The Search Continues: 3-Star Recruit Jazzee Stocker Visits Syracuse

There are still no commitments for Syracuse football for the Class of 2015.

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Still looking for its first commitment in the 2015 class, the Orange hosted 3-star Safety Jazzee “Jay” Stocker over the weekend.

Stocker was one of a few recruits to make their unofficial visits to the Hill. The Coatesville, PA native is ranked as the 276th best player on the ESPN 300. Although these prospects still have their senior seasons looming next year, it is encouraging to see highly ranked players visiting early in the recruiting process. The Syracuse program prides itself on its history and the Carrier Dome, so immersing interested recruits in the culture while visiting is crucial, especially when they have not visited too many other colleges yet.

Perhaps one of Stocker’s best attributes is his speed. At 6’3”, 195 pounds, he runs a 4.5 40-yard dash. Syracuse loves to move players around depending on what position the Orange need at a certain time. This could be a great way for Stocker to see the field early. It also does not hurt that he has a lot of experience playing on special teams.

The Orange only received one true safety commitment in the 2014 class from Rodney Williams. Naesean Howard however is expected to make a move from Running Back to Safety during spring practice.

With a high talent level comes a harder chance of landing Stocker. He already has offers from Wisconsin, Virginia, Rutgers, Maryland, Purdue, Georgia Tech, UConn, Indiana, and Temple, in addition to the Orange. Penn State has not made an offer to Stocker but he did visit the Nittany Lions in late March.

Something to keep an eye on as the recruiting process starts to roll during the spring is to see where geographically Shafer and his coaching staff will recruit. We saw last year how Midwest recruiting was crucial to SU’s 2014 class. George McDonald also worked his magic down south as Syracuse saw quite a few commitments from the state of Florida. However, Stocker and Qaadir Sheppard, who also visited this weekend, are both from the northeast, an area Doug Marrone loved to recruit from when he was coaching the Orange.

The Orange needs to haves locked down its first commitment by now. Syracuse is the only team remaining in the ACC to not have at least one commitment to the 2015 class. This is not time to hit the panic button, but it would be reassuring to at least have one recruit in the bag.

Posted by: Zephan Mayell

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  1. Almost unacceptable to have 0 verbals? Even RU’s KF whose probably a lame duck has 4 or 5?? UConn might be the only D1 school in the NE w/o a commit!?! Lets pick it up guys. @Ron,how about Connor? I asked in a public post for him to intercede!?!Is that legal?I would think so??

  2. Russell,I thought this was going to be an easy process,that all we had to do was ask DA for help because we all had to provide our e-mail addresses if we wanted to post on this website.

    It will come together soon I hope. Outside of asking DA for help,if it doesn’t work out I don’t know what else either of us can do to make a meeting of two friends happen.

    Let’s both have some faith and wait a little longer to see what happens.

  3. The size of 6’3″ 195 I like the most. HCSS has got too many small guys in the backfield.

    RUSS mark my words here!! I Love HCSS, but I think his effort here on early signings is lame. His lack of players on site visits during big games at the Dome is nuts to. A packed loud and nuts Dome can’t hurt a players ears-huh!! If the classes were in the low 30’s/higher 40’s
    I’d agree with that, but he’s in the 50’s!!
    I’ll remind him of his poor choices on these recruiting processes if the class is weak this year!! But in all respect to him he has to win 7 games(before bowl season)!! We’ll see!

    Ah its good to talk SUFB!!

    Do not forget the kids of PSABUSEDU!! The NCAA DID!!

  4. OOPPSS!! Forgot one thing!! Not a UCONN fan at all and who cares??? The final game was decent but, really nothing at all. College basketball is great for a time of year when there’s nothing to do in the upper part of America. We all know that the southern part of America is all about College Football!! The tournament is all about the brackets and the tourney not the game itself!! The games before these two things happen means little. College football EVERY game is important!! OK!!

