Lightning Trifecta: Syracuse Recruiting Trio of ’14 Talent at FL’s Cypress Bay

Orange football hopes to land three 3-star recruits from one Florida school.

Photos via Varsity Preps

The amount of offers Syracuse has dished out to Floridian high school football players since George McDonald’s arrival is through the roof. SU’s offensive coordinator has continued to enhance and strengthen the culture of recruiting Florida in the post-Doug Marrone era. There’s one high school in particular Coach McDonald has to lock in on for the 2014 class.

As Scott Shafer has handled not only the current 3-4 bunch after a beating by Georgia Tech, the new head man has kept his recruitment attention on Midwest recruits, his sweet spot. No question has Shafer put his trust in “The Mailman” to pick from the cream of the crop in the Sunshine State.

Down in Weston, Fla., Syracuse has three scholarships lined up for a trio of players from Cypress Bay High School. Since 2007, head coach Mark Guandolo has the led the team to all plus-.500 seasons every year except for one season. One name the Orange is already familiar with is CB Deion Hallmon, who de-committed from Rutgers at the end of September.

Hallmon confirmed with The Fizz Wednesday night that the Orange remains in his top five. The programs other than the Scarlet Knights pushing for Hallmon include Florida State, West Virginia and Wisconsin. The speedy corner has lined up a visit with Northern Illinois in mid-December, but Syracuse sits in a good position. Secondary help can never be passed up. Lately we’ve seen that one of SU’s top weaknesses is in the defensive backfield. Take this year as an example, as Julian Whigham has become a huge replacement for CB Brandon Reddish. Give SU credit, though, as it ranks third behind Clemson and Virginia Tech in total defense in the ACC.

Hallmon’s interest has clearly stayed high, but there’s a duo along his side that could consider the Orange just as much.

Kadeem Goulbourne               WR, 6’4” 194 lbs.

Watch footage of Goulborne here.

Goulbourne has fielded a multitude of offers including SU. Just like Hallmon, Goulbourne told Varsity Prep before the 2013 campaign that he really liked Rutgers. He is a big fan of their offensive schemes and the idea they’re heading to the Big 10 next season. Goulbourne is seriously considering Michigan State and Tennessee as well as Wisconsin, a university he plans to visit officially in early November. His goal for his senior stint is to be disciplined and stay focused in a very important year individually. He definitely adds length and could tag along with an already impressive receiving core for 2014.

Marquese Dudley-Gordon         S, 5’10” 175 lbs.

Watch footage of Dudley-Gordon here.

Dudley-Gordon is a bruising blocker and defensive hawk for the Lightning. He’s got offers from Louisville, Arkansas, Ohio State,  and likewise programs Michigan State and Rutgers. However, he told Varsity Prep before the season’s beginning that Pittsburgh and Arkansas lead his services. Notably a new ACC team like the Panthers at least keeps the Orange in the picture. MDS visited Pitt back on September 2 and attended the Florida State game. His older brother actually attends Pitt so there’s no surprise he’s very interested. He’s another defensive back who makes plenty of plays in the backfield. With his ties in Pittsburgh, it’s not out of the question Syracuse can get Dudley-Gordon’s attention.

Both athletes – and Hallmon – would be huge adds to the program in 2014. There’s a reason McDonald earned a Top 25 Recruiter honor in 2012 from Rivals. “The Mailman” could deliver in a unique way this time around. Cypress Bay ranks in the 80s amongst top Florida high school programs. Recently Syracuse hasn’t recruited big-time players out of there. This trio of 3-star athletes all add special skill sets. Hallmon seems very sold on SU’s pitch, but it would be a disservice if McDonald didn’t do his best to reel in all three players.

Posted: Brendan Glasheen

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about these players. But the article seems to me to be wishful thinking about Syracuse landing these three athletes.

    We all know the story of CB Deion Hallmon, who de-committed from Rutgers at the end of September.

    what makes anyone think that these players will commit to the Orange?

  2. Ron: I think D.A. is pointing out that we’re getting close and making inroads where we were shutout before. One key guy( Maybe Alin Edeourds?)could pull a load of talent with him from SoFla.

  3. But has SU offered schollies yet?

  4. JB –

    In talking to my U of Miami friends that follow recruiting feverishly, the point you made about Alin Edouards is spot on. He said that UM was always impressed with his athletic ability, but his biggest asset may have been his ability to bring other recruits with him.

  5. @JB

    You bring a different perspective to the discussion. I thought the article was telling us with a little luck,that we had a chance of landing them.


    Let’s hope that we do bring Alin Edouards to Syracuse and he does bring some of his friends with him to play here. That wourl be great if it happens. Thanks gentlemen,let’s hope all goes well with these players recruitment.

