Huge JuCo DT Wayne Williams Tells Fizz He May Play for Syracuse in ’13

Will ASA release him from his classwork and allow him to join the Orange for the start of the season?

Syracuse could be getting help along the defensive line from the hulking Wayne Williams. Ever since Markus Pierce Brewster and Davon Walls were kicked off the team, the line has been thinner than expected. In July SU took another hit when it was reported the former Lincoln HS (Brooklyn) DT Williams might not be eligible to play this fall. But the big lineman might be putting on pads soon enough. He tells The Fizz his grades could be ready in time for the season.

He admitted his situation hasn’t changed much since last month. He has talked with ASA Junior College President Alex Shchegol about being released from the college early. After graduating from Lincoln in 2011, he ended up at ASA to continue his football career because his grades were not high enough to head to a four-year school.

He’s supposedly been released by all of his teachers which would allow him to join the Orange any day now. But now the question is whether the roster will allow it. SU would seem to be able to use the help up the middle. Jay Bromley and Eric Crume will anchor the middle of the line, behind those two are Zian Jones, Ryan Sloan and John Raymon. While there are bodies, those three backups don’t have any starting experience. The Orange needs Bromley and Crume to remain healthy for the entire season to create a consistent unit.

The Orange will get an extra punch from freshman Isaiah Johnson, one freshman that Scott Shafer says could compete right away for snaps. Johnson is a physical lineman with good size already at 6’5″ 290 lbs.

Williams and SU have to play the waiting game. It’s already been a long one for the Brooklyn native who committed to SU back in 2012. He is a huge proponent that New York City players should stay home and rep the Orange in their home state. Now he’s nearly ready to practice what he’s preached since his high school playing days.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. SU Loyal

    This is great news for Wayne. The sooner you are on the roster the better. Go Cuse.

  2. 44forever

    Talk to your home town buddie Holley..

    We need the guys from Lincoln at SU. My dad was a star at Lincoln in 1944 and he always said they had the talent and you and Holley need to be Orange..

  3. aspen425

    True SU fans are already loving this guy. Hopefully his attitude and loyalty will be rewarded. Looking for him to have a great career because he represents Brooklyn and the NYC area guys and himself very well !!

  4. NCAA bureaucracy does more harm than good for the student athletes it supposedly supports If Williams has satisfactorily completed his academic requirements the next and immediate step is allowing him to continue his career choice in football. It isn’t rocket surgery.

  5. Mr.Wayne Williams;I hope you bring that NYC swagger with you when you come to play.

    Can’t wait to see you on the field dressed in orange.


  6. Good for you Wayne. Got the academic portion done and now let us hope you can join the orange. You seem like a great young man and IMO the CUSE can use your talent this year, albeit without the spring-summer practice which may make your FB learning curve a sharp one. What about a word or two with Holley?

  7. Cuse Don't Luse

    @Terry JR Zazzara committed to Buffalo so he was serious about football but just thought u would be happy to know he is no longer in consideration at Cuse

  8. Anyone else getting really pumped 11 days!!!!

  9. @Terry;

    Terry,you had asked me the other day what I felt were some of the problems with recruiting top talent to the university.

    Did you ever think this website and all of the negative comments people like you make about certain recruits have any impact as to whether they come here to play or not?

    As “Cuse Don’t Luse” posted above we lost in my mind,another good athlete that committed to play “LACROSSE” and only dreamed of playing football at Syracuse.

    I didn’t read from anyone else describing JR Zazzara,as a no nothing athlete, that Syracuse was wasting a scholarship on him. I know that it’s been mentioned before here and laughed at everytime we’ve discussed it,that these recruits read what we the fans are saying about them?

    If I were a young man deciding on where to play ball at and I got on and read the comments you were saying about me,first thing I would do Terry,is tell guy’s like you to go screw yourself on your way to hell. Again,I want to ask. Have you ever stopped to think that what you say about someone has consequences? We lost a kid that ewanted to play lacrosse and he ends up going to Buffalo to play probably play both. Truely amazing!!!!!

  10. Buffalo doesn’t have lacrosse, unless its at club level.I would much rather wear orange to play lacrosse, football is good but doesn’t always workout for everyone..

