Week 2, D.A.’s Knee-Jerk Reaction: Syracuse Pummeled by Northwestern

What happened to Syracuse’s defense in Evanston?

  • Drew Allen looks in over his head. The Wildcats defense completely befuddled him, and Allen has now thrown 6 picks in 2 starts. Not sure Terrel Hunt is quite as good as he looked on that touchdown drive he led late, but he can’t be a worse option than Allen right now, can he?
  • Not to get too far ahead of ourselves here, but the math is not good for Syracuse to get to a bowl game after the 0-2 start. We talked in the offseason about finding six wins in a much more difficult conference than the Big East, and splitting the first two games was going to be key. In the final 10 games, the Orange will now need to go 6-4 to be bowl eligible. Again, it’s only early September so thinking postseason is probably the stupidest thing I could do. But assuming SU beats Wagner and Tulane, it needs to find 4 wins in the ACC schedule that includes the two best teams in the league (Clemson and Florida State). So assuming the Orange lose those two games, SU would have to be 4-2 in the rest of its conference play. Can this team go to NC State, Maryland or Georgia Tech and win? The Orange would have to win one of those roadies AND beat BC, Pitt and Wake at home to be bowl eligible.
  • I thought Scott Shafer coached defense. What the hell happened on Saturday in Evanston? The Wildcats did whatever they wanted offensively, and scored within the first minute of action. In fact, Northwestern probably could’ve put up 60 points but seemed to lose interest in the second half. The offense was going to be a work in progress with a new quarterback, we all knew that much. But Shafer is a defensive-minded guy who needs to be cooking up a better scheme than what we saw Saturday.
  • Can someone please remind me why SU switched Sugar Bear Thompson to defense? You’re gonna get sick of me harping on this. In fact, you may already be tired of it. But in an offense without enough weapons in the passing game (especially with the injury to Adrian Flemming) why would you remove a 4-star caliber athlete? He’s 6’4″, 215 lbs. and runs a 4.6 40. He had offers from Michigan and Vanderbilt. We’ve seen what Ashton Broyld means to this stagnant offense. He’s a matchup problem. That’s what Sugar Bear could’ve been. And a huge, soft-handed, fast tight end would be the ultimate security blanket for a young QB.
  • The good news? Northwestern is going to be the third-best team SU plays all year (behind Clemson and FSU). There’s no shame in losing on the road to a perennial Big 10 contender. You just want to see SU play it more competitively. Wagner next up, and SU should roll by 2-3 touchdowns.

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  1. Smitty Section 129

    McDonald can recruit but his play calling his horrendous at this point. Can someone please tell me why Jerome Smith is not getting a lot of carries. He always makes the first defender miss. I think what may make McDonald such a great recruiter is hurting his offense in that he is trying to make everyone happy with touches. Go with Jerome Smith and let him carry you. Did he watch any of the games from last year. Smith getting 11 carries are you kidding me come on.

  2. DA I couldn’t agree with you more. When I looked at the schedule my thoughts were this.
    PSU, Wagner,Tulane were wins with NU being a lose. Clemson game was a ? for the reason that this game was at home. IF we played stong to start the season this COULD have been a win. NCST, WF, MARYLAND, PITT, and BC were wins in my eye. GT was a ? but had that as a lose, so too was FSU. So I had the season possibly being 8-4 or 7-5. Now watching us and the rest of the teams on our schedule. The only team playing I feel worse than us is WF. Every other game is going to be tough. As I said in my post yesterday. This coaching staff better figure out which direction they want to go and fast. Which players they want to us and how they want to us them.

    On the TE thing. I don’t understand this either. I did like seeing the TE being throw to yesterday. But not throwing to them enough. If RT was playing TE it would be the same situation. So at least he has a chance to play and be a difference maker. He did have some nice stops in the game. The thing that kills me the most though. In the report of camp. I saw that the coaching staff really like DE Isaiah Johnson. That he could even get playing time as a freshmen and be a difference maker. Has he even played yet?

    I’m with you on the defence too. What happened to them yesterday is anyones guess. If HCSS and the DC are on the same page and have the same ideas. Then how did playing that way as a defence happen? We got 2 weeks to work on alot of stuff. hopefully this team can get alot of things done. That way we can look respectable when we play clemson.

