Marrone Out, Marona In: JuCo DE Tyler Marona Brings Edge Speed to SU

Better late than never for Syracuse commit Tyler Marona. He still had not found a place to play this fall until last week when SU gave him a long look. After reviewing an extended list of top available prospects, the Orange reached out to the 6’5” 250 lb. DE and placed an offer. The Pasadena City (CA) Community College committed to the Orange last Friday on his official visit.

Defensive line coach Tim Daout began recruiting Marona hard as soon as SU made him an offer. Marona and Scott Shafer hit it off well. and the DE gained excitement from talking about the new staff. Marona makes it 20 members for the 2013 recruiting class. He’s the seventh JuCo transfer and joins Trevon Trejo as the second DE in the group. Marona played one season at Pasadena City, so he’s eligible for three seasons on the Hill. Although he hoped to be at a four-year university coming out of high school, Marona tells The Fizz he’s happy he played with Pasadena:

“I don’t regret it. I got the chance to start. We weren’t very good, but I tried to lead by action and example. It helped me grow and helped me realize it’s not always going to be easy. It shows that hard work pays off.”

Marona received some late interest from Miami, West Virginia and extra attention from Colorado. He had planned a visit to Boulder for this coming weekend. But Syracuse pushed last for Marona. In his lone season with Pasadena, he tallied 25 tackles, five for a loss, and two sacks in 10 games. The numbers aren’t astounding, but the defensive system at Pasadena strongly resembles SU’s:

“The defense we play here compares to Syracuse because it’s a rotational system. I usually averaged 55 repetitions each game out of 80 total snaps. So the numbers aren’t great, but I had a high motor all the time. That style allowed me to actually go 110% every play. I think I control my motor well and I have a great IQ. Here and there, I also think I have good speed off the edge.”

He makes a great point. Part of the reason Syracuse’s defense dominated last season was its multiple schemes and rotations. There’s a reason why Shafer stopped Geno Smith three times in the last two years. Shafer delegates very specifically, especially his defensive guys. The little things key the Orange success, and those resulted in SU wins last season. Marona understands that concept already so he’s got a leg up. Heading from Cali to CNY will be an adjustment, but Marona acknowledged the ACC shift and the sunnier whether down south.

“Playing in the Dome will be pretty cool. I have to say the Big East was a small conference. Now with the ACC, it sends a lot of guys to the next level. To get the chance to play against some historical powerhouses is cool. I am anxious to play in the ACC.”

Marona did admit he lost track of the Orange around midseason when the team was 2-4, but watched the entire Pinstripe Bowl even with no clue of potentially playing at Syracuse:

“I twitched my eyebrows watching (Pinstripe Bowl). When the season was all said and done, I actually thought about the idea of getting a chance to play there. They play real hard. Guys like Ryan Nassib and the rest of them showed how tough they are and play every play hard.”

The thought now has become reality for Marona. He’s been in contact with his former conference rival, now teammate, Trejo. Both played against each other while Trejo was at Golden West. The pass rushers are pumped to get to work with one another.

Marona had just finished a workout before speaking with The Fizz. His official letter of intent is on its way, so he’s been checking the mailbox every day for the last week. He’s anxious to sign on the dotted line and make the cross-country trip to SU. A late addition, yes, but another quality pass rusher is on the way for Syracuse.

Posted: Brendan Glasheen

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  1. ron says:

    Losing Markus Pierce Brewster on defense was a hugh problem for Coach Shafer and replacing him with DE’s 6’5″ 250 lb Tyler Marona and 6’5″ 245 lb Trevon Trejo. If these two players live up to their billing,then the defensive unit should be awesome and MPB shouldn’t be missed at all.

    Welcome to the Orange Nation Tyler,I think you’re going to love playing in the ACC.

    GO CUSE;

  2. orangeinva says:

    Trejo, Marona, Micah Robinson, Walsh, (maybe) Raymon, Manley at DE// Crume, Bromley, ZJones, Williams and a few others at DTackle..we’ve got numbers..we’ve got size..Do we have the TALENT to raise hell on ACC offenses??

  3. Ron says:


    I read somewhere that Tyler was the 22nd recruit added to the program. Is that true or is your number 20 the more accurate one? Either way we are getting more than what was anticipated for the 2013 Class.

    Go Cuse;

  4. Terry says:

    Could not of said it better Ron!! Depth always killed dougie. I think HCSS saw that and at least he’s not sitting on his hands and doing nothing!! Just hope the new blood can fulfill their promise!! But still its hurts that MPB had a brain fart and is gone. You can never have enough skilled players!!

