All Smiles: Fizz 5 Takeaways from SU’s Laugher Over Tulane, Keys to Clemson

Terrel Hunt put up another impressive performance in the win over the Wave.

After a slow start to the Shafer Era, Syracuse football is back on track. The Orange takedown of Tulane evened its record at 2-2 going into the bye week. The offense was clicking early on, but it was special teams that gave Syracuse a chance to run away with the game in the first half. We look at the major takeaways from SU’s domininate effort:

1) It’s Hunt-ing Season: Terrel Hunt showcased again why he is SU’s starting quarterback. Hunt finished the day 16/21, with 184 passing yards and 4 TDs. He also had 39 yards on the ground, highlighted by a leaping score into the end zone in the second quarter. The quick start was key for Hunt. The Orange had six TDs in just the first half, breaking through Tulane’s defense. Although the running game did not produce many yards, it did pose a threat to the Green Wave defense. When the ground game is working, Hunt has been able exploit defensive coverage and find open players when teams blitz. One can only wonder if Drew Allen would have had the same production if the running game was working the first two games. A eye-opening stat from the past two games has been the zero interceptions for Hunt. The Queens product has thrown 7 TDs without a pick thus far and has avoided throwing into tight converge. Keeping the turnovers low will be key for Hunt as Syracuse enters ACC play.

2) Special Teams Delivery: The unit came up huge for the Orange. Syracuse had blocked punts by Darius Kelly and Eric Crume, followed up by a blocked Tulane FG attempt. Crume said after the game SU saw a weak point and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. The staff saw holes in Tulane’s punt blocking on film during the week. The one disappointing area for the Orange was in the return game. Ritchy Desir did not have any room to run on punts and the Orange only took one kick out of the end zone. Field position will be crucial for the SU offense, especially against looming Clemson who visit the Orange in two weeks.

3) Who will be the Go-To Wide Receiver? The good news is eleven different receivers caught balls for the Orange. The bad news is that besides Christopher Clark, the receiving corps did not have a good day stat wise. Jarrod West, who many anticipate to be the number one receiver, was limited to one catch for four yards. Meanwhile, Jeremiah Kobena was held to two catches for 19 yards. ACC defenses are going to be a lot harder to get open on than schools like Tulane. If the receivers are having a hard time making big plays now, George McDonald has to look hard to see how he can get his playmakers involved.

4) SU defense injuries: The bye week comes at a good time for the Orange. Brandon Reddish and Robert Welsh sustained lower-body injuries in the 1st half. Welsh did not put any pressure on his left foot heading off to the sidelines. Julian Whigham took over for Reddish and got his first career interception. Shafer did not have an update on either player during the postgame press conference. Hopefully players being held out of the second half was just a precaution, especially with the Orange up big. The bye week should be enough time for both players to return to the field.

5) 700th win, Game ball to Sue Edson: The win marks SU football’s #700 in school history. Shafer acknowledged the accomplishment after the game saying how much the win means to the program and its storied history. Shafer also mentioned giving the game ball to Sue Edson, whose husband Rob passed away earlier this week. The Edsons have been a part of the SU family for years. Shafer used the motto “Get number two for Sue” to motivate the players before the game.

Syracuse heads into the bye week looking for how to attack #3 Clemson. The Dome will be packed and SU has some winning momentum to hopefully make a major splash to start the ACC.

Posted: Zephan Mayell

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  1. Now that the team has the QB questions resolved and a couple of confidence builder’s(pelts) under there belt I think we are ready for the rigors of the ACC conference games and think we’ll aquit ourselves well!A win or even a competitive loss against Clemson will show good progress after the worrisome experiement(DA)at QB!I stick by my 7-5 regular season record and maybe a bowl win(hopefully)!I think our worries(Terry’s)of disaster were premature.(tho I was worried)Now we can relax for a week and watch others worry!!

