Three Key Recruits Syracuse Football is Focused on During the Season

Can the Orange beat teams like Tennessee & Louisville to WR Steve Ishmael?

With Syracuse in a bye week, the SU coaches have tried to mix recruiting with preparing for the Clemson game. The coaches are trying to attract new recruits along with keeping the committed guys to their promise. Scott Shafer will also try to take advantage of Deion Hallmon’s decommitment from Rutgers.

Also over the weekend, 3-star Syracuse commit Jason Cabinda received an offer to Penn State this weekend. While the new offer might not seem like a huge deal, Cabinda’s value could be heating up as his senior season continues. Cabinda has played linebacker in high school but is billed as an athlete, a recruit who, upon arrival, can move around depending on Syracuse’s needs.

Receiving offers after commitments is nothing new to recruits, but it is important for Shafer to lock down talent who have already committed. Shafer dealt with the recruiting fiasco after Doug Marrone left the Orange. SU fans remember when names like Zach Allen and Gus Edwards decommitted from Syracuse after the coaching change. Obviously, a coaching change is different from bigger offers coming a recruit’s way, but it is crucial to keep the talent in an already solid recruiting class.

Let’s take a look at which recruits the Orange is still watching:

1. Steve Ishmael – Ishmael is a 3-star receiver who could be a great addition for the Orange. He is planning on making his way up to the Hill during his senior year. Ishmael sights his connection with Coach McDonald as a major reason he likes Syracuse. The Post-Standard reported in mid-August that he was close to committing but wanted to plan a visit before making a decision. He also has offers from Tennessee, Louisville, West Virginia and Pitt.

2. Thomas Holley – Holley was a name Syracuse fans never expected to hear again after he was rumored to be interested in national powerhouses. However, Ryan Murray told SU Juice Online last week that “Syracuse is sitting in the top-five range. They’re working out an official visit in the next few weeks.” This is huge for Syracuse, as an impressive visit could put the Orange in a position to fight for a high-caliber recruit like Holley. The Brooklyn product is very close with his mother, whose approval he seeks when he takes her on his visits. So, if SU can use proximity to home, along with other attributes like early playing time, Syracuse might be able to make a run at a monster recruit in Holley. Terrel Hunt’s emergence does not hurt SU’s chances either, as Hunt and Holley have a close relationship.

3. Aaron Roberts – Roberts will be in attendance for the Clemson game on his official visit to Syracuse this weekend. Many are hopeful he will make his decision shortly after, as he has been down between Syracuse and Illinois for quite some time. The Fizz profiled Roberts and what he means to the recruiting class in July. He would be a great talent and a big body on the line in the future.

Senior seasons have begun, and with players attending big games and getting a better feel for which school will fit them best, expect recruiting to heat up.

Posted: Zephan Mayell

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  1. bk su fb fan

    Maybe its just optimism, but I feel like the recruit level will continue to increase as the journey. In the acc continues.

  2. @Russell Stugots:

    Can you feel it Russell? Can you feel the change we were talking about earlier in the season is happening right now at Syracuse.

    I feel the “winds of change” is starting to howl/blow harder than ever before. Some of those big time recruits are going to be picked up and deposited in Syracuse NY,just like Dorothy was picked up from Kansas and put down in the land of OZ.

  3. @Ron:

    Lets hope they don’t wear red shoes,click their heels and return to Kansas! I believe in the “Winds of Change”.

  4. Roberts is probably considered a lock while Holley is a pipe dream. The same can be said of Mavety.They aren’t going to happen unless the team beats Clemson and then and only then can Syracuse claim itself among the “fast and furious” teams on the rise.This might be enough to bring in the big time recruits.Even then legitimacy can be questioned due to longevity.

  5. Chris; I like that ‘fast and furious’ allusion. A series with Oregon would be fun.

  6. @Ron

    I feel the change too.. to basketball season!

    haha, jk

    i really do hope we can start getting some more of these big time players and start being recognized as a 2 sport school.. not just basketball.

  7. Cuse Don't Luse

    I bet $60 on Cuse +12.5 vs Clemso what are your thoughts?

