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Coach Speak: Shafer’s 5 Biggest Quotes, The Fizz Sits Down with McDonald

It’s officially 19 signings for the Syracuse 2013 recruiting class. Scott Shafer spoke to the media, going over each and every member of the new class. Here are the 5 biggest quotes from Shafer’s press conference:

On Mitch Kimble/Austin Wilson and finding the next QB, the current crew has a few candidates:

“I really like the kids in house already. Those guys are pretty competitive”

On whether SU needs to upgrade its football complex:

“Facilities do help. There’s a positive vibe. What is most underrated is the people in those facilities.”

On sudden coaching changes:

“We had to adjust to the elements. Any time you have change, you have to adjust.”

On being underdogs heading to the ACC:

“We will play every game with a chip on our shoulder.”

On the low rank of the recruiting class:

“Greatest thing about the game is to put ball down and play. We are going to play our butts off.”

Shafer went on to compliment almost every player, particularly the incoming quarterbacks Wilson and Kimble. He praised the new wide receivers Corey Cooper, Brisly Estime, and Corey Winfield. He actually compared Winfield to a younger version of Greg Jennings. JuCo defensive end Trevon Trejo, according to Shafer, has the body of Chandler Jones.

The Fizz also got an exclusive chat with new offensive coordinator George McDonald. Here is some of Q&A with “The Mailman.”

Q: What were your first actions as soon as you were appointed as the new OC?

A: “We got to get players in here and have to get this class together. Start getting the best players you can that fit Syracuse University.”

Q: How is being personal with these recruits helpful in their process? They really seem to feel a close connection already with you and Coach Shafer.

A: “I learned all from Coach Shafer. Kid wants to know if you are going to be real with them. We’re opposed to selling SU to them. We tell them we are going to coach them as men. Whatever we tell them is a baseline fact.”

Q: How much of an impact do you think the ACC had in the decisions of these players?

A: “Kids are very more aware of what’s going on in college football. The ACC can give them the same opportunities to develop their careers athletically just as good as any other conference.”

Q: What are you looking forward to most in formulating this offense? Of course some pieces from last season are coming back, but what’s it going to be like diagramming your system?

A: “The foundation of this offense and this team is competition. It’s going to be a marathon, not a sprint. The guys are excited because whether you’ve been here or just got here, you have 15 practices in the spring and of course the summer to compete.”

Q: How important is it for you and the rest of the program to make these recruits feel at home while up here at SU?

A: “The staff is a family. It’s not something we have to sell, it’s something we live. It’s just who we are. It’s actually genuine to this staff. It’s really transparent for the kids to see.”

Posted: Brendan Glasheen

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