  2. For today like the thread title I’m “all smile’s”(right Ron/Terry?)!!@Terry,whats up with the Gmens OL?Coughlin better figure it out cause his seat is getting hot!

  3. @Russell Stugots;

    It’s good to see your posting again Russell. I started to worry again,is everything alright?

    I looked at Bergen Catholic’s website and it said that they were going to play in the NJ 7-on-7 Tournament. What are the specifics of the 7-on-7 competition? Is it 7 schools that participate? Do they play only 7 players on offense and defense?

    I thought Saturday’s game against Tulane was fantastic,the team is jelling at the right time Russell. The emotions are high the players are confident that things are going to be different when they play Clemson. I’m really looking forwards to this game. If you think that I’m happy now wait until after the Clemson win,I’ll show you what being happy is all about,old friend.

    I know Carlton isn’t going to like this comment,but if Syracuse beats Clemson in 2 weeks,FSU ought to take notice of what’s happening north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

    Like you said earlier russell”it’s starting to get real interesting”.

  4. very happy for terrell hunt and his progress this year. i didn’t think he was ready this season but very glad he proved me wrong. the offense looks great even though the last 2 games were not against major teams but liked how the offense played. it seems were still in the race , just hoping syracuse can find a bowl game this year. see everyone at the carrier dome.

  5. I am loving the way Syracuse is playing right now.

    The record is what I thought it would be, though it could have been better with Terrell in the first 2 games… atleast one would have been a w.

    Either way I think Clemson is a loss. They are hunting for a National championship while we are hoping for a bowl game. I can only hope that Cuse can keep in respectable and maybe make them sweat a little.


  6. Or Hunt would have done poorly against two top flight teams and his confidence would be low. Quit litigating the past like a angry ex.

  7. @Andrew;

    Why all of the pessimism? do you really understand the game of football? Have you noticed at all,the difference in this team with Terrell Hunt under center?

    I honeastly believe that if Terrell would have started under center in the first two games,Syracuse would be 4-0 headed into the Clemson game.

    Get with the program man,the team has done a complete 180% turn. Things are looking real good for Syracuse at this point of the season.

  8. To all of you(the fans)that gives Syracuse a zero chance of winning against Clemson and showing your “PESSIMISM” on these websites. It’s ok,you see, I’m an optimist and I have enough optimism to counter all of the negativity.

    Syracuse 21-Clemson 19. IT’S GOING TO BE A CLOSE ONE KIDDIES,BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m loving the team with Hunt leading the way but it makes me wonder what other mistakes the coaches have made in regards to position assessment.

    I also hope HCSS tells these kids that the Clemson game IS their bowl game….. at least at the moment.

  10. Two weeks to go to the Clemson game and the tigers are looking for national recognition. They should be the ACC champions and get a major bowl. Syracuse will hopefully just get a bowl. Too much giddy talk about the Cuse and its performance so far. I agree that if Hunt had been the QB starter in the Penn State game we would have won and been 3-1 at this time. Some very tough games coming up in the ACC so we shall see. At least we now have a stable QB.

  11. @JB Penn state is hardly a “top flight team” so go eat a snickers, you act like an angry a-hole when you’re hungry.

    @ Ron – so you really think Clemson will lose to Syracuse? I agree that syracuse has made a 180 DEGREE (not percent) turn into a formidable squad, but Clemson is on another level and you should see that.. even through your Orange tinted glasses.

    I am glad you are an optimist, but you were saying the same things about “THIS TEAM IS DIFFERENT AND WILL BE UNDEFEATED” 4 weeks ago before the PSU game. Reality has set in for most fans, but you are on cloud nine still.. i envy your unwavering fandom, despite how things are going. Good for you man.

    Heres my prediction – SU – 20
    Clemson – 31

  12. Ok My homer friend Ron!! Right NOW SU will not beat Clemson. And yes I said Tulane would win. But that’s College FB for you!! What happens if SU gets blasted out of the DOME. Ron do we need to call 911 on your behalf. LOL! Also North Carolina State, Maryland, GT, FSU,Pitt, and even BC are not going to be push-overs!! But and a big but is Clemson plays Wake Forest the week before SU. If Clemson blows out Wake that might make it a better game for SU. Since Clemson might be a little more lax at playing SU!!

