Neon Deoin: Speedy FL Corner Deion Hallmon Tells Fizz Syracuse in His Top 5

The Orange will have to battle the big boys to land one of the best corners in Florida.

Syracuse is in the middle of a battle with the big boys to land a highly sought prospect from Florida. That would be Cypress Bay High School CB Deion Hallmon. The ’14 Weston, Florida product has ranked the Orange in his top 5 schools to play for. With over fifty offers, Hallmon tells The Fizz he has narrowed his decision in no particular order down to Florida State, Syracuse, Rutgers, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

What shouldn’t surprise us is the man going hard after Mr. Hallmon: “The Mailman” himself George McDonald. GMcD has plenty of experience recruiting the Sunshine State and was spent time as a Miami assistant. Hallmon told The Fizz the new OC offered him in early May and their ties from years past has helped keep SU in the conversation:

“My connection with Coach McDonald is pretty good. We’ve been talking since he was in Miami. He’s recruited me ever since. Now that he made the move to Syracuse, it has my eye on that program.”

Syracuse has done a phenomenal job with the new staff expanding its recruiting roots, as six of the eight commits are from different states. Linebackers coach Clark Lea has been huge, but don’t forget McD. A Florida product considering SU is reassuring for McDonald’s strong influence there. Hallmon sees Syracuse as a win-win situation if he decides SU:

“It has great academics and a nice campus. To also be able to play football and take advantage of strong academics is great.”

On the gridiron last season at Cypress Bay, Hallmon had the eye of an eagle in the defensive backfield. He recorded 7 interceptions for the Lightning. The 5’11”, 165 lb. Hallmon runs at 4.40 40 yard dash:

“I’d say I’m very aggressive, especially in man defense. I like to cover the best receiver of the opposing team. I’m also good at reading the defense in zone coverage. Either way, I’m very aggressive in the backfield on D.”

Hallmon’s aggressiveness fits McDonald’s repertoire of passion and fire on the field. McDonald is obviously an offensive guy, but he sees Hallmon as a strong asset for the defensive-minded, “hard-nosed” HC Scott Shafer. The three-star Hallmon is ranked 45th at his position and a Top 75 Florida player by Rivals. Ranking high amongst other Sunshine State players speaks volumes to his talent and ability.

Seems like no 2014 commit can be on board without speaking with the anchor AJ Long. Hallmon tells The Fizz he’s spoke with Long via text and Twitter. He even spoke very highly of the new WR commit KJ Williams, AJ’s cousin. The idea of rebuilding Syracuse football to where it once was with an already talented, poised class, that includes Long and Williams, could have Hallmon on board very soon.

Going forward, Hallmon has made it clear that he won’t be making a decision until the fall after seriously evaluating his fab five. Florida State offered Halllmon two weeks after Syracuse in May. As a Weston, FL native, Hollman informed the Orlando Sentinel that he was stoked about the Seminoles’ pitch:

“It’s real, real exciting. I’ve been working hard and waiting for a big offer like this and now I actually got one. My teammate Marquese Dudley-Gordon got FSU too. I’d say probably since my sophomore year I’ve been waiting for an FSU offer. Now after this, ‘there are probably going to be way more. A lot of schools have been looking at me, but not that much. Knowing that FSU offered me, now the recruiting is about to get crazy … all of those schools like Miami are going to be fixing to offer.”

Syracuse is battling the big boys for Hallmon, but he announced via Twitter he’s got a school currently working on his first, official visiting date: Syracuse. Come this fall, Hallmon could add yet another new piece of geography to this already dynamic, diverse 2014 recruiting class.

Posted: Brendan Glasheen

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  1. let’s hope the connection with Coach George McDonald is strong enough to bring Deion Hallmon to Syracuse.

    Wow;Russell,Terry,Malone with a recruit like this committing to Syracuse,it should jump us up to 25th or higher in the class rankings for 2014. What say you guy’s?

    Thanks Brendan Glasheen for giving us another very informative article on a possible recruit. This kid sounds like he’s the real deal,I hope he commits to Syracuse.

  2. If Deion Hallmon decides to commit to Syracuse over FSU and his friend and teammate Marquese Dudley-Gordon decommitted from FSU and decides to come to Syracuse together. Wouldn’t that shock the football world?