  3. I get that Gross wants SUFB to be on the same page as the BIG BOYS and play at that level. I agree and would LOVE to see that happen. The one thing I don’t understand is this. Why when we make a schedule do we start out with the BIG GAME first? Why doesn’t the AD put a game like Wagner or a Stony Brook first. We ca get our feel wet, make mistakesthat will not kill us against a lesser opponent. Then when we do play a bigger team we have some kind of experince in game situation. I have seen ALL the big name schools do this on a regular basis. So why do we keep on putting ourselves in the hole to start our FB seasons? WHY? WHY? WHY? Can someone PLEASE ask that question to our AD? PLEASE!!!!!

  4. SU played PSU at the Meadowlands for TV money and recruiting exposure.

  5. I have to agree with D.A. a little bit on the qb situation but all spring and summer we heard how good Hunt looked against our 1st team D then Allen comes in and gets the job. I believe the team would rather play for Hunt than Allen. Allen looks lost and confused for a 5th yr Senior. So y not give Hunt a far shake. And maybe Funderbank(sp) is a better game player than practice. Even get more gets involved like Estime,Morris, Broyld.

  6. First sentence Allen “over his head. If he threw or delivered his pass like Namath or Unitas i.e. high instead of off his shoulder he would not have the ball deflected at the LOS. His passes might as well be coming from a short Doug Flutie. Put in Hunt who can at least move in the pocket enough to find an open gap to throw the ball which he did very well. I want Hunt . No more “its too soon to switch crap. Allen didn’t start for Oklahoma for a reason and now we see why. You think those coaches didn’t watch and laugh their butts off ? You are delusional if you think they didn’t. We saw QB and Oklahoma transfer and bit like a hungry bass on a worm grouping.

  7. It appears we were star struck(not me)by DA being he was on Oklahoma’s roster for 4 years as an little used 4* and his intangible’s “size,speed+strength” looked eyepopping?Did anyone notice SU seemed to play harder when Hunt came into the game?Can it be possible we have a rift on the team?I hope we use Hunt more this weekend cause Wagner would be a nice place/team for him to get his feet wet along with Tulane which believe me with Joe Montana’s son at QB is certainly no gimme!!Excuse me guys but I’ve been a little down since the game!

  8. I agree at this point Chris…damn what the press says!I had a funny feeling about taking or at least “handing” DA the job on his press clippings!?!

  9. Smitty Section 129

    If Jerome Smith was running the ball 20-25 times a game Allen wouldn’t be throwing 4 ints a game. Again play calling is terrible and I to would like to see Hunt and see what he has to offer.

  10. Diponomics

    Wow… new coaches, new approach! The wrong one, obviously.. what a drop off from HCDM… it had to be said

  11. Smitty is sbsolutely on point. Please… Do not abandon the run. Also, I would prefer a one back system with Mr. smith #45.

  12. Russ the Oklahoma QB situation in Norman OK is still very unsettled!! Lately all transfers coming into SU have not worked out(starting with Paulus)!! Look Smith is not the Smith of 2012. So I’m not sure if SU gave him the ball 40 times that would make a difference. The passing game is killing the running game. Hunt coming in and scoring has “smoke screen” all over it. NW’s 2nd and 3rd string were in the game then and even HCSS said you can’t make judgements then!!! The whole team stunk, its that simple!! HCSS’s presser was exciting and it sounded sincere too!! HCSS was pissed at the play as well at the press. He showed his tough skin to. He looked real frustrated through the whole presser.

    Ashton looked good but he needs to stop the jerking around(after the catch) and catch and go. Yes Ashton its not flashy, but will in the long run, you’ll produce better and be safer to from blind side hits!!

    I’m telling ya the Wagner/Tulane games are going to be down to the wire. DA has that wrong. Why?? This team and coaches have not yet learned how to win.

  13. Cuse don't luse

    Heard alot about isiah Johnson devante McFarlane Darius Kelly have seen little to none of each

  14. @Russell Stugots;

    Just read the following on syr.com.

    Syracuse football recruiting: Jamal Custis, a 6-foot-6 wide receiver, gives verbal commitment to Orange.

    @Terry,that makes 13 commits for the class of 2014. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!

  15. @Russell Stugots;

    Russell,my disappointment on this season would disappear if Juwann Winfree were to join Jamal Curtis here at Syracuse University. Being so happy,I mean,I would try to do some back flips and go friggin crazy.