    Ron Clemson WILL SCORE more that 19 points. SU defense is really not the best(DB/S). Their Heisman candiate will take apart the SU DB’s. Almost like Montana did!! Oh yeah like NW did as well! Remember Ron SU just has to score one more point than Clemson. 20 ain’t beating Clemson in today FB-SORRY!!

    Russ- Coughlins younger broher died recently. And my friend that I grew up with across my street died suddenly recently. We were true buds for life we did alot of “firsts” together and its hard to forget, but easy to remember those fond memories. So coach Coughlin wouldn’t say it but it might have affect him and his team.

    Russ Like I mentioned to Ron the Trojan Horse feeling just might be there with crushes SU had in its last two games. The above mentioned ACC teams SU must play are not Wagner,Tulane, UConn or Temple. These are are programs that are established ACC teams. SU/PITT are taking a trip into their homeland and I really doubt they will send SU candy or flowers when SU shows up for the game!!

    Agree totally with WsaltineW. Hunt should of started all games. SU might of been 3-1 now!! But like I also said, but can’t prove totally, I think HCSS had to start Allen for future issues like HCSS’s honesty. Todays players hate BS and by sticking to his guns HCSS proved his honesty, with starting Allen!!

  13. Oh, you noticed that Desir had no time or room to make any kind of return. Now why the hell can’t the freaking coaches see that and put two blockers up ten yards in front of him to cut off the gunners and give him a chance to make a cut and move up field?Thats rhetorical,of course but it does beg the question as to what are they looking at on the video playback?. This too is rhetorical but at some point even a supposed football expert should be able to see the obvious and make adjustments.

  14. @Andrew;

    Where can I get a pair of orange tinted glasses? Are you just kidding with me? I’d buy a pair if I could find them. I’m going to ask my optometrist,the next time I have to visit if they make them or not. if they do then I’m going to buy a pair. I’m a strong believer that if Terrell Hunt would have started in the first 2 games,Syracuse would be 4-0 at this point in the season.


    Thanks for the comments and yes if Clemson blows Syracuse off the field,call 911 and have them come to sec 307 row D seats 101,102. My bnlood pressure is going to so high that I’m going to be just about ready to explode.

    But guys thanks for the comment’s. I really appreciate them all.

    BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! What happens if they do beat Clemson,boys. What are you going to try and tell me then? That I made mistake? Terry made two predictions for the Tulane Game so here is my second one Syracuse 21-Clemson 19. I didn’t change a thing.

  15. Penn St. has an Nfl coach, the B1G 2012 defensive player of the year and the B1G 2012 reciever of the year. They also have the No. 1 high school QB recruit and at least 10 other players who will play in the NFL. People are mistaken that Penn State is weakened.

  16. @Andrew;

    If you go back to my earlier post Andrew I said that this team is loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. I also look at this team or any team as a puzzle. In order to complete it you have to find the right pieces that goes into a certain spot. I think Coach Shafer was relying on what the Oklahoma coach was telling him about Drew Allen and bought it hook line and sinker. He made the change and boy look at what we have now. But and I mean BUT,I believe at this moment in time,the puzzle is incomplete. Other teams are playing/starting true freshmen. It’s about time Syracuse gets on board and accepts that concept. In doing so,I think it will help with the recruiting as well.

  17. zetabeta5

    Let’s not drink the Koolaid…..We lost to a good Linebacker U team and the#17 team….We beat a team that is not in the top 150’s and a #85 team…..The Tulane game was a joke….Tulane’s special teams almost gained more yardage AGAINST Tulane than we did…..The test of Hunt, the O line and our secondary will be Clemson…..Win that and maybe a major bowl…Lose badly and ..never mind….

