Syracuse Commit AJ Long Talks George McDonald & Steve Ishmael

George McDonald’s offense is slowly getting the pieces it needs for a successful run.

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If you searched “Florida wide receiver” in a Syracuse football database, you’d undoubtedly find several matches. Sunshine State recruits are no longer a stranger up On the Hill thanks to George McDonald’s arrival last January. McDonald’s impact has really shined on picking up play-making, offensive prospects from the area.

And SU’s offensive coordinator continues to target a name Orange fans should start getting used to. Hopefully.

The Fizz has tracked North Miami Beach wide receiver Steve Ishmael and his recruiting process extensively. Ishmael was on the receiving end of an in-home visit from McDonald prior to Syracuse’s Texas Bowl win at Reliant Stadium. He’s set to be up on campus next Friday to take his official visit. There’s been mutual interest between both parties, and it really started to heat up once Ishmael’s senior stint with the Chargers.

After speaking with The Fizz Thursday, quarterback commit, unspoken AJ Long had this to say about Ishmael:

“I know he is a lock but [he’s] silent. He loves Coach McDonald.”

It remains to be seen if there’s another recruit out there who can compete with the attention Ishmael continues to get. The lengthy receiver is at the top of McDonald’s potential prizes to join the Syracuse offense. Ishmael could be the fourth WR in the 2014 class, alongside KJ Williams, Corey Cooper and Jamal Custis. Most think another wideout would be surprising since there’s already an overflow of young wide receivers on the current SU roster.  

Not so fast.

Almost a year ago now, Scott Shafer and McDonald began their sprint to the finish line to rally together SU’s 2013 class. Now with a full year under his belt, McDonald has been able to find the players he absolutely wants. Remember what AJ Long told The Fizz once his cousin Williams committed in July:

“They don’t have the players they want to play in the ACC. We’re the type of kids that they want and fit their system. So it’s good to know that he’s the first one we get. He’s going to help us so much more, [since], as everybody says, he was the most highly recruited person that we’ve brought in the last couple of years.”

The program is in the midst of that transition. His hire obviously means Shafer has his trust and this offense has his name written all over it. The pitch he can absolutely throw at prospects is a big one: immediate playing time. Coaches like to promise young players time on the field right away and come up short of their promises. Ask Brisly Estime, Alvin Cornelius or running backs Devante McFarlene and George Morris II. McDonald isn’t kidding when he says you have the chance to play right away if you prove it in practice.

Landing recruits such as Williams and possibly Ishmael are just a glimpse of what’s in store for Syracuse as long as McDonald is around. As to the why the 3-star stud Ishmael has yet to verbally commit, there’s no update. Perhaps he’s waiting to go through his visit on campus to get a feel for the atmosphere.

Long believes that’s the only thing that’s holding Ishmael up.

What can be sure is that McDonald’s presence will only increase Syracuse’s chances to bring in some of Florida’s bestAdly Enoicy told The Fizz recently of his strong relationship with Estime and McDonald. Pretty soon these offensive pieces have to make their decisions as NSD approaches.

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  1. Ishmael could be the key to this years class!! BUT OL and DL need major attention to!!

    Please do not forget the kids of PSABUSEDU!! The NCAA did!!

    It looks like the Vandy coach @ PSABUSEDU!! Great recruiter too!!

  2. Terry, Ishmael strikes me as a Marvin Harrison type. Quiet and a little thin maybe, but great hands, great routs, and deceptive speed. I think Harrison was faster, but it feels like there are a lot of similarities to them. Harrison made all three of his SU QBs better. Harrison made life easier for Kevin Johnson, a converted QB. I think to the days of Q Ismael and M. Graves, and C. Gedney, and even S. Hill. They helped make D. Walker and T. Richardson better too because of the balance. With Enoisy and Custis and Williams, and Cooper… I am excited.
    Sorry, homerism at its best.
    Speaking of T. Richardson, a lot have debated the Restore 44 idea, and some have said that it should not be used as a recruiting tool, rather given to a current RB who has earned it. I have a problem with this. Historically it has always been used as a recruiting tool. Without offering it, we don’t get M. Owens, T. Richardson, or the last guy to wear it, R. Konrad. I don’t think any of those guys really lived up to Brown, Davis, or Little, but who can guarantee that success ever!? All three are in the HOF. Nobody knew that of them then. There was potential and everybody saw that, but there is no such thing as a sure thing. If we are so worried about the RB recruiting, we need to put it back out there. It does not have to be given, but it could be used to get kids on campus for visits.

  3. Rob Konrad was perhaps the most misused #44 in SU history. He could have been so much more effective in his years here than he actually was. It was a shame how he was included in the offense on so little.

  4. Malone Homerism is the idealism of a fan who just refuses change, no matter in what form. He/she refuses to critize their team. So he/she will never take a swipe at it’s own team. Even if the facts/history shows lack of real honest improvement or steady winning!! Even steady winning can irate homers at times(like Alabama/Auburn fans)!! But give me those programs to whine about. SU has wallered in its FB program with poor play/poor decisions to average gains recently(close to 12 years). The homers of SUFB program just like not having these poor to average teams mocked. Well guess what TRUTHFULLY mocking the SU program will only get it off its dead butt and improve. But again the homers say how dare you cut down the CUSE FB program. Well recently nothing else gets this team moving toward better years. The media is homer let alone the fans!! I’m in a minority and its a real challenge to let SU fans at times see the light!! This team is improving-yes. But for the ACC its still backward in its style!! WR’s kind of look promising!! But OL and DL are needed as much. Plus SU needs to at least get into the 50’s in rank for recruiting!! You homers are honest to the heart-no doubt, but a real fan is honest from his/her brain!! If JB had average to losing records his head would be on a platter. What happens to HCSS if he has a losing season next year??? I love the guy and hated dougie, but if a certain fit hurts your program the program has to come first unless its something out of the programs hands. So CUSE homers out there keep it up. You give good debating material at times. But in all reality we are CUSE and we want the best for the CUSE. Its just at times you homers give me that EXLAX moment/feeling!! Sorry I got to run!! LOL!!

  5. If you could e-mail me with a few suggestions on how you made your website look this good, I would be grateful.

  6. BK SU football Fan

    I also want more help on the Lines, but can’t help but definitely want to see Ishmael added to this class. Ingredients would be in place for a pretty potent Offense.

  7. I don’t know, but to me college FB and its final season play offs out plays the NFL. The pomp and circumstance of college ball is so much more high lighted than pro ball. All year round EVERY game in college ball matters. That’s not always the fact in PRO ball either. And to top it off all the college games during bowl and playoff seasons are not really home games. I’m really interested in the real playoff system next year for college ball. Only fault I see is a 4 team system. I feel 8 team system would work better!!

  8. Excellent point Terry. I agree 4 teams are not going to be enough and neither is 8.

    Who do you pick and what happens to the teams that miss the cut? Are we still going to have the bowl system in place? If so,then why not advance the winners until there’s one left standing. If basketball can do it,then I believe that it should be done in football. With the championship game being played the same day of the Super Bowl. That way we wouldn’t have to experience a week of over kill by the so called experts leading up to the game.

  9. Gee Ron look out your making some sense!! LOL!!

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