Fizz Spotlight: Wayne Morgan Talks Expanded Role, Secondary Struggles

Wayne Morgan talkins about stepping into an expanded role at cornerback with Keon Lyn out for the season.

Photo by Dylan Butler

He was one of the most highly touted recruits to pick the Orange in the class of 2012. And now, a few weeks into his sophomore season, Wayne Morgan is about to step into an expanded role this weekend against NC State.

He also stepped into the Fizz Spotlight this week.

With the loss of starting cornerback Keon Lyn, Scott Shafer has turned to some of his younger defensive backs to step up, Wayne included. The Fizz talked with the New York city native about his expectations moving forward, and how the defense needs to turn things around heading further into its ACC slate.

Here are some excerpts from Morgan’s time with the FizzCast this week.

 On his expanded role this weekend v. NC State

“It’s something I’ve been prepared for. Coach [Shafer] told me from the beginning on, if something was to happen to another corner, you got to step up and take a few more reps at the corner position. I was prepared for it, but it definitely was a tough loss for our secondary to lose Keon [Lyn] because he was one of our top cover guys. It was a big blow.”

On the secondary miscues against Clemson

“It was just a lack of communication, it wasn’t good enough communication with the cornerbacks and the safeties. There were a couple plays where we gave them touchdowns.”

On what injured CB Keon Lyn taught him over the last two years

“Last year he was going through shoulder problems [last season]. He taught me how to be tough. Basically if something’s hurting you just play through it because he did it. He actually was playing through his knee injury. He always gave us a little speech here and there, we prayed before the games, he’d be the guy talking. Definitely a big loss not to have Keon on the sideline with us. 

Posted by Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. HedgeHog

    This is good news. Morgan is the guys we need to step up. couple thoughts on the game. most people, including the SU fan based had us loosing this game – so the fact that we are 2-3 is pretty much where we figured we would be at this point in the season. I really didn’t think we would beat #17 NW on the road, on their field or the #3 team in the country. The one we should have won was Penn st and we lost on the final drive, not to shabby. (Besides that fact that that was an away game – 70% Penn St fans = road game).

    Back to the Clemson game, I though a huge tipping point was in the 3rd qtr, we were making a solid come-back. Had decent momentum and went for it on 4th down. Our receiver (Clark ?) basically got tackled and no call. that was bullshit. He was at their 9 yard line. we would have had 1st and goal at the 9 yard line. throw the flag! assuming we would have scored there (I’ll take our chances in the red zone at the 9yrd line) – score would have been 35-21. Still not sure we would have won, or even gotten closer but it completely changes the game. the fact that 3 calls by the refs that went against us were overturned by re-play just goes to show you how out of wack the officiating is against our teams. 3 calls overturned, not sure I have ever seen that in a game against 1 team. literally ever ref hates Syracuse with a passion. The calls are so lopsided it’s getting ridiculous. we just are not good enough to beat these teams and the refs.

    All in all they played decent. Held their ground in the 2nd half. We ran for over 300 yards on the #3 team in the nation, that’s tough to do. SU played way better than Maryland vs FSU and Wake vs Clemson. We should be able to beat Wake, BC and MD. I think Pitt, NC State and Ga. Tech are toss-ups. Florida state looks unbeatable. I think they are better than Clemson. So I have that one as a loss.

    Our run defense has been solid since Marrone/Shafer came along. the pass defense needs to improve a lot. the problem is Shafer loves to bring pressure and that leaves the corners 1 on 1. our best corner – Reddish was out for this game, so that put us in a hole. The 4 turnovers and 8 penalties killed us – that needs to improve.Difficult having a first year coach, all new coaching staff, new conference, QB who has only started 1 game in his career before this one going up against the heisman frontrunner and the #3 team loaded with 5th yr sr’s. Once they loose Tajh Boyd and most of their playmakers after this season we should be better against them next season, although it will be in death valley. I saw on a highlight that they drove the ball down the field the last minute of the game and went for the score but missed. would have been a little better. at the end of the day we are still 1-1 all time vs Clemson and beat them 41-0 in the bowl game, so we still have that.

  2. I think W.Martin was made to play CB and will be a fixture there until he graduates barring injury!If he was a little taller he might be NFL worthy when all is said and done here!We’ll see how it goes as he’ll face a short learning curve against the sophisticated offenses.

  3. @Terry;

    Weel Terry it looks like we picked up the 2nd recruit in 4 days on Wdnesday.

    3* 6’6″ 250 lb TE/OT Beau Benzschawel out of Grafton High School Grafton Wsconsin committed to Sracuse on Wednesday. Coaches told him if he gained weight chances would be he gets moved to the Offensive Tackel position.

    Remember when we were all tqalking about getting people to come to the dome and support the team. He loved seeing all of the fans in the loud house with the student section going wild.

    Welcome to the orangenation Beau. Good luck to you,I wish that you have a good time here over the next 4-5 years.