    But my real beef is about the paid athlete issue. A UCONN player in front of the media said “I go to bed hungry”!! To that I say BULL BLEEP CRAP!! That spoiled UNCONN player and the NW players too(they surprise me) have a very minor issue here. But my friends right now are having issues with finding the proper education for their kids that they can afford!! “Proper” is the key word here. In College basketball quality players stay a few years and the better ones leave after ONE year and still might not make the NBA!! CFB they stay for two years!! And both are free=Education, housing, books and EATS TOO!! A yearly expense of a quality college education cost any where from $20,000(low end) to $60,000(high end) per year!! Hey I’m liberal, but that should be enough!! Have these players stand in the main court of their school and ask everyone passing by if their schooling is FREE!! Imagine the words and actions from other students/parents paying for their schooling. Its a total lie that player went to bed hungry. How do the others paying for their education do it. They find a way to do it. That player just played the “ghetto game” and claimed poverty. But at the same time he’s got to have $$$$$ freed up that the others just don’t have and others for years are paying back any student loans too!! What loans will he have to pay back?? Yes, CFB/CBB does make a ton of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ on these players, but a FREE education of 4/5 years isn’t bad. But at the same point most parents out there want their kids to get the best education out there that they can afford. No matter what one thinks major Universities pay off better in the long run!! But that might mean going to a school not on the level of the best Universities out there in the USA!! Yet these players come in grab these scholarships on athletic abilities not academic abilities and we all know academics for most of these players is not their main interest!! And I/WE go along with this because we want to win yearly. And I have no problem with that. There are thousands of college students out there with no pot to piss in and are paying for their education now and thousands of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in loans down the road and are GOING TO BED HUNGRY tonight because they have no other choice!! How about them too!! Its the players complaining here not every day college students-yet they go on and I applaud them for that!! This so called UCONN player has a choice some how to get a bite to eat before bedtime, because he does not have to pay for his education its got to free him up with some $$$$$. After all this player gets a full ride education at all top universities and while other kids and parents must pay for the ride at places(not of their choosing) because they can’t afford other places of higher learning. I know that I’m going to get some static for saying these things, but fairness sometimes comes at a cost!! And a full free ride cost a player and his family nothing!! My friends are not asking for a free ride education!! They just have dreams on their babies birth of sending them to the best college they could go to. While they are holding that baby for the 1st time they make innate promise of a college education to them. We all do that and relate to that-can’t you to!! So cut out the crap UCONN player and take the full ride for what its it-FREE!

  5. Malone

    Terry, was his statement in direct refernce to players being paid, or the unionization? If not, the concept of “staying hungry” or “everybody eating” is phrasing a lot of guys throw around to talk about how much they want “it”, be that a win, a championship, a pro career, etc. I see things like “I won’t eat till I’m at the big table” a lot.

  6. Carlton

    No Malone it was about the meal plan not being enough. Everyone talking about how ppl are making money off them yada yada but disregard books, room/board and classes for min and also consider the amount of free exposer they get from playing college sports. Basically high major college football and basketball players are putting on 1 year or 4 year auditions for their job employers. Also less then 1% of athletic departments turn profit. Only 2 college sports are revenue generating. How will you pay non-revenue generating athletes? How will you be able to meet title 9 requirements that will surely change if paying athletes pasts.

  7. I am an avid orange football fan and can understand how hard it is to recruit top notch players I just hope we can turn the corner and become a power in the ACC in both basketball and football.

  8. Malone

    Jack, I feel it is possible and I think getting more head to heads with Miami would help not just with direct recruiting Miami, but with renewing what was a budding and mutually beneficial rivalry with them. Gross is right, we need to see some teams more than once every six years. Investment is needed too and that goes to Carlton’s and Terry’s point. We need to put money into the program, but not the players. These facilities are yet another form of payment that football and basketball players get. I know that when I was at SU the hoops guys got like the max allowable by NCAA for meals and they got a stipend for the road. Most guys would use the stipend to gamble with each other on the trips. They road meals apart from team meals were from the vending machines. As for at home, the SUper card (a debt card for buying whatever you wanted at Kimmel, Goldstein, Schine, etc.) was loaded with a couple thousand dollars a semester. They had team dinners in season that included lobster and filet. In addition, my roommate was given a regimine of Met-RX protein and weight gain shakes as part of his S&C program. I don’t think they went hungry.

  9. Malone/Carlton this player from UCONN just wanted an extra candy bar in his Easter Basket that’s all!! Media swooped in on that and did not challenged him at all. This player was street smart and knows what the hell it won’t hurt so I said it. He cares less about what or could happen to college sports!! Again it was for him totally. If he’s hungry its his fault. Thanks guys the public on this issue needs to know the real truth. Not the Ghetto truth!!

  10. Terry I agree with every word…you’ve touched a nerve with a guy who had to join the service with a 1380 SAT score out of a possible 1600 cause college was out of reach….while these kids with barely 900 sat’s are pampered fed and work out in world class gym’s i paid to go too yrs ago!

