Is SU’s Next Starting QB Drew Allen? The ex-Sooner Could Be in the Mix

His visit went well, and he could provide a great bridge to the younger QBs.

A heartbreaking weekend in Atlanta will leave a sour taste in the mouth of Orange Nation who was looking forward to cutting down the nets. The loss means SU now turns its attention to Spring Football, and a hopeful commitment from ex-Oklahoma QB Drew Allen. The former Sooner was frustrated at OU. He was Landry Jones’ back up for most of his career, and now highly touted Blake Bell is on the horizon.

It doesn’t look like Allen has much of a future in Norman, and Joe Schad of ESPN says Allen’s visit to Syracuse last week went well. He graduates in May, and will be eligible this fall. An Oklahoma report says he is leaning towards the Orange because of the offensive system now in place.

Allen is also scheduled to visit N.C. State before he makes a decision on where he will play his final season. There are several reasons why a commitment from Allen would be an important pickup for the upcoming season.

  • Who is the QB?

There is no clear starting QB for the Orange coming into the season. Charley Loeb is most likely to take over, but only because SU really doesn’t have any experience at the position. Terrel Hunt and John Kinder are still huge unknowns, and Ashton Broyld is out all of spring practice. Allen has every opportunity to start for a team who has talent at other positions, especially in the backfield.

  • Boomer Sooner

Although he only had 30 pass attempts in Oklahoma, Allen was around a vast, winning culture that expects nothing but wins. SU is trying to make the move from average program to a great one, and the big time mentality at OU is a great one to have experience in. Bob Stoops has a program that prepares players to take the next step and compete with the best talent in the nation. Hopefully Allen can take some of that knowledge and bring it to an SU program that could use some teaching on and off the field.

  • Greg Paulus 2.0?

This transfer situation is a flashback to Paulus when he transferred to the Orange in 2009. Although he’s not the long term solution,  there is a lasting benefit. With Ryan Nassib gone and commits like Mitch Kimble and Austin Wilson coming in, Allen would be a nice bridge for a team in its first year in the ACC. Allen could step in and show the younger guys how to prepare for a major football conference. SU also has A.J. Long coming in two years, so this could be shaping up as a nice run at the QB position.

Drew Allen doesn’t necessarily have to be the savior of SU football, but he can add a winning piece to a team that is going through a culture change with coaches and players.

Posted: Zephan Mayell

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