  5. Ron says:

    @ orangeinva;

    The names you mentioned alone should boost ticket sales this year. Ordering my tickets for the Penn State Game in another week at the Spring Scrimmage Football Game. Can’t wait man,at the moment,things are looking pretty good for Syracuse. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Go Cuse;

  6. Ron says:


    There are some things in life that I have understanding. Losing MPB is one of them. He always seemed happy to me and was full of life when talking to him. I met his girlfriend and she promised to take real good care of him and was going to keep him out of trouble. In short everything was going his way and I really thought that he would have a ligitimate shot at the NFL after graduation.

    For me Terry it still hurts that we lost a player like Markus. It still hurts.

  7. chris says:

    Marona is a great example of this coach’s determination on the recruiting trail. Cleasrly most coaches ignored trying to recruit this player who will be a impact player for Syracuse at the DE position. Kudos to Shafer and company.

  8. Andrew says:

    Hope this guy can make an impact. He has good size but other than that, does not sounds terribly impressive.

  9. Dubs says:

    @Andrew – worst case scenario it brings competition for the starters so they get better.

  10. Ron says:

    I just finished watching the tape on 6’1″ 210lb OLB Alryk Penny who committed about the same time as Tyler Marona and boy he looked pretty darn good to me. He stays home and doesn’t over pursue,waits to see where the play is going then goes after it,fights off his blocks and tackles in the oppositions backfield. He said he had to gain more weight to get stronger and will red shirt in his freshman year. Oh,I forgot,the kid’s pretty smart to boot.

    You all should look at this kids tape.

  11. Ron says:

    Sorry guy’s I hit the wrong tab again,the kids name is Alryk Perry not Alryk Penny.

  12. Terry says:

    Ron remember hundreds of football players have come through the great program of Syracuse University and graduated successfully(alot of them anyway). Its a minority that ghettoed up and got a deserved kick in the butt off the SU team. MPB got a free ride for education and maybe the NFL or even a degree from a damn good University. I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR THIS SORRY CASE OF A COLLEGE STUDENT. Hundreds of worth while students who would BEHAVE had no chance at a SU education mainly because of lack of funds. His gangster behavior caused his demise. Do feel sorry for him. Feel sorry for that brilliant deserving student out there that did not get the same chance as MPB did!!!!

  13. Russell MacEachern says:

    Wow,these late add-ons sound exciting….do they have any stars or are they NR? ITs good talking football again!

  14. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,ya gotta remember these are just 20 yr old kids…I had to go into service at 17 for stupidity but live and learn!!Once I got away from the Newark streets and broke away from the old gang,when I got back most were dead or in prison and I made better decisions on who I hung out with!I still acted a little silly (drinking,streaking,fights) but nothing felonious!

  15. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,guys,I just heard Drew Allen commited!!Not sure if its good or bad news?Whats it gonna do to the guys who waited their turn?Its not like he was a starter or ever put up numbers anywhere BUT…it MIGHT send a message to bigtime kids its OK to come here!Seems like we’ve been jinxed w/the best recruits for a long time…now we’ll be EXPECTED to produce right off the bat!!Not that I thought we would’nt!What say you?

  16. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern;

    Our backgrounds are similar Russell. I never belonged to a gang though. Coming up on the streets of Newark was without a doubt harder than what I went through. Started drinking and getting drunk at 12. Was on the streets fighting at that age as well. Thrown in jail almost every weekend. Fighting was a joke,I couldn’t attend a dance on weekends because of the reputation that I had gained. I finally sobered up and realized what a damn fool I was at the ripe old age of 23 and haven’t had a drink since. But once a street fighter always a street fighter,the reputation doesn’t ever go away. I owe my turn around in life to my wife. Without her I would have either been in prison or dead today and would never had a chance to be talking about it to people like you. We’re two of a kind Russell and I’m proud to call you friend. Glad your back posting.

    I wouldn’t have ever said that all JUCO players are criminals. MPB seemed like a nice kid that had his head on straight. I thought that he was a victim of cicumstance. He’s made a mistake that has cost him his future and is going to live with that decision for the rest of his life. For me that’s sad.

    Growing up Russell there were lessons to be learned. I learned that you never destroy another persons property,never steal from another person and when your a guest in someones house you never ever go into their refrigerator.

    Now it’s high time we start talking about some football. Really looking toward the upcoming season.

    I know Terry,I’m babbleing again. Sorry.

  17. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern;

    Who out there saw that a 5th year QB from Oklahoma(Drew Allen)would be playing his final year at Syracuse University? I know that I didn’t. As I said earlier(all winter long)that Charlie Loeb would be the starter with John Kinder as the backup this year. Boy how wrong can a guy get? WOW!!!