  11. Ron,my email finally got through!! Thank’s DA.

  12. @Terry;

    I have to agree with Malones statement concerning the athletes meal plans. They get a ton of money to spend on food if they’re hungry. I know at Syracuse University the football players are fed breakfast and dinner every day plus getting the max on what they call their Supercard. When the team travels for an away game their fed the very best food that the hotel has to offer. I don’t want to hear any athlete tell me especially on national tv that he or she goes to bed hungry.

    Things are really getting interesting here guys. Real interesting!!!

    I watched the NCAA National Championship game the other night and in a way was glad that UCONN won the game. For all of you Boeheim using the 2-3 zone bashers out there. Was I the only one or did any of you notice that the mighty Kentucky Wildcats couldn’t stay up with UCONN and implemented the 2-3 zone to try putting a stop to their offense? All of those one and done players(freshmen)couldn’t stay up with the juniors and seniors that made up the UCONN team. Oh!! and one other thing,rumor has it that Calipari is leaving Kentucky and going to the Lakers in the NBA.

  13. Malone

    Ron, I heard there is not a lot to that rumor. He coached the Nets and did pretty well till he got the boot and went to Memphis. He makes $5 mil a year from the school, and can treat the players any way he wants or needs to.

  14. I still feel there was no real super interest in the final 4 let alone the final game, even with SU not close to be in it. Most of my sports freaks friends have told me that the Final 4 is just watered down in today game. But they are looking forward to the CFB playoffs!! To fandoms out there(Final Fours) its all about filling the brackets out not the games themselves!! Can’t really wait to see CFB playoff picture. Where every game counts even the labor day games!! But would rather see 8 teams instead of 4 teams. But that will come.

    I see SU lost another OL guy for good. Man the whole story here on SUFB just might be the OL!! Either how surprising good they are or how disappointing they might be!! My ears have heard from sources that HUNT has improved, but at the same time the underclass Freshmen look interesting. But also the source really wonders how good the “D” really is?? Another bothersome thing is the team is nicked up a bit. So the spring game could not tell a lot!! We’ll see!!

  15. @Malone;

    I heard that on one of the ESPN shows lastnight. We all know that ESPN knows what they’re talking about and speaks only the truth about something when it’s being reported right!!!!!

    your right though,it’s probably just another one of those idiotic statements made by one of those idiots that work at ESPN.

    If the weather stays like it is right now,I can see the heavy equipment needed for construction of the IPF building moving onto the site and the digging for the foundation starting next week. Looks promising. I hope Syracuse University doesn’t block off and kick us out of our tailgating spot this fall.

  16. Still the IPF should have started before now. SU’s powers to be just don’t have the interest! If the IPF where in Florida, Alabama, LSU, USC, PSABUSERU, TEXAS or ND it would have started months ago. And we all know that!!

  17. woke up this mornin an got myself a g*n,…papa never taught me..right from wrong…ha ha Ron, I assume you FaceB? Friend me or send a request.I emailed ya about that sensitive subject.

  18. Terry.. Not on your side.. Do agree the current system has become a joke. Kids really aren’t after an education and most won’t make it at the next level.
    The issue is the “money”. College sports are generating $ millions and $ millions of dollars. It is beyond reason! The amount of money changing hands above and below board in the SEC is beyond belief. It needs a formal investigation to give visibility to what’s going on in many/ most of these Publicly funded Universities. The SEC is not the only offender.
    The kids are being used like farm animals. A few go on the the next level. Most graduate with degrees that can’t get them jobs or drop out short of a full degrees and end up with nothing. The “scholarship is a charade!
    I have a proposal… Division 1 is pay to play. Division 2&3 use the current system. Players get the same amount monthly we pay cadets at our Military Academies. I think around $800/month. Football/Basketball only! Their the guys generating the bucks. Stiff penalties to kids or coaches..even if the coach moves..for violations. Strick rules on academic ciriculum and what it takes to be eligible to play.NBA adopts the same rules as NFL for eligibility to the draft. If a kid can’t meet these requirements…Semi pro/Europe/Canada ..whatever! It’s suppose to be about an education.
    NCAA money flow and all the soft money needs investigation as part of the plan!

  19. Well, if you’ve had a tragic life, you can prbbaoly write something that’s depressing which may interest a few. But if you’ve had a happy life, you can write things that are fun and inspiring like you are doing now. So, ignoring NPR was the right decision!

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