    It’s only speculation folks,I’m just day dreaming here. SPECULATION IS ALL

    I see a member of the grassroot movement again notified a possible recruit using twitter to talk Syracuse Football. keep up the good work AJ Long.

    Using the picture that was put in the papers this morning of the new indoor facility,should help some of these recruits make a decision. Russell you need to go to and read all about it. It’s down right beautiful.

  3. Malone

    @Ron – This player is a tough nut to crack. I think I mentioned in a previous post that FSU would be the one to beat for him. He talks up RU and WVU (and SU) but is pretty mum on FSU. I think that is his own poker style. PT is really all we can offer over FSU other than him getting up adn just plain loving it. I think RU is off him a bit, but WVU is still pushing. WVU has recent Florida recruiting history and his mom went there, but FSU is a big and in Florida. they are also ACC so that is not a differentiator for us.

  4. @Malone;

    I remember you telling us that and I’m hoping he commits to us. It would be great if he were to bring his teammate with him to.

    I want to mention an article this morning that touched on what you posted yesterday. You told us that if a school has stock piled talent at a skill position that it could effect the national class rankings.

    I read where the red shirt freshman QB at Texas was transferring out because of a lack of playing time for the Longhorns.

    All I could think of after reading that story,was the information that you provided us in your response to my questions I asked about class rankings and how they worked.

    To all the members of the Fizz Family we’re on the cutting edge of sharing information. No other website has what we all share daily here. It’s just amazing how accurate the information shared is.

    For me gentlemen it just “priceless man Priceless”. Thank you all.

  5. @Terry;

    Things like inviting all the seniors on your team to your house for a “pool party” is what sets Coach Shafer(wearing a Captain America tee shirt)apart from the other coaching staffs.

    I get an overwhelming feeling that the tide has changed,Syracuse has turned the corner and is heading down the road to greatness. Go Coach Shafer.

  6. He didn’t “tell the fizz” that he was down to 5 schools. He tweeted it out to the public. Why are you taking credit for that as if you have insider info or that you’re reporting it for the first time? What a joke.

  7. @Ron, clearly you haven’t been to or Much more insider information, more accurate, better access to what is really going on in recruiting.

  8. @Frank;

    I’ve been to both sites quite often Frank,but haven’t learned to navigate them correctly yet.

    I’m not a computer Geek,it’s going to take some time.

    Thanks for the input.

  9. Hallmon is clearly a huge target for the Orangemen at corner back, considering the situation there going into next season. A very good chance he plays early.He has excellent coverage speed which if teamed with proper technique makes for a “shutdown” kid of player in the secondary.

  10. RON your unbelieable at time. Your optimism is quite strong. This kid will likely play elsewhere unless Coach McD comes through. But this 3-star player will not get SU into the mid-2o’s!! You’re probably the # 1 homer on this site and you never change. I love your excitement for SU. At times you sound like a child on Christmas eve. Just Be RON even at times you babble on! Just be Ron and give em hell!!

    Your absolutly right on HCSS. He’s definitely a players coach. dougie was a dictator and GROB was a joke!! Love that t-shirt too!!

    We need movement on OL,TE, and WR too. And size as well.

    Did you all see Vandy got a verbal from a 4-star DT from Nashville, TN. I guess they can get top quality players, but SU has issues with that!!

  11. @Terry;

    I’m not a person who flip-flops Terry. I stand behind my convictions and I don’t back down from anyone. You and I have had our spats,but Terry we’re both in the same age group and I’m still going to call you friend. I started to read about Syracuse football probably in 52-53. As a kid I didn’t know where Syracuse was,never heard of it.

    Before I retired,my co-workers(so-called Syracuse Fans) would always come and ask what I thought about the upcoming season.
    When I finshed telling them,they made fun of me,called me all kinds of stupid names.
    They stopped buying season tickets and wouldn’t go to the games anymore. The second time they tried that they found out exactly what I was all about. They stopped asking after that.

    Terry,I respect everyones opinion here. I don’t always agree with all of them,but you know that’s what makes this site great. We don’t get nasty to each other like other sites do,we debate hard and I hope honestly with each other. I wouldn’t ask for anything different.

    There’s a group of people here Terry that I consider good people and all of them friends. You,Russell and I are the elders of the group. We have a wide range of participants of all ages. Let’s not ruin it because we disagree on any given subject.

