KJ Williams, Treevon Prater Fail to Qualify Academically for Syracuse Football

KJ Williams and Treevon Prater’s disqualifications are nothing new for the Orange.

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The Orange received some troubling news over the weekend that KJ Williams and Treevon Prater did not qualify academically to enroll at SU this fall.

Williams, a 4-star recruit, was one of Syracuse’s highest-ranked commits in quite some time and could have seen the field often as a freshman. Now the Orange faithful will have to wait and see whether the Bethlehem product chooses to go the prep school route or opt for a JUCO school. This is reminiscent of an academic situation involving 2013 commit Corey Cooper just a year ago. Cooper will be a freshman in the fall.

As for Prater, he probably would not have seen the field in his freshman campaign. However, this situation might hurt him more in the long run than other commits. Prater did not play organized football for too long in high school and would have benefited from a year on the bench to get a feel for the team. Like Williams, Prater will also be choosing between prep school and junior college.

Academic issues for recruits are nothing new for the Orange. Ashton Broyld did not qualify academically his freshman year and went to Milford Academy, a prep school for athletes who do not qualify to enroll at their committed schools. Myles Hilliard is another player who had to go to Milford after not having the grades for Syracuse. He, on the other hand, was kicked out and did not join the university. You can also add in Wayne Williams, who opted for ASA College in Brooklyn before enrolling at SU in January.

The list goes on and on. The point is that Williams and Prater have been given a wake up call and know the path they can take from here. The Orange are hoping for both players that it ends with them playing on the field at the Carrier Dome.

Posted by: Zephan Mayell

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  1. Cuse17

    This has been a path for many Syracuse greats.. I too, hope these kids take the opportunity to get right academically and come play for Cuse!
    They have to learn to compete both academically and athletically!
    Continue to like what Shafer is doing!

  2. According to Yahoo, FSU QB Jamis Winston the type of policy is carrying typically carries a $55,000 to $60,000 annual premium.

    Experts are saying that he is going pro after the 2014 season.

    My question is where is he getting that kind of money to buy a $10 million dollar insurance policy from? Is his parents that rich? Is there some booster paying for the policy? If a booster is paying,why don’t they focus on helping the young lady he raped and give the money to her?

    I think the NCAA ought to investagate why this is happening.

  3. chris

    Ishmael is now an enormously important incoming WR coming into the team this fall. Others who are affected are the current players who will need to show far more ability on the field. That would be, Funderburke, West and Fleming if he can stay healthy ,injury wise.wise. Cooper and Winfield need to step up

  4. Terry

    I would not allow these kids back to SU!! Your sending the wrong message if you bring them back here. All the other players did it the right way!! Come on if it takes work to stay qualified in HS or college do it for Christ sake not party the time away! Set an example SU!! You have had too many of these lately!!


  5. Terry

    A WR and TE have to be verbaled in this class. Now we all know why he signed with the CUSE. Others knew about him!! SU staff took the chance on him and lost!!

  6. Connor

    We have a lot of young DBs but Williams definitely hurts…we all remember the last receiver named Williams to player here…. Hopefully KJ gets his act together and can come back alongside his cousin

  7. BigDip MacEachern

    Hey @FizzFam… don’t panic:

    1. Custis!
    2. Let’s hope these KIDS learn to balance schoolXfb
    3. I’m hyped up thinking Hunt could throw to anyone?
    4. Wr isn’t the biggest position of need.. check ’14-15 Athlon/Lindy
    5. SU has 7+ Wrs as of August.. opportunity will be there regardless.
    6. The ’15 class is so CRAZY I truly can’t concentrate on this…
    7. Another Recruit today: 7-2-14 DT from Ga.
    8. SU is literally scorching..

  8. The following comment(concerning Ishaq Williams) was taken from a posts on the Syr.com web site.

    “Williams’ career has clearly not lived up to the potential everyone saw three years ago. He has 45 tackles (six for loss), one forced fumble and no sacks through three years. Kelly had said that Williams went home to Brooklyn for a few days in the spring following his first season after he was dealing with homesickness, and Williams obviously has stayed the course at Notre Dame since. Still, if ever there were a time or opportunity for Williams to make an impact, this year would be it”.

    There’s one of those 4* athletes that’s really done a fine job. One can only ask the question,what would his career have been if he come to Syracuse? It has to be GUT WRENCHING for Ishaq to see his team mates go to the NFL and he’s still stuck at the college level. I hope he gets his degree in “HOW TO FAIL”,he’s going to need it.

    Maybe his father can go do his term papers and whatever else in needed for him to graduate. Household name”GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BREAK”.

  9. Cuse17

    The NCAA lend them the money…repayment is a no brained. If they get hurt they take it off the top on the insurance payment. If they make it the player has the money from his NFL contract. I had a friend whose son was a wr for Wedt Virgina. Same deal! Actually a good program. Kid has to apply. It helps keep them in school…NCAA wins and their money is safe.

  10. @Cuse17;

    I didn’t know how paying for the insurance policy worked,but thanks to you I’ve learned something new today. Thanks for sharing that information with the rest of us.

    Have a happy/safe 4th of July weekend everyone.

  11. Bk su football fan

    @Ron he could have also come to SU and been a bust as well. For me once Ishaq signed with ND I stopped focusing on him and focused on.our guys. I cant knock a guy on his very personal choice of.where he wanted to go to school/play…no more than I care about who he eventually marries. I wish him the best hope he gets his degree.and makes something of himself.

    As for not letting guys who dont qualify initially join the team after juco or prep school…thats insane. If they get themselves straight.and can help let em back on in a year.

  12. @Bk su football fan;

    Your right on everything you posted. I try to keep up with all of the top NYS recruits that Syracuse was involved in recruiting aginst other schools.

    It’s just something that I like to do. It seems Ishaq wasn’t as good as his 4* rating indicated. It’s not always greener on the other side of the fence as everyone expects it is.

  13. BK SU FB Fan


    My argument is that its not about what side is greener to me. I think the guy on syr.com that posted that stuff needs some perspective. Not saying that debating a recruits choice of program from a sports standpoint isn’t legit. But it seems like alot of guys throw in personal feelings of being slighted when analyzing things. For me, Ishaq’s lack of production is probably a by product of being on a team with guys who were either better than him(from more competitive HS leagues) or just not being able to stand out from the crowd. I don’t follow ND super close, but if there were legit NFL prospects who played ahead of him then thats the breaks. Maybe playing at SU would have afforded him more of a chance to play immediately, but maybe he isn’t as good as folks thought?? I don’t have the answers because as I said before he could have come to SU and gotten beaten out by a lesser known prospect.

    For Ishaq, outside of football, maybe ND was the perfect place for him to be. Maybe it wasn’t. I don’t know because while we are all on this board for college sports discussion, his life is comprised of an athletic side, a collegiate side and a personal/social side. So maybe being a 4star bust, but transitioning into a successful professional might be considered a life win for him?? Maybe he is frustrated and miserable because he hasn’t become a star?? I don’t know and honestly, I don’t put much thought into it.

    I cannot lie when I say I rooted hard for him to join the SU team especially with his family ties and Brooklyn roots. But ultimately its his choice.

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