    This could be the recruit that we’ve talked about and waited for Russell,hoping he bring’s other good players along with him.

  16. Calm down Ron. That means nothing until the 1st week in February(signing day). But still a great get. SU needs many more of these kind of kids!! Not a bunch of NR/2 stars!! But will these kids stay if SU does a 4-8 or worse for 2013???????????????????? I doubt it!!! Lets pray they don’t skip the ship!! Do you blame them if they do???? I wouldn’t and so wouldn’t you for the kids sake!!

  17. Hunt played against the 2’s and 3’s not the 1’s as Allen did. Some of those runs would never have gone anywhere. Also, Hunt looked nervous.

  18. @Terry;

    I stayed up and watched the ND/Michigan game on Saturday night to see just how good our young friend Ishaq Williams has developed. You know,I’m glad he went to ND and became a no name in a no nothing program.(I’m sorry that’s how I feel about them.)

    I say I don’t understand why a kid would go to another school instead of going to a program where he would get playing time automatically. I guess the answer was given to me,after reading an article written on Oklahoma St. telling us that one it’s big time players was paid over $25,000 while attending the school. and yes I know,things like happen all of the time.

    I got excited about the news on Jamal Custis because Terry we finally recieved a commit from one of the giants who stands 6’6″ and weighs 245 lbs. Should be an easy target for whomever our QB will be in 2014/2015. Now it would be especially special if 4* WR Juwann Winfree were to join us for the class of 2014 also.

    Terry,yes I know,I’m babbling again. It’s just me getting carried away at times.

  19. Yeah Ron,Custis is a good,solid get who is a wr/te tweener who could be used to move the chains and make endzone catches over 5’10″/6′ CBs to give KJ Wms some WR help!I was worried he would go to Pitt?Im thinking Winfree would be a nice get but I’ve seen no news or visiting buzz on whats up with him since the Pitt/WVU talk?I hope we have someone in his ear?(recruiters)I have a hunch IF we can get over the Wagner(we should),Tulane games(worried) we can get our feet under us and at the least go 6-6 and make the Pinstripe bowl!….RU just (Sat)got another commit(“15″Jr) from E.Pennsy from the Easton area I think named SaQuan Barkley,RB,5’11” 190 who gained 244 yrds on 14 carries against Bethlehem Liberty….isn’t that KJ Wms team?He apparently was secretly commited in August but went public at the RU game Saturday!They say he’s one of the top 2 RBs in Pennsys Jr class?KF discovered him at 7 on 7 summer camp!

  20. Ron,Bergen Catholic gave John L Curtis HS of La all they could handle Friday night on Fox1sports?J.Curtis is the #1 HS team in the country this year (so far) and NJ has at least 4 or 5 teams of the same quality(SPP,DBP,PC,St.Joes,DePaul,Pope JohnXX111,Delbarton) in the North Jersey parochials!NJ HS football is a goldmine (tho not as populus)as Fla/Tex or Cali!!But no state “per Sq mile” puts out more HS talent!

  21. Ron,Oh yeah I seen somewhere(NJ.com)that DBP,SPP and Paramus Catholic went or played 3 out of state powers (DeMatha,DC,St Joes Prep,Pa and another Md power?)over the weekend and DOMINATED!!3 out of 4 north Jersey powers won against out of state national powers keeping the ball and pride of NJ HS football rolling!!I’m sure Malone has all the details to support my findings!?!Thats why its IMPERATIVE we get someone with NJHS roots on the staff!!

  22. Russell Stugots

    Bergen Catholic’s defense didn’t let John Curtis high school make a 1st down in the second half until the 7 minute mark left in the game. That really speaks volumes about a team that held a team with the #1 WR in the country without a TD in the game.

    I know we as a group have talked in detail about the RB’s. I was impressed with the RB’s on both teams. None were 6’0″ or better and all of them were at 200 lb’s or better.

    Their running the ball brought back memories of Little Joe Morris with a little flavor of Larry Csonka thrown in. I noticed that Bergen Cathloic has a 5’9″ 205 lb RB Corey Russo,only a Jr and a 6’3″ 180 lb sophomore QB Jarrett Guarantino that Coach Shafer and staff ought to be looking at right now,if they ever want to open the doors to NJ.

  23. I remember a James Guarantano from Bergen county playing for RU in the 90s?I wonder if its his father?

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