  6. Let us hope the Mailman is able to deliver some (all ???) of these young men to SU. One thing Mr McDonald seems to show is that long-term relationships are needed and, as such, hiring and firing with a rapid turnover of coaches is NOT a good thing to do.

  7. Is the Glass half empty..or half full: For all of you Nay Sayers out there, here is a sign that our recruiting is getting better:
    We are now recruiting players that other top teams want to steal as witnessed by the two recent de-commits to Penn State and Wisconsin.

  8. Well Terry here’s some news that I know your going enjoy.

    Beau Benzschawel, a three-star tight end from Grafton, Wis., has backed out of his verbal pledge to Syracuse. He will commit instead to Wisconsin, his hometown school.

    I guess Wisconsin did want this no nothing 2/3* athlete who plays TE.

    What the hell is going on?

  9. @Terry;

    I agree with what Dr. Bill said in his post. Coach Shafer has upgraded the recruiting efforts at Syracuse University by going after all of those wanna be no good 2/3* athletes that people keep on telling us. I’ve come to the conclusion Terry that the coaching staff’s at Penn St and Wisconsin Universities have different opinions as to the level of our recruits and have raided two of the players in Jason Cabinda and Beau Benzschawel.

    I guess both players were better than low life 2/3* players.

    I’ve learned long ago that “payback is a bitch”. I hope at sometime down the road that we repay both Universities back in spades by stealing a couple of their recruits.

  10. @Russell Dangerfield;

    A local radio station (102.5)located in Tamba Bay bought advertising on a bill board calling for the firing of Schiano as the head football coach. cs are o-6 this and have lost 11 of their last 12 games.

    Schiano was booed roundly as he left the field after Tampa Bay’s last home game, a 31-20 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Oct. 13.

    I guess old crazy eyes isn’t so admired/loved in the NFL. It’s going to be real interesting to see how long he last.

  11. Well Ron you lose by 56 points on a national basis and the coaching staff looks completely lost doing it what do you expect. Recruits are going to fly and it ain’t done yet(verbals leaving). I told you so!! Having below aveage talent at SU and poor coaching lately has already labeled the CUSE a low end program. No matter what silver tongued recruiter from SU can say to change that now!! Its embarrassing, but its what we got. Coach P started it!! Grob made losing a way of life at SU!! dougie up and left with a below .500(if you count Toledo)! And now our beloved coach is way over his head with talent better for the old BE than the ACC!! An administration more interested in pinching pennies then make the right decisions!! 4/5 wins this year is the best. And here goes SU again, down that losing road. I’m tired of losing!! I’m tired of fans saying wait until next year! Tired of the jokes I hear from other fans out there about the CUSE!! But most of all I’m tired of the excuses for this program. There is no excuse for SU’s failures. Three things will cure SUs woes and all right now are not possible. ONE-hire a HC coach with winning on his resume’ before he gets to SU!! TWO get decent talent in at SU( rated 40s in class to start)!! And THREE have a sincere fan base that knows about the real game of college FB not homers!! Since the firing of Coach P none of the above have happened at SU. And honestly none of the 3 are at all attainable-RIGHT!!

    Ron have the shovels gone into the ground yet for the new facilities yet. I’m sorry but I haven’t heard or seen anything about that. Another stupid issue about SU’s program. They can’t even get this right!!

    Do not forget the 19 abused kids of PSU. The NCAA did!!

  12. @Terry;

    Ron have the shovels gone into the ground yet for the new facilities yet? The answer is NO and I really don’t understand it Terry. DR Gross said it would be ready for use for the start of spring practice in 2014. I really don’t see that happening. I don’t know if the reason for contruction not starting is due to the amount of debt that Cantor has run up and is causing the banks to back off of financing this project. You know as well as I do that there has to be a lot of back door or closed door negotiations going on that we’re not hearing about.

    Your post Terry has a lot of good points,depressing but good points. What we need here is for the university to get rid of our athletic director and bring someone in that has vision and conviction that knows what’s needed here. I’m slowly warming to the idea that maybe just maybe Coach Shafer is in over his head. I feel that Shafer needs to take control of this team,McDonald and Bullough needs to be replaced at the end of the season. Oh,boy I hated to make that last statement,but damn it something drastic has to happen here and someone has to have the courage to make strong correct decisions. If in the near future someone decides to replace the current coach,the very first thing that needs to happen is you have to pay that man a decent salary.

    I hope that the new chancellor has enough strenght and courage to make the decisions necessary to force change within the program. We’ve been told that football is the driving force that feeds the all of the other programs. It’s a business the university should run it like one and put the right people in charge of it.

