Fizz 5: Hunt’s Challenge, Famous QB Name, Keys to Grounding Up Tulane

How will the Orange attack the Green Wave on Saturday inside the Dome?

The quarterback competition may technically still be open, but Terrel Hunt should be the guy from here on out. Hunt was 15-for-18 with 265 passing yards and three touchdowns last week. He was better than just good – he was very good. It was a punch to the stomach for Drew Allen’s hold on the job, who was severely outplayed. Allen was 8-for-11 and threw for 62 yards and a touchdown. Jarrod West caught five passes for 147 yards and a touchdown. He and Hunt connected well in the spring game and reunited on the gridiron in strong fashion on Saturday. This week’s task switches to Tulane. The 2-1 Green Wave beat Louisiana Tech 24-15 last weekend behind two touchdowns from quarterback Nick Montana. Here are five things to watch for against the Green Wave.

1) Does Hunt keep it up?  Hopefully Hunt’s success was not a fluke. Orange fans around the country beleieve he can continue his winning ways. Against Wagner he averaged more than 14 yards per completion and connected with Prince-Tyson Gulley for a 30-yard touchdown, Chris Clark for a 41-yard score, and then the big 65-yard touchdown to West. Hunt communicated and connected with his pool of receivers. He looked calm and composed in the pocket. The offense moved both through the air and on the ground effectively with him. Let’s see if that continues Saturday. If so there’s little chance we’ll see much more of Allen this season.

2) Does Syracuse get those yards on the ground? Eight players combined for SU’s yardage on Saturday. The offense spread it around. Syracuse had 236 yards on the ground,, and Tulane allowed 124 rushing yards to Louisiana Tech and 297 the week before. The Green Wave run defense is inconsistent and if it is anything like Wagner, Jerome Smith could score a touchdown in his fourth consecutive game. If the pass offense is not as effective as it was against Wagner, the ground game will need to step up. That’ll be the bread and butter of the offense when league play starts.

3) Nick Montana is not Joe Montana. The Tulane quarterback is Joe Montana’s son. Nick has helped his team offensively with Tulane averaging 32 points per game. He has thrown five touchdowns in his last two games and completed over 55 percent of his passes in each game. He also has not played a team in a major conference like the ACC. The talent, offensively and defensively is tougher, which means Montana will have to pull some of his dad’s magic to win at the Dome.

4) Montana will complete his passes. Tulane will not be shutout like Wagner was. Ryan Grant, not to be confused with former Green Bay Packer running back, has rushed for 348 yards and three touchdowns this season. The Syracuse defense has given up 23 points per game with the big game being Northwestern. Tulane’s offense is not as explosive as Northwestern’s, but the Orange must be focused on the defensive line to avoid a big game for Grant. If the defense can’t stop the running game, it’s double trouble because Montana has looked good through three games completing his passes for yardage.

5) Will Syracuse be 2-2? This is the big question. The first two games were disastrous for the Orange, but the schedule is kind. Two non-conference opponents at home gives Syracuse the best opportunity to move back to .500 going into its toughest game of the season against Clemson on October 5. The Tigers will be the biggest task of the season for Syracuse and confidence going into that game could be key. In each of the last two seasons, the Orange has upset the one team nobody expected it to. In 2011, it was a big win against Geno Smith and West Virginia. Last season, it was an offensive explosion against Louisville. Will this year be Clemson? A Syracuse win gives the players confidence not only in themselves, but in each other too. Receivers will trust Hunt, and he will return the favor. The defense will blitz effectively and the team Syracuse fans saw against Penn State and Northwestern will be in the past.

Prediction time: Syracuse wins 37-20. Hunt will prove he is the quarterback of this team. He will prove how he worked on communication with receivers during practice and how that gives the entire offense the confidence to work effectively with Hunt as the quarterback.

Posted: Austin Pollack

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  1. Give Montana the same hospitality that Geno Smith and Teddy Bridgewater got. Sorry Papa Joe.

  2. Just got back from my anual brotherhood golf outing for a few days! What a time!! Couldn’t keep up with these youngsters!!

    Watched the Clemson/NCS game and was impressed by both teams. Already knew Clemson was very good, but right now NCS is better than SU. Both teams have speed that is better than “SU’s” now!! Sorry Ron/Russ!!

    I’m getting tired of all the attention the top 5/10 teams in college football are getting. Thelower ranked teams out there that are never mentioned(other that players stealing, girlfriend beating,drug abusing or signing autigraphs for $$$$). SU has stories about its recruting and many in SU’s class as well. Please shut the hell up about the god programs and mention the other little guy programs for a change. That means ESPNU, ESPN,ESPN2 and Fox and othe CFB programs.

    Tulane 24 SU 17. SU has recently let average to poor teams stay close to them at the Dome!! Tulane is an average team and is no Wagner. Look out for this game!!! And yet the big boys are coming down the road!! Sorry to brake your heart Ron/Russ!! LOL! I’ll be at the game!