  11. Ron,is it true Deion Hallmon from Fla cancelled his official visit in early September?I know hes supposed to announce next week which school he’s choosing and hes got around 50 offers!I think were his top choice but I heard he got some late offers?ND?Fla?Anyone know?

  12. Terry,its never a good thing to lose a local kid to a smaller in-state school who wouldn’t have even cost us a scholly and was a top notch Lax star but I know where your coming from!I want some bigger names too but we still need the local stars/heroes who younger kids look up to too start a fire under the fanbase and stimulate some local buzz!Horatio Alger stories go over big in the media too!Remember Rudy at ND?

  13. @Dan;

    I must say honestly that I know nothing about the athletic program at Buffalo University. Thanks for passing it along that they do not have lacrosse at the school. Much appreciated,thank you.

    I for one wish JR Zazzara good luck in playing the game that he loves. I guess I’m going to have to read more about Buffalo football to see what he’s up to over the next 4-5 years.

  14. Ur right ronette you need to educate your self!! Zarrara might a high quality QB in NYS HS but not DIV 1 quality. I never broke him down on his Lax play!! If he KEPT his word and came to SU for LAX he would play. He won’t play at SU for sure- bye then!! Enjoy dougie land!! I wasted enough words on him.

    If a player isn’t happy about this blog show him other major programs blogs to. They are used to winning REGURALLY!! So if they think about a quality talent is coming over a better quality kid believe me they will express it. SU has never lost talent because of this site. It lost talent because of poor recruiting/coach hiring, coaches leaving program to early after their verbals were given, losing immpressions and high school like facilities. At times ronette your so childish in your thoughts. HCSS(I love this coach)and some of his own coaches(love them to) has said a number of times “if a player does not want SU he can go else where. So be it!!! I agree totally with that. Let them go!!

    Russ Rudy is a joke. Ernie Davis should be used in terms like this so called FB player. What player gave more Rudy or Ernie to a program!! There are thousands of rudy stories out there!! The reason SU is rated so badly and struggles to get more than 6/7 wins is because they take the crumbs from other programs. And Rutgirls is one of them. I’m not OK with that are you!! For SU to get back into the flow again talent is needed. Not gamble on talent year in and out!! Show kids SU is serious about winning!!

    Love this Williams kid, but something smells here!! I think grades will always be an issue with this kid. To have him at SU then next semester not qualify what good is it. History I’ve seen over the years if there is trouble with HS grades means about the same with college grades to!! It might not be his fault, but the rules say PASS YOUR CLASSES!! That’s very simple=Right!!

  15. 4orty4our

    Rocket surgery?

  16. @Terry;

    Your always talking about the past Terry. I can see you going backwards,be careful now you don’t get hurt. I figured it was way over do,when all else fails start calling other person names and telling everyone that will listen that people just don’t know what their talking about and your the only one that is ever right.

    Well Theresa,I guess some things never change. As the saying goes “WITH FRIENDS LIKE YOU WHO NEEDS ENEMIES”,came to mind here.

    Where you in line today waiting to get a ticket to see your hero live and in person,when he comes to Syracuse?

  17. Terry,Ron,I hear Deion Hallmon is gonna commit Monday and he has around 50 offers according to sites?I checked 237sports crystal ball and they got it 50/50 between us and RU but I dont think RU has room for him so take good cheer I think we may finally get good news Monday but whats going on with Ish Witter?He should have committed by now since Hilliman chose RU?

  18. “247sports” not 237sports my apologies!

  19. I hope the fact were solid at RB isn’t scaring away some of these RB recruits thinking they’ll be stuck deep in the depth chart?Or maybe were still in it with Ollison?I’d prefer we start targeting some OL men for this “14” class and next year when the staff is more acclimated to the area key on a couple of feature backs!!Heck G.Morris has what? 3 years of eligibility left?

  20. Terry,…Oh tell me more drunk uncle Bout the glory years.

  21. @Russell Stugots;

    A couple things here Russell,let’s all hope that Deion Hallmon does indeed commit to the Orange on Monday. That would be huge even in Theresa’s world.

    Jerome Smith and Prince Tyson Gulley will be gone(graduation)after this year. Addonis Ameen-Moore will graduate next year leaving us Georg Morris II.