  8. saltine44

    @Cuse Don’t Luse: I think that is a smart bet and should be making some money this weekend! Cuse should not only cover but I think they will win. A few special teams plays will be the difference. Go Orange.

  9. zetabeta5

    I hope we can forget about the idea that we want to be New York’s team and recruit primarily in New York……New York high school football is generally terrible as compared to other locales….A high school game in New York draws a couple of hundred students…In Texas or Florida thousands…My son was a great high school player here in California and played football, ran track and did field events twelve months a year…the weather works! Great if we can pick up guys like Holley here..but, when they exist, we still have to recruit against teams all over the country….Keep recruiting in Texas, Florida, etc. and try to break into the California high school quarterback market….which produces an amazing amount of college All Americans..If we want to be a national power, we must continue to be a national recruiter and expand those efforts…Why doesn’t the athletic department set up a website where old alums nationwide can identify great high school talent and be the eyes and ears of our recruiters…no harm and maybe an All American is sprouting up unseen in California or Arizona or Oregon..and we would have a shot at him….

  10. Zebata,please..thats the spiel Grob gave us when we lost NJ/NJ and NJ is and has been when we were in our glorydays our lifeblood!!Please mend the local fences and THEN cherrypick Texas/Cali.Fla though is another key with so many NE transplants in Fla/Carolinas/and Ga!!Heck,even Fla and Alabama schools look in Jersey for talent not to mention the B1G10 powers OSU/Mich/PSU etc!We can’t start to spread ourselves to thin but build a hardnosed southern and eastern brand of FB not the westcoast spread!!I feel Cali players are “soft” as do most eastcoasters and southerners!Ron,SHOCK the World!!

  11. Never forget who we are!!!SU is a cold,hard,serious,tough winter storm blowing out of CNY and coming to a FB field near YOU soon!!We also welcome visitors into the Dome….you can get in,can you get out?

  12. CDL,my thoughts?How are you gonna spend the money?

  13. Cuse Don't Luse

    Haha thanks for your optimism Russ and Saltine44 everyone at my school thinks I’m crazy … I’ll be in upstate New York during the game but I’m visiting Colgate and Hobart this weekend for lacrosse and I’m going to the Hobart football game with the Hobart lacrosse coach at 12 do you think i can make it to the Cuse game Geneva isn’t that far is it?

  14. @Frank;

    It’s nice to hear from a man who shares the first name of the author who wrote the Wizard Of Oz. Your comments are really appreciated,thank you.


    Did you see my post about Tyler Roberson? He’s considered to be the 10th best power forward in the land.

    I made a statement to the people who live south of the Mason-Dixon Line,the NEW KINGS are on their way. It’s not going to be North Carolina and Duke anymore. The pundits have Syracuse finishing 2nd in the ACC in 2013. Amazing.

  15. @Cuse Don’t Luse;

    Both of the schools your going to visit on Saturday have excellant lacrosse programs.

    Colgate is a 30 minute drive from my house,where Hobart is about an hour and a half away.

    Colgate is located in the rolling foot hills along the Chenango Valley in the Southern part of Madison County. They have a beautiful outdoor football stadium and a cozy gym in their field house for basketball games.

    I don’t see you making the Syracuse game this weekend. From Hamilton(Colgate) to Hobart is about an hour and a half drive west on I90. Your visit to Hobart and the football game should take about 3-6 hours. It’s another hour drive from Geneva back to Syracuse. I’m guessing your day is going to be shot. I wish you luck young man,no matter what school you choose,your going to love kit because both of them are great institutions of higher learning.

    We are in the start of autumn here CDL. When driving from one school to another pay attention to Mother Nature/God’s handy work and the colors around you. I’m guessing you don’t see things like this in Texas at this time of year.

  16. @zetabeta5;

    Are you telling us you live out in California? a friend of mine turned me onto high school football that is head quarted in NJ and plays schools across the fruited plains that lead to California,Texas,Florida and other locations. While watching these games I came to the same conclusion that my friend Russell has. The state of NJ is loaded with D1 players. Syracuse is starting to gain some ground there by getting a couplew of good recruits and I hope will gain more ground in the years to come.