    Look from day one of her hire I was real unhappy with Nancy Cantor. She gets paid over $1 million per year,that’s not including her husbands wages or the so called ghost chancellor wages. If you looked at the time she was at the University Of Illinois you going to find that she run the athletics dept into the ground. I couldn’t figure it out then and I have no reason now as to why she was ever hired.

    I apologize to everyone for carring oln here,but I just have a lot on my mind. The current state of the football program is starting to woory me.

  13. @Terry;

    I will admit Terry by your definition,I am a homer. I know you think that I don’t attention to what’s going on,but beleive me when we say that both of us have followed Syracuse Football for a very long time and I follow it very closely.

    sometimes when a local paper runs a story saying that the last 4 head coaches shut recruiting targets in different areas of our state,bothers me to no end.

    When we were searching for a new head coach before we hired GROB,I was hoping for Syracuse to make a strong push for Tom Coughlin. I think he would have been a tremdous hire.

  14. “Crazy eyes” will be fired this week. Does he come to the ‘Cuse!?!? Or USC maybe?

  15. @Carlton;

    I hope not,while at Rutgers his over-all record was 68-67 (24-25 BE)

    I wouldn’t say that made him an exceptional coach,would you?

    He’s 0-7 this year and has lost 12 of the last 13 games at Tampa Bay.

  16. Carlton,no way…his 1st priority when he got to RU was to damage SU’s image and recruiting in the critical NJ greater NY area and it was no secret!Same chance the Dougie comes to RU to coach as Shady to SU!Unless you buy him a castle and a 5M yrly salary.Shame though cause he’s a visionary with good/great recruiting skill’s and delegater but has trouble keeping assistants and lacks gameday coaching skill’s!Humongous ego…probably goes to Belechik’s NE team as DC or takes head coaching job at a glamorous,high profile school to feed his loyal followers(assistants)!Good thing?will hurt RU’s recruiting with NJ connections!

  17. Terry,unfortunately I felt your right but did’nt want to throw a damp towel on everyones optimism as soon as he was hired!We need a proven winner with good Ohio,Penn,NJ connections to start getting better more local area talent who can hire staff with some Fla connections too!I’m not sure if midwestern guys have a clue in the NE?Let’s let the season play out and if he gets us to a bowl I’ll reasess my opinion and hopefully eat my words!Remember this…Dougie saw this coming and knew he’d better get out on a high (50/50)note or he’d have been fired himself this year!Everyone should have seen this coming with Nassib/Lemon/Pugh leaving on a big bowl win!I blame FHCDM for leaving us in this situation(bare talent cupboard)and not delivering on his dream(promise)!No wonder the Dipper disappeared and seemed sour when he reappeared!We’d have been no worse to sacrifice last years below average recruiting class to get a whole new high rated coach and staff in here with a fresh outlook and new energy.Hardnose?nice slogan but wheres the beef?I’ll admit in early recruiting I thought I might have been wrong like most of us but since then we’ve stagnated.What can we say?HCSS is here now lets hope we’ve underestimated him?

  18. Ron,damn that was hard for me to say(admit)to even myself but you and Terry’s post gave me the courage to face what was really going through my mind!Even so I did’nt want to admit it to myself.Now we live with it I guess?How long is HCSS contract?Let’s hope were wrong but are we all wrong?

  19. I can feel what Ron’s feeling. Something like the university got the sports programs into the ACC and now they have 20 million but they don’t intend on using it for football. I know they are building a new football center,…. but we are still deep in football purgatory and I can’t even see light at the end of the tunnel yet. Maybe the PC crowd wants to do away with football at SU, I’ve heard professors say that they need to get ahigh level university to drop it’s program to get the ball rolling.

  20. Ron,he was better than Dougie cause when he arrived at RU it was a 1 or 2 win yearly program and he lost 35 in his 1st 4/5 years then averaged 8/9 or more wins a year over his last 7 years when/after he started from scratch!Dougie was BELOW .500 (counting Toledo) in only 4 years and if he stayed we’d have been WAY below if you liked Dougie you’d have to say Schiano was a much better team builder!

  21. And when he left RU he left there cupboard stocked with talent and in great shape unlike the Dougie disappearing act before the “storm”!If he had stayed RU would have averaged at least 9 wins a year for the forseeable future but where are we?Add 5 years to shady’s record it would have made him Ru’s Jopa!…Oh,now I remember that you thought he was mafia!Ha ha..we don’t need Schiano(he’d never come) but we need a Schiano type recruiter/vision!