  3. @Terry;

    Your still singing the song that you were singing 4-5 years ago. Man change the damn song Terry.

    Like I said earlier,Clemson was damn lucky to win that game lastnight. The refs blew a call on a NC State, 83 yd run for a TD. if they would have reviewed it, momentum swings in favor of NCST and they go ahead and win thre game.

    NCST showed the nation Clemsons weaknesses. Their secondary isn’t as good as advertised,and that alone will get Clemson a couple of losses.

  4. zetabeta5

    Merrimac put up 41 points against Wagner the week before we played them….Fewer high fives?

  5. RON who won??? Remember the Toledo/SU game a little ways back kinda similiar huh?? SU won that game. Would you give that back to?? I’d rather win on a bad call then lose on a bad call. So you think Clemson has a weak spot huh?? Does SU have weak spots to?? Again your homerism is grand but juiced way too much. Clemson won and that’s all that matters. Also, NCS looked real good too so I doubt SU will beat them in NCS country. I had that game a toss-up for SU. Ronster the song I sing is because SU still has not proven itself!!! When the wins pile up my opera will be louder than any one can expect!! But prove it to me baby-first. SU just hasn’t yet. Same old SU so far. So maybe it will be for 8-10 yrs for me. YAHOO!! Tenor I am!!

    Tulane’s all everything FG kicker is making the trip(father died). Point spread around 17 I think that’s high. SU just about beat Tulane last time the played or SU didn’t look good- I think!! Still see Tulane 21 SU 20. Not crazy about my pick, but HCSS and staff have to prove to me that they can coach up average talent and win games!!

    Imagine if Clemson played Wagner. Like zetabeta5 says Merrimack scored “41” SU did “54” what would Clemson do?? Clemson would score only “24” because their secondary sucks!! LMAO!!!!

  6. Terry,Terry,Terry;in the game Thursday night against Clemson,the refs blew a call that was a game/momentum changing play.

    If they would have reviewed the play and made the correct call,I believe that NCST wins the ball game. End of discussion. Oh,wait a minute,what tune would you have been using then while singing from the damn toilet bowl?

  7. @Russell Stugots;

    Here’s my take from today’s game against Tulane.

    I believe the team was sending the coaching staff(by playing so poorly)a message that we had the wrong QB under center. It takes a big man to understand that he may have made a mistake and a bigger man to make a change to correct it. I also know that Doug marrone would have never made that change by putting in Terrell Hunt.

    There is no doubt in my mind that if Terrell Hunt started the first 2 games under center,Syracuse would be 4-0 instead of 2-2. NO FRIGGIN DOUBT!!!!!!!!!

    The offense is starting to jell as a cohesive unit. They looked good again this week putting 52 points on the game.

    The defense looked awesome,down right mean at times. Terry can you tell me when the last time a defensive unit blocked 3 kicks in a game? Tulane’s QB was on the ground a lot during this game.

    Special teams fearless and I thought played with abandon.

    Terry’s prediction’s for the game Tulane 24 SU 17,Still see Tulane 21 SU 20.

    Sing me the song Terry,SING ME THE SONG. I will be honest with you,I thought it would be much closer than what it ended up to be.

    The team has 2 weeks to prepare for Clemson Terry,and I honestly believe these kids believe that they can beat the tigers.

    Word is the Clemson game is sold out. Boy wasn’t today a beautiful autumn afernoon to play a game of football?

    @Malone; I haven’t seen any machinery over to the site starting work on the new IPF. I would think that they would start it like yesterday if they were planning on using it next spring for practice.

    Terry,what kinda of music are you using singing that song?


  8. @Russell Stugots;

    Looks like Rutgers is going to lose it’s second game of the season to Arkansas.

    How did the high school teams do this weekend?

  9. @Russell Stugots;

    I don’t know now Russ,I think I might have made a mistake posting Rutgers was about to lose it’s second game of the season.

  10. Smitty Section 129

    The cuse looked very good today but I gotta say I’m disgusted by all the empty seats in the DOME. With Clemson coming to town what can we do to sell this place out. I bleed orange but even for the local fan that just loves football and maybe not SU, how can you not come out and watch Clemson play, they may have the Heisman trophy winner.

  11. @Smitty section 129;

    I’ve been told Smitty that the Clemson game is a sell out. We’ll have to wait and see.

    Some facts about the game against Tulane

    Syracuse total yards–405
    3rd down conversions–7-14 50%
    4th down conversions–1-1 100%

    The following comment was from an article posted on

    Overall, Hunt is 33 of 43 for 462 yards and seven touchdowns over the last three games. That comes out to a pass efficiency rating of 220.72.