    I’ve grown up on Eastern Football and for me there’s nothing that’s come close to replacing it.

    Syracuse needs to recruit the NE first,then head south to Georgia,Florida,the Carolina’s and then spread their wings and start recruiting the midwestern region before going to California.

    The old saying in the East has always been,all the really good players are located East of the Mississippi. We make no excuses or apologies. John Wooden built his and UCLA’s reputation on recruiting kid’s from NY/NJ and the eastern sea board.

  17. @zetabeta5;

    We joined the ACC and competition in all sports have increased tremendously. ACC lacrosse is going to the best conference in America. When you watch ACC basketball,you’ll find the league is loaded with NBA talent and again the ACC will have the best conference of all the conferences,bar none. Pac 10,BIG,Big 12,Mountain West,SEC none of them is going to matter.

    But don’t you worry because Syracuse is building a football program that is going to become must watch TV. Can’t wait.

    Look out world here comes Syracuse University.

  18. Cuse Don’t Lose 12.5 ain’t nearly enough points!! SU’s DB’s are terrible and will get smoked. But Clemson’s running game will show up to. SU will not be able to score enough. Just make it a 20 point game at best!! Sorry Ron!!

    Recruiting has to improve in SUFB or the program will be an ACC bottom feeder. The 2 star/NR players will not work in this league at all!! SU really hasn’t improved its OL at all in the recent years. With the coaches in previous years being OL junkies that’s surprising!!

    Don’t forget the abused children of PSU!! The NCAA did!!

  19. @Andrew;

    I put this message on the the internet back in 2002 and also mentioned to the people who was listening to the local radio station at the time. With the recruits coming Gerry McNamara,Carmelo Anthony in for 2003,within the next four years Syracuse would be National Champions. It only took one year for that to happen.

    So fast forward to 2013,with the recruits that have committed to Syracuse for the 2013 basketball season,Tyler Ennis,Tyler Roberson and Ron Patterson,Chinonso Obokoh and adding Kaleb Joseph and Chris McCullough in the 2014 class,people need to start buying their tickets now, Because with-in the next 4 years Syracuse will be National Champions again.

    The pundits are predicting Syracuse to finish in second place in the conference this year. I believe that they will make a run for Conference Champions and ACC League Champions in their first year of the ACC.

    Watch out people the New Kings of the league is coming you way.

  20. Footbal here please people, SUBB will come soon in enough!!!!

  21. @Andrew,

    Andrew I think your looking at Syracuse athletics with tunnel vision.

    Syracuse University is to lacrosse,what UCLA is to basketball. UCLA has won 10 National Championships while Syracuse has won 13 National Championsips,oops I made a mistake 12 National Championships,I included the one that was taken away by the NCAA because a coach cosigned a loan for one of the Gait Brothers to get a car.

    It’s true that our football team is going through some hard times right now,but I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel with Coach Shafer in charge.

    We’ve won championships in both football and basketball and Syracuse is currently putting together a team that will make a strong run for another National Championship over the next 2-3 years.

    The womens Ice Hockey played for the ACHA League Championship last year. The womens lacrosse team has played for the National Championship the last two years,the womens softball team was Big East Champions 2 years ago and advanced for the first time in school history to NCAA championship pool/regional play,the womens basketball team advanced to the NCAA Basketball Tournament last year and had a player(Kayla Alexendar)drafted as the #8 pick in the draft.

    The message Andrew that I’m sending is ,there’s a lot of good things happening at Syracuse University with-in the athletic department. All you need to do is open your eyes and take a good long hard look.

  22. @Andrew;

    Syracuse joins an elite group of 8 schools California,Florida,Maryland,Michigan,Michigan State,Ohio St.,Stanford that have won both football and basketball championships.

    Only 8 schools have accomplished that goal. I honestly believe that Syracuse Athletics are heading in the right direction. Keep the faith man.

  23. You forgot Arkansas in that group.

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