    So,if we get a top RB commit for 2014,they redshirt for a year,start playing in 2015 and after Morris II graduates,the field is wide open again.
    I hope the coaching staff is telling all the RB recruits about the openings that is going to be here in 2015.

  22. LOL!! RUSS OL is missing so far this year plus quality TE to on recruiting!! RBs will be hard since the high PR SU is getting for its RBs now!!

    RON don’t forget the past its what got us here!! Again your sense is lacking. But after all this blog is about opinions=right!!

    Watched the ACC review on ESPNU last night. Man its going to be a long year if the experts have their way. Since SU/Pitt are new to the ACC very little on them. And Some FANS on this site see 9/10 wins this year. After PSU/NW we’ll see. The speed SU will feel once the ACC starts will catch them off guard. Thank god SU does not start off with the ACC(Pitt does I think). I’m interested in that first Pitt game as to the speed factor. Not going to miss the Clemson game!! SU running game was not mentioned, but Miami’s was concidered the best. We’ll see there to.

  23. Terry;don’t forget now all of those pundits on ESPN had Matt Barkley winning the Heisman and USC as National Champions last year.

    One other thing,Class rankings,rivals has Syracuse ranked 69th as you well know, has them ranked 56th.

    “RON,the past its what got us here!! Again your sense is lacking”.

    Lets wait and see what happens before we start spouting off to one a nother ok.

    “IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL”? Terry you and I have different points of view. I like staying on the positive side of things,and I try to see all of the good things Syracuse has to offer. We’re going to surprise a lot of people this year Terry,a lot of people.

  24. Mademan

    Hey Guys, from what I’m hearing Hallmon is leaning RU. We will see Monday but RU is in the driver’s seat.

  25. I hope they aren’t drinking(RU) behind the “wheel” or they can have a shocking crash!

  26. Terry,no one knows whats gonna happen this year yet Terry so lets wait and give them a couple of games before going negative here!Heck we might be better than even we think?Big years are funny….they usually come when you least expect them then things(recruiting) have a way of taking on a life of its own!Have faith the ACC ain’t exactly much of a step up except in $$!WV and L’ville even RU and Cinncy had eqivalent type speed and we were fine!UConn never had much speed but handled USCe and ND recently and they were at the bottom of the BE!BC,WF or NCst/Duke/Md arent exactly burning up the gridiron like “the Flash” either so figure us in at least a bowl!Like I predicted 7-5 b4 our bowl.

  27. Wait a minute here ron and russ. Many folks on this site and others feel 6-6 is the BEST SU can do. That’s not negative, but that could be realistic. Every game except a few shouild be close ones. Also the teams SU plays on paper now are better that’s why SU is rated so low=nationally.

    Rivals in my opinion is my guide to recruiting. Russ your drunk again if I understand you!! The ACC is not much of a step up ya right just watch. I’m not saying that SU is going to get whooped up every weekend, its just its a giant step up from the Big Least. Cinny/Rutgirls come on Russ open your eyes. All the extra $$$$$ coming in will also help the regular ACC members get better to. The ACC is not yet to the SEC but a baby step behind the Big Ten/B12!!

    To me anything 6-6 or better is a great year. If that’s negative and other issues with you homers , I have, I can’t change that and won’t. But I will admitt my wrongs on this years team. If they do better and for the hundred time if you paid attention I have said a number of times “I hope I’m WRONG”. But what happens if I’m right???

    And to negative Ron. Yes the past plays a major effect on College football programs. Many programs were born way before us!! Look at the Alabama/Auburn traditions and the poisioning of a fregging tree. The fan base there was up in arms over that. It was very important to the Auburn fans!! That’s a solid tradition!! They will replace the tree before the put a statue of Rudy up any where!! You can not be a fan of SU and not believe in its(SU’s) past glories and relish them. If you think they are foolish(past glories) then pick another program to cheer/root/comment on!! I’m a sincere CUSE fan like it or not. I want undefeated seasons year in and out, but not this year no way. Paint me negative if you have to, but also paint me a true/realistic SU fan. 6-6 is the best this year!! Hope I’m wrong!! For the 101st time=Ron!!

  28. @Terry,

    You missed my point again Terry,when I mentioned your still living in the past.

