 years and has completed 18 passes for 160 yards..because maybe he is marginally better than Hunt or Loeb..Afterall he has the knowledge and experience of a big time program.

    How close is what Lester/McDonald are putting in to what has been run at OU?

    I would hope at this “visit” they checked Allen out to get a 40 time and gauge armstrength accuracy on all throws. To Kimble and Wilson it won’t make much difference. But to the other 3 it tells them and the “locker room” they(Loeb/Kinder/Hunt) have no future at SU and wasted 3-5 years of their life.


  14. orangeinva says:

    I just did a little homework, didn’t realize Allen was a highly rated HS QB who just happened to be stuck behind Landry Jones. My bad.

  15. orangeinva says:

    uhhh…somebody is posting for me… I know that 4 years ago Allen was a top 40 QB.

    I didn’t write the 1:07 pm post immediately above.

    Paulus was a highly rated QB too. After 4 years he could throw slant passes and bubble screens but could not throw the ball downfield greater than 45 yards.

  16. Derek says:

    Judging from Sunday’s scrimmage, Hunt takes starting duties if Allen doesn’t come here. He was lining up with 1st team more than Loeb and was throwing some nice balls. That said, they both had some terrible, face-palm throws.

  17. Malone says:

    @Derek I didn’t see the scrimmage, but that is the vibe I was getting from chatter. Thanks for the input. I think this is best primarily because I think AJ Long is the one the staff really wants to see running the show. This would give Hunt two years to make things happen. Wilson was recruited by the previous group. Kimble was a last minute grab because… well I just said it. I think Long is the one they have eyes for. Everything in between is just to get us there. That is why they are talking to Allen and giving Hunt the shots. I don’t think Loeb has a real chance. I agree with you Ron, it’s sad and a pretty tough statement for the staff to make (ripple effect) but they are trying to win, and I guess they figure showing a dedication to that serves them better in the short and long term than showing dedication to Loeb.

  18. DuanyDuany says:

    This isn’t pop warner, the coaching staff can’t be concerned about hurting players feelings. It’s their job to win, and the fact that they’re even entertaining Allen leads me to believe that they think he gives them a better shot to win then any of the other 5 QB’s on the roster. Who cares if he didn’t play much at Oklahoma, none of the QB’s on our current roster have played much either… I agree with Malone 100%, AJ Long is the guy long term.

  19. Smitty Section 129 says:

    If Drew Allen is better then anyone we got then let it rip. If he is not I’m convinced Terrell Hunt is the QB not Loeb. Let who ever the better QB be earn the job. If Allen is better then anything we got then let him lead us into the ACC. Bottom Line is we are loaded at running back and will run over most teams.

  20. bgogo says:

    I agree with most of the others here, although all opinion are good. The loyalty argument can’t just go toward Loeb and the others. Coaches have to be loyal to the other players in giving them the best chance to win, and to the fans to produce the best team. Also, I don’t buy that Loeb or the other qbs got nothing for their time here. They got a first-class, free education, and in Loeb’s case a graduate year to boot. Athletes at this level know they’re signing on to compete for starting jobs and that the best man wins. If they’d wanted a slam-dunk starting job, they could have gone lower-division.

  21. Terry says:

    See what happens when SUFB is not written about for weeks. The fans let loose!! My comments on Paulus were about his lack of ability and it showed in the “wounded ducks” he threw. No matter how many years he play College BB does not matter. The Paulus experiment was wrong. Ryan was really hurt by that. Imagine his #’s if he played instead of Paulus. Allen is stop gap I think or hope he is. First he has to turn down North Carolina State. NCS is in the same situation as SU. Their hurting for a Quality QB too!! Either or SU might not be perfect but its all its got. After all most of the QB’s mentioned other than Loeb are runners. And they get hurt. Ryan did not run much remember. So the starter might no complete the year any how. Its the young bucks coming in later that really will dictate SU’s success in the future!!

  22. Ron says:

    Interesting discussion going on here guys. Difference of opinions going on here with all of us staying civil to one another.
    Great job by all folks.

    Well Terry it looks like football is off to a very good start.

  23. BigDip says:

    Landry jones’ back up threw 30 passes…Loeb threw about 1-3 passes! Theyre not too different. As far as winning culture, 2 bowls in three years, I doubt one transfer would get us to a 3rd! We needed Paulus,we dont really need this bench warmer.. I like our bench warmers. HCSS will appreciate this opportunity more than HCDM.. we have 5 qbs, and hybrid Broyld, if he can get su to a bcs bowl you take him,,otherwise its a huge gamble w/ chemistry… i feel u @ron. Loeb deserves a shot, and anyone not in Spring ball, is fighting uphill to crack the depth chart most seasons.

