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Shafer Should Dismiss Two Syracuse Players Arrested for Stealing on South

Update: Thursday, 7:03a.¬†Good for Shafer. News comes down he indeed dismisses both players from the team. As detailed below, the simple grounds of stupidity should be enough. The scope of the crime is ridiculous. To hatch a half-baked plan to rob South Campus apartments is far worse than an emotional reaction outside a bar or in a police car. Why suffer fools, especially if they’re second semester juniors still acting the fool? Glad he tossed them. Didn’t belong with a scholarship with that type of nonsense. He made a quick decision, and didn’t go half way with some mealy-mouthed “they’ll sit out the Spring Game” silliness. Good job.


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Some events leave you scratching your head in Orange Land. Michael Carter-Williams’ late-game decision-making in tight spots. Darryl Gross’ orange/orange/orange football uniform concept. And now Markus Pierce-Brewster¬†and¬†Davon Walls robbing a South Campus apartment.

How do two players in their junior years, with just one final season of eligibility, concoct an idea to steal $950 worth of electronics? College kids (myself included) can be stupid. But this ridiculously brain-dead decision even stretches that admission.

First, you’re going to engage in any type of criminal activity which could easily compromise your final year of football? While neither player was a star, MPB was expected to make big contributions on the defensive line. Yeah, throw that away for a chance to steal an Xbox and some video games. Good idea. Not sure what defense they’ll have. They were caught on security camera.

Thefts happen all of the time in the dorms and South Campus. Been happening for years. Students leave their rooms unlocked and head to the dining hall. On South, it can be eerily quiet in the middle of the day when students are at class or in this case on a Saturday when people are out doing things. Probably seems like the time for a perfect crime.

But how could these two think it’s worth the risk to steal less than $1,000 of stuff? An Xbox, two iPods, a few video games… and a 19″ television? Think of how small a 19″ screen is. So the criminal mastermind says, “Yo. I know these two dudes who are gonna be at the mall Saturday afternoon. They got this little TV, an Xbox, Call of Duty. Let’s snatch that.” What, you’re going to split $500 each? And risk a free education and your chance to maybe play for a paycheck?

Something was up. Two other apartments in the same complex were hit up at the same time by two other students. So clearly they were all in on it together. They knew when the apartments would be empty/open and split up the targets. So Wells and MPB should be embarrassed. You’re going into criminal business with two punk kids who everyone will forget about in 12 minutes? You two are the football players who will make headlines, and sacrifice your full rides.

Scott Shafer may suspend them for the first two games of the season. He may only hold them out of Spring Practice. Me? I hope he tosses them both off the team. Marcus Sales is riding around with his brother’s drugs. Marquis Spruill wrestles with cops. Both returned to the squad.

But tag-teaming a South Campus apartment for a little TV and two iPods? They’re juniors in their second semesters. These are not snot-nosed freshman idiots who are a few months removed from prom.¬†Get them out of here. Give me a break. Toss them on grounds of stupidity. Your move Shafe.

Posted: D.A.

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