  12. @Terry;

    From what I’m reading,there are a lot of uncommited OL & DL players. I believe we still have a shot at some of them. Let’s not give up on Maviety or Holley yet.

    I believe that we’re going to have some big name recruit to commit to Syracuse that will surprise the living hell out of all of us.

    When I talk about the winds of change blowing across the football fields of Syracuse University,I mean it. Can’t you feel it Terry?

    What did you think about the design of the new indoor facility that was released today? Now be honest,did you ever think anything like that would happen here at Syracuse University?

  13. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,go to Todderick Hunt and see his interview with Mr Deion Hallmon!!Methinks he talks too much!!

  14. Russell MacEachern

    W/o saying anymore I think Malone probably caught the interview?

  15. Russell MacEachern

    @Malone,I think he maybe using us,RU and WVU to get FSU to give him a “solid offer”?

  16. Brendan Glasheen


    I actually talked on the phone with Deion last night on the phone. When I asked him about how his recruiting has gone, he specifically told me his Top 5. Not everybody, even though most people do, has a Twitter account. Not only that, not everyone has the luxury to have access to Cuse Nation or SyracuseFan. I apologize of this information wasn’t newsworthy to you, but some people are unaware of this news. Thanks for your input, though.

    Brendan Glasheen

  17. Mademan

    Hey guys, wanted to pass this along about Holley. I talked to somebody close and his insider says when the smoke clears, it going to be a three team race putting SU, Notre Dame, and RU with Diaco going hard at getting a commitment. His mom wAnts him close but we will see.

  18. @Brendan Glasheen;

    I do use both sites that Frank recommended that I use. The only way that you get any information on the recruits is you have to pay to get it. I won’t do that. Once in awhile we get people who doesn’t agree with everything that happens here.

    I’m glad for the information you provide and reall enjoy being a member.

    keep up the good work,it’s appreciated.

  19. Russell MacEachern

    That was rude of Frank to stop here just to disparage the site!!Fizz staff goes to a lot of trouble to keep us informed and entertained!

  20. CuseOnly is a free site that anyone can get a login and password to.

    Tons of insider info and nothing to pay for.

    Basketball, Football, recruiting for both. Lacrosse and all the other sports as well.

  21. @CuseOnly;

    Thanks for the information. I’ll try it again later today. Whenever I see login in and password to start an account,it usually means for a person to pay.

    But I will try again,thanks.

  22. Russell MacEachern

    No Ron,funny?Im not even a member on syracusefan and read the articles freely but don’t participate in the gossip!

  23. Russell MacEachern

    Click onto the recruiting site for recruit info tho realize the fans always tilt us in the lead whether or not its true?Such is being a fan but I prefer unbiased truth whether it hurts or not!!

  24. @Russell MacEachern;

    I made a post yeasterday on another website. I responded to a question Brent Axe,asking the fans,if we thought the university was over doing it’s honoring of Jim Brown,Ernie Davis and Floyd Little.

    Part of my response was,the greatest RB ever to grace the field in college and NFL came from Syracuse University and his name was Jim Brown. The responses from the so-called Syracuse Fans wasn’t a surprise to me and that’s why I read and after yesterday will never make the mistake of posting a message on another website ever again.

    I’m not going to join orangenation or website. I like the one that we’re a part of.

  25. Malone

    @Russ I didn’t see the interview, but I agree with the premise you describe. I have been watching how he tweets, and I get a vibe that he’s playing a lot of people. He wants Miami. FSU would be a great consolation for him. Everyone else is being strung along for the ride, as a safety.
    @Russ, you know my twitter account I believe? Look at my moniker. IPF looks good. Still work to do.
    Still hold out hope for Mavety and Holley, but its thin. Terry, Vandy gets a 4* from TN because its in state and SEC. We’ve been down this road. That’s why guys like Ollison, Mavety, and Holley are important. I thought you were an “any player, any state” kinda guy. Sorry if I am mistaken.

  26. Ron/Russ I see most of the talent at DB/Ath are in the 5’9″-5’10” size. I’d like to see a little taller even if a step slower. Height nowdays is huge!!