  24. BigDip says:

    @terry…Ryan started two winning seasons, the paulus season su went 4-8, mike williams quit, d davis was our go to guy(terrible thought), Paulus was about the most interesting thing going on in non bball sports,or NYG news! paulus’ wins in the Dome were very exciting dude! The experiment worked :

    1. Paulus got experience at su that eventually lead to his OSU job.
    2. A local kid got a shot at the NFL..
    3. Su wasnt a disaster! 4 wins, couldve been 1-2?
    4. He helped inject excitement into a dead program: espn interest
    5. Nassib couldnt even beat out Cam Dantley?
    6. Paulus was a top25 qb leading up to the draft, Nassib was nobody? I still have the predraft magazine…it helped generate buzz!

    * that said, Paulus helped usher in the turn around. And his deep ball is still superior to Ryans. How about this….Paulus’ #s would have drowned Nassibs #s had he played fball!!!!!!!!

  25. BigDip says:

    Not for was like Jordan playing baseball! Rustiness vs talent? But Paulus in comparison (altho diff sports), had superior statistics in his sport! @terry..i kno you were born to be a hater, but I loved the paulus season! Ya point about “nassib” is irrelevent…. so wat he couldve had better stats? He couldnt have had a better draft stock than right now! So it all worked out…. smile for @ron! Lmbo…

  26. [...] Is SU’s Next Starting QB Drew Allen? The ex-Sooner Could Be in the Mix OrangeFizz A heartbreaking weekend in Atlanta will leave a sour taste in the mouth of Orange Nation who was looking forward to cutting down the nets. The loss means SU now turns its attention to Spring Football…[read more] [...]

  27. Terry says:

    Well Ron it lasted for a while, the sane approach anyway. Anyone who thinks the Paulus debacle was what SU needed is in need of solid counseling!! The duck thrower was embarrassing. That last throw(if you call it that, it had feathers on it for sure) he made to the End Zone at the end of a game(NW) still haunts me. Ryan playing at that time would have made him even a better QB now. Paulus couldn’t throw or run. He did have a mind though. The CBA alums out there lust can’t stand criticism of their own.

  28. Ron says:


    I thought the Paulus experiment wasn’t only a hugh joke,but a giant scam and the only ones laughing were his parents and Greg himself. He got the 5th year of education needed for his masters FREE.

    I’m in your corner on this one Terry. To start him(in hopes of filling the dome)was a mistake that I still have hard feelings about and to this day still don’t understand why it was done.

    We all understand that every team has 4-5 QB’s and getting the starting job is extremely hard. Syracuse has Charlie Loeb,John Kinder and Terrel Hunt that’s set the bench and is now fighting for that job. Just because Drew Allen went to Oklahoma doesn’t make him a better candidate. After all he set the bench for 4 years too. The three that we have on the team have worked hard. I say give them chance to prove their worth.

    Let’s all stop and take a look at last season. Who out there ever thought that we would ever see a red shirt FRESHMAN
    (Johnny Manziel) win the Heisman Trophy.

  29. Andrew says:

    @ Terry

    “… The Paulus experiment was wrong. Ryan was really hurt by that. ”

    “… Ryan playing at that time would have made him even a better QB now.”

    I think he will get over it when he is drafted in the first or second round and starting for an NFL team in a year or 2.

  30. Terry says:

    Your right Andrew!! But Ryan would of or might of won 1 or 2 more games too!! After losing those snaps to the dougie experiment did not help Ryan AT ALL!! Ryan looking at Paulus on the field he had to think(at that time) why me!! Paulus was a joke and it was on Ryan!!

  31. Andrew says:

    It sold tickets… ?


  32. Russell MacEachern says:

    Hey guys,is it safe to talk football again?Man its nice to see all my old friends arguing football again!!….Nassib sitting during the Paulus year slowed down his progress by 1 year!! Imagine Nassib with 1 more year!!Killer and maybe lottery worthy?His loss was also our loss but Paulus aint complaining!!I really dont disagree with Dipper about the excitement tho it was a circus and sorta fun but slowed Nassibs progress!!!Just shows what a local star could add to the Dome!!

  33. Russell MacEachern says:

    Hey Dip,PYBBIYPs,lol..

  34. BigDip says:

    Guys guys…. he went from a Pg to a starting Qb. He threw for 2000 yards after his all- rookie (NFL) wideout quit on him. I’m not the gentleman who printed the publication that rated Paulus top20-25? Nor the GMs that gave him a shot in NO & FB?

    SU’s other options 1 Dantley 2 former Qb turned te? 3 Nassib… I mean,after seeing SU go like 1-10, 4-8 was an improvment! Hypotheticals aren’t really valid @terry… I was saying Nassib COULDVE GONE 1-10? You would sacrifice WINS FOR CAREER YARDAGE? How didn’t Paulus work…THE BACKUPS WERE BUMS?