    Russell & Terry,things are looking up for the team.

    My son called me lastnight from Michigan and said that we were 6 1/2 point favorites against NC State. Is that true?

  4. I apologize for the spelling errors gentlemen. Working on a different computer because the one I use got hacked and had to take it to be fixed.

  5. 2 star TE RON!! Tape on him shows TE and DE play as well. Again his speed was not impressive,but for his size it might work. I also wonder about the quality of HS play in WIS as well. But if he grows into OL position this get could pay off. But these gets will not improve SU’s 66 rank either!! SU needs 3+ star talent to improve. Didn’t the Clemson game show that!!

    Remember the sexual abused kids of PSU. The NCAA didn’t!!

  6. On TOS Beau’s listed as a OT!Did he have many offers?How come were recruiting so much in B1G territory?I’d like to start getting kids I’m more familiar with or from Ga/Fla where FB is king!But all in all HCSS is showing innovation and creativity finding athletic kids for the OL in out of the way [email protected],L’ville should beat RU tonight by 16 or so!

  7. Russ if you read up on recruiting in areas around SU(NE,Midwest,Atlantic-Coast and The South)SU is rarely mentioned except recently the verbal from the Ill OL kid!! None or NaDa at all for SU. Its scary!! PSU, Rutgirls, VT, BC yes but no SU. SU is off the radar screen now so they have to get projects like this kid from WIS. And yes he might pan out for SU. But gambles like these from Coach P through HCSS has shown it hurts more than helps and during that time the record is below .500!! That’s why I feel HCSS blew it not having more kids here for the Clemson game. Yes he wants quiet moments with them to get their FULL attention, but the WIS. TE said that atmosphere was great. Why not for the other no shows too!!

  8. Terry;

    The article I read lastnight indicated that he was a 3* recruit. That’s all I know about the kid. As far as his speed goes,I’ve really never seen a big TE have the speed that your talking about. They’re usually used for blocking instead of catching a pass.

    @Russell,I agree that we’re recruiting kids from areas that’s never happened before. Main question is,if he’s that good of an athlete,how did we get him away from the Pac 12 schools and Wisconsin? In the end if he turns out to be a good player then I really don’t care where he came from. I wish we would really focus our attention on the recruits that were listed earlier in the states of Florida and Georgia.

  9. @Russell Stugots;

    My nephew,his daughter and I are going to the Syracuse/Florida State soccer game tonight. I hope I get home in time to watch some the game. Thanks for letting me know about the game.

    Tomorrow night I’m taking my granddaughter and some of her friends to the Syracuse/Clarkson Ice Hockey game. That should be real interesting.

    Russell,I haven’t seen the betting lines on the NCST/Syracuse game yet. Are we favored by 6 1/2 points? It doesn’t sound right to me. What do you think?

  10. Yeah Ron,I think thats the correct line?If it is its a sign of confidence and respect by neutral parties (Vegas)which shows maybe our tough schedule is paying [email protected],the reason I mentioned the RU game is cause your always giving me score and upset alerts on their games so I though you’d want to keep an eye of them(to see them lose)Ha Ha!I KNOW your not a fan of the other team!!Ha Ha..have fun tonight with your nephew at the game(soccer)!

  11. Ron,yes I too was surprised we were favored from the medias negative downplaying of us were being brainwashed into low expectations!!The PS is very SU negative it seems?Most people thought we’d be a slight underdog and sometimes I’d prefer it “to be underestimated” as it can fire up the team!I just hope NC St don’t use it as bulletin board material?btw,Malones been awful quiet?I hope he’s well?I love his info,good nature and NJHS updates!

  12. @Russell Stugots;

    The NCST/Syracuse game should be interesting. After talking to some of the players lastnight them seem to be more focused as to what needs to happen in the game. Big diffenerce between their attitiudes from last week leading into the Clemson game and this week heading into the NCST game. Hugh difference Russell.

    Russell as far as Rutgers goes,it’s all perception. I don’t hate them. Whenever they’re on tv their always dressed in black uniforms,and when they focus the cameras on the head coach,all I see is his connections with the mafia and all that is bad with college football.

    I hate making that statement Russell because they do have some good players on the team. Watching the team just rubs me the wrong way. Perception!!!!!!

    Just letting you know,I dislike Louisville even more than Rutgers. That goes back to when Petrino was head coach and the arrogance the whole program displays against the teams their about to play.

    That statement was based on the time that my wife and I went down for the first Syracuse/Louiville football game played in Papa Johns Stadium. I just think their all idiots.

  13. One thing about Rutgers will never change and that how really dumb their fans are.Rutgers will recruit a player and if that player commits the player will lead them to a national championship. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic and true. Even funnier is it doesn’t matter which sport is involved. The thinking and reaction is always the same.

  14. Ron all reports are the WIS TE/DE is a 2 star at best-sorry!! But it does matter if you don’t want SU always looking like they did against Clemson. I don’t!! Ol line might be his best position!!