  18. Speed is still lacking on SU!! Past games have shown that glaringly!! SU needs a burner on ST for a year and every year after that. Maybe Phillips is that, but I doubt that. SU must offer starting time if good enough to recruits coming to SU. Ron is right!! A borderline recruit could be a “get” if promised a start for the first game at least. The Allen project showed that players come to SU to play right away!!

  19. Sorry folks Syracuse will beat Clemson I’m more worried about @FSU and @GT much much harder games than home against a extremely overrated Clemson team.

  20. Ron – ” I’m a strong believer that if Terrell Hunt would have started in the first 2 games,Syracuse would be 4-0 at this point in the season.”

    Though I dont agree that they would be 4-0, I think they could be 3-1. That being said, Clemson is still way better than Syracuse and will win with ease.

    I have said this before, Syracuse will win and lose the games they are supposed to. This team wont surprise anyone. Expect a loss, hopefully Cuse can keep it respectable.

  21. Ron,I think you picked the wrong guy on negativity in Andrew?Seems his and my post’s were just honest opinions but the post by jb right after thought Andrew was crazy for his optimism for TH’s influence at QB while admitting it was a “180” difference!While JB is right that PSU still has some great talent it is spread much thinner now due to the sanctions and they’ll be lucky to make a bowl this year!When could a UCF go into Mt Nittany and embarress a PSU in years past?Right…never even though UCF is a “good team” this season.@Ron,Im not posting as much because my sciatica was acting up and I’m not real comfortable (painful)the last week or so and 7 on 7’s are for summer camps when there HS coaches aren’t allowed to tamper with the kids and for the skill players to display their skill’s in front of evaluaters and recruiters to analyze their measureables for recruiting services!All the bigtime HS programs in the south/west/NY/NJ/NYC and some midwest organize them but have nothing to do with the regular season games!They have seperate programs for OL and DL called big man camps!Last year RU had 7G kids go through there camps!@Terry,sorry to hear about your friend…I lost 2 friends I planned on growing old with and it pains me and for some reason I even feel a little guilty?All those memories and no one to reminisce with.Were to soon oldt and too late schmart!

  22. @Ron,why go to the store for your (Orange) glasses?I thought they came with you at birth?Ha Ha..most of us wear them here!But when evaluating talent or predicting the games I’m more of a “gambling realist” like Terry as though I have money on it!

  23. @Tom,I enjoyed the reasoning behind your post….we have to make Clemson our bowl game with them the “victim”!They always seem to be “paper tigers” so I hope this year ain’t the exception?

  24. UCF will beat South Carolina this weekend. If you can’t see what O’Leary has put together there, you really shouldn’t be commenting on college football.

  25. @Russell Stugots,Terry;

    The three of us are at a time in our lives where we can expect the unexpected happening to us on a regular basis. We’ve all lost friends,family and loved ones,and when it happens to me it just tears me apart. Terry I too am sorry to hear about your best friends passing,may he rest in peace.

    Terry you and I have had our differences and I believe that some people actually believe they’re watching the movie “Grumpy Old Men”starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau LIVE. I just love the debates/comradery that we’ve built over the last few years. I really don’t expect our exchanges to go away anytime soon,but when it comes to what matters the most,we’re both on the same side of things that are important.

    When ever I get out of line,I expect a guy like Russell to let me know. Over the last couple years I’ve come to consider Russ a true friend and recently have added you to that group also. We’re three of a kind you know,”TERRY,RUSSELL,RON” also known in certain circles as the “THREE AMIGOS”. We’re to old guys to change what we feel and how we say it. We stand our ground no matter what.

    Have a nice day guys and Russell I hope your feeling better soon.

  26. Now that I’m done being nice,let’s get onto some football especially the Clemson Game.

    First things first,I haven’t seen anyone here mention the GOAL LINE STAND that Syracuse put on against Tulane.