  35. BigDip says:

    Your point is really wishful thinking: fielding a FRESHMAN, wouldve resulted in less wins…WHO CARES ABOUT YARDAGE OR LEARNING CURVE? NASSIB was great at SU…its not reality thinking his freshman season would help his draft position in anyway, except clipboarding it…HE COULDN’T BE HOTTER AS A PROSPECT, but @terry ur point is unintelligent… ur not a fan?

    * Instead of saying Paulus did an admirable job, NASSIB shouldve started .. gone to 4 bowls.. & played himself into the top5 picks, right? All this wisdom after 3 years of hindsight? Ur Miss Cleo…

  36. Russell MacEachern says:

    Dip,Like I said its hard to disagree w/u at this point and I think Paulus should’ve stayed home and played football instead of hoops…he had a great long ball and VERY HIGH football IQ not to mention the excitement a local star brings to the Dome!!Nassib following Paulus at Cuse??.imagine what potential those 7/8 years might have been?…btw Dip,I see we have the copycat poster back again!First bgogo,Normastits,Ron and our friend above??Hows he pulling that off?

  37. Russell MacEachern says:

    Anyone know if Carltons been posting?I no hes a HUGE hoops fan and his teams all had great years…I love his views and honest opinions,Im curious if FSU is going B1G?I hear tOSU convinced Mich and Wiscky to approve them!!…??

  38. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern;

    Russell,it’s nice to see that your up and around posting again. Yes Carlton has been posting.

    After reading about Syracuse,looking at and might be going after a JC QB,leaves one to wonder what the hell is going on. Does Coach Shafer actually belief that none of the three QB’s that we have now has shown the staff any leadership qualities needed to run the team? Is he bringing Drew Allen in for one year and going after a QB from the JC ranks to fill the gap until A J Long arrives?

    If either scenario is true then it’s high time for Terrel Hunt and John Kinder to play another position or transfer out because QB isn’t going to be an option for either of them.

    I think with Long,Kimble and Wilson coming in at QB,things are going to get real interesting for Coach Shafer and the football team in 2014,REAL INTERESTING.

  39. Russell MacEachern says:

    Yea Ron,I agree with ya on that…no more quick fix’s or temporary measure’s!!Especially tired of so many Juco’s but between Kimble,AJ Long,Wilson is our future after C Loeb or Hunt gets their shot this year and give the young guys a chance to adjust!!!Remember Wilson showed loyalty to us when most bailed!I like him!!(character)

  40. Russell MacEachern says:

    it looks like HCSS don’t have much faith in these young guys?The only way I take a JUCO QB is if he’s an juco AA 1st or 2nd team but otherwise stick with ur youth and let them grow!!…I thought some of these young QBs had real potential,I wonder what they think when they see this stuff?I’d like to see what a running QB like Hunt can do?

  41. ron says:

    @ Russell MacEachern;

    It seems that most programs are looking for the duel threat QB. We have two of them on campus in Terrel Hunt and John Kinder. I agree Russel,why not give those two a chance at the position that they’ve played all of their lives.

    What about the QB’s coming in next year? You may be right,AJ Long won’t be here for a couple of more years and probably won’t start until the 2016 class. At this point in time Russel,things are a little confusing for me and I hope as time goes by get straightened out.

    If I were the coach(and I’m not)I don’t think that I would be going after a JC QB. To build trust with the team I think that I would go with what I already have.

  42. Russell MacEachern says:

    Agree Ron,there aint many Cam Newtons out there and even if their was we could’nt afford him!!CL and Terrel Hunt should get their shot after 3 yrs keeping the bench warm if they give us the best shot to win while Kimble and Wilson learn the ropes!I cant wait to see our running game next fall!!We really should be able to run the ball down the ACCs throats while our QBs learn!Our DL should help too!!

  43. Lefty says:

    Arguing about what Paulus took from Nassib is one of the biggest waste of times I have ever seen. Nassib could just have easily been severely injured and never have played again. Who cares what might have happened? We’re talking about a QB who is transferring here and may help us win games. Are you guys really so shortsighted or football dense to think that the best QB won’t be on the field? Any player realizes that he can be stuck on the bench due to a better player showing up. Spending 4 years on a team is not a guarantee that you are going to be the starter. Some guys just don’t have the talent to be a starter, regardless of how much time they are on the team. If Allen is better than Loeb and Hunt, he should start. If you want to play, get better than everyone else at your position! That is what sports is all about.

  44. Russell MacEachern says:

    No arguing with that Lefty just that Allen hasnt demonstrated the initiative to come early enough to mesh w/the guys and learn the system?I agree tho if hes the best chance to win….use him!Waiting till August wont help him tho!

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