  15. Chris,thats funny cause as a NJ guy thats how they see our FB fanbase Ha Ha..they think were delusional and our best days are behind us but one thing is for sure…we are losing the battle for perception and recruits and need to win back the NYC/NJ area!Their coaches are all NYC/LI area guys so it won’t be easy!At least they give our BB team respect!

  16. Ron,your kidding about KF,RU and mafia ties aren’t you?Kyle Flood is Irish and comes from a family of Irish cops.He’s the one thing I like about them unlike Shady Schiano!I don’t know anyone who says anything bad about KF?

  17. Ron,it looks like my 16 point pick of “L’ville” over RU is pretty close in the 4th Qtr!!

  18. @Russell Stugots;

    I apologize Russell if I offended you for the cheap shot’s I took at Rutgers. Sometimes perception deceives a person and makes them believe all the wrong things.

    I got called into work a 1/2 before my nephew and I took off for the game. He got a little upset with me which I totally understood his disappointment.

    I mentioned earlier that every time I watched Rutgers play a game they wore those ugly damn black uniforms,well I got a chance on break to watch Rutgers score a TD just before the half making the score 17-7 and wouldn’t you know they were dressed in all white uniforms tonight.

    Go figure;what the hell my football season is shot anyways.

  19. @Terry;

    The articles I’m reading tells me that our latest recruit is a 3* athlete. I can’t change the subject matter on what other people are writing. Sorry!!

    Did you really need to ask about my feelings about the way Syracuse looked against Clemson. Especially after all that we’ve discussed on this website.

    I will agree I think by the time he gets to Syracuse he’ll be heavy enough to play OT at Syracuse. Remember now,we’re only losing one person(Macky MacPhearson) off of the OL due to graduation this year. The backup is bigger and should fit in nicely for 2014. It kinda looks like we’re going to have a line that stands around 6’5″ and weighs 310-315 lbs.

  20. @terry;

    This was taken from an article that I just finish reading on Beau Benzschawel.

    Benzschawel is the fifteenth commitment in Syracuse’s 2014 class, and chose the Orange over offers from Iowa State, Bowling Green, Central Michigan and others. He also received interest from Michigan State and Wisconsin.

    It also listed him a 3* athlete.

  21. Watching the Rutgirls/Louiville game has shown how far those programs have improved and how SU declined. Yes SU beat Louiville. And should of beat Rutgirls the last time they played. Its just the “feel” one gets watching these teams. The talent level is far above SU’s. Its not a good feeling at all!!

  22. Ron Rivals has Beau “2 star” and ESPN has him “NR”!!

  23. Ron and Terry,I enjoy the different views and give and take between you guys who see things from completely opposite prisms…Ron always see’s the cup half full and Terry half empty but we probably fall somewhere in the middle(the way I see it)Ha Ha..Rons glasses are always on and Terry’s are never on but we all want the same thing and have no patience with the mediocrity were [email protected],man that must have been tough on you last night?I hope your nephew can see it from your point of view?I know you’ll make it up to [email protected],I know what you mean seeing so much up and coming young,talented starters on some of these teams only highlights our recruiting woes!!Leave it to you to put it out there.But its pretty apparent the disparity in young talent…esp on special teams!

  24. Ron,its tough when your our age watching and waiting for our team to rebuild but were in the ACC and couldn’t really expect a 9 or 10 win season right off the bat?Remember last year after the RU game you were thinking the season was over and we went onto a nice bowl win and share of the BE conference season.I think we’ll still make it to a decent bowl(probably pinstripe)and win 7 or 8 games which in a transition year is great!Keep your head up Ron cause your a winner either way!

  25. @Russell Stugots;

    I’ve been retired now for 7 years. Interviewed for the job and started working at the University 4 1/2 years ago.

    Every day that I work I get a chance to meet and talk briefly with the male and female student athletes and when that happens Russell it puts me in another world,I just love talking to these kids.

    Lastnight I got to meet RF (CB)Chauncey Scissum and shook his hand and thanked him for coming to Syracuse to play football and Rob Trudo wishing him and the team good luck on Saturday against NCST. I met RF (NT)Marcus Coleman and thanked him also for coming to Syracuse to play the game.

    Tonight,because I made a promise to members of the womens Ice Hockey team to be at their game against 3rd ranked Clarkson,and I will be there to give support.

    All in all Russell I couldn’t ask for anything better than what I have now at this point in time. I’m enjoying it to the fullest. How can a person go wrong with guy’s like Terry,you,Malone,Carlton and others talking sports all of the time?

  26. I know what you mean Ron…if it wasn’t for SU sports and the Jints(there terrible this yr)my life would feel emptier as we live vicariously thru the athletes to fill a void and whats healthier?I haven’t been a drinker in 30 years but even then I loved and looked forward to FB season!!I love the fall and holiday season and get blue after NLOI signing day except for WBB!Then its back to looking forward to the next FB season Ha Ha..

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