  22. As much as we hate to admit it Shady will be in high demand in CFB and as an DC in the pro’s!He is an excellent defensive mind(see the “U” in their heyday)especially when you think of the BE UMiami when he was DC!The ST’s vision lives on at RU where they still lead in the last 5 years in blocked kicks and FF returned FTD’s!

  23. @Russell Dangerfield;

    Reports I read this morning Russell are saying that Schiano is going to be fired this morning(Friday). I didn’t say Schiano reminded me of being a member of the mafia,it’s Coach Flood I made that statement about. But you with your knowledge and wisdom set me straight on him and I later regretted making that statement.

    I agree that we’re going to need someone with Schiano’s stature though. It doesn’t matter if I like him or not,we need to bring someone in here that won’t be afraid to do the job that’s needs to be done.

    I wouldn’t mind Syracuse making an offer to the former Ohio ST head Coach Jim Tressel. He once coached here,can rebuild our program and turn it into a winning one. What do we have to lose?

    Bottom line here Russell is that $1 million a year doesn’t cut it. Someone in the athletic dept or Syracuse Adminstration needs to understand that.

  24. @Russell Dangerfield;

    I want someone in here that’s going to give us the fans a winning program year after year.

    I also want someone at the university to come up with ideas to change the college football atmosphere here at Syracuse.

    After watching the Clemson,FSU pregame rituals, one easily understands why a recruit from the northeast goes to a school in the south. Take a look at the Ohio St Marching Band spelling out Ohio St at the beginning of a home game. I’ve watched first hand the ND football team walk from the cathedral after prayer to the football stadium while fans line both sides of the path that they take to get there. We need to change football tradition at Syracuse University. Putting statues of it’s early greats just don’t cut it for me. Sorry!!!!

  25. Whats worse Ron is why are local schools in Pennsy and NJ beating us out of all the best recruits for the last 10 years when our history and educational oppurtunities are superior?When Temple recruiting is better than ours thats a real red flag!!I’m not yet gonna give up till we see what the rest of the season brings.Maybe were expecting too much to soon?Dougie did’nt leave HCSS much in the cupboard and so far were a smidgeon better in recruiting but it seems 1 step forward 2 steps back?I’m not willing to give up on HCSS yet but he needs some better recruiting help like what happened at MD with RE a couple years ago and Mike Locksley saved his job and they might bowl this tear!HCSS if he can just beat MD will boost our spirits.I’m tired of getting mad every weekend(except Tulane,Wagner and NC St)!

  26. I noticed regulars like Malone,bgogo,dipper,Derek and others good fans don’t say much recently?Probably figure if nothing positive going on best say nothing!Nothing is more fun on Saturdays than winning and bragging here the rest of the week!Hopefully were ready to rebound and I dont mean a basketball!btw Ron,I think Dougie is a better pro coach than college cause he’s not really a visionary or recruiter while shady fits the college game better but lousy gameday coach…@it was funny about Flood and mafia cause he’s more likely priest matierial!No matter what people think about RU KF is a warm,decent guy and could/would be everybodies favorite uncle.I’m not sure if he’s a gameday coach though but he’s a better than average recruiter but nowhere near a Jeff Hafley!

  27. @Russell Dangerfield;

    Russell I really like HCSS and the emotions that he brings to the table. If your in a position to hire people using nepotism to fill the positions needed wheither it be family or friends is forbidden and should never be used ever.

    I hope Coach Shafer gets his head out of his backside and sets his sights on what’s really needed here. I strongly believe given the chance,that he can do the job.

    Losing two of our recruits recently hurt. But we still have a long way until signing day and I still believe that were going to get some big time/decent recruits before it all said and done. At least I’m hoping that we do.

  28. Russ gez I must not be a “good” fan huh??

    The problem in the last 10/15 years of this program is NO ONE said anything negative about SU except outside of NYS!! I will not stop the negative or postive when that ever shows up!! You see what that got the CUSE!!

  29. George McDonald’s value to this program is concentrated in his recruiting ability in Florida. I say this in response to post about “trio of prospects being sought by GM down in Florida. Geoge’s prowess as an OC is questionable at best. His down side as the OC is way too numerous to list here. If there was a way to keep him on staff for recruiting while replacing him as the OC it would be better for Shafer. I’m guessing Scott won’t think about that but a meeting with GM expressing a hope for more might be appropriate at season’s end. I can thik of areas he has failed beginning with play design and calling. that is beyond basic in football offense.

  30. With 9 games left to the 2013 season and Buffalo setting with a 3-4 record. Could Buffalo end up with a winning record and make it to playoffs this year?

  31. @ Ron

    Hahahaha.. no.

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