A Confident Shy: 2015 OLB Shyheim “Shy” Cullen Says Syracuse Is His Top School

When it comes to Syracuse, Shyheim “Shy” Cullen is anything but.

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Just how shy is Shyheim Cullen? Based on The Fizz’s conversation with the Lowell, Massachusetts linebacker, he’s quite the opposite. Cullen is very not shy about his confidence that Syracuse, the lone FBS School to offer him, leads his recruiting services.

Watch Cullen’s 2013 season highlights here.

The six-foot, 215-pound Cullen has other East Coast D-I schools interested in him, including Boston College, UConn, UMass, Temple, Rutgers, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island. Defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough and linebackers coach Clark Lea contacted Cullen back on April 30th to extend the Lowell HS junior an offer. Bullough likes what he sees, according to Shy:

“He said I definitely fit their defense. They saw that I could make some amazing plays, and that’s something they like at Cuse.”

Cullen shined in the state of Massachusetts. He was one of eight juniors selected to ESPN Boston’s annual All-State Team. He helped the Red Raiders reach the semifinals of the MIAA Division 1 North tournament. Having played middle linebacker primarily last year, Cullen often blazed past the line of scrimmage record 12 sacks along with 52 tackles:

“I have the ability to break towards the linemen, especially playing the middle linebacker position as of now in high school.”

He should likely see time on the outside during his senior stint. Under his HSHC John Florence, Shy does his best inside. As for his potential college head coach Scott Shafer, Cullen has heard nothing but positives:

“What he did last year and where he brought his team, I just know he is a very great coach and he definitely likes players with the ability I have. They were definitely altogether and on board (to offer).”

With a visit to the SU campus planned for June 21st, Cullen can finally get a taste of Syracuse in person. His discussions with Bullough and Lea are obviously very encouraging, but he’s really excited to meet Shafer. Interest soaring in from other local programs doesn’t faze Cullen:

“Syracuse is number one right now. I was working my way to just try and get an offer, then to hear from Syracuse, never mind the offer, was crazy and I liked it. All I’ve been thinking about is Syracuse and I imagine myself there. As of right now, talking with my parents, I’m pretty confident in Syracuse.”

Cullen is on record Boston College sits behind the Orange. Only time will tell if he receives more FBS offers. Certainly a rising ACC school such as SU offering could easily bolster Shy’s value. His mind is set on delivering a state championship at Lowell High this fall. Beyond that, however, Cullen’s interest in Syracuse is his focus, which could increase to a possible commitment very soon.

Posted by: Brendan Glasheen 

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  1. BK SU FB Fan

    I’m never against a NE guy coming to Cuse. CFB has definitely evolved from the recruit your backyard mentality of the past but its still nice to see NE HS players get shown some love by programs in their region. He has a lot of FCS offers so at this point he isn’t highly regarded but I’m not solely about the star rankings(we’re not the star magnet program at this point). Haven’t see the guy play so all I can bank on are hopes/projections. Weight,room meal,plan and good coaching can help him reach his potential. Probably a good sign that his home school is number 2.

  2. BK SU FB Fan

    btw NE=North East and not New England just to specify.

  3. chris

    Cullen is pretty much a commit once he gets here for his visit. Playing inside or out is merely a decision once he arrives and goes through Sb& C and gets on the field for observation.

  4. Terry

    Interesting??? What’s his 40ty???


  5. Malone

    Apparently he had a back tweak and his 40 time was off his average by 4/10. That implies that he is very fast for a LB. I also read his weight was off so… I don’t know, best case he is 5’11 1/2″, 220 lbs. 4.5 40. I like that he is in the region, in BC’s back yard, and he has a confidence about him. I like a player with that old school Miami attitude sometimes, especially at a position like LB. Just need to back it up.

  6. Malone

    Hearing academics may be the reason others have not engaged. I don’t know if any if that talk is true, but it does help explain it some.

  7. BK SU FB Fan

    Lets hope the Orange luck out and get him if he can get school in order.

  8. He is 5 11 215 … 4.57 in the 40 …. Recent changes in school have made a huge difference in grades… Fingers crossed

  9. Terry

    Right now SU will always have to deal with academic issues!! Its called crumbs. Other programs will always be turned off trying to sign a player that might not qualify!! That’s where in depth investigation into a player pays off!! And a gamble might be worth it. But only if the background is there for this player to qualify!! I’d gamble on this player!! Its the ones that SU gambled on in the past that had NO CHANCE IN HELL of qualifying that pissed me off!!

  10. Brendan Glasheen

    @Malone – There is truth to academics. GPA reportedly under 2.0. Needs to get that up in order to play D1 Football

  11. GPA is below 2.0… 4 th quarter grades all B’s with 4 weeks to go… He says he is doing much better understanding assignments now… He says he will make the grades to be eligible

  12. Terry

    He had better make the grades if he wants to play any DIV 1 football!!

  13. ricke78

    Cullen seems to be on track to get the grades. Someone mentioned crumbs above.
    I think we’re doing much better than crumbs but we still can’t consistently get a 3* LB with some length from NJ,PA or anywhere. Maybe the wave of the future is to have speed backers to compete with the spread offenses. If that is the plan, I’ll buy that. SU signed Zaire Franklin at 6′. Hodge is 6′, Moskul(3*) is 6’1. SU did move PJ Batten to OLB and he is 6’3″. SPruill(gone) is 6′. Lynch is 5’11. Cullen will be a speed backer wherever he goes to college. SU also has other young OLB’s like Perry, Bennet and Thomas.All are around 6′. Vigille at 6’2″ is in the middle. You do need some longer LB’s like Batten to matchup and some larger guys in the middle for short yardage situations.

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