    I hope that Coach Shafer knows what he’s doing and doesn’t send the wrong message to the rest of the team by bringing him aboard.

  18. Russell MacEachern says:

    Unfortunately the Marines and times did nothing to discourage hard partying on offtime(alcohol/drugs) so I used drugs and drank till I was 29 and been clean and sober for 32 years!!Funny tho I still worked and managed to keep a clean record!I worked hard and partied hard since I was 10 years old!The Marines base was where civilians came to get drugs in the 60s/70s!!

  19. Russell MacEachern says:

    It was’nt really A gang,I meant MY gang or friends!!We were considered hoods or greasers back then!!Leather coats,squareback haircuts and sharkskin pants w/Italian knit shirts!!

  20. 4orty4our says:

    Anyone else think Russ and Ron should get a room?

  21. Ron says:

    Excusing 4orty4our’s stupid remarks let’s get onto more serious matters.

    It looks like we had another JC player commit to Syracuse and another JC RB that we’re interested in.

    6’0″ 215 lbs RB Travis Lock out of JC Garden City NY

    6’5″ 315 lbs OT Michael Lasker out of JC from Riverside California (committed)

    5’9″ 192 lbs RB Mikale Wilbon out of De La Salle Institute Chicago Illinois. Depending on who you ask he’s rated a 3* by some and a 4* by others.

    I’m a little concerned with all of the JUCO players that is being recruited by Syracuse. What’s the reasoning?

    @Brendan Glasheen;with Drew Allen transfering and Michael Lasker committing to Syracuse does that give Syracuse the limit of 24 players for the class of 2013 or do we have room for more players?

    Now back to 4orty4our and his stupid remark. It’s apparent to me that you you don’t know to speak honestly to people and that you have to hide behind a computer to speak your mind. Like I said before,I gained a lot from a man that I’ve never met and some day hope that we will meet and share a football game together. I’m proud to Russell a friend,he’s gone through and endured more than you can ever imagine. I’ll call Russell a friend until the day I die. If that bothers you so be,but on the other hand outside of yourself,who really gives a damn. I hope you enjoy the football season,I know I will.

    GO CUSE;

  22. Ron says:

    With all of the running backs Coach Shafer is after for the class of 2014,I’m wondering what is going through Naesean Howards mind right about now. I know we’re going to need more at that position,by bringing in more does it look like he might switch and play on the defensive unit?

  23. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,thats not the same Travis Locke from Lynnbrook?I know in his sr yr in HS he was just over 5’8″ 148 lbs….if its the same one boy did he grow!!How many offers does he have?Stars?Ive seen a pic of that Wilbon kid..boy is he stacked!!Like a young Ray Rice,he’d be a great get!!

  24. Russell MacEachern says:

    Where do those clowns come from?If he was a regular he’d already know about the Fizzfam and the relationships developed and ingrained on this board over the years that make the Fizz special unlike those cheezy other boards where everyone has to think the same way w/no respect for each other!!

  25. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ive seen 4orty4or’s posts b4 and he’s usually OK?I hope its not the copycat poster?He’s always messing around on this site!Or maybe its just in jest Ron?Anyway no harm done.

  26. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,btw,Naz Howard will never be a rb for Cuse more likely a DB!He’s probably gonna kr/pr and play S or CB.

  27. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern;

    I’ve read his post before and agree Russell that he’s probably joking around. I know that his post have always been informative and to vthe point.

    Travis Lock is a JUCO player and is listed at 6’0″ 215 lbs out of Gearden City NY. That’s the best I can do at the moment Russell.

    Your right on about Mikale Wilbon,looking closely at his picture he is stacked and I hope that he comes to Syracuse.

    Have you heard anything on the recruits that Syracuse is after out of NJ? I know that Shafer is after 2 maybe 3 players off of Don Bosco’s team. What about that Winfree kid from South Jersey? I feel with the recruits coming in this year and what will be recruited next year is going to make Syracuse a force to be reckoned with in the ACC.

    I just left my sons house and while there he told me that Rutgers is still being investaged by the NCAA. Is that true? If so how long has it been going on? Is that why Greg Schiano left for the NFL?

  28. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern;

    Russell if you haven’t already seen the picture of our latest commit,go to and take a look at the picture posted of 6’5″ 315 lbs OT Michael Lasker.

  29. Ron says:

    According to 6’5″ 315 lbs OT Michael Lasker is the 23rd player committing to the Cuse for the class of 2013,and Drew Allen who transferred from Oklahoma is the 24th player coming in to play for the Cuse.