    There’s plenty of free info out there. But at times you can only go so far before the banner of price shows its ugly head. is great. They are the same as here, but not as personel. My only complaint(but they are improving) is “true important stories” that they should develop!! Which are few??? They sniffed at the NYC/LI story, but no interviews at all from the important people=Madman for example!! Su is 59 in recruiting!!

    With the talk of the new facilities and the stautes going up with them, I thought of this. And with Dr Gross out there he’s the only one who can do it with his so called golden tongue!! Why not build a Roman Collium style atraction for the SU complexes!! Have the all time great sporting figures of SU of all sports now and in the past. Both men and women!! They would ring the the complexes(Dome, FB,BB and where ever the other major sports might be played on. But some where a bronze 44(4×4) would be located so all players can rub that famed # as they run out unto the field. Yeahs that’s copying, but that’s what draws kids attention. But most important to all is imagine HCSS or JB or whom ever is recruiting a player to SU say if you sign at SU and if you play like a god you could be put into bronze for immortality. That just might change that on the ropes player to commit. Plus its different of sorts in the Northeast too. I would cast a few rubles out there if a player is nominated to be bronzed and if I thought he/she deserved it. Coach S. and Macky should be the next I feel to be bronzed. SU will go nowhere staying the same old same old. They need to be different like what Apple/Microsoft did decades ago. Different ain’t bad if it catches your eye and mind as well!! What do your think. Or am I on another old acid trip!! LOL!!

    Also read some recent comments on the over use of Davis/Brown/Little and the “44”. BULLBLEEP to that. You know how I feel about that!!! I don’t think about those every day(oh but the smell of fall brings it back) so back off if you think its over used. Most of the comments probably came from folks bouncing back and forth in their old mans gadnoids(sic)!! They weren’t born yet!! So they have no idea what these players meant to SU and the “44” meant to SU in the hey day of those players. We do and the NATION does as well!! That’s ok!! We just have to educate the bouncers right Ron/Russ???

  27. Russell MacEachern

    Terry,the trouble was getting away from our old heroes when “some” of the younger generation thought it “corny”!I don’t think we honor some enough (Jim Brown)!”Joe Morris”

  28. @Terry;

    People live for the “here and now moment for forget what happened yesterday,lastweek or a month ago. terry your giving these people way too much credit.

    I was one of the people who responded to Brent AXe’s question of overdoing the honoring of Jim Brown,Floyd Little and Ernie Davis. My response was,that they weren’t, but I felt that they should honor all of the great players that have ever played the game here. My suggestion was to add an area called the “Hall of Honor” and put the Heisman Trophy in the middle of the room for all Syracuse Fans to see. Have the university put names up for a vote and let the fans decide who gets into it,and have a bronze bust made and put on display for all to see the same way as the Hall Of Fame does it. The very first bust that should be put in there,the members of the 1959 National Championship TGeam.

    I agree that all great male/female athletes thats played here should be honored.

  29. Russell MacEachern

    @I like the ideas of Terry’s(Roman Gladitorial style) as I think of the stadiums or our Dome as a modern day Coliseum!!People love a spectacle!!I know I do!Theres more than just a football game going on between the lines? State or University pride!!!We may be going down south to play BUT we AINT just PLAYING!!I’m a proud Yank!!Ha ha sorry if my regional NY pride looks funny but their it is!!

  30. YES Network and new facilities have to help with recruiting. Yes-YES Network is taking crumbs from what’s left over, but still that’s more of a chance of seeing SU on the flat screen(tube)!! The players and their families will see more games to. Can’t hurt!! Still 59 in recruiting!!

  31. Russell MacEachern

    Terry,yes (YES)I seen that but isn’t that the Network thats in cahoots with the B1G?Fox bought 49% interest after(b4?) RU/Md were added which leads me too whats up with the dealing with independent Networks if were getting an ACC Net?Is that out of the question now?Ron,maybe you or Malone could shed some light on it?

  32. My understanding is that ESPN has first choice of what games they want to broadcast on (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ABC Sports) and ESPN3 on line only . Raycom Sports offers two packages for its ACC Network games. The designated regional cable provider gets second choice of games after ESPN,which are(YES/MSG)networks. The “over the air” provider is next in line after that.

    It’s all way to confusing for me. I guess I’m just going to have wait and see what happens come this fall. I’m going to like watching Syracuse play on ESPN at all.

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    guys to my blogroll.

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