    Terrell hasn’t thrown an interception as of 9/21/2013


  12. Ron,
    I am not sure what is going on, but my guess is that they are still going through the pre-con stuff (getting trailers set up for the contractors and making sure that all the necessary clearances are available for crane swings, and construction fences in order to keep as much of the overall facility as open and active as possible, finding lay down space for materials). Keep in mind, that construction site is still a place where Field Hockey, and Soccer games are played. Maybe they are waiting for the superstructure (steel) to be fabricated before tearing up the existing field.

  13. I might take some noise for this, and believe me I long for the unis of the 90’s, but I thought the new hats on the all blue was interesting and not as bad as I feared. It was better than the GROB all orange fiasco. I think some recruits could like it.

  14. That said, I think we can come up with better stuff that recruits might like and I would like to see more orange in it, that is our name after all.

  15. @Malone;

    I first viewed the new helments on another website yesterday and to tell you the truth I didn’t like it because it didn’t have a block “S” on either side. Once they came out of the tunnel today I thought the helment complemented the blue uniforms well.

    I really thought construction would have started by now. Watching the construction of the new law buildings with the workers working through the winter non-stop,leads me to believe that there is nothing to worry about having the building ready for spring practice in 2014.

  16. @Malone;

    Have you been down to the construction site yet? Does anyone realize just how big that building is going to be? I don’t know if the track is going to be a part of the new building or not?

    I’m a little concerned about them stopping the fans from tailgating there once the building is complete. The building,Malone is going to be a beautiful thing. Can’t wait for it’s conclusion.

    Did you see the game today? I thought they looked super and is going to give Clemson fits in two weeks.

  17. @Terry;

    You’ve been making bold statements saying that Syracuse doesn’t have a chance against Clemson because of their speed. You know I disagree with you,here’s why.

    Already this year,Towson beat UConn,N Dakota State beat kansas St,McNeese State beat South Florida,Northern Iowa beat Iowa State,Eastern Michigan beat Oregon St. Miami beat Florida and UCF beat Penn St.

    I’m currently watching the UCONN/Michigan Game with UCONN leading 21-14 in the 4th quarter.

    So please tell us all,how do explain the upsets this season? Are you saying that all of the teams were faster than the one’s who lost?

    Clemson is going to have a struggle against Syracuse.

    Syracuse is coming together as a team at the right time right now. I’m still looking for the upset on Oct. 5th in the dome and have Syracuse go 3-2 for the season and having half of whats needed for a bowl game.

  18. Smitty Section 129

    I liked the new helmets and uniforms but would like to see a little more orange in there. @Ron I don’t think its sold out as you can still go online and buy tickets and keep in mind the dome has only sold out twice in its history for a football game.

  19. @Smitty Section 129,

    I’ve been told by reliable sources 3 times now that the game is a sell out. I know the odds of that happening are great. the only time that I can remember it being a sell out was the opening game back in 1980. That’s why I keep on saying,”we’ll have to wait and see” to get the results. No matter what happens,the crowd will be the largest it’s been in a loooooooooong time. Saturday’s game was enjoyable to watch. I just hope the team stays positive and carries it over into the Clemson game. I know one thing for sure, they’re going to be fired up for Clemson. Please remember people have 2 weeks to buy tickets.

  20. Ron,I was very impressed by this win but most obvious is that the kids on offense are playing with a defensive ferocity!Seems to me they play harder with Hunt in the game?Will the real SU please stand up?The Clemson game has become very interesting.@Ron,football season is starting to get interesting!I’ve been offline for a day having my laptop looked at and my sciatica’s been acting up!

  21. Ron,I was wondering the same thing about NNJ HS games?Maybe Malone can enlighten us?

  22. OK OK OK as soon as I got home from the game and a great victory meal there to, they locked me in the WOOD SHED of shame!! I spent the night there!! Got splinters in my ass and hair!! I got it wrong. Wow did I ever!!! I’ll watch the replay and come back for my speel!! But two things first. HUNT should of started every game. I think HCSS did the right thing by starting Allen. He had to save face when he told Allen he’d probably start, when recruiting Allen. This will pay off down the road for SU and how HCSS keeps his word to recruits!! And 2nd Ron like Clemson(according to you) SU’s DB’s/S’s are terrible. Got beat badly by good throws and duck wobbling Paulus passes as well. Look out SU plays a front runner QB for the Heisman in two weeks. It was the worse DB/S play I have seen in years. Better in second half, but still unacceptable if SU wants to beat Clemson!! Riddish might be out for year??

  23. @Terry;

    Great response Terry,laughing my fool head off. Man’s that’s funny!!!!

    @Russell Stugots;

    I haven’t seen or heard anything about high school football. Hope your feeling better in a couple of days. I know that having sciatica pain can put you on your back for a couple of days. Get well old friend.


    The thought of you being locked up in the wood shed getting splinters up your backside is going to have me laughing the rest of the day. I’m glad you enjoyed the game. I feel that we’re coming together at the right time. Russell is right on the money,”the season is getting interesting”.

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