    I think the key to winning the Clemson game will be if Coach McDonald does/doesn’t run that hurry up offense. Terry was right in saying the stats for the Syr/Tulane game were almost equal. Could that be because it took Syracuse 2 minutes or less to score? I believe that Clemsons secondary is suspect and is not as good as advertised. Terrell Hunt should tear them apart.


  27. @terry;

    Were you in the stands watching the Louisville game last year? did you make the trip down to the Pinstripe Bowl to watch them destroy West Virginia?

    The effort Syracuse displayed in both of those games is exactly what I’m expecting from Syracuse in the Clemson game.

    I know,believe me I KNOW people have short memories and has probably forgotten all about those two games.

  28. @JB;

    Calm down man;what the hell have you been smoking?

    Has any of UCF games been on TV? I’m sorry but if you haven’t been told Syracuse is now in the ACC and some of us have to watch the ACC Games as much as possible.

    Yes I believe Coach O’Leary knows what he’s doing and is a great coach,but for him to beat South Carolina,just isn’t going to happen,SORRY.

  29. @Ron; UCF is the best team in the FLA,Cocky is gonna be cryin.

  30. Clemson is overated Cuse 41-38

  31. JB- UCF going to get beat 38-10. They have played no1. I looked to make sure. Their best win is against a mediocre penn state team.

    Ron- I think /w a rowdy crowd that the ‘Cuse will hold their own. Clemson looked bad on the rd vs NC.State but I still think Clemson pulls it out. 35-24. To many weapons for SU to hold down for 4 quarters.

  32. Taj Boyd is gonna have a hard time seeing the field looking out his earhole.

  33. Ron Louisville and WV are not as good as Clemson. WV didn’t want to be at the Snow Bowl at all!!

    I think its more the “Odd Couple”!!

  34. @JB,I know all about UCF and there excellent QB and I said there a “good” team BUT NOT NEAR the best in Fla?I probably forgot more than you’ll ever know!How old are you 19?

  35. @Ron,JB must be related to O’leary cause they are what they are!They’ll have a “good” year now and then but anyone who thinks their a power should have watched RU bully them in the St.Peterburg bowl just 2 years ago and their recruiting is even today not up to “L’ville” “RU” or Cinncy/USF in the AAC!S.C.37-UCF13

  36. @terry;

    Yea terry,the Odd Couple sounds better.

  37. @Carlton;

    That’s alright Carlton; I just want to let you know,Terry is driving the wagon that’s loaded with people(FANS)who believe that Syracuse doesn’t have a chance in hell against Clemson and I don’t know if there is enough room on it for you to jump on and fit in.

    However if you looked a little closer and see that Syracuse has a chance of winning,I have a lot of room on the wagon that I’m driving. I guess I was wrong about the true believers,you know the ones that call themselves Die Hard Syracuse Fans.

    Go ahead everyone have some fun at Ron’s expense.

  38. @Russell; You must have forgot alot, like O’leary being headcoach of Liverpool and DC at The Cuse under much beloved Coach Mac. Besides, every fan of any other conference wants to see a hated SEC power team lose,especially Spurrier.

  39. JB,when you know as much as I do you do tend to forget alot including useless trivia so you have room for modern history!George O’leary?Shamed liar of a starter for NH on the O=line?ND fired him before he could be a shame to them!I heard him once said no one cares about SU FB or anyone in the NE in relation to CR in comparison to UCF and ain’t interested in anything he says!!

  40. Clemson is not Tulane,,,,,you expect SU to stop Clemson at the Goal Line… Good luck with that….. We plan to score from the 50 yard line never allowing a goal line defense on the field…. Welcome to the ACC…

    My recommendation would be to run the hurry up offense as SU will need it after an 18 point CLEMSON first quarter

    Terrell Hunt should tear them apart. LOL…. He will wish SU stayed out of the ACC until his tenure at SU was over…

    I wish all of you the best of luck with an upset…. It will be needed…

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