    Travis Lock is N/R at this time Russell according to the web site.

  30. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,thats a bunch of ESPin jealousy/crap because they lost the NJ/NY media market to the B1G/FOX!!RU runs a clean and VERY VISIBLE program and the UMDNJ mergers caused some Jersey politico hacks to try and make gold out of hay!!Ive spent the last week contacting everyone I know to save Tim Pernetti’s AD job!!He’s a very beloved figure in NJ and politicians are gonna fall over this!All this stuff was widely reported in DEC and no one cared…the B1G is backing RU and they know whats up with ESPN…the NCAA will find nothing…just routine…notice ESPN don’t mention Auburn??btw,its all basketball related and RU got 3 commits during this bullshit!!8 altogether!!

  31. Russell MacEachern says:

    ESPN’s getting their just rewards for starting all this realignment crap….they got caught with their pants down w/RU,MD B1G takeover!!

  32. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,the commits were Football not Hoops above in case it was’nt clear.RUs hoops will be better for all this in the long run but as you know Im only into WBB because of all the 1 and 2 year wonders in MBB!!What ever happened to the “student” in student athlete?

  33. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern;
    I hadn’t heard anything on Rutgers being investagated by the NCAA before yesterday. What I did hear/read was all about the basketball program with the head coach along with one of his top assistants leaving the program. Nothing to do with the football program. As far as I’m concerned the NCAA investagating anything has become a joke.

    I did read where the football program has picked up a couple of 4* athletes though.

    The fundamentals of basketball are much better in the womens game. Their play making/passing the ball to the open spot and going to the basket are so much better than the men. I know that when you watch a womens game,to most its boring because there isn’t any slam dunking of the ball during one of their games,but if you watch them closely and pay attention you’ll see the fundamentals exacuted flawlessly 95-100% of the time.

    To prove my point,people who watched the Womens NCAA Tournament this year and watched Breanna Stewart play the game would have been amazed. I think she single handily defeated Notre Dame and Louisville in the Final Four that brought UCONN it’s 8th national title.

  34. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,BINGO,thats exactly why I enjoy WBB as you stated!!They play the way I learned to play and played right its a BEAUTIFUL game!!I was actually a decent hoops player but along the lines of SUs Cooney,a great 3 pt shooter even to this day and was my fav sport to play as a kid….my nephews are amazed at the height and length of my shots!btw Breanna Stewart could have been a difference maker at SU but instead chose the easy way..Shes the best tall white girl Ive seen since my friend Sue Wicks played at RU!!Coach Q will get it done tho it’ll just take a little longer!!

  35. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,Im a little puzzled with our sometimes great and sometimes questionable recruiting?But I think were on the right track and if we don’t get screwed in realignment were on our way to better things….I think the days of losing seasons are a thing of the past!!Im looking forward to a tough defense and a punishing running game!Old fashioned east coast hardnosed FB!!

  36. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,keep an eye on Eric Murdock,an ex RUhoops employee, PC hoops guy from Bridgewater,NJ “probably Hobbstown” who was’nt extended (contract) and tried to extort 1M from RU for his silence and finally sold them (hoops practice tapes) to espin…..he’s being investigated by the FBI…we aint heard the end of this!!He wanted to buy into a chic NJ shore bistro with the money!!(thats the way I understand it!)

  37. Ron says:

    Coach Q has brought in another “top 10″ rated class that has twin 6’4″ sisters coming to play for the 2013/14 season. I honestly believe that if Brianna Stewart had signed with Syracuse and played with Brianna Butler and Brittney Sykes(both McDonald All-Americans)that they would have played for the national championship. Things should be real interesting when the season starts again in November.

    I hope everything turns out ok for Rutgers with the NCAA investagation Russell. You know it only takes 1 rat to spoil everything that others has taken years to build. I hope the person who sold the tapes get’s everything that’s coming to him.

    You and I have different points of view and have sparred with each other over the recruiting JUCO players. I personally think that these players will help the Syracuse Football Team over the next 3-4 years. Syracuse is ghoing to be one of a very few college teams that will start both the offensive and defensive lines averaging 300 + lbs this year. That alone Russell should make things real interesting.

    Go Cuse;

  38. Russell MacEachern says:

    I think in our case (jucos)it was the quickest way to keep up for the short term but if it becomes common it will leave the impression we can’t compete evenly for the true student-athlete which I dont believe for a second…everyone takes a juco filler here and there but its IMO not the way to build a team!!Its sorta like if the Giants couldnt draft right or spot talent and stuffed their rosters with FAs!!

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