    I was talking more about your rants. We’ve listened to them for over 3 years now. There always the same,nothing changes. Look I know your a true SU Fan and I consider myself to be one also. I’m not knocking your overall prediction of a 6-6 record this year Terry. I for one feel that they’re going to do a whole lot better. When I make my prediction,you feel that I’m either stupid or drunk,and just to let you know I’m neither.

    Last week when I told you all that I had an unbelievable day at my vegetable stand was because I talked to the couple who bvisited Syracuse with Conner Center out of Albany. What made the day so great was the woman asked my name and I told her,the very next thing that came from her mouth was,oh,your the guy that carries on conversations with Russell MacEachern and that guy mnamed Terry. I explained to her just how big a fan both of you were. That’s why Terry I asked that we be careful of how we speak about the recruits,because I found out last week that other people do read this site.

    And oh, I spoke highly about the both of you. Take it for what’s it worth. I wish though Terry that sometime in the near future you might change your tune a little. The one your singing now is old,real old.

  29. Yeah Ron its good to hear people actually listen to our opinions and appreciate them!We have to also be more vigilant in what we say knowing how people percieve things to keep negativity to a minimum even if we know its true!I’m surprised when Im on other boards sometimes by the way I hear people talk about us(Fizz) and SU.Fan dot. Some percieve us as entertaining and funny but other comments concern me!I’ll leave it at that as I think were pretty balanced(for fans)and honest,clean and mostly respectful of all opinions!So Terry give us the same courtesy you demand(expect)as everyone see’s things in their own unique way as were all hoping for the same thing.

  30. @Russell Stugots;

    I hate reading other websites Russell,just because of the putrid/hate people put on them.

    I like this website because of the people who post on it. Yes at times we can be funny,most of the time we talk seriously about the things we care about and the thing that sticks out the most is,we do respect each other’s opinion,while staying civil to each other.
    We’re a good group of loyal Syracuse Fans Russell. I wouldn’t want any part of it to change.

  31. Yeah Ron,thats why I only lurk on others(read) but don’t join as some comments make me upset and thats why I feel comfortable here with understanding friends and fans!Every morning and night I check in right here on the Fizz!!With the games coming up its gonna get intense real quick lol!!

  32. It feels like?…Home!!

  33. @Russell Stugots;

    The woman that stopped by my vegetable stand and mentioned you and Terry by name and wanted to know where the both of you lived,I told her that we have fans from coast to coast and from Florida to Maine.

    The way she was talking about Syracuse Football,led me to believe that she knew/followed the game closely. I thought it would be nice to have her as a member of the Fizz Family. I b elieve it would make things more interesting if women who love sports and follow Syracuse Football would join our group.

    Only 8 more days to kick off.

  34. Yeah Ron,as long as shes not a hitman/woman lol?By name?We must have followers we don’t even about?I wonder if they enjoy our back and forth?

  35. “even know about”

  36. @Russell Stugots;

    We’ve all talked about this subject in the past. Once we post,our thoughts are transmitted world wide.

    I’m glad other websites find us funny. Must make them jealous.

  37. Ron,I noticed since you and I became “regulars” this unique site seemed to become a popular destination and gone from 1 to 5 comments to 8 to 100 comments mostly on the FB articles with our “Fizzfam” as the nucleus!I’ve enjoyed watching it grow and enjoy seeing fans of other schools feeling welcome enough to open up there thoughts and recruiting intelligence to us as long as their friendly!

  38. Russell,what happened today that started you drinking so early in the day? man I haven’t been called “regular” in a long lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time. What does that mean? REGULAR!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  39. @Russell Stugots;

    I forgot to add Russ,that your right again and I’ve enjoyed all of the comments from everyone. We haven’t hit or gone over 100 post in a long time. That’s all going to change next weekend after the Penn St game. There’s no doubt in my mind if Penn St wins,we’re going to hear a lot of crap from their fans. But if we win,the shoe will be on the other foot and I’m expecting guy’s like you,Terry,Malone,Mademan,The Dipper,Cuse Don’t Luse,Smitty Sec 123 all joining me in throwing crap back at em like we use to do in the old days.

    I’m getting excited man,really excited.

  40. You know Russell,the thing that I’m most happy,about the site growing is,through all of our different points of interest and opinions. “WE’VE KEPT IT CLEAN”. Kudo’s to everyone,I know irt hasn’